Clea’s Love

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I vividly remember the day I realized I was a lesbian. It was Saturday night, after my first week of Uni. I had been reading in the library, as I didn’t really know anyone and as I made my way back to my dorm at about midnight, when the library shut, I hugged my books to my chest for warmth as it was quite cold for September, I noticed out of the corner of my eye two of the girls from my floor in the dorms passionately kissing. I realized I wanted that for myself.

My name, by the way, is Clea, it’s from my grandmother from my mothers side, who my father met some 30 yes ago whilst writing in a sleepy Bretton village in the darkest French country side. I have shoulder length ginger hair, natural, of course, a slim build and a B-cup cup breast, small I know but couldn’t stand any larger. I stand about 5′ 10” and dress generally in jeans and tees.

Enough about me, after seeing those girls I rushed back to my room, it was a double, though the other bed was unoccupied, I leant on the door and thought for the first time about what I had witnessed. As I did I felt a familiar wetness and a stiffening of my nipples. I dropped my books at the foot of my bed and pulled my tee shirt over my head, revealing my bra. I slid my hands around to my back and undid it. Next I slipped it off my arms and let it drop to the floor. My breasts with their rock hard nipples were now exposed. I pinched one and almost came from the electric thrill.

I lay on the bed in my jeans, nipples hard and pussy red hot, thinking about the two girls from down the hall. The way their tongues were intertwined like two vines. The way their velvet soft bodies were pressed together. The way one would gently run their hand through the others hair.

I undid my jeans and pulled them off. Cold air rushed to my soaked panties, cooling my burning desire and sending a thrill through my entire body.

I didn’t want to mess about. I wanted release. I slid a hand down my stomach and under the waist line of my panties. My breathing became heavy and fast with expectation. Finally I reached my prize. I rubbed my clit furiously, hoping to reach orgasm as fast as possible. With my other hand and began caressing a breast and soon I was shaking, my back arched with the power of my orgasm, I bit my lip to suppress a moan of sheer pleasure. I slept the best I had in months.

Unfortunately, the next day I had an early lecture. I threw on the first clothes I could find. Unfortunately this meant a thong that really rode up, the jeans I had on last night (which I was certain still smelt of, well, last night), I couldn’t find a bra quick enough, so went without, and an old tee shirt.

I had to take breakfast on the move, so I grabbed something for a French owned patisserie on route. The guy at the counter didn’t speak much English, so I used French to speed the transaction up.

It wasn’t until I got to my seat in the first lecture that I realized just how far up this particular thong rode, but I’d have to put up with it until the end of my second lecture at least. This was going to be a fun four hours.

My day did take a very positive turn in that second lecture, however. It was history, I arrived early having rushed their form my last class. I took my usual seat and laid out my laptop, when I noticed a new addition to the class walk in. She was gorgeous. Long, raven black locks cascaded down her pale skinned back, revealed by a tight tank top, until it reached her firm ass, which was encased in a black, floral skirt. Long, snow white legs rose to meet that perfectly shaped ass, giving her an angelic hourglass figure craved by so many. Pert C-cup breast crowned her beauty.

She seem to be ardahan escort having some trouble communicating with the professor, a nice man of about 30. From what I could hear she was speaking French, so, I could help, I had to, not to would be to pass up too good an opportunity to be close to, even speak to, this exquisite beauty. Seeing as I had only realized I felt like this the previous night, I was very, very confused

My tribulations were stopped when the professor called me over.

“Clea, did I hear some where you’re French? He asked me. He seemed quite hot under the collar in the presence of this beauty.

“Yes, sir, I lived there until I came here.”

“Good, good, could you translate for Abigail, is it? I think she’s lost”

“Of course, Sir” I turned to Abigail And spoke in French,” Are you sure you’ve got the right place?”

“Oui, oui, European History?”

“O.k, But it may be a little difficult if you don’t speak English.”

“Non, I understand it perfectly but speak little”

I turned back to the professor and explained the situation. He understood and sat us next to each other, so that I could translate any offerings she had for the class.

Needless today, I was in bliss. Now I had seen her close up I was even deep in love with this woman. I knew she was the one for me. I had to have her. Her voice, whilst low, was wonderfully feminine and her eyes, oh god her eyes, they’re like two pools of undisturbed sea water, like two whirlpools they suck you in and hold you tight. I had to have her and she was right next to me.

After that class it was lunch and we sat together, not having anywhere else to go. We got talking and getting to know each other. She told me about her life, she had grown up in a rich suburb of Paris, her parents had traveled a lot, so got her the best education money could buy as reconciliation. Her full name was Abigail Marie Maccello. Her family were rich from her mother’s inheritance and her father was a Romanian immigrant.

As she spoke each word entranced and hypnotized me, I swam in her blue eyes as her words me. I reciprocated by giving her my story, form my childhood in France, to boarding school, to here.

After lunch she told me she had the afternoon off, as I did to, so we made plans to meet up an hour later and go in to town. As we walked back to the dorms she told me where she was staying. Much to my elated shock, it was my room.

“I haven’t met my room mate, she was in a class this morning” she said in that wonderful voice.

“You’re never gonna guess what, Abby”


“It’s me” I tried to sound sultry, but probably failed.

“No way! That’s fantastic” She was happy, that had to be a good sign at least.

After we enter she began unpacking, I left her to it and went to the communal bathroom just down the hall. Whilst there I had the chance to think. I knew I wanted her. I was in love with her, but where were these feelings right? Was it OK for me to long for her in this way? Having never really felt this way about anyone before, let alone another woman, I was beyond confused. And I had only started feeling like this last night.

Last night. OH SHIT. I had been SO wet last night and those knickers I came in probably still smelt of me. And I had left them in the middle of the floor. She’d see them. She’d smell them. Damn it, I’d only known her I day and I’d already fucked it up.

I finished in the bathroom and headed back to our room, fortunately my panties were still on the floor where I left them and she was on her bed reading. She greeted me as I returned, and I could have sworn she looked ardahan escort bayan me up and down, checking me out. I stood by my bed with my back to her, but I could see her in the mirror on the other side, glancing at my ass, then going back to reading, this brought a smile to my face.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head in as sexy a manner as possible and let it drop to the floor. I saw her looking at me in the mirror, staring at my bare back looking me up and down. Next I slowly undid my jeans and pulled them down, bending at the hip to give her a better view. I pulled off the thong and dropped it on to my bed. I was completely naked in front of her when I caught her eye in the mirror. We both turned bright red and she looked away.

“Abby, don’t be afraid to look, it’s completely normal.” I reassured her.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… You’re very good looking”


“Oh yeah, I’d… sorry”

“Abby, are you a… Lesbian?”

“Yes, but if you’re offend I’ll never say anything again”

“Offended? I’m flattered.”

I slipped on a rather fetching black with pink ribbons Bra and panty set. On top of this I put on some low riding jeans that revealed the top of my panties and a burgundy silk blouse, which I left open a few buttons, to reveal my cleavage. The event had turned me on quite a lot, so as I turned to face her my cheeks were flushed, nipples were hard and I was a little wet downstairs.

“Lets go, babe” I said, again trying to sound sexy, knowing she was a lesbian and she found me attractive had been a real boost to my confidence. She raised an eyebrow and smiled, she like my new look.

After she had come out to me she really loosened up, as we walked around various shops we got to know each other a lot better and as we sat down in a burger joint for a nice healthy dinner I felt I had know her a life time despite having only been thrown together by fate, or her language difficulties, only this morning.

I finished my meal quickly, having had little to eat all day, so between snippets of conversation I’d watch her eat, a pleasure no one should ever be denied.

She wrapped her lips around the straw of her drink, gently sucking it in. It was probably my imagination but she was practically phallating it, the way her soft, full lips were wrapped around it. From this alone I was once again turned on. I felt that wetness creeping back.

Then there was a pivotal moment in my life. I felt her foot rubbing against my leg. I caught her eye and looked deep in to them.

“I love you, Clea” She whispered in her wonderful, sexy voice. I reached across the table and took her hand in mine. This was it.

We left quickly and practically ran hand in hand back to our room. On the way I whispered in her ear.

“I’ve never done anything like this, in fact I’ve never even kissed anyone, have you?”

“Yes, I did it with my boyfriend when I was 15, but I didn’t like it and my first time with another girl was a year later, the girl he did after dumping me.”

“Oh, OK, be gentle with me” I smiled.

“How could I be anything else with an adorable creature like you?”

Once inside the room she pushed me back against the door and kissed me. It was the single greatest experience of my life, that first kiss. Our lips met and parted. Her tongue slid in to my mouth and I gently massaged it with my own. Our bodies were one. Our breasts crushed together by our lovers embrace, her rock hard nipples digging in to me, mine in to her. God, I was so wet it was practically running down the inside of my legs.

She broke or embrace, then our kiss, leaving a line escort ardahan our mixed saliva which broke and trailed down my chin.

“I want to do you first” She was smiling from cheek to cheek as she said it, I was all to happy to let her.

“Only if you let me return the favor next time.”

She undid my blouse, holding my eyes with hers the whole time. She brushed it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then she pushed off my bra straps and reached around me to undo the clasp. It fell to the floor as well. She took my hand and pulled me over to her bed, with its silk sheets it looked a lot better than mine. She pulled down my trousers and sat me on the bed before removing them completely. Next she pulled sown my soaking panties. The air on my pussy felt amazing and the scent of my sex filled the air.

She kissed me again and stood back to remove her own clothes down to her lingerie. She looked even better.

She told me to lay on the bed and climbed on top of me, straddling my waist. She bent down and we kissed again. She ran her hand up the side of my body to my hairy armpit.

“Ummm… I love hairy girls…” she sounded REALLY sexy. I felt her own wetness on my waist, through her panties.

Now she was gently caressing one of my breasts, turning me on even more, teasing me, driving me crazy with desire She kissed my neck. The gap between my breasts. One of my nipples. Again I nearly came from the thrill that sent through my body. Next kissed down my stomach. On my bushy pubes.

She was inches from my vagina. My breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I was almost in tears from anticipation. Then, she took the dive, my breathing sped up even more as I felt the most intense pleasure of my life. I thought nothing could top what I was feeling. Then I came. My back arched and I screamed in pleasure. This did not deter Abby. She wrapped her arms around my legs and licked even faster bringing me to several more orgasms before she stopped.

Panting, I subsided. She crawled up my body and lay next to me. We kissed and I tasted my self all over her, on her lips, her tongue, her saliva was mostly my juices.

Our kiss broke after a couple of minute and I saw just how much I had cum. It was all over her face and neck, there was even a large wet patch on the bed between my legs.

“Abby, you messed up you make up” we both giggled.

“Silly girl, now it’s your turn”

“I don’t know if I can make you cum like that”

” Don’t worry, we’ll start with a basic technique. Kiss me and finger me at the same time, when you feel like it suck on my tits, I love that, if you want to flick my clit with you tounge.”

I was all too happy to comply, I began by undressing her all the way. Her panties were soaked, they stuck to her pussy as I pulled them down.

Next I kissed her as instructed and caressed a breast with one hand. I was now on top so maneuvering was easier. I ran my other hand down her body and through her pubes before reaching my prize. I inserted a single finger, then two, then when I reached three I broke our kiss and stared nursing on a nipple. She groaned with pleasure. Next I Kissed my way down her stomach, still fingering her like mad, and came to rest just inches from her dripping wet pussy. Her body was writhing with pleasure. I began Flicking her clit with my tongue, like she told me, and soon she was screaming.

“Oh yeah Clea, just like that, just there, oh yeah! I’m cumming, god, I’m cumming!”

As she did her pussy suddenly erupted with juices, it was all over my hand and face. I licked it off and went up to kiss her.

As we kissed and embraced we both drifted off and slept naked in each others arms. Other The following months and years we made passionate love at every opportunity, and became famous in our dorm for our screams of passion. After our first year we moved in together permanently and I soon became adept at more complex techniques. Maybe I’ll tell you some day…

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