Chrissy and Tara Ch. 03

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Another huge thank you to all of the readers of my first two stories! Your comments and votes are very much appreciated. I present you with the third chapter of Chrissy and Tara’s story. This is another long one, but again, I think there is value in the wait! If you’d like this story to go on, feel free to leave your comments. I feel that there are many additional plot lines that could be written for these two characters. Enjoy!


Falling autumn leaves and colder temperatures indicated that December was approaching. The days of Chrissy walking to the gym without a jacket were long gone. Despite her busy schedule, she made it a point to hit the treadmill every morning. While her fitness routine had been erratic in the past, she felt motivated by her desire to not just feel well physically but also to remain in great shape for her friend and lover.

Despite their heavy course loads and Tara’s increasingly frustrating waitress job at a local restaurant, both Chrissy and Tara continued to spend as much time as possible together. While they did not typically study in the same room, both had independently shot to the top of their respective classes thanks to their improving grades. The girls would typically spend their nights together, Chrissy usually staying in Tara’s room as it was a bit bigger than her own.

The day before Thanksgiving was particularly cold and rainy. Classes had ended the day before and wouldn’t resume until the following Monday. Chrissy had spent the night in Tara’s room, both of them passing out quickly from exhaustion. The semester was long, and there were still major papers due and final exams to be taken. At around 7 in the morning, Chrissy started to stir. She had slept well but was still a bit cold. She rolled over and spooned Tara who was fast asleep. She put soft kisses on the side of Tara’s neck, but her lover did not move.

Chrissy had learned to be a bit more confident in terms of what she wanted out of life. She had always been quiet and serious, but being with Tara had opened up several facets of her personality, and she was aggressive in her studies but even more so with her lover. She slid her fingers lightly down Tara’s tummy and slightly lower. Tara had fallen asleep in only a long, grey t-shirt. Chrissy loved the easy access and ran her fingers slowly through Tara’s thick bush. She let her fingers wander in her pubes for a bit then lightly ran her finger along Tara’s slit. Her labia felt slick, and she imagined that Tara was having an incredibly passionate dream. That thought excited her. She had experienced more erotic dreams in the past month than she ever had, and Chrissy often pictured Tara’s ex, Josh, making love to her girlfriend.

A half hour later, the very faint echoes of moaning could be heard from Tara’s room. Chrissy had slid under the covers, putting her lips all over Tara’s legs and slowly up her thighs. It had been enough to wake the girl, and now, Tara had her legs back in the air. Her fingers were wrapped around her ankles as Chrissy buried her tongue deep inside her hairy pussy. “Oh god honey,” Tara moaned repeatedly. Chrissy thrust her tongue in and out of her hole, making sure to catch every drop of Tara’s sweet juices so that she could taste them. Their passion had not subsided since their first night together.

Tara moaned uncontrollably. To say that she was madly in love with Chrissy was an understatement. She had deep feelings for her since they first met, and those emotions only intensified over the past month and a half. She would do anything for Chrissy. She looked down and could only see Chrissy’s eyes; her lover’s face was completely buried between her legs. It drove her wild. She let go of her ankles and pulled her t-shirt up and started rubbing her breasts. Her nipples were erect, and she pulled gently on one using her index and thumb to tweak it. She did the same to the other.

Chrissy noticed Tara’s heavier breathing and could sense she was close to orgasm. She lightly ran her thumb across her clit as she tongued Tara deeper. Tara was unable to hold back and ran her feet along Chrissy’s back.

“Oh Chrissy! Don’t stop,” came the plea from Tara.

Chrissy knew she had her girlfriend on the brink and ran her tongue across her clit. Tara jerked her body hard and moaned loudly. “Yess Chrissy!” Chrissy did not stop. She continued attacking her clit and made her lover orgasm a second time knowing that she would not get the chance to do so for several days. As Tara finally began to relax after her second orgasm, Chrissy climbed on top of her and kissed her deeply. She smiled. “Mmm you taste so yummy Tara. I’m going to miss that the next few nights.”

Tara giggled. “You and me both honey. I love it when you wake me up in the morning.” Chrissy had curled up next to her. As Tara turned to face her, she saw the time. It was 8:30. “Oh man! I’m going to be late for work. Ron is going to kill me!”

“It’s okay sweetie.” Chrissy leaned over to kiss Tara. “I’m antalya escort going to get washed and packed up. I need to run to the store on the way to my sister’s. They have this little holiday called Thanksgiving, and I’m supposed to bake a pie. Scary thought, huh?” She laughed.

“Well, I have only tasted you and not your cooking!” Tara laughed then smiled. “But I’m sure it will be wonderfully delicious.”

Chrissy hit her with the pillow and laughed. She was going to miss Tara terribly. Her sister, Mariah, was having a small group of people over for Thanksgiving. She lived an hour away, but sadly, Tara lived several hours away in the opposite direction. “I’m going to be thinking of you the entire time Tara. I love you so much sweetie.”

“Aww I love you just as much Chrissy. I will miss you too. My bed will be so lonely. Well, not totally. I’m sure that Aero will not leave me alone!” Tara was heading to her parents’ home for the holiday. Aero was her Golden Retriever that seemed to follow her everywhere when she was home. She wasn’t allowed to let him stay in the dorm, so her parents offered to take care of him until she graduated and got her own place.

“Ohh, I thought that maybe Josh would be keeping you company.” Chrissy winked. Despite never having someone special in her life before, Chrissy was not the jealous type. She loved it when people would look at her and Tara when they were out on the town. More than once, she noticed guys checking out Tara, and it made her feel even luckier. Tara was a wonderful person and a beautiful catch, and she was thankful to have her in her life.

Tara looked at her perplexingly. The comment seemed a bit unusual from Chrissy, and she wondered if it was because this would be the first time they were apart for any length of time. She wanted to reassure her lover. “No. He did text me a few times, but I’ve ignored him as he usually does to me. It always seems like he waits until he knows I’m going to be home then contacts me. It’s rude!”

Chrissy thought back to her dream. “But he sounds so sexy now. You sure you won’t miss that booty call?” Chrissy smiled, totally confident in herself and her relationship with Tara.

“Although I’m always horny these days, you more than take care of that for me! Of course, you do help stir up those hormones! You are so passionate Chrissy. I love that about you.”

Chrissy smiled. She knew she had Tara and the girl wasn’t going anywhere. She thought of the dream she often recalled about her girlfriend and Josh. It turned her on thinking about it. She looked at Tara. “I totally give you permission to hump that guy’s brains out.”

Tara looked at her shockingly. Certainly, Tara still loved men and so did Chrissy. But she was surprised that Chrissy would indulge letting such a dalliance occur while they were apart. “That’s really not something I’m interested in now sweetie.”

“Alright, but you never know what can happen if you run into him!” Chrissy grinned.

Tara kissed her deeply. “I love you sweetie. But it’s nice to know that you feel confident about us.” Tara knew that Chrissy had never been with a guy, and she wasn’t sure if she was trying to vicariously live though her experience.

“I love you too. We both better get ready. I will definitely be texting you later.”

“I can’t wait!” Tara kissed Chrissy again. She quickly threw on her work outfit, fixed her hair, and bolted out of the door. Chrissy grabbed her stuff, locked the door behind her, and headed back to her room to get packed. Within an hour, she was on the road to her sister’s home.


Two hours later, Chrissy had picked up the supplies needed for her apple pie and was at her sister’s doorstep. She rapped on the door, and when Mariah saw her, she quickly smiled and embraced Chrissy.

“Little sis! I’m so glad to see you! Do you need some help?”

“Hey M! No, I’m good. I’ll just have to run out to the car and bring in all of my laundry.”

Mariah laughed. “Oh boy. My poor washer will not get a break, will it?”

“Nope!” Chrissy just smiled. Despite the fact they were several years apart in age, Chrissy always enjoyed the ribbing from her sister.

Mariah was not quite the splitting image of Chrissy. She had the same fiery red hair, but that’s where the comparison ended. She stood at nearly 5 feet 10 inches and was toned. She had been a phenomenal soccer player in college, and she continued to work out daily to stay toned. She was not as curvy or busty as Chrissy, but her outgoing personality and sense of humor stood in stark contrast to her little sister. She had always been popular and had many friends, but her last boyfriend had ditched her for a model that he met while he was in Europe. The sadness lingered though, and Chrissy hoped that the holiday might relieve the emotional pain for her just a bit.

Chrissy finished unloading her reliable blue Chevy Sunfire. She had brought some coursework but doubted antalya escort bayan that she would have much time for it. She did bring a bunch of laundry, and she felt a bit guilty for abusing her sister’s hospitality. But they were family, and Mariah always treated her little sister well. They had been alone since the car accident robbed them of their folks and their younger brother nearly a dozen years ago, and Mariah became an adult that day when she vowed to look after Chrissy. Even now, that hadn’t changed despite Chrissy blossoming into an adult.

Chrissy made one final trip to her car. She had bought Mariah a fall bouquet of autumn-colored carnations, daisies, and roses. It was just a small token of her gratitude for her sister taking care of her college tuition for the next semester. She carried the arrangement into the house and set it in the spacious living room.

A few minutes later, Mariah walked in and saw the flowers. “Aww, Chrissy. Thank you so much for the flowers. They are beautiful!”

Chrissy was in the kitchen getting a drink. She joined Mariah in the living room. “You’re welcome. I just wanted to give you a small something and thank you for taking care of my tuition for next semester.”

“Oh no thank you needed. Just keep getting amazing grades! I want to retire early on your success.” Mariah laughed. She knew that the intelligence of her sister surpassed her own, and she was happy to make Chrissy’s life as easy as possible so that she could focus on her education. As they both sat in the living room, Mariah suddenly asked, “Speaking of college, where’s your boyfriend?”

Chrissy shifted uncomfortably in the couch and turned a bit red. She hadn’t told anyone yet about Tara. As a matter of fact, she had never even mentioned her to her best friend Julie. It was a topic that, despite her attraction and love for Tara, she did not feel at ease discussing.

“Uh, well, I don’t have one.” Chrissy blanked on any other response.

Mariah cocked her head a bit. It appeared she was trying to dive head first into Chrissy’s brain to see if there was some other information that she could divulge. She knew Chrissy sometimes hid things from her to keep from being criticized. Mariah never did pass judgment though and always treated her little sister as an adult now.

“Well, you are too beautiful to not have someone special. Maybe a girlfriend?”

Chrissy heard the question and crossed her legs. The mention of the word girlfriend made her a bit star struck. The images of her morning with Tara floated back in her mind, and a weird sort of smirk crossed her face. She didn’t even have to respond.

Mariah interrupted Chrissy’s daydream. “I knew I was right. You do have someone. So what’s her name? What’s she like? Is she hot?”

Chrissy just sat staring incredulously at her sister as she was bombarded with questions.

“I’m not trying to be nosy, but I’m curious what kind of girl found her way to your heart. And why isn’t she here!?”

Chrissy laughed nervously. “After all those questions, do you think I’d bring her here? You and your lawyer friends would cross-examine the hell out of her!”

Mariah smiled. “We would be nice. But thanks for confirming it!”

Chrissy put her head in her hands and laughed. “Could you please do me a favor though? Could you not mention this to anyone? I’m still trying to understand it all myself and don’t need any added pressure right now.”

“It will be between us little sis. I am truly happy for you though!”

“Thanks M. It just happened all so fast. I thought my relationship would distract me from school, but actually, I’ve been able to concentrate better.” Chrissy felt happy to confirm that to herself. Tara really did bring happiness and comfort to her days. Before her, all Chrissy knew about was studying. Now she had someone to talk to and confide in about all aspects of her life. It was wonderful.

“It’s probably all the sex!” Mariah laughed.

Chrissy turned beet red and tossed a nearby pillow at her big sister. “Shut up M! And anyhow, what about you? What stud are you seeing now?” She tried to tread easy but couldn’t help tease her sister a bit.

Mariah just replied by laughing. “Nope, no one for me right now. I’m trying to make partner, and I don’t need the distraction!”

Chrissy eyed her curiously but couldn’t find a chink in her armor. She was a good lawyer, and if she had a secret boyfriend stashed away, she would never find out.

“So who is coming for our big dinner tomorrow night?” Chrissy was thinking maybe her sister would reveal a name she never heard before.

“Just the usual group of friends Jen, Lindsay, Heather, Rob, and Justine. It’s going to be nice to have everyone here.”

Chrissy didn’t hear any new names, so she believed her sister that there was no one special. “Should be fun! I’m going to start my laundry and make the apple pie.”

“Do you need any help,” Mariah escort antalya queried.

“Only in figuring out which of those friends is your mystery lover!”

They both laughed. Chrissy went off to do her laundry and Mariah worked on cleaning up her home. They were looking forward to spending some time with each other and friends.

Later that night, Chrissy tried to call Tara but didn’t get an answer. So she texted her instead, “I love and miss you sweetie. Can’t wait to see you in a few days!”


Thanksgiving morning arrived. Chrissy woke up and was somewhat concerned until she looked at her phone. Around 4AM, Tara had texted her back, “Love you too honey! Happy Thanksgiving!” Chrissy wondered why the text was so late but didn’t put too much thought into it. She figured Tara was out with friends.

Chrissy replied back, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too honey! You must have been out late.”

Tara quickly replied, “I was. I’ll tell you all about it later. Gotta get a bit more sleep though. I love you!”

Chrissy responded, “Love you too.” She couldn’t help but think that Tara had a booty call with Josh. It didn’t bother her in the least, but the thought had crossed her mind a few times. She heard her phone ding again and saw she had another text from Tara. She smiled brightly as she looked at it. Tara had sent a message that read “Wish you were here” and attached a picture of her big tits, her mouth wrapped around one of her nipples. Needless to say, it excited Chrissy, but she had no time for play. She needed to get downstairs and help Mariah with dinner. So she replied, “Mmm I will send you something in return later. Gotta get dinner cooking babe!”

Chrissy headed downstairs and noticed that Mariah was already up and prepping the food. She had on the parade, and they both intermittently watched as favorite characters from their childhood were brought to life as floats. It was their annual tradition to watch together. As the time for dinner approached, the other guests started arriving. Around 3:30, there was another knock at the door.

Chrissy yelled, “I’ll get it!” Mariah was busy getting some wine and entertaining the other guests.

As Chrissy approached the door, she could see a solitary person through the translucent glass. The person was thin and looked to have long blonde hair. She opened the door and was in total shock.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re here! I didn’t know Mariah invited you!”

It was Chrissy’s best friend Julie.

“Hey you! We thought it would be a good surprise. We had Thanksgiving brunch with my family so I thought I’d drop in.”

Julie had been Chrissy’s best friend since they were in the 6th grade. They had lived close for many years. After graduating from high school, Julie decided to forego college and enroll in cosmetology school instead. Her grades had never been strong. In appearance, she was about the same height as Chrissy but was lighter and had less curves. Nonetheless, her body was nearly perfectly shaped. She was blessed with long blonde hair and green eyes. Her skin was slightly tan. She had been a cheerleader and somewhat popular in high school. But she never forgot to include Chrissy in social happenings. And, most importantly, she was one of the first to comfort Chrissy when she lost her parents and brother.

“I’m so happy to see you! Come inside.” Chrissy remembered her manners.

Julie was welcomed by everyone. Mariah and Chrissy had made a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner and the compliments were flying from the guests. As Mariah’s friends left one by one as the evening wore on, Mariah brought out some of the better wine to share with Chrissy and Julie. They were sitting together in the living room chatting with the television on.

Around 9, Mariah was falling asleep. “Well you two, I’m heading to bed. I plan on being up early to catch some of the Black Friday sales. Shall I wake you both up for a shopping extravaganza?”

Julie and Chrissy both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. “Why not,” came the reply from Julie who was clearly more interested than Chrissy. Neither of them had much money to spend but being out among the festive holiday shoppers sounded like fun to Julie. Chrissy had no doubt that Mariah would lavish them with some fancy clothes, and she felt uncomfortable having her spend any more money on her. Nonetheless, she didn’t object because she wanted to spend time with Mariah and Julie.

Mariah went upstairs to bed while Julie and Chrissy chatted. “I didn’t know you were staying over,” Chrissy said to Julie with a puzzled tone.

“After all this wine and the delicious dinner, I’m in a major food coma already! I just thought it would give us more time to talk.”

Chrissy smiled. “Well, I’m really glad that you are staying.”

“So how’s the love life?” Julie smirked as she asked Chrissy. She likely was prompted to ask by Mariah’s suggestion.

“You too? Mariah has been badgering me about it too!” Chrissy said it in a good natured way, but she was feeling a bit under the spotlight.

“Well, you’re my best friend and I know nothing of your life the past few months. And we’ve barely talked!”

“It’s totally my fault Julie. I got wrapped up in my studies and by the person I’m seeing.”

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