Babysitter’s Discovery Pt. 08

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Anna looked over at Emma with a smile, and asked, “So, is everything set?”

Emma replied, “Yes, Rick is going to hit the ground running on Friday. I told him that I was going to babysit on Friday, and he thought that meant another no Friday date, but then I put on my sexiest voice and told him if he wanted to come over to your house while I sat, I’d make it worth his while. With that incentive, he’ll risk being fired, rather than miss alone time with me.”

Anna grinned, she was looking at Emma’s body, naked, outlined by the bed sheet covering her. Emma had come over 10 minutes ago, led her into the bedroom, stripped naked, and hopped on the bed. Her sexy smile left no doubt about what she was here for, and Anna had quickly disrobed, so turned on by Emma’s undisguised lust staring at her. This was the 5th time they’d gotten together, and indulged themselves. Hot, steamy, frenzied, and always so satisfying.

“Now baby, I’m gonna put you on your hands and knees, and fuck you from behind, give you 10 inches of pussy filling pleasure!” Anna growled.

Emma said, “Oh yes, give it to me”, she paused, then continued, “and put me in the velcro restraints again! Fuck, I love how hard I cum when I’m restrained!”

Anna cooed, “How about the blindfold too?”

Emma whispered huskily, “Oh fuck, yes, yes! And could you” she paused, feeling really perverted, really bad, but couldn’t stop it as she continued, “Spank me again, like the first time? Then fill up my ass with a butt plug, just before you start fucking me?”

Anna cooed, “Oh yes, my sexy little snooper, I’ll make your ass burn so pleasurably, then I’ll be happy to fill up that tightness!”

Anna grinned, oh yes, she was bringing out Emma’s lesbian submissive side perfectly. Emma probably never thought much about it, would gave been satisfied with plain vanilla sex with the boyfriend. That is, until Anna took her, and started to give her a more open view of her own sexuality. Anna put Emma in a doggy style position, and put her wrists in the velcro restraints, and tied them to the headboard. The blindfold was fitted over Emma’s eyes, and Anna whispered, “Enjoy baby”, and Emma was ready.

Emma was more than ready, fuck, the excitement of being restrained and blindfolded made her cunt burn and throb, she felt as hot as fire inside her tunnel. She eagerly awaited the stinging strokes of the crop tanning her ass, then her asshole being filled up, then the hard thrust of that stiff dildo, the stuffing her overheated cunt would soon feel. Her clit was throbbing almost to the point of pain, and she could feel her juices running down her thighs, fuck she felt like an overheated little slut, strapped down, blindfolded, and ready to be whipped and double fucked, making her almost crazy with need.

Anna took out her crop from her private drawer and ran her hand over Emma’s tight, white cheeks, feeling the churning of excitement, as she prepared to give Emma what she wanted.

Emma grunted out, “Do it, do it, whip my ass, I want that fiery red burn!”

Anna was impressed, hearing Emma beg for it. She drew back her arm and swung hard.

Emma felt the crop lashing against her, she let out a shriek as she felt the pain blaze through her cheeks. The pain seemed to travel straight to her pussy, balıkesir escort turning into pleasurable zings, and she wanted more.

“Fuck, fuck, so good, tan my ass hard, whip me, Anna!”

Anna was happy to do so, whipping the crop against those sexy cheeks, as Emma shrieked, growled, grunted, and begged for more. Emma could feel her ass cheeks taking on a dull crimson glow, her ass stinging and burning with the pain, fueling the fire of lust inside her. After 5 strokes, Anna paused.

“Do you want another 5, you sexy little snooper?” Anna growled.

Emma gasped, “Yes, oh fuck yes! I was a very bad snooper, I need more of that lash! Beat the bad snooper out of me, tan my white ass, make it fiery red!”

Anna smiled as she drew back, and started to whip Emma’s ass again. After 5 more hard strokes, her ass was indeed a burning, stinging, fiery red mass of crop strokes, and Emma was growling, the sensation was making her whole body a lust-driven beast. Anna smiled as she lubed up the glass butt plug, she parted Emma’s sexy cheeks, and with a good shove, Emma squealed as she felt her asshole walls stretched open, as that butt plug penetrated her, shoved in right to the flared base. Anna took out her newest addition, a strap-on harness that had a 7-inch dildo and a 5-inch butt plug on the inside that would fill up her needy holes. The 10 inches of cunt stuffing pleasure for Emma’s fuck hole arched up, ready to be used on her babysitter’s gushing heat. She pulled the harness up, and let out soft growls of pleasure as the dildo slid easily inside her steamy cunt, and letting out soft grunts as she worked the lubed-up butt plugin, stretching her ass, oh yes, a satisfied grunt as it slid in, her ass clamped around the stem. Anna took position behind Emma, she could see her opening, glistening with juices, her pussy was soaked, Anna could see the wetness of Emma’s naked desire drip down the inside of her legs. She ran the dildo tip up and down Emma’s fat, plump lips, swollen up with sexual desire, teasing her. She heard Emma’s growls of need.

“Like my cock teasing you baby?” Anna purred.

“Yes, oh yes, I need it!” Emma cooed.

“What do you need, my sexy little snooper?” Anna growled.

Emma recognized that tone, and she said quietly, “I need to be used by you as you see fit. I’m your submissive little live sex doll, with no purpose but to give you pleasure Anna.”

“Very good, Emma, very good.” Anna cooed.

Notching the dildo against Emma’s buttery slick entrance, made Anna’s pulse thump. She grabbed Emma’s hips, and drove in hard, powering it into her. Emma felt Anna’s hips smack against her well-whipped ass, and her squeals and cries were part pain, part pleasure. She felt her tight walls being split open, taking the full 10 inches, and she let out another howl, this time of all pleasure, as Anna stuffed every inch up her. Anna started to ride her, giving that sexy little sub a hard fucking.

Fuck, it felt mind-blowing, to have both her ass and her cunt filled up. Anna’s body was in the perfect position to keep the butt plug jammed up her back door, Emma had never felt anything like it, the rubbing of butt plug and dildo against each other was beyond spectacular. That double burst of pleasure balıkesir escort bayan made Emma’s senses reel with pleasure, and the room quickly filled with Emma’s squeals, howls, and grunts of pleasure.

Anna’s sounds of pleasure were joining in, grunts and moans. Every in thrust helped stuff her attachments in, to the max, the feel of her asshole and pussy stuffed together, the way they rubbed against each other inside her drove her onwards.

“Oh yes, fuck, so good, fuck me, Anna, fuck me hard!” Emma grunted.

As Anna fucked her, she kept her eyes on the heart tattoo on Emma’s back, she was as “SEXY” as it said. Hearing Emma begging for more turned Anna into a fuck machine. Her right hand reached around, and she started to polish Emma’s straining clit, as her 10 inches power-fucked Emma’s burning entrance, the wet squelch of Emma’s juices filled the bedroom.

“Oh yeah, my sexy little snooper, feel my hard cock fucking your tight little cunt? Like it, don’t you baby?” Anna growled.

“Oh God, I love it, fuck it feels so good!” Emma cried.

“Are you ready to cum my sexy little snooper?” Anna growled.

“Fuck, oh yes, I’m gonna explode!” Emma cried.

“Then do it, do it for me, baby, feel my hard dildo fucking you, cum for me baby, cum all over my cock!”

“Oh god, oh, fuck, oh fuck, gonna, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, fuck, FUUUUCCCCKKKK!”

Emma felt the glorious explosion, shrieking and crying out as she tumbled into orgasm, her cunt gushing juices around that stiff, hard dildo, spasms running up and down her tunnel, clamping at that dildo, while has ass clamped tightly against the butt plug buried up her back door. She wished it was a real cock that her tight hole could milk a thick spray of sperm from. Her arms pulled hard, feeling no give, and the blindfold just intensified the pleasure, it was like her body lit up every time she was restrained. Her orgasms had been enjoyable before, make no mistake, but when she was restrained, they were extra strong and an erotic punch that left her breathless.

Anna’s cries of orgasm blended in, as her attachments drove her to climax, fucking Emma’s tight cunt while both their bodies shook in the grip of orgasm was a wildly erotic joy. As the orgasms ebbed away, Anna released her from the restraints, lifted the blindfold, and gently turned her over on her back. Anna then straddled Emma’s chest, the dildo just inches from her lips.

“Open your mouth, you sexy little snooper, make my cock all nice and clean!” Anna growled.

Emma licked up and down the dildo, licking off her own pussy juice, then swallowed it down, fitting in 8 of the 10 inches without gagging. Tasting her own pussy juice was so hot and exciting and primed Emma for more pussy juice. Anna held still, letting Emma take as much as she could. Making her sexy teen sub gag was not going to happen, Anna liked to control Emma to some degree, but not cause her physical discomfort that she did not specifically ask for.

Emma pulled back, releasing the cock, and said, “More, more, sit on my face Anna, feed me your cunt!”

Anna grinned, stripped off her dildo and harness, letting out a soft purr as she pulled the attachments out of her. The sight of Emma, so eager to taste escort balıkesir her, started Anna’s lust climbing again quickly.

Emma looked up, looking at Anna’s tattoo of the snake wrapped around the apple, one big bite was taken out of it, and the words, “Like a nibble?” just above the snake/apple combo. She did indeed, not on an apple, but on the fiery red opening of Anna’s pussy. She gazed up, her mouth-watering at the smooth expanse of bare, smooth skin.

Emma cooed, “Mmmmm, such a pretty pussy, your pussy is beautiful Anna, I need to kiss that pretty pussy.”

Emma started to plant soft delicate kisses over that bare pubic region, kissing her way down to Anna’s lips.

Anna moaned softly, oh yeah, Emma knew just where to kiss, oh it felt so good, she was a natural.

Emma could smell the heated lust surrounding her, she could see the thick syrupy juices coating Anna’s delicate inner lips. She ran just the tip of her tongue along those tight lips, teasing Anna’s most sensitive spot, tasting the tart spicy deliciousness of her.

Anna moaned again, oh yes, that teasing little snooper, making her so hot, so eager, so fucking horny.

Emma growled, “Oh yeah, oh fuck, going to eat you up!” as she looped her hands over Anna’s hips, and pulled her down. As she felt Anna’s lower lips press against her upper lips, Emma’s tongue parted her lips and thrust in deep, licking at the cream-covered pink walls, eager to get every bit of Anna’s juices. She licked at her steamy center, eager to make Anna’s clit as hard and eager as possible.

Anna could feel her clit rising quickly from beneath its hood, eager to join the fun. Anna was letting out cries of pleasure, Emma sure knew how to lick her cunt in the way that moved her most.

Emma saw that hard, stiff, pink beauty of a clit, eager for her oral attention, and she quickly surrounded that hard bud. Her tongue lashed at it, stroked it with long sweeps, tickled at it in, wrapped around it, and pulled at it in a maddening cadence that took Anna rocketing towards orgasm.

Emma slid a finger into the juices, lubing it up then brought it our, and Anna grunted as her cheeks were parted, and that finger was driven up her asshole.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck, gonna make me cum, yes, yes, oh yes, YEEESSSSS!”

Anna’s voice let out a loud shriek, her body started to shake, and Emma was rewarded as a rich flood of Anna’s juices covered her face. Emma was mouthing as much of that tasty flow as she could, Anna was slowly rotating her pussy against Emma’s mouth, riding that wave, making unintelligible sounds of pleasure as she mopped Emma’s face down, until she slumped down, and slid off Emma, her pussy still throbbing with the heat of her orgasm.

Anna looked over, saw Emma’s face shiny wet with her girl cum, and they were again kissing heatedly, passionately.

It didn’t take them long before they were in a hot 69, breasts against bellies, mouths cleaved to pussies, licking and sucking at each other in unison, their fiery cores heating up quickly, too turned on to make it last. Emma felt the wrenching, and the wonderful release, as her pussy gave Anna’s face a rich coating of her girl cum. Anna’s pussy responded in kind, and Emma got another wet facial from Anna’s spasming pussy, their bodies shaking and writhing in the grip of orgasm, howls, and cries of climax filling the bedroom.

Spent, they flopped down in a tangle of two happy and satisfied bodies.

Emma giggled, “On Friday, Rick is gonna get the sexual night of his life!”

Anna grinned, it was gonna be a night to remember, for all of them.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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