Bi-Continental Friends Ch. 2

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Amanda could hardly believe that just a few hours ago she had been fantasizing about just maybe kissing Natalie, and now she was about get her pussy eaten by her. Fist fucking Natalie had been so much fun that she came while doing it. She almost came again when Natalie squirted her juices all over her face. Now they sat on the bed, both naked and wet, and waiting to go again. That’s when Natalie made her move, pushing Amanda down on the bed to return the oral favor.

“I’ve never eaten pussy before so be patient with me.” Natalie said as she leaned her head down to taste another woman for the first time. “I’m sure it won’t take me long to get the hang of it.”

Natalie stuck her tongue out to get her first taste of Amanda’s sweet clit. Amanda moaned loudly as Natalie’s tongue made it’s way around her hard little clit.

“Oh god, that feels so good! Your tongue is so fucking hot. Yes! Lick my clit, baby! Lick it!” Amanda demanded.

Natalie put her entire mouth on Amanda’s wet pussy and flicked her tongue all around Amanda’s clit as fast as she could. She had never had pussy before but she was taking to it like a pro.

“Mmm finger fuck me my pussy while you lick my clit, slut.” Amanda said still demanding. Natalie did not take long to comply. Taking her right hand she slowly slid a finger into Amanda’s pussy immediately going for her g-spot.

“Oh god, yes, that’s it, you fuck! Yes, fuck my spot and suck my clit. You fucking whore!! FUCK ME!!” Amanda screamed. So loud that Natalie was worried that they might wake her neighbors or alert them to what they were doing. The thought only crossed her mind for a millisecond though as she was way to busy fucking and sucking Amanda’s sweet pussy. ‘It taste so good!’ she thought to herself as she licked up all the juices that were forming around her finger.

Natalie decided it was time to taste Amanda’s sweet cum and stuck another finger inside her tight pussy.

“Oh, you fucking bitch!! YES! Fuck me with those fingers! I want to cum so fucking hard for you. Fuck me. Yes fuck me! Fuck my tight cunt!!” Amanda said as she pounded the bed. Natalie raised her head up to watch herself fuck Amanda’s pussy.

“Oh god, your pussy is so fucking hot. So wet! I want you to cum for me Amanda. Cum for me! I want to lick your cum off my fingers and then stick my tongue in your cunt to lick it all out of you. Give it to me, give it to me now, whore! Cum, you bitch, cum!!”

That sent Amanda over the edge, she through he head back, her body arched and she came so very hard that her whole body shook uncontrollably.

“Oh, yes I am coming for you Natalie, yes! Taste my cum! God, taste it!! Drink my cum, baby! Drink it! Yes! Fuck that feels so fucking good!! FUUUUCK!!!” Amanda screamed as she came hard for Natalie. Natalie did indeed taste it all. Licking it off her fingers at first and then riding out Amanda’s orgasm with her tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, Natalie. That was so great. I came so damn hard.” Amanda said as she relaxed in bed. Natalie laid down next to her.

“That was a lot better than I thought it would be. I loved it! I always thought I could never do it. It tasted so trabzon escort sweet. Almost like my own. I think I could do that more often!” Natalie shared with Amanda as they lay next to each other.

“Well there is an open invitation from my pussy the entire time you’re here.” Amanda said, laughing a little.

“Thanks, I’ll remember that, slut.” Natalie laughed back. “Speaking of being slutty, we’re not done here are we?

“Hell no. Do you trust me?” Amanda asked

“Trust you? Sure, I do. Why?” Natalie questioned.

“Because. Just lay there. I’ll be right back.” Amanda said as she got up and left the room. Natalie smiled and relaxed on the bed. ‘I am so glad I went through with this. I’d never forgive myself for missing out on it.’ She thought to herself while patiently awaiting Amanda’s return. When Amanda returned she knew why she asked about trust. In Amanda’s hand she had some rope and handcuffs.

“Would you mind if I tied you up?” Amanda asked as she smiled.

“Don’t ask me. Just do it. Do whatever you want.” Natalie said with a dark intensity. “I am yours to do with as you please.”

The very sound of the words, and the thought of using Natalie as her slave, made Amanda moan, and her pussy to contract. She took Natalie’s hands and raised them above her head. She placed the handcuffs loosely around Natalie’s wrists and then took a small piece of the rope and tied them to the headboard.

“Can you get free?” Amanda asked.

Natalie tugged at the rope and cuffs. “No, I can not, Mistress.” Natalie replied.

“Good girl.” Amanda said with a smile as she moved down to Natalie’s feet. She took the remaining rope and tied it to each of Natalie’s ankles and then tied them to the foot of the bed. Spreading Natalie’s legs wide open. “How does that feel slut?” Amanda demanded.

“It feels very good, Mistress. Thank you.” Natalie innocently said. “Such a good whore. I will repay you for that.” Amanda said reaching into the drawer by the bed. When her hand reappeared she had in it a blue vibrator, about 9 inches long and an inch and a half wide. “Now it’s about time we fuck your sweet little cunt, isn’t it? Would you like that?” Amanda asked.

“Yes. Yes, please, Mistress.” Natalie moaned.

Amanda smiled and started to rub Natalie’s clit with the tip of the vibrator. Natalie moaned and her pussy got very moist. As she rubbed the vibrator all around Natalie’s clit, Amanda started to turn up the intensity of the vibrator until it was up to full speed.

“Oh yes, Mistress. That feels sooooo fucking good. Thank you. Thank you!” Natalie moaned as she gyrated her hips.

“That’s my slut. Your pussy is starting to drip. I think it wants to be fucked.” Amanda said as she moved the vibrator up and down over Natalie’s pussy lips now.

“Yes! Yes it wants to be fucked, Mistress. Please fuck it. Please fuck me, Mistress.” Natalie begged.

“Call me Mommy, slut. Beg your mommy to fuck you.” Amanda demanded.

“Oh fuck! YES! Fuck me, mommy! Fuck my wet pussy, please! Fuck me, mommy. Fuck me now! I want you to fuck me, mommy! FUCK ME!.” Natalie said, begging and demanding trabzon escort bayan at the same time.

“MMM that’s my good girl. You are very deserving of a good fuck, baby girl.” Amanda said as she slowly slid the vibrator deep inside Natalie’s wet and willing pussy. “How does that feel, sweety?”

“Mommy, it feels so good. Oh FUCK it feels amazing! Yeah, fuck me slow, mommy. Fuck me slow. Yeah, in and out oh so slow. Fuck me good, mommy.” Natalie moaned.

Amanda did just that. Fucking Natalie’s pussy at a very slow pace, pulling the vibrator all the way out and sliding it back in again and again. Natalie’s pussy seemed to just suck the vibrator all the way back in each time. She could feel it pulling on the vibrator as she slid it into her wet cunt.

“Your pussy looks so good being fucked like this.” Amanda said as she pulled the vibrator out of Natalie’s pussy and licked off all of her juices. “Mmmm tastes so good. Would you like a taste?”

“Yes, mommy.” Natalie said as Amanda crawled up to her.

“Lick it off of mommies tongue, whore.” Amanda told her as she stuck out her tongue. Natalie complied and slowly licked her own juices off of Amanda’s tongue.

“Thank you, mommy. My pussy tastes so good on your tongue.” Natalie moaned.

Amanda slid back down to continue fucking Natalie with the vibrator. Once again fucking her slowly. “Would you like mommy to lick your clit while she fucks you?” Amanda asked as she looked into Natalie’s eyes.

“Fuck, yes I would. Please?” Natalie pleaded. But it did not take to much pleading as Amanda’s tongue was soon all over her clit. “Oh sweet fucking hell. That feels so good, mommy. Lick my clit, mommy. Lick it. Yes! Lick it. Fuck my cunt, lick my clit! Yes!!” All of this was driving Amanda’s pussy crazy. She reached down with her free hand and started to massage her clit. She felt like she was going to explode. She stopped licking Natalie’s clit and fucking her pussy and got on her knees.

“I’m sorry, sweety. But I am going to need you to eat mommy’s pussy right now. I will cum quickly, cuz my pussy is about to explode.” Amanda said as she bought her pussy to Natalie’s face.”

“No need to be sorry. I’d love to feel you cum all over my face.” Natalie said as she took Amanda’s clit into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. Fuck mommy’s clit with your tongue. Yes. Fuck mommy! Make me cum. Make me cum, you little whore. I am so close. Fuck your mommy’s cunt!!” Amanda screamed as her body started to shake. “Oh fuck, yes! I’m cumming for you, baby girl. Fuck my cunt! FUCK IT! I’M CUMMING!! GOD I’M CUMMING YES!!! FUUUUCK YES!!!” Amanda screamed as she came all over Natalie’s face. “Oh, suck all my cum out of my cunt. MMM yes, there ya go. Get it all, baby. Swallow all of my cum like a good girl.”

“Mmm that was so good, mommy. Thank you for letting me taste you again.” Natalie said with a huge smile as Amanda worked her way down between her knees again.

“You’re very welcome. Thank you, too. I told you it wouldn’t take me long. Fucking your sweet cunt drove my pussy crazy. I was ready so ready to cum.” Amanda said catching her escort trabzon breath.

“I know the feeling.” Natalie said as she bit her lip.

Amanda smiled. “You’re such a slut and I fucking love it. Don’t worry, you’ll be cumming soon, bitch.” Amanda said as she picked up the vibrator again and slid it into Natalie’s pussy slowly. One she had it all the way in she turned it up to full speed and then began to fuck Natalie’s pussy very fast.

“Holy fuck! YES! Fuck me, mommy. Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me like a whore!” Natalie screamed as Amanda fucked her pussy. “Oh God that feels so fucking good. Yes! Fuck me, mommy. Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me! GAWDMANIT FUCK ME FUUUUUUCK ME!!!!!!!! I love the way you fuck me!! I love to be fucked!! I love to say FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK MY CUNT!!”

“Goddamn, you are such a whore! You are never leaving this house you slut!” Amanda said as she fucked Natalie even harder.

“Oh fuck, mommy. I am gonna cum for you. I am gonna cum so hard for you. Fuck me, mommy. Fuck me, hard. Fuck me fast. Fuck my sweet cunt! Fuck me, yes, yes, yes!! Oh I am gonna cum for you right now, mommy. Oh fuck yes. Make me cum. Make me cum!! FUCK!!” Natalie screamed.

“That’s my good girl. Cum for mommy. Cum hard. Cum all over this cock. Cum, baby girl. Cum, you fuck. Cum!” Amanda demanded as she fuck faster.

“Fuuuuuuuck!! I’M CUMMING, MOMMY! I AM FUCKING CUMMING HARD! FUCK ME!! FUUUUCK YESSSS! FUCK!!!! CUMMING SO FUCKING GOOD..CUM..OH.. GOD.. FUCK! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” Natalie screamed out as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. She did not squirt. That only happened sometimes. But it was still better than any orgasm she had ever had. The intensity shot through her entire body as she convulsed and came. She thought it would never end. And even after her body stopped shaking she could still feel the orgasm through her entire being. She closed her eyes. When she opened them she was no longer tied up. A blanket was over her and Amanda was laying next to her.

“What happened?” Natalie asked.

“You passed out, sweety. It was so sweet. You came so hard and then you just closed your eyes and slept.” Amanda said with a smile. “So I untied you and covered you up and let you nap.”

“Oh, thank you. That orgasm is the last thing I remember. I’m sorry I passed out.” Natalie said as she yawned.

“No, it’s quite alright. I take it as a compliment. Are you feeling okay?” Amanda asked.

“I feel great actually. Just a little hungry.” Natalie said as she sat up.

“Oh good. Scott’s in the kitchen cooking. Food should be ready soon.” Amanda said as she got up.

“Scott’s here? Good. I can’t wait to meet him! I’ll get dressed.” Natalie said as she threw the covers off of herself.

“He can’t wait either.” Amanda said as she smiled. “I’ll see you in the other room.” Amanda closed the door and left Natalie to get dressed.

“She’s awake.” Amanda told Scott as she entered the kitchen.

“Oh, good. Now you can tell me what you two have been up to.” Scott said as he put a dish in the oven.

“I told you to wait until she was up. When she gets out here we will show you what we were doing.” Amanda said with a smile.

“Damnit! Well tell her to get her ass out here then.” Scott said playfully.

“Here I am!” Natalie said as she appeared in the room. “And here is my ass too. What are you gonna do with it?”

“Oh. You’ll see!”

There is more to cum in part 3.

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