Cara’s Car Crisis

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Another submission in the Cara J. the Librarian series, a group of stories based on a real life closet lesbian librarian with very eclectic tastes and a secret passion for young, hairy women..


When the lights in Cara’s car started flashing and the power slowly died, it was just another insult to the last 24 hours in the life of the librarian. Having to drive out to the Adirondack Mountains to deliver a speech to the upstate library council was bad enough, but the night before after wooing a cute bartender with deliciously furry arms all night in the bar, the girl then says her husband was picking her up after her shift. Her husband? Cara had been livid.

Then this morning after delivering her speech to a bunch of old bags with hangovers who were enjoying pissing away taxpayers money on this conference at the hotel, Cara had skipped the afternoon session so she could get home. That was when her cLexusdecided to die somewhere south of Old Forge, and then she was forced to stew on the side of the road because there was no cell service out here. Luckily a state trooper stopped and offered to call her a tow truck.

“Hank will come get it, and she does good work too,” the cop claimed, and although Cara thought she hadn’t heard the trooper right, when the tow truck came the Hank referred to was indeed a woman.

“Hank’s my nickname and I never fought it because I hate my real name. Henrietta,” the service station owner snapped as Cara climbed in the cab of the truck.

Hank was not a woman Cara would have paid any attention to usually, because the middle aged librarian favored furry and petite girls much younger than her, but there was something about the woman at the wheel that got Cara’s attention. Part of it was because Hank was a woman doing a job that was dominated by men, a turn on for her, but there was more to the attraction than that.

Hank was no delicate flower, that much Cara could tell even though the androgynous blue grey work suit had hidden everything. The masculine looking woman had rough features; a ruddy complexion and forearms that bulged as she turned the wheel. A real butch, as opposed to Cara who thought of herself as more of a soft butch at least in looks.

Cara had thought of her recent experience with the woman who fixed the elevator at the library, and the way that no-nonsense dyke had treated her was coarse and cruel. In many ways much like the way she treated her own conquests, and while Cara vowed to herself that it was just a one time thing, here she was flirting with this woman with the greasy jump suit and grubby hands.

The service station was little more than a garage with a little office attached, run down and obviously a one person operation. Hank managed to get the Lexus into the bay and suggested Cara could wait in the little office until she figured out what was wrong with the car.

From the other side of the dirty window Cara watched the muscular woman raise the car up on the lift, and as her nipples stiffened it struck her that she was still wearing the blazer and slacks she had delivered her speech in, and while there was little she could do about the outerwear there was no good reason to keep wearing the restrictive band that bound her over-sized breasts and shielded them from leering men’s eyes..

Ducking into the little bathroom Cara shed the blazer and blouse so she could unwrap her full bosom, and after massaging a little feeling into the doughy teats she decided to forego putting the blouse on and simply put the blazer on, letting her breasts sway free. When she emerged from the stagnant stall she was surprised to see that Hank was talking to a kid in the garage, a scrawny waif who didn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, and then after Hank gestured her way the girl looked at Cara and shrugged before walking around to the office.

“Hank wants to know if you want a cup of coffee or something. I can go down to the easy mart and get one for you if you like,” the kid said, and when Cara noticed her eyes lowering to her chest she realized that the blazer wasn’t doing much to hide her deep cleavage, something that the girl noticed and seemed fascinated by.

“No thank you,” Cara replied, enjoying the way the girl folded her arms across her own scrawny chest as she shifted her weight from foot to foot. “Are you Hank’s girl?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m Audrey. She calls me Baby sometimes but my real name is Audrey.”

With that the girl left and went back to the garage, where before leaving she exchanged a kiss with the mechanic that made it clear that while she might have been Hank’s girl, Audrey wasn’t her daughter as the librarian had guessed. Then when the girl left, she got into a rusty old Toyota that indicated Audrey wasn’t as young as she looked.

After the kid left Cara wandered into the garage where Hank was standing under the Lexus with her arm up on the tire. The fabric of the short sleeve of the one piece jump suit slid up towards her broad shoulder, exposing a blazing red agrı escort and black tattoo on her bicep, and while the librarian wasn’t much on tattoos, what was peeking out from under Hank’s arm was another thing all together.

“Your alternator shit the bed,” the coarse woman informed Cara. “You have a little brake fluid leak too. Nothing that bad but something you might want to have looked at by the dealer when you get home, because this thing isn’t old enough for that crap to be happening.”

“Can you replace the alternator?” Cara asked, taking the opportunity to move over towards Hank to allow her a better look up under the mechanic’s sleeve.

Hank didn’t seem to notice what Cara was up to initially because she had noticed what was struggling to be contained under the stylish black blazer, and she looked at Cara’s cleavage even less subtly than Audrey had.


“I know there’s probably insurance regulations that forbid it, but do you mind if I stay out here with you?” Cara asked. “Your magazines are kind of old.”

“No, I like the company,” Hank responded with a snicker. “Hell, if the car falls off and lands on you, you might end up owning this place. Serve you right.”

“The place come with your girl?” Cara mused aloud.

“Who? Baby? Yeah, I think you might have to take Audrey too if you end up with this joint. She’s like a stray cat that I fed and can’t get rid of,” Hank explained. “Taught a BOCES class on auto repair years ago and now here she is still.”

“So, she’s not your daughter?”

“No,” Hank said, quickly adding, “Baby’s not as young as she looks. Kinky little thing too.”

“Lucky lady,” Cara answered. “Her more than you I mean.”

“You think so?” Hank grinned, showing a slightly tipped front tooth on an otherwise nice smile. “I’ve been told I’m what they call an acquired taste.”

“You though?” Hank mused aloud as she stared at the open V of the top of Cara’s blazer. “You sure look different now than you did on the side of the road.”

“Quiet out here so I decided to let them relax,” Cara said before impulsively deciding to unbutton the two buttons of the blazer, and as the garment parted the mechanic left out a low whistle of approval while staring at the massive bell shaped breasts that dominated the diminutive woman’s frame. “If anybody pulls in here I’ll button back up.

“Not much chance of that. Even since I stopped selling gas all I get interrupted by is calls from damsels in distress like you,” Hank replied. “I have a hunch Audrey got a look at you before she left.”

“Not as good a look as you’re getting,” Cara noted as she shrugged to let the blazer open up more.

“I could tell she was upset. You coming on to me?” Hank asked as she tilted her head and then shook it, getting her short shag hair to go back in place.

“Just having fun. Didn’t know you had a girlfriend.”

“Audrey? She’s just something to occupy my time. Baby will go home and sob a little and then get herself off thinking about your tits,” Hank explained. “Can’t say as I blame her though. I just wish I had something that good for you to look at.”

“But you do,” Cara replied as she inched a little closer. “That’s why I came out here. So I could get a better look.”

“Really?” Hank asked, and when she saw what Cara was looking at tugged up the short sleeve and asked, “You like my ink?”

“Not especially.”

“You dig my guns?” Hank then asked, flexing her arm to make the already prominent bicep bulge more. “Occupational hazard from doing a lot of physical work.”

“You’re getting warm,” Cara responded, and when Hank looked confused the librarian said, “If that uniform didn’t have sleeves I could see you much better.”

“Oh!” Hank answered with a toothy grin, and as she reached over and tugged on the dark brown hairs peeking out she continued. “You looking so businesslike and proper, I would never have figured you for the kinky type. You dig hairy girls Cara?”

“Very much,” was the librarian’s answer, and at that the mechanic unzipped the front of the jump suit and after a bit of a struggle managed to get the uniform down from her broad shoulders, letting it drop to her waist and exposing a modest pair of breasts encased in a well worn sports bra. “Now what?”

“Your hands. Put them up on the bottom of the car like they were before,” Cara requested, and after the butch woman complied Cara’s entire body shuddered when she saw the thick tufts of hair that filled the large hollows of Hank’s exposed armpits.

“Just a sec,” Hank suddenly said, lowering her hand to step towards the wall to hit a button, and as the garage door dropped the mechanic resumed her position. “Where were we?’

“Right about here,” Cara said as she stepped closer to the woman who was a few inches taller than her and much heavier, and as Cara reached up and let her fingers sink into the lush tufts of moist hair they both sighed.

“Am I hairy enough for you lady?” Hank asked as she escort ağrı looked at the glazed eyes of the librarian while her fingernails raked through her armpits, but Cara only sighed in response.

“Been working all morning,” Hank remarked as she noticed the slightly pungent aroma that wafted in the air, but Cara’s only response was to lean forward and bury her face under the mechanic’s right arm, first inhaling deeply and then kissing up and down the furry thicket.

“Damn, you and Audrey are birds of a feather,” Hank commented as she writhed under the affection which became more and more passionate with every second as Cara kept squeezing Hank’s bicep while chewing under her arm. “Get you two together and you could both work on me at once.”

Cara grunted as she tried to lower the mechanic’s uniform, but when it didn’t work Hank stepped back and took off the thing herself, stepping out of it and exposing her husky, muscular body.

Hank’s panties were worn and torn around the elastic, allowing hair to peek out from everywhere, and her white anklets exposed almost all of her thick hairy calves. The panties came down, revealing a thick untamed jungle of curls that spread high and wide, and now Hank was naked.

“Kind of grubby,” Hank apologized as she looked at her thick stubby fingers with the permanent grease embedded in them, but Cara took her by the wrists and brought them up to her breasts, clamping down and encouraging her to knead them hard, something Hank seemed to enjoy doing.

The sight of the mechanic’s greasy hands, callused and rough, mauling her doughy lily white breasts sent chills down Cara’s spine, and the librarian was so inflamed that when the gruff dyke told told her to undo her slacks she complied.

“Damn lady, this is either the wettest pussy I’ve even felt or you pissed your pants,” Hank said in amazement after jamming her hand down Cara’s panties, and the thick finger that was jammed into her was insistent.

The force of Hank’s fingering was such that it drove Cara against the wall of the garage, and as the mechanic cackled with glee Cara leaned into the larger woman, trying to suck on Hank’s smallish breasts.

“I know what you want lady,” Hank declared as she raised her arm so that her elbow was above the librarian’s head, pushing her pungent armpit into the prim and proper woman’s face. “Suck it until you cum.”

Cara’s orgasm came almost immediately, the intensity making Cara weak in the knees and she rode the mechanic’s hand, and the fingering didn’t stop until her body went limp.

“I bet you and me could really wreck a bed,” Hank suggested as Cara’s heart finally slowed, and it was then that Cara took stock of herself.

She was a disaster, with her slacks down to her knees and her stylish blazer on the greasy floor. Her panties had been ripped by Hank and it was a tossup as to what was more sore, her breasts or her pussy. The surroundings, the stench of oil – everything around her was disgusting, or should have been but instead it turned Cara on at how depraved she had been.

As for the hulking, husky woman who stood naked in front of her, she looked like something indefinable. Broad shoulders and garish tattoos, a thick waist and dark brown hair practically coating the mechanic from the waist down. She resembled a primate as much as a woman and stood there unashamed with her hands on her hips.

“Never be able to concentrate on fixing your car the way I feel,” Hank announced as she played with her pussy hair for a moment before going over to a high table with invoices and assorted manuals.

Shoving all the things on the top to the other end, Hank put her back to the rickety looking table and using her hands, vaulted herself up unto it with surprising grace for a large woman. Then the mechanic leaned backwards and pulled her legs up so that her feet were on the edge.

“You know what I want,” Hank cackled as she spread her muscular legs wide to expose her incredibly hairy delta to Cara, fur that kept growing well down between her legs, and the middle aged woman walked like a zombie towards the mechanic.

Because of the height of the table and Cara’s short stature, when the librarian got up to Hank her pussy was almost at eye level. Cara put her hands on the rock hard thighs, running her hands on the furry skin before leaning forward and putting her face into the hairy abyss.

The smell of the mechanic’s pussy was strong enough to make Cara’s eyes water, and as she began to lick her way past the plump labia and into the pungent pussy Hank’s hands grabbed her scalp and encouraged her to get busier.

“Yeah, that’s more like it!” the mechanic exclaimed as Cara lapped feverishly, the front of her face burrowed in the fold. “This’ll give you a good story to tell the biddies at your bridge club when you get home. How you ended up broken down in East Buttfuck, New York and this hairy hillbilly broad made you eat her cunt. Ha!”

“What you doing lady?” Hank asked ağrı escort bayan a minute later, and then laughed when she figured out that the librarian had a finger in her ass while she went down on her. “Crazy frigging lady you are. Talk about not judging a book by it’s cover.”

The mechanic ground herself into Cara’s face while the librarian’s tongue felt like it was about to fall off, but just then Hank grabbed Cara’s scalp and pulled her out of her crotch.

“Finger me. I get off easier that way,” Hank explained, and Cara nodded and put her finger into the sloppy fold, but after a few seconds the mechanic said, “More.”

Cara slipped a second finger into Hank, and then a third one when the woman insisted. The table was creaking as the mechanic thrust herself into the fingers, yelling for more until finally Cara’s entire hand was moving in and out of Hank’s gaping pussy, the sloshing sounds resembling a plunger as she yelled at Cara to go harder.

“Harder! Faster! Oh fuck!” the mechanic screamed before she sat a bit upright with a look of horror in her eyes.

Cara winced when it felt like her fist was getting crushed by a vice, and then as Hank let out a bellow her pussy clenched again before a gusher of fluids sprayed out all over Cara’s arm. Hank pulled Cara’s face to hers and kissed her, a messy and savage kiss while her sex kept convulsing around the librarian’s hand until it finally was over.

“When I cum I cum good,” Hank told the dazed middle aged woman with a wet arm as she extracted her hand. “I’ve got half a mind to make you stay here overnight, but topping that might be tough.”

“I’m…” Cara mumbled, speechless for once in her life as Hank vaulted back down to the cement floor.

“Anyway, we put on a hell of a show,” Hank declared, and when Cara looked confused the mechanic nodded towards the lowered garage door, where the little waif had her face pressed to the dusty little window. “Told you she was kinky.”

“What’s she doing here?” Cara asked as she grabbed her blazer to cover herself.

“She’s got the new alternator. Had her fetch it from NAPA in Utica because I don’t stock parts,” Hank explained as the girl came into the garage with the new part, looking at the customer with a sad look.

“Took you long enough. Get a good look?” Hank asked her girl, and when she pouted more she chided, “Nobody kicked your puppy Audrey so lose the attitude.”

“Take me about 45 minutes,” Hank told Cara as she put her work clothes back on, and the librarian took the opportunity to go into the waiting room rather than look at the sad eyed waif in the corner sitting on a stack of tires.

Cara put her blazer back on in the cramped bathroom, but the cracked mirror was impossible to use so she went back into the waiting room and picked up an old dogeared copy of Motor Trend to pass the time.

“Henrietta says you’re a librarian.”

The reedy voice of the mechanic’s girlfriend startled Cara who didn’t notice the kid enter the room, but the middle aged woman recovered quickly and said that was correct.

“I worked at the library in Old Forge for a while. Just shelving books for a couple of days a week but they got rid of all the part time help,” Audrey said as she leaned against the door that led to the garage. “Now they have volunteers do it.”

“That’s too bad,” Cara replied, looking with amusement at the kid who looked like a character in a Dickens novel, skinny and worn out looking with stringy brown hair and rather raggedy clothes.

“Me and Henrietta, we’ve been together for a long time.”

“You call her Henrietta?”

“Yeah, when I’m pissed at her,” Audrey said. “Like I am now. I saw you two in there you know.”

“I know. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. It just sort of happened,” Cara said as she wondered how she got into this backwoods soap opera.

“Henrietta does that a lot to me. I guess it’s to show me who’s boss,” the waif responded.

“She said you’re kinky,” the librarian suggested,enjoying the way the kid was pawing the floor shyly and acting so coy.

“Guess I am. I mean, you just don’t seem to be the type to be attracted to her,” Audrey noted. “Like, you dress fancy and have an expensive car and Henrietta? I love her to death but she’s – I dunno – kind of like a guy.”

“If she was a guy I wouldn’t have given her the time of day,” Cara said. “Hank has a lot of qualities I find very attractive.”

“Wow. Well, I know why she wanted you,” Audrey explained. “Even though she usually likes young girls she digs girls with big boobs, and although I couldn’t see all that good through that window, you look like you got really big ones. I know that’s weird her liking that. I mean, look at me.”

Cara was startled when Audrey suddenly lifted her baggy blouse up to her neck to expose her skinny upper torso and the tiny titties that weren’t much bigger than limes.

“See? Pretty pitiful ain’t I?” Audrey declared.

“Not everybody prefers busty women, dear,” Cara remarked, feeling her heartbeat race as she looked at the girl’s very modest endowment with nipples that were close to being boyish, and the sprays of unshorn hairs under her arms only added to her interest. “I think you’re very cute and besides, your bust will probably grow larger with time.”

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