Business Trip Unusual Ch. 2

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I am not sure that she was ever expecting me but I showed up on her doorstep today. I had met Claire on an airplane and she had given me the best orgasm I had ever experienced. I was now inducted into the Mile High Club and had wanted to repay the favor. Prior to her fingers probing my cunt we had chatted and we found out that only five blocks separated us. She had scribbled down her address so I assumed that was an invitation.

I had been obsessing over her all day. Walking through the office every blond women reminded me of her but no one could match that sultry voice she has. I swear, give that women a 900 number and a credit card machine and she could get any man or women off in one minute. The morning was passing slowly so I took an early lunch and decided to shop for some new undergarments.

In the dressing room I watched my self in the mirror and became self conscious wondering what Claire would think of each item I tried on. Am I falling in love? It was a thought but I quickly ignored it and decided on a set of lingerie. I was in the mood for something a bit revealing. I bought a nearly see-through half-cup teddy that lifted me up a bit. Although my 34C bust is a knockout on their own I felt like giving them more jiggle. For my nether region I chose a new garter belt with black hose and no panties. I hurried back to the office adıyaman escort and changed in the executive bathroom. In my anticipation of seeing Claire again I passed the time searching for Faith Hill pictures on the internet.

Finally 5:30 rolled around and I was in the elevator reaching the first floor. The cab ride went quick for being rush hour and I actually thought of just going home and masturbating. That is what I should have brought with me! A vibrator but remembering Claire is the type of women to carry one with her on a plane I figure she has plenty at home. I paid the taxi driver and took a deep breath before I turned to face her building. My labia were beginning to swell and walking up the front stoop drove me wild. I buzzed her apartment and elicited a soft come-hither response. I could have licked the speaker, her voice is something else.

It didn’t take her long to allow me entry into her building and as I reached the third floor she was waiting in her door way for me. She was looking very seductive with the light shining down the hallway from behind her. Claire had on a business suit and some heels I have in my closet as well. I grabbed her hand as she pulled me into her apartment. I couldn’t even get out a hello because Claire had pulled my head to hers and stuck her tongue into escort adıyaman my mouth. Her full lips pressed up against mine weren’t as noticeable as her well trained tongue searching the depths of my mouth. Her long slender fingers were twisting into my hair. My tongue was no match for her expert mouth. I can think of one set of lips that tongue could lick.

It wasn’t long before Claire took one arm and swept papers off her oak dining room table and I sat her down upon it. She grabbed her shirt and tore it open popping buttons to the floor. I had never seen her tits before but I wish I had earlier! They were perfect orbs with the largest nipples which were now erect and so sensitive judging by the way she was moaning as I used my mouth to tease them.

She stretched her hand around the other one and pushed my head towards her cunt. Her ass was on the edge of the table so I was able to slide off her knee length skirt. I left the shoes on because I love knowing they are there when someone’s legs are wrapped around my head. Her nylons posed no problem for my teeth and one hand. I ripped them to expose her oozing pussy which smelled heavenly. I blew on her lips then stuck a finger in my mouth to moisten it up. My finger inserted into her warm and freshly shaven snatch with no resistance. Her legs were adıyaman escort bayan spread far apart as I licked her thighs starting at her knees. I slowly added fingers to the first one that had been buried in her until I had four fingers together.

Her moans changed to half yelps and orders to fuck her faster. I couldn’t wait any longer, my mouth was watering from thoughts of tasting her sloppy box. The attraction was basically animal with the aromas escaping each time I withdrew my fingers. I knelt down and took my wet hand from inside her and lifted my skirt to rub my clit, our two juices mixing only turned me on more.

Once again she grabbed on to my hair, this time with a bit more force, and shoved my face into her cunt. Her clit had become erect and brushed up against my nose while my mouth sucked in all of her external genitalia. I penetrated her again and again with my tongue slurping her cum into my mouth. I was rubbing my bottom lip on her clit when I felt an object bump my head, it was a small vibrator. God! Where does she keep them? I put the mini dildo in her pussy to get it slippery and then set it to low and slowly slid it in to her ass.

My face had a hard time keeping up with her bucking hips. This double penetration, tongue in the cunt and dildo in the ass was more than enough for her. I had never been with a woman who could ejaculate. It took me by surprise. My face was dripping with her come I couldn’t lick it up fast enough. Claire helped me with that though. She sat up and started licking my face occasionally sneaking her tongue into my mouth.

Both of us decided a shower would be good but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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