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Big Dicks

As I unlocked the front door of my boutique, I noticed that the security alarm had not been set. The lights were turned down inside so I guessed Carol, my very efficient and beautiful manager was still there. It was after normal hours, and I’d remembered that I’d left some papers, I meant to take home with me. Relocking the door after me, I moved toward the back of the store. I froze when I heard a low moan coming from the back. When I heard it again, I recognized it as not a moan of pain, but of pleasure. Well! I thought.

The deep carpet muffled my steps as I moved to the curtains that separated the store from the dressing rooms. I parted the curtains slightly and my eyebrows shot upward in surprise. Clothes were strewn all over the plush carpet and locked in a most passionate embrace was Carol and Bitsy, one of our salesgirls.

They were in a classic 69, faces buried in each others pussies. Bitsy’s head bobbed as she licked Carol’s spread pussy. Mirrored in the glass at the end of the hall, was Carol’s face bent upward. I could just make out her pink tongue as it licked upward against Bitsy’s spread pussy.. Her hands caressed Bitsy’s smooth ass.

I’m married and have seen several couples making love over the years. I’d seen movies of women together, a common theme in almost every porno film, but this was the first time I’d ever seen the actual act. After I got over the shock of it, I found I was profoundly excited by it. Most women wonder at some time in their lives what it would be like to make love to another woman, and I’m no exception. I’m a passionate women, and this scene really turned me on. My hand slipped downward to my pussy and I rubbed myself through my dress.

In front of me, Carol had slipped first one, then two fingers inside Bitsy, and thrust and rotated them as her tongue continued to lick. Bitsy had spread Carol’s pussy wide and was licking at the apex of her sex. As close as I was, I could see her pink clit from time to time as Bitsy licked and sucked it. Carol’s pussy was a lovely deep pink and I marveled at how beautiful it was.. Needless to say, it was gleaming wet with her juices, and Bitsy’s saliva.

Bitsy was begging Carol to finger fuck her harder and suck her pussy. I could actually smell the heady aroma of their aroused pussies from behind the curtain. My hand slipped down under my skirt and down inside my panties. I pushed my finger into my slit, and found my pussy was sopping. I stroked it slowly as I watched. I was just about to come when the two reached their climaxes, moaning and threshing . They pulled apart. I suddenly couldn’t stand it any longer, and let the curtains slip shut, I backed away, and quietly left.

When I got in the car, Ron, my husband asked if I’d gotten the papers I’d gone in for. I mumbled a yes, and told him to head home. God, I was burning up! The images of the two women was burned in my mind, and kept repeating, as if it were an instant replay on television.

I unfastened my seat belt and slid next to my husband. Reaching over, I unzipped his fly and brought his cock out in the open. I began to slowly stroke it. “Now that’s a nice move on your part. I don’t think you’ve done that in a very long time, not that I object. May I ask what brought this sudden passionate move to the fore?”

I told him what I’d seen in the store. He whistled, long and low. “I take it, that it really lit your fires?” He asked. As we drove home, I told him that I’d thought fleetingly of making love to a women, and wondered what it would be like, but had never actually done it, aside from a casual look and touch when I was very young. He said he’d noticed that when we’d watched a porno movie together, I’d always seemed to get most excited when two women were making love together. In all truth, I hadn’t noticed, but that may have been true.

We drove into the garage, and when the garage doors came down, I dove into his lap and slipped my mouth over his rock hard cock. Ron is well endowed and I slid my lips down his thick rod, my tongue lapping the head. He groaned his pleasure. His cock swelled still more and I pulled back. I growled at him, “Fuck me now, Honey,” as I got out of the car. I went to the front fender, reached under and ripped off my panties and threw my skirt over my hips. Ron moved with lightning speed behind me, slid down his pants, and as I spread my pussy lips wide, he pushed his still wet cock against my wet opening. I pushed back, and in one delicious thrust he slid deep inside me. My cry of joy echoed through the garage. His thick cock filled me wonderfully, pressing against my cervix with each stroke.

I arched my back and thrust back against each of his strokes. He rode me high, and his cock rubbed against my “G” spot. I screamed my pleasure. His hands reached forward and I felt buttons pop as he pulled my blouse open. I unfastened the front clasp of my bra and his hands grabbed my swollen breasts, squeezing.

“Pinch my nipples, Hard! Harder!” I begged. He knows şırnak escort that when I get really passionate I like a little pain ,and he knows just how much I really like. His fingers grasped my long erect nipples and pulled and rolled them giving me a delightful hurt. “Fuck me harder. Ram that big cock into my pussy. Fuck me!” I cried out. His hips slammed into my ass, and I thrust back hard with each stroke.

It didn’t take long for me to climax, I was so hot. My fists beat a tattoo on the car hood as he slammed into me. I screamed out my ecstasy and my pussy clasped his thick thrusting cock. Moments later his cock spurted its load deep inside me and his groans mingled with mine. We caught our breaths and finally made it into the house. Laughing, we went straight to the shower and bathed together.

“I don’t know when I’ve seen you so hot! Not since our honeymoon!” Ron whispered in my ear as he dried my back off. I turned and plastered my body against his. I felt his cock stir again and squeezed it. “Whoa! Lets eat dinner and then we can have desert afterward.” I laughed.

As we ate, we talked about how hot I’d become from watching Carol and Bitsy make love. “You say you’ve never made it with a woman?” Ron asked.

“No, when I was young, an older girl and I ‘explored’ a little. I think she instigated it. She got me to take off my clothes and we hugged and kissed a little. I think she played with my pussy and may have put a finger inside me. She let me look at her pussy, and spread it open, and showed me her vagina, her ‘pee’ hole, and her clit. She said it felt real good when you rubbed your clit. I tried it but it didn’t do much then. Later, I ‘rediscovered’ my clit and had my first climax. My mom caught me rubbing it one night and we had a long talk. She said it was OK to masturbate, but only in private and alone. Later I discovered her vibrator, and lost my cherry to it. She discovered I was using it and bought me one of my own.

“We still joke about my slipping her vibrator out and using it. In college my roommate masturbated a lot when she thought I was asleep. I’d listen to her, and silently bring myself off at the same time. I guess I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make it with another woman.”

Ron looked at me with a mischievous grin. “Do you think you’d like to try it with Carol? You two are going to Vegas for that style show next week.”

“Are you really serious?” I asked.”

“I sure am. It got you so hot just seeing those two together, I think you and Carol should made it. I’m certainly not threatened by it. I guess it’s almost every man’s dream to see two women together. Why do you think every porno flick has two women going at it. You never see two men going at it in a regular porn show.”

I kissed him. “Would you like to watch me make it with Carol?”

“Jeez, Yes, I would. Watching two women making it has always excited me more than watching a man and women making love. ‘Forbidden fruit?’ ” He asked.

“Could be! I’ve seen her in very sexy lingerie several times when we’d try out some of the stock. She has a beautiful body. Carol has never come on to me. We kid around a lot, but she’s never made a move on me yet. Could be she doesn’t want to get in bad with the boss! I haven’t made up my mind, but, yes, I think I would like to make love to Carol, or let her make love to me!” I said kissing him again.

“This has gotten me excited again. Lets go in and watch a porno flick I think you’ll really like. You’ve never seen this one. It’s an all girl special!”

I made drinks and we got comfortable on our big soft couch. Ron flicked the remote and I saw my first all girl porno video. The quality of the video was very good, the women lovely and the story believable and funny. It didn’t take long for the action to begin. Two roommates got horny and wound up in bed. There was a lot of foreplay of a soft and gentle kind. Both women were very beautiful and had superb bodies. It didn’t take long for this to get to me and Ron, and we both got naked quickly. We sat watching the TV, me sitting in Ron’s lap astride his thighs, his wonderful cock deep inside me. He could play with my breasts, or fondle my clit as I watched fascinated as the two gorgeous women made love. They were skilled and obviously enjoying what they were doing. These women weren’t play acting, or else they were Academy Award caliber actresses.

“Think how it would feel to have one of those beautiful women here, right now, between your legs, as my cock slides in and our of your wet, swollen pussy. Her tongue flicking your pink clit, and licking your pussy lips. I could pull out and she’d bury her tongue deep inside you, her lips would cover your pussy and she’d suck that delicious pussy juice from your body.” Ron whispered in my ear as his finger rolled my clit and his thick cock slid in and out of my pussy. I thrust backward and downward and exploded.

His talk, my imagination, and şırnak escort bayan the erotic scenes we were watching sent me over the edge. I came again and again. Ron has wonderful staying power and he slowly fucked me to at least six climaxes as we watched the porno video. When the video was over, I was exhausted. We hadn’t had such a lovemaking orgy since our honeymoon.

Later, in bed, Ron snuggled against my back, his now soft cock against the crack of my ass, his hand cupping one breast. “Yes, I definitely think you and Carol should get together and make love.” I squeezed his hand and silently nodded.

The next day, all was normal in the store. I found my-self looking at Carol in a new light. I noticed the way she talked to the women customers, and the way her body moved.

“Is there something wring with my lipstick?” She asked as we stood talking.

I flushed. “No, why?”

“Well, you keep looking at my lips. I thought I might have gotten my lipstick on crooked.” She asked with an enigmatic smile on her lovely face.

I turned away quickly, for I had been staring at her lips, wondering how they would feel against mine, how they would suck on my erect nipples, or swollen clit. As I walked away, I heard her chuckle softly.

The next evening I was at home when Carol called and told me that I needed to come back to the store immediately. I didn’t question her reason. She’s very efficient and if she say it was important – it was!

She was in my office with our security video on. We carry an expensive line of dresses, lingerie, and accessories and Ron had put in a very sophisticated security system for me. He’s the president and CEO of a large electronics firm that specializes in surveillance equipment. We had put in a system that uses small lipstick sized cameras in key locations in the store, front and back. The cameras are well hidden, and almost invisible. The images go to a hidden console in my office that is triggered and records whenever anyone moves into the viewing area. Each evening Carol checks the images, erases footage that is routine, and resets the recorders. She and I are the only ones in the store that know of the existence of the system.

A serious look was on her face. “Look at this. We have a problem!” She hit the play button and we were looking down on the main cash register. Bitsy was at the register station, a girl about her age across the counter. The tapes have sound, and we heard Bitsy say, “Carol is out to lunch, make it quick!” She took two dresses and handed them to the girl who quickly stuffed them into a large shopping bag, covering them with a scarf. “OK, put them in my closet, way in the back, where Mom won’t find them. Jimmy knows who to contact to get rid of them. I’ve got a story made up to cover their loss. Now get out quick! I don’t want Carol to even see you leave the store.”

“Shit!” I said. “Bitsy. Who’d have thought. She’s the perfect image of the innocent girl-next door. Who’s the other girl?”

“That’s her sister Jill. She’s a year younger than Bitsy. That little bitch! I had an inkling that she’s not as innocent as she seems.” Carol said, disgust in her voice.

“How so?” I asked, imagining her thoughts.

“Never mind. Call it intuition. Well, we’ve got her red handed. Her mother is a good friend of mine. That’s why I hired her. All I’ve ever heard about her has been good. Damn! Her father is a Federal judge. We’ll have to get her to bring back the dresses and fire her. Should be fairly simple. We’ll keep it quiet.” Carol said. Little did we know.

An hour later Bitsy sat in my office. “Yeah, I took them. How the hell did you know?” She wasn’t the least bit contrite, on the contrary almost defiant. She had always been such a nice girl, I was taken aback. Carol ran the video.

“So! You’re not going to do a thing! I’m going to keep my job. You can have the dresses back for all I care, but I keep the job! My Dad will kill me if I get fired. And you won’t tell him a thing. Period!” She said defiantly.

“Oh, tell us why. Please, Bitsy.” Carol said calmly.

“Well, because a couple of nights ago you raped me. Made me do unspeakable things to your body. I’m six months shy of twenty one, the age of consent. I’ll swear that you forced me to have disgusting sex with you. And you saw it and did nothing!” She said turning to me. “Carol said that you had seen us in the back. She could see your reflection in the mirror. You didn’t stop this rape, so that makes you equally guilty too.” She said with a smirk.

“That’s a lie. I did see it, but you two were very obviously having a very good time. I wasn’t about to interrupt. You’re consenting adults and it was none of my business. I just left.” I said.

“I’m a minor. I’ll swear in court that Carol forced me, and you did nothing to stop it. Even if you get off, the scandal will ruin your business. Poor little me, raped by a bitch butch!” She laughed.

“That escort şırnak would be perjury. That’s a serious crime in itself. What you propose is blackmail. Which is also illegal. ” Carol said.

“Big deal. Sure I’ll perjure myself. I keep my job, or I’ll ruin you both. Think what it will do to your husband’s business. Married to a butch child molester!” Bitsy laughed. She was obviously enjoying this.

“Well, Miss. Bitsy. I’m afraid you’re out of luck. First off, you are of age. You must have missed a newspaper or two last year. The age of consent went down from twenty one to eighteen to protect people from scheming young adults like you, who know full well what they’re doing, and yell that they’re under age. Second, I have the whole sexual encounter on tape. You were just too hot for my body. I suspected something, not this, but you were just too eager.

“The ‘innocent’ young lady came on too strong. Here let me play this.” Carol turned and on the video screen in living color was Bitsy coming on strong to Carol at the counter. “Come on Carol, I know you want me. I want you too. God, I’ve wanted to get my tongue into your sweet pussy ever since I came to work here. Let me lick you. One of my women teachers seduced me, and I love sucking pussy. My girlfriend and I do it all the time. She and I even seduced my sister. God, how I love it! Lets go in the back, it’s closing time and I want you so bad. Please. Please?” She ran to the door, put up the closed sign, locked the door and turned out the lights.

Moving back she took Carol by the hand and led her to the back. The camera view changed and we were viewing the dressing room hall. Bitsy and Carol were kissing, then Bitsy began to undress Carol, skillfully kissing her body as she stripped Carol’s clothes off. Quickly shedding her own clothes, she moved into Carol’s arms.

I couldn’t help it, I was excited as I watched. Under the circumstances I should have been appalled. My pussy felt like it was on fire! I squeezed my thighs together.

They kissed and caressed, and lay down on the carpet. Bitsy pushed Carol back and turning, straddled her head. Her head slipped down and she began to lick and suck Carol’s spread pussy. The microphone even caught the little slurping sounds of their lovemaking. This went on for several minutes, then the curtain parted slightly and I could be seen standing on the other side of the curtain. The camera even caught my hand slipping down to my pussy and moving under my skirt as I masturbated.

The two made love on the floor, after I left, they changed position. Bitsy was thrusting fingers deep inside Carol, telling her how much she liked eating pussy, begging Carol to suck her clit, her pussy. They climaxed again and again. When they finally broke apart Bitsy told Carol how much she enjoyed it, and that she wanted to make love to Carol again. They got up, kissed, dressed and left.

“Well, so much for the rape theory. I’m sure your father would love to see her innocent daughter fucking – pardon the expression – the Dyke. Your terminology, not mine. And the part about you and your friend seduce your sister, well! I’m sure he would be doubly thrilled by that.” Carol said. “You go home and get those dresses, all of them, and bring them back tonight. If you want I’ll tell your father that I found someone who had lots more experience than you, and had to let you go. I’ll do that much for your Mother. She’s a good friend of mine, and I don’t want to hurt her. Oh, just in case you want to make trouble, this whole meeting has been video taped, including your statement about blackmail and perjuring yourself.

“Now get the hell out of here! I want every one of those dresses back in an hour without a thread out of place, or tear on them. I’ll have your paycheck ready when you get back. Be thankful I won’t go to the police, the price of those dresses put it into the Grand Larceny status. You could pull some serious time for this. Long time! Now get out of here. Now!” Carol said, her voice like a whip, her face dead calm. Bitsy bolted from the room. I unlocked the front door and let her out.

Back in the office it was quiet for a minute. “Jan, I’m sorry. That was my fault. I should have never let her seduce me. I wanted it. I wanted her. I’ll resign now, or as soon as you can replace me. There’s no excuse for what I did. None.” Carol said, tears in her eyes. Her lip quivered. “I implied that I let her seduce me to trap her. That’s not true. When she came on to me, I wanted her so much I couldn’t stand it. I knew her age and knew she was of age. I let her, hell, I helped her.”

“Don’t be silly. What you two did was between consenting adults. I think she set you up. You’re human. I don’t blame you. Who knows, I might have succumbed to her charms myself.” I said. I moved to her and pulled her against me.

She laid her head on my shoulder and her body pressed lightly against mine. I smelled her subtle perfume and the press of her breasts against mine was exciting. I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. She looked into my eyes and my knees melted. She kissed me so softly on the lips I almost cried. A wonderful warm sensation filled my body. It was like the first time I felt a deep moving love for a boy when I was younger, an unforgettable experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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