Black Daddy at the Y Pt. 13

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This story is the second half of the orgy that began in Black Daddy at the Y, Pt 12.


Robert’s massive orgasm with the two bottom boys did not go unnoticed.

Jamie had taken a quick shower after his own three-way with the two hung brothers in the sauna. After putting on his speedo he was walking back to his locker when he heard sex sounds made by Robert, Jerry, and Billy. Jamie checked out the lockers where the noises were coming from.

He saw Robert huffing in ecstasy, eyes closed, face to the ceiling, as his cock ejaculated one hot load of cum after another. The two cute boys were staring in wonder at the black stud’s muscled body and his fat cock as the cum spewed forth.

They quickly went to worshiping his meat, cleaning up the cum with their tongues, licking his testicles, fondling his butt muscles, and petting the man as he shivered in joy from the explosion.

Robert’s body was worth worshipping. He was about six foot two, two hundred pounds with a muscled arms and thighs from his weight training. Robert was dark black, wore his afro short and lit up a room with his smile.

Robert’s cock was incredible. When it was hard it was about eight thick inches with veins crisscrossing the shaft, all of it topped by a plum-colored, mushroom head. His balls hung together in the dark pouch as big as a baseball. The testicles were a perfect size for a cocksucker to lovingly caress as he sucked the head and licked its corona.

Jamie loved to see Robert cum. Usually he was the guy causing the orgasm so this peeping Tom view from the lockers was a bit different. Jamie identified with the two fem boys, knowing the awe and pleasure they got from giving the man joy. He well knew the sensations that whipped through them as they watched the cock explode and felt the big black man’s sperm splatter on their bodies.

Jamie knew the bliss that Robert felt as the two pretty young men worked him over, loving every inch of his body, stroking, and kissing his ebony physique with their light-skinned hands and wet mouths.

Jamie felt some jealousy too. He wanted Robert to enjoy himself and revel in the pleasure offered by the boys. Put simply, however, Jamie didn’t like to share his hunky stud with anyone else.

Robert sat down on the bench and rested from his massive orgasm. Jamie watched him silently, secretly. He enjoyed the beauty of the man. He was a big hunk catching his breath, muscles relaxing after exertion, his soft cock and big balls laying heavy between his thighs.

Jamie waited for the two cute bottoms to make their way to the showers. He was especially interested in Billy, the diminutive Asian-American youth. Jamie wanted him. Jamie was a bottom with Robert, but he liked being a top with attractive boys.

Jamie was an attractive boy/man of twenty-one. He was slim, medium height, brown-blonde hair hanging over blue eyes, and a swimmer’s toned body. His big smile and All-American looks turned heads. His hairless torso was a smooth creamy white with defined muscles leading down to a pronounced, round butt that filled his speedo with two squeezable cakes.

Jamie bumped into the lads as they turned the corner. “Hello, gentleman. Have a good time?” he asked.

The boys rolled their eyes and began speaking at the same time. “That guy must have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen,” said Jerry. “His body felt like steel, he was built like a battleship,” said Billy.

“Yea, and I heard him shooting his big gun,” joked Jamie.

“He came so hard it almost knocked me to the floor,” giggled Billy.

“They definitely got some studs here,” said Jamie. “How did you guys hear about this party?”

“I’m a friend of Ty’s. He’s one of the organizers,” said Jerry, the more talkative of the two. He pointed at Billy and said, “Ty told me to bring my cutest friend, so I brought Mr. Gorgeous here.”

Billy was a babe. He was small and slim, almost feminine. He had big, dark curious eyes, a large mouth, and straight black hair. His skin was perfect. Unlike the rest of his body, his butt had some fat on it, giving it roundness, something to grab on to.

Jamie looked Billy in the eyes, hoping the kid got his signal. “Are you guys from around here? I know Ty from the Y and he invited me,” said Jamie.

Shy Billy glanced at Jamie and spoke up. “I grew up around here, in Chinatown. My family is in Maryland, but I still come down here every once in a while.”

At that moment Robert stepped around the corner wearing a skimpy towel. He stopped and looked Jamie over.

“Well, what have you been up to?” he leered at his lover.

Jamie quickly moved to hug Robert, a display of friendship, or ownership, to the two boys. He broke the contact except for keeping his hand on Robert’s forearm.

“I’ve been busy just like you. Your friends here tell me you put on a real show,” said Jamie.

“They put on a good show too,” Robert smiled.

The two boys were still a bit in awe of Robert. They stared and smiled at him, afyon escort nodded, and looked at Jamie trying to figure out the nature of the relationship between the two.

After small talk Jamie announced he had taken a shower so was now heading over to the weight room. Would Billy get the hint and meet him there? Robert, Jerry, and Billy headed for the showers.

Jamie walked into the weight room, a large open space filled with free weights and a Nautilus-style weight system, stationary bikes, and rowing machines.

Jamie saw two men playing a sex game on an old-fashioned lifting system nailed to the wall. In practice the lifter gripped two handles attached to ropes attached to the weights and pulled them away from the wall.

These two guys had changed things. The white man was nude, helpless, tied with the ropes, back against the wall, hands stretched high, and legs spread, semi-hard penis on display. The second man was a shirtless black hunk who wore tight, white gym shorts. He licked the tied man’s nipples and stroked his body.

The nude man sighed in pleasure and pretended to wrestle against the ropes.

The black man kissed his neck and gripped his penis. He bent down, sucked the cock, let it drop. He put his mouth next to the tied man’s ear.

“You like that, cracker? You better cause you’re not going anywhere,” growled the black man. The head of his dark cock had slipped out from the white shorts.

The nude man struggled though it looked like the last thing he wanted was to escape. “Let me go you fucking coon, you’ll pay for this,” he wheezed.

Jamie moved on. It was clear this game of racial dominance and submission was only for two.

At the Nautilus machine three guys were sucking and fucking, one laying on his back on an incline board, a second astride him with the guy’s dick in his butt, and the third man feeding the two of them his erection.

It looked pretty hot, but they didn’t need a fourth, Jamie determined. As long as I’m taking a break I’ll get some exercise, he thought. At the free weights, Jamie prepared a barbell for lifting, and lay down on the lift bench and did some reps.

“Need a spotter?” a voice asked.

Jamie rested the weights and looked up. It was Billy. He was still wet from the shower, tousled hair in his eyes big as saucers. He wore gym shorts and a Washington Monument t-shirt on his small, fit body.

“Yea, thanks. I’m on my last rep,” said Jamie. He lay down, gripped the barbell, took a breath, and lifted the weights. He pulled it down to his chest and pushed it up. He did ten lifts and Billy helped him put the barbell back in the holding slot.

Jamie lay down and took a breath. He was looking up at Billy’s crotch, only inches from his face. He wanted to feel it. He wasn’t sure how bold he should be then one of the partiers on the Nautilus came with a huge grunt. That was a sign. Jamie reached up and grasped Billy’s penis.

“I watched you guys for a few minutes with Robert,” said Jamie as he fondled the boy’s dick. “It made me horny. I liked seeing both of you sucking him.”

Billy looked down at Jamie playing with his penis.

“I loved sucking that stud. I’m usually too shy to approach a guy like him,” said Billy.

Jamie took Billy’s cock out of his shorts. Jamie raised his neck and took it in his mouth. He sucked on it. The boy got harder.

The cock fell from Jamie’s mouth. He sat up on the bench and took hold of Billy’s waist with both hands, pulling the boy close.

“You didn’t come, did you?” he asked, and Billy nodded. “I was in the sauna with two guys, and I didn’t come either. I think we should remedy that situation.”

Jamie pulled the Asian-American boy down to sit on the bench. He leaned over and kissed Billy, softly tonguing his lips and mouth. Jamie lifted the diminutive boy onto his lap and kept kissing him.

“I really want to fuck you, Billy. Can you come that way?” whispered Jamie.

“Sometimes,” said Billy.

“I want to fuck you until you come,” said Jamie kissing Billy’s neck. “Do you like it when your lover tells you what to do?”

“Sometimes,” said Billy.

“I saw you and your buddy with that sexy black guy, and you got turned on when he bossed you around,” said Jamie.

“I like to please men,” said Billy.

“You sit right there and show me how you please a man,” said Jamie, lifting Billy from his lap and sitting him on the weight bench. Jamie stood so his crotch was in the boy’s face. Jamie palmed his cock, feeling it in his shorts, making it harder.

Billy stared at the horny display of a white man fondling his own dick just a few inches from his face. It made him horny all over again. He loved it when men came on to him. That meant he was desirable and wanted. He saw men at work, on the subway, and he imagined their cocks. He was especially turned on by white men. He licked his lips. He began to reach out to touch Jamie’s shorts.

“No boy, no touch until I say so,” said Jamie. ağrı escort “You just watch.”

Billy followed orders. He turned his face and looked with his dark, almond-shaped eyes at Jamie’s package, then up at his eyes, then back down to his package. It was sexy as hell. Billy began to sweat. He licked his lips.

Jamie thought this guy needs a cock in his mouth. He thought of his hunk boyfriend Robert and how he took command during their sex games. A dominant needed to be clear and tough and use the other man’s desires to get him to perform. Jamie knew that was how Robert made him submissive. He was used like some sex toy, but Jamie didn’t care. He liked being used by the burly black stud.

Jamie deliberately used his toughest voice and spoke in clipped, direct sentences to Billy. There would be no questioning of his orders. He was the boss.

Jamie used his sternest voice. “Boy. Get those shorts off, I want to see your cock.”

Billy stood and pulled down his shorts. He sat back on the bench and held his cock so Jamie could see it. It was uncut, semihard, and looked like it might grow to five inches with a modest girth.

“That’s good boy. Since you did what I told you I’ll do something for you,” said Jamie. He suddenly pushed his crotch into the boy’s mouth and face. He grabbed the back of Billy’s head and forced it into his shorts-covered crotch. He humped the boy’s face a couple times. Then Jamie pulled back.

Billy was breathless. He was shocked and excited by Jamie’s sudden move. He liked men holding his head and humping him. He could smell a bit of Jamie’s cock through his shorts. It was hot.

“You want more boy?” growled Jamie.

“Yes sir,” said Billy.

“What do you want? You want some cock?” asked Jamie.

“Yes sir,” said Billy.

Jamie kept fondling his cock in his shorts. It was inches from the boy’s face. “I like your honesty son. But you haven’t earned my cock yet. First you need to kiss some balls.”

Jamie lifted his shorts on one side of the crotch and grabbed his nut sack. He pulled them out of the shorts and held them in front of Billy. The boy took a quick breath, excited by the display of man flesh. He licked his lips.

“Boy, I see you licking. Put your tongue where it will do some good,” said Jamie. Holding his sac in one hand he put it in Billy’s mouth. “That’s it boy, lick balls, lick ’em good.”

Billy closed his eyes. He laved the hanging testicles, then took one nut in his mouth. He gently sucked. He sighed. He took the ball out and wet his lips and mouth. He went back to licking the sac, then took the second ball in his mouth.

“That’s good son. That’s real fucking good,” murmured Jamie as he basked in the wonderful nibbling of his balls.

He put a foot on the bench, opening his package up for more work. “Just my nuts boy, that’s it,” he said, grabbing the boy’s head with one hand and forcing it into his groin. “You’re a damn good nut sucker.”

Billy moaned in joy. It was wonderful having a man’s balls in your mouth. It smelled horny and tasted salty hot. It was even better when he held your head and forced you to serve his pleasure.

He loved that Jamie was being dominant. Billy wanted to surrender to a demanding white stud. He needed to serve, to be submissive and controlled by a strong man. His dick was standing up, growing harder. He wanted to jack it but waited until given permission.

“That’s enough boy,” said Jamie, moving back. His balls came out of Billy’s wet mouth. Jamie pulled down his shorts, freeing his cock. It danced in front of Billy’s eyes. Billy swallowed in anticipation.

Jamie took off his shirt revealing his tight stomach and defined muscles. He knew he was in good shape. He knew Billy would hunger for his beauty. Now was the time to push the boy harder.

Jamie moved forward and put one leg back on the bench, opening up his crotch.

“Get back to those nuts, kid, and work on my taint. It needs your tongue. And no cocksucking kid.”

Billy went to work. He opened his mouth and consumed the balls. He lovingly held them in his warmth, tasting them, sucking, sighing with the joy of worshipping a man.

Jamie shifted sideways and leaned over, opening his taint to Billy’s mouth, and holding him by his head. “Get your nose in there. Smell it. Lick it. Do it kid. Do daddy.”

Billy obeyed. He did exactly as he was told. He licked the taint, his nose buried in Jamie’s balls, smelling the sweat and cock. The heat was building in Billy. He grunted, sighed, his cock was hard.

He loved being in a man’s center, his face full of balls, ass, and cock. This was what he dreamed about when he beat off. Billy was lost in a sex zone, stirred by his dominant’s demands. He was a gay submissive and he needed to serve a demanding stud fucker.

Billy moved his nose into Jamie’s ass. He couldn’t stop himself. He knew daddy would like it. He moved his nose around as he licked taint. He smelled the funk. He lifted his head and put aksaray escort his tongue on Jamie’s anus. He licked it. He licked the circle of the ring. He put his tongue an inch into the anus and moved it around. He rimmed the stud and his pulse raced when Jamie groaned.

“That’s it, baby. Lick it, lick my ass,” grunted Jamie, his eyes closed, his back arched. “Fuck yea.”

Billy was groaning too, groaning with the joy of being a fuck toy for a hot stud.

Billy was alive for the moment, all thoughts lost to the nasty task of licking humid ass, feeling sweaty balls rolling across his face, and pleasuring a man. Saliva drooled on his cheeks and chin. He had dreamed about this and now it was happening. Wow.

Jamie also felt a sensual rush. He let his body soak up the feeling. Young gay boys sure knew how to rim, thought Jamie. They like being in a man’s ass. The thought that there were millions of hot gay youths that wanted to lick ass made Jamie hotter. He was ready for fucking. His cock was hard and dripping, his muscles tense.

Jamie moved away from the boy’s tongue and stood upright. “Turn around and lie on the bench. Bend over,” he ordered the youth. Billy quickly followed the orders, his face and chest on the bench, his butt in the air with legs spread.

Jamie grabbed some lube that had been placed around the gym. He took a glop in his palm and jacked and fondled his cock till it shone with grease. He put some on two fingers.

“Spread your legs, kid. Time you got oiled up,” said Jamie.

Billy did as he was told. With his legs straddling the bench and butt open he turned and saw Jamie’s beautiful stiff dick, curved, veiny, ready for boy ass. Billy relaxed his sphincter.

Jamie put his fingers on Billy’s asshole. He spread the lube around. Billy sighed with the touch. Jamie pushed a finger in, moved it around. He wanted ass and he didn’t feel like being gentle with the boy. Jamie put two fingers on the edge of the anus. He pressed in. Billy grunted at the invasion and spread his legs further.

Jamie kept sliding the lube around the anal ring. He pushed his two fingers in and out, moving them around, stretching the ass, getting it ready. It was hot and tight. Billy groaned, arched his back. Jamie took out his fingers.

“Open up boy. Take this dick,” said Jamie, as he put his cock head on the boy’s asshole. He pushed with his thighs and butt muscles to get the head in. He watched it sink in slowly and he heard the boy let out a deep sigh that turned into a groan. Billy’s skin shone with sweat.

Jamie’s cockhead encased in boy butt sent a feeling of bliss through his body. Jamie wanted more. He tensed his legs again and the cock went in another inch.

“Fuck, yea, that’s good baby,” Jamie groaned. He looked at his thick dick stretching the boy’s anus. His cock and the hole were shiny with lube. It looked fantastic.

Billy had long attracted buttfuckers. He was a small man with a rounded bottom, and a few gay men had been fortunate enough to get into that hole.

Billy loved it when demanding men screwed him. Jamie’s cock made Billy let out one, long groan of pleasure pain, ‘Unnnngh.’

Billy’s eyes were closed, and his head was in the air, moving back and forth. A cock inside made his entire body pulsate, and the ecstasy feeling spread from his ass to his head to his feet. Blood rushed to his skin. He liked a man on top of him pumping his cock in, holding him, controlling him, speaking obscenely in his ear.

“I love your fucking ass, son. Feels so good around my dick,” Jamie mumbled. “Let’s get some more in there.”

He shoved his cock in harder; it moved slowly, steadily, deep in the boy’s anal canal until Jamie’s crotch and thighs were glued to Billy’s butt. Jamie pulled out a bit and began a fucking motion, building the friction to set off his load.

Billy was full of cock. He caught his breath. He was immobile, stuck on a pin. His eyes closed as the heat and throbbing fullness of cock radiated from his ass. The thick phallus was rubbing inside the boy, and his own cock was tingling, alive, hard against the bench.

Billy was grunting in time with Jamie’s thrusts. When Jamie rested for a second Billy breathed out his desires, “Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

Jamie took his time, doing a slow banging of the beautiful lad, luxuriating in the ring of pleasure that gripped his erection. He wished he could go on fucking for an hour but knew he couldn’t hold out from the joy the boy ass gave his dick.

Jamie watched Billy’s rolling eyes, his lolling tongue and heavy breathing. The kid was loving it. Jamie pushed his meat back all the way in and the boy’s head fell onto the bench as he reveled in the fucking.

“You like that boy?” Jamie teased.

Billy couldn’t form a complete sentence. “”I love it”…grunt… “daddy. Keep” grunt “fuckin’ me.”

“You like that cock. I knew that. A pretty boy like you loves cock, don’t you boy?” Jamie hissed as he pumped.

“Yes sir.”

“You want me to keep fucking you?” taunted Jamie.

“Yes, sir, please fuck me… unngh,” Billy mumbled, his head moving up and down, sparks of bliss traveling up his spine and neck.

“I’m glad you like it boy because now we get to the real fucking,” grunted Jamie.

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