Be Ours

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Big Dick

The day had finally arrived. For several weeks now I had been planning a Valentine’s present for Sara. She had absolutely no idea what I had in store for her except that we’d be going out for dinner and drinks. She probably figures we will end up on the strip for some debauchery.

I laid out the first of her presents on the bed, a sexy little black dress with cuffed wrists and long see thru sleeves. Next to it a matching six-inch Jimmy Choo heels. The shoes were beautiful, with a deep red inset. Of course I left a black strapless bra and no panties.

I watched her face as she took in the scene, picking up each item and examining it. Her giggle was delicious as she held the dress up against her body. She ran and jumped onto my waist, kissing me deeply. Holding her for just a moment in embrace then lowered her to the ground. She was beaming up at me when I spanked her ass. “Go get ready,” I purred.

Glancing at the clock I wondered if we would make our six o’clock dinner reservations. Good lord she could take long showers. With such a small frame standing barely 5’4″ and 115 lbs. you would think she could finish in five minutes.

Finally, she emerged from the steamy shower. I took in her full frame, sexy curves starting at her breasts and running down to her hips, a tiny waist, full hair, muscular legs and a tight ass. I smiled thinking how thankful I am, that she’s a runner.

Walking up to her I kissed her neck and whispered, “You need to hurry, little one.” I watched as her eyes squinted in distaste. “Leave me be for a minute then,” she hissed and batted me away playfully.

Realizing, I still had to change clothes I too went to change taking near minutes to slide on my jeans and English Laundry long button up shirt. I stood in the mirror and rolled up my sleeves. Contemplating, how many rolls I should do satisfied on mid-forearm, I slipped on my black socks and square toed black shoes.

After what seemed an eternity she emerged from the bathroom. Her eyes shining as she did a little spin for me the material flaring out just a bit as she twirled. Her soft giggle warmed the room as her eyes turned devious. Stepping towards me slowly, sultry I felt my cock come alive as I devoured her with my eyes.

As she reached me, we embraced. It felt magical. We kissed deep tasting each other’s sweet tongues. I could feel her heat as my hands slid to her tight ass squeezing and pulling her close. I took a small step back and turned her around. Reaching around her neck I attached her next Valentine’s Present.

She held completely still as I fastened the toggle clasp of the pearl necklace. I watched as she glanced at the small blue tiffany’s box on the counter. Slowly I turned her around stepping back to inspect how my pet looked for the night. Now the outfit looked complete. I notice that the necklace fits her almost as snug as one of her many collars. Reaching for her coat and holding it out for her she slid her arms into the holes I whispered, “I have so much in store for you tonight.”

Dinner was delicious and by all rites one of the best steakhouses we’d been to. The bottle of wine had given her a noticeable buzz as her cheeks had reddened. My cock stayed hard throughout the entire meal from her bare toes rubbing on my leg. During dessert her foot had begun pressing harder as her heat had grown. “Not yet, my pet,” I said quietly.

Finishing our meal we moved from our table to the restaurant bar ordering another round, this time choosing a nice cold beer. “It’s almost time for your next present,” I say. “What is it you ask? You’ll see as soon as we finish this round.” I say smiling. I nearly spit out my beer as I watched her take the full pint and empty it in a matter of seconds. I laughed loudly patience was never a strong suit of hers.

I tormented her by drinking my beer slowly. When I motioned the bartender to settle the tab she grabbed my drink draining the last of it. I smirked, as I grabbed her bare thigh pinching hard with several fingers as we laughed. I slowly shook my head smiling at her impatience as we rose to leave.

From valet we drove to the hotel that we were staying at. When we arrived the bags I had packed earlier were pulled from the trunk. The valet opened the door for her smiling as he watched her emerge. I wondered quietly if she gave him a peek.

Hooking arms we walked into the lobby. I left her in a seat as I headed to registration to check us in. I could feel her eyes on me as I spoke quietly with the hotel receptionist. Quickly, I returned with the keys in my pocket. Grabbing the bags and we headed for the elevator.

The elevator required the room card to get to the floor we were staying on. We slid the card in the elevator and hit the correct floor. “Fifty second floor,” the computer voice toned. As we rose I finally had to tell her to shush as she had been continually asking what her next present was. She was boiling over with excitement.

Looking at the mirrored walls I thought karataş escort back to our last elevator excursion. I had stopped the elevator, removed her garter and choked her with it while we fucked. She had come loudly dripping her hot juices into my mouth. The thought was turning me on again. I glanced at her neck wondering if she still had marks from where I had choked her.

We arrived at our floor. The elevator opened to the only two rooms on the floor, ours to the right. Walking the few short steps to door I slid the plastic card through the door’s card reader.

I opened the door for her allowing her to enter first. I stepped in behind her dragging my bag. The foyer to the penthouse suite was massive. The lights were on and a delicious scent filled the air. She placed the smell quickly. “Cinnamon.” She said smiling as she walked into one of the main rooms. I stayed close behind as she explored.

As we entered the full kitchen she suddenly stopped, staring. I leaned the bag against the wall, as she looked at a small present that was wrapped in the classic Valentine’s wrapping paper. She picked the present up off of the counter, and turned around scowling. “You’ve already been in here!” she accused. “Of course my pet I had to make sure you would enjoy the view.” I answered.

She pouted with her lip for a second and then shook the little box. While she played with the box, trying to guess what the present was I opened the curtains. The lights of the Las Vegas strip filled the room. The entire wall was a continuous window creating a true panoramic view of the valley.

Gazing out at the street far below, I watched her reflection in the window. She slowly tore at the paper revealing a plain brown box. Gingerly she opened one end and turned the box on its side.

I turned around as the black leather collar slid into her palm. Her eyes widened as she gazed upon the ornate craftsmanship of the leather. Several small studs seemed to dance across the length with a single O-ring at the center.

I stepped up next to her as I commanded “Submit!” She instantly dropped to her knees. Her long heels clicking as she lowered herself. Her hands slid behind her neck with her fingers interlocking, still holding the collar. I smiled as she pushed her thighs tightly together and forced her breasts to stand out.

I stepped behind her and removed her pearl necklace. I spoke quietly, “In public you are my Queen, in the bedroom you are my pet. Always, you are my sub.” I placed the necklace carefully on the counter and then took her collar from her hands. Opening the buckle I slipped the collar around her neck. Centering the O-ring at her sternal notch and then tightening the buckle.

I crouched low and removed her heels from her feet and then removed my shoes and socks as well. I stepped to our bags and removed the leash I had packed. Walking slowly back I smiled at how beautiful she was.

I pulled back the receiver on the leash and attached it to her collar releasing it causing a loud snap in the room. I let my hand slide along the entirety of the leather leash until I came to the loop at the end. Holding tight I began to pull as I walked her to the Master Bedroom.

Several times I glanced back to watch how she crawled. I absolutely loved the way she would shake her ass from side to side as she moved. Her head held high as I’d shown her to crawl. She was my prize.

We arrived at the door and I stopped and turned to her. “Now it is time for your last Valentine’s present, my pet.” She had stopped and sat on her knees. When I said this I could see her confusion. “No little one the collar was not your last present.”

I opened the door behind me as I watched her face. Her eyes grew big as she gasped my name. “Michael.” She said in almost a plea. I did not answer right away. Instead I watched as she began to breathe fast and her skin flushed a dark red. “Michael.” She said again quietly.

I heard the noise behind me and knew that Brad was walking closer. I felt him arrive next to me as I watched my pet. He’s a muscular guy standing not quite as tall as I am at 6’2″ We had both met him at an adult party and been great friends with him since. He and his wife were very experienced swingers.

Brad had jumped at the opportunity when I had suggested this meet up as a present for Sara on Valentine’s Day. His wife had even offered to video. I had politely turned down the offer and promised maybe the next time.

Brad stepped close and touched Sara’s head. As he caressed her face I watched her shudder. I noticed Brad was only wearing a pair of pants. “Looks like we have a little catching up to do.” I suggested.

I walked through the threshold and felt her crawling after me. When we came to the bed I leaned down and removed the leash. I whispered, “Happy Valentine’s lover.” She began to shake as I said, “Be Ours.” “What ever makes you happy, I will do.” She whispered. Smiling, I knew she had given in to her gift.

She had always wanted to have me with another man. When we fucked I would whisper dirty thoughts into her ear about how it would be.

Brad stepped up close as I pulled Sara’s dress over her head. Her chest was really heaving now as her breathing increased. Brad reached behind her and unclasped her bra. There she was naked in front of both of us.

She reached out to my belt pulling me towards her. As her head came to my waist I watched as she pulled Brad to her as well. Smiling at each other we both slid our pants off, me followed by my shirt. Neither of us had boxers on so she had two hands full of our cocks in seconds.

I felt the warmth of her mouth devouring me as I grabbed her hair. She was jacking off Brad at the same time. Soon, she switched and allowed him to feel her mouth for the first time. He moaned as I enjoyed her expert hand. She was squeezing my cock hard, jacking me as he buried his cock deep into her mouth and throat.

I reached down and smacked one of her tits as I heard her gagging on his dick. She pulled out dripping rope like spit down the front of her and along his legs. She then returned to my cock sucking it deeper than before. I felt the slight graze of teeth as now I was quite swollen and thick.

Brad had gotten hard as well. He was almost as thick as I was perhaps just a little longer. His cock veered to the left just slightly as he stepped behind her. He lifted her to the bed on all fours leaving her head near the end of the bed. He then hopped onto the bed behind her and dove his face right into her cunt.

Her moans in the room were delicious as he explored her wet pussy. I stepped up and slid my thick cock back into her moaning mouth. I felt her vibrating as he pleasured her pussy. She picked up speed and intensity on my cock as she became lost in the act.

I began to burn from her attention, the familiar knot below my balls rising up. I interrupted Brad from his task and asked if he’d like some more of her mouth. He sat up smiling as we switched spots.

I grinned as Brad’s wet face contorted as she took him into her mouth. I found her opening; licking two fingers as I slid them easily into her waiting hole. I then lay on my back below her as she rested down on my face. I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and began to drink her fluids as I sucked on her. I felt her hips grinding hard against my face and could hear her muffled moans of pleasure.

I started finger fucking her as I pleased her clit and pussy with my mouth. I looked up for a moment and could see her tits bouncing as Brad was holding the back of her head and fucking her face.

She suddenly came almost out of nowhere. Surprised, as she pressed hard against my mouth. Her body shuddered and tensed as she cried out. Brad eased up on her mouth and pulled out. I did my best to keep up with her as she gripped Brad’s cock almost as a stabilizer.

I felt her slow her movements as I slowed with her. I pulled my fingers from her pulsating cunt and slid out from under her. I wiped off my soaked face and laughed with Brad.

I teased, “You ready for more my pet?” She looked at me devilishly. “Whatever makes you happy.” I slapped her ass, leaving a red mark on her cheek. Taking position behind her I slid my still hard cock into her tight pussy. Her lips were still swollen with her orgasm. My cock slid past them, pressing them tightly against my shaft. Her lips thinned out with my girth turning white as I spread her open. I slid in until I could go no further and then began to fuck her.

Her moans turned to a muffled sucking as Brad slid back into her mouth. Her ass pushed against my pelvis as I began to fuck her hard. We developed a good rhythm as we both penetrated a hole on opposite sides of her. As I pushed in from behind she would take him deep into her mouth. As I fucked I would occasionally feel her pussy contract as she gagged on his long cock.

I felt my cock burning and new that I had been dripping pre come inside of her. Looking at Brad he knew I was ready to switch. As I pulled out of her my cock sprang up towards my stomach, dripping from her juices. We again switched places. As I slid my soaked cock into her waiting mouth I watched Brad slide inside of her waiting cunt for the first time.

With his groan of pleasure, I knew he felt the same as I did about her tight pussy. I grabbed the back of her head as he grabbed a hold of her hips. Sara’s moans had turned to a high-pitched squeal of sorts, as her body was being ravaged. I watched as she sucked her juices off of my cock; spit dripping down her chin as she took me deep.

Brad’s moans were becoming louder as he was fucking harder and harder. The sound of her juices smacking against his balls were loud in the room. I felt her gag on me as my cock dipped into the back of her throat. Brad’s response was immediate as her pussy clenched him. His eyes glazed as he enjoyed her.

He pulled out smacking her ass. His cock hard and moist he bounced it against her ass a couple of times and then slid back inside of her. She groaned as he pulled completely out and then re-inserted it several times.

I took advantage of her little reprieve, holding her hair tight I began to fuck her face. Her hand dropped from my cock as she opened wide for me. No longer sucking her tongue rested on the bottom of my shaft. I felt her open her throat as I began to fuck her face deep.

The pleasure of my thick head in the back of her throat made my cock burn and cry for release. Looking at Brad I knew he was close too. I pulled my cock from her throat with the thick spit running down her face and my balls. Brad pulled out as well, switching again.

As I moved behind her I grabbed the lube bottle on the nightstand. Opening it I dripped the lube all along the outside of her ass, covering my cock as well. As I slid my cock into her wet pussy, I also began to play with her ass with a finger.

She always loved her ass played with and this would drive her wild. I watched her grab Brad’s cock and start to work her magic on him again. Slowly I fucked her now as I slowly popped a finger and then two into her ass. I pressed the two of my fingers together creating a small ramp and let the lube run down them and into her tight hole.

Slowly, her ass loosened somewhat and could take the fingers fucking her while I fucked her pussy. I felt her ass clenching and releasing my fingers with the pleasure. Slowly I slid out of her pussy and ass. Adding more lube to my cock I pressed it up against her now slightly warmed up hole.

She pulled Brad from her mouth looking back at me as I slowly pressed my tip into her ass. Her tightness and heat burned my tip as I violated her tightest of holes. I felt her hand on my pelvis as she controlled how fast I entered her. Using lube again, I dripped it around the thickest part of my cock and massaged it around her ass.

I slowly slid in watching her tight ass envelop my thickness. Her sharp cry as I held still allowing her to adjust. I felt her hips moving slightly, then press against me. Her hand returned to Brad’s cock as she placed her head down and pressed me deep inside of her.

I felt my balls bottom out striking her pussy. Now fully inside her ass, I waited pulsing as she breathed hard. Finally, she began to grind against me. Her ass warming to me I began to stroke her ass with shallow pumps.

She had Brad’s tip in her mouth. As I fucked her ass I watched her slide her thumb from the base of his cock to the tip. When she pulled it from her mouth there was pre-come dripping from him.

Now very warmed up to me, she began to rock her hips meeting my thrusts. She began to moan, “Fuck me, you fuckers!” Looking at Brad we both smiled. Brad pulled from her mouth first, coming onto the bed and laying on his back. I slowly pulled from her ass as she whimpered now empty.

Knowing what we were going to do and getting excited she straddled Brad’s long cock. She began to ride him for a minute as I applied more lube to my cock. She felt me behind her and laid down on Brad’s chest. He grabbed around her back holding her tight. I found a spot for my legs between theirs and guided my cock back into her tight ass.

Her screams of pleasure were loud in the room as I slid completely in. I felt Brad’s cock moving inside of her pussy as I began to fuck her ass. He released her allowing her to rise up. Her mouth gaped open, taking the thickness and fullness for the first time. The sounds coming out of her were new to me as we fucked in and out at the same time.

I felt him slowing as we then began to fuck opposing. As he would press in I would be sliding out. She began to shudder and spasm from the pleasure over load. I could feel my cock burning as she neared her next orgasm. Brad was obviously very close as his eyes had rolled back. I could feel both of them pulsing as I fucked her tight ass.

I’m not sure who came first as Brad and Sara both clenched and screamed out in pleasure. I felt her ass tighten on me as she became rigid, clenching her teeth. Brad was obviously spurting into her as he jerked and grabbed her hips.

The extreme tightness and site brought me to the edge as I fucked her ass hard. I felt the heat come screaming from the thick knot under my balls. The come erupted from my cock with an intensity that I have rarely experienced. Screaming out as I buried my cock as deep in as I could emptying completely into her.

Slowly I came back to reality, as the three of us slowly grinded on each other. Enjoying the post-coital bliss. She had collapsed onto Brad’s chest all of us breathing hard. Slowly as both of us softened somewhat her tight holes pushed us out.

We all sat up on the bed, trying to slow our breathing. Her laugh contagious as we all giggled at the experience.

“Be ours.” I whispered.

A devilish smile crossed her face as she regained her composure. “I thought I saw some chocolate covered strawberries somewhere,” she said “How about we find those and see what trouble we can get into in the shower?”

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