College Lesbians Ch. 02

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I woke feeling warm and completely satisfied after having slept so long. I found myself still snuggled up and clinging to Amy’s naked body. I smiled as I remembered last night. I lay still so as not to wake her up and just looked at her peaceful form. During the night we had apparently stayed side by side wrapped in each others arms, with our legs intertwined. I sighed at the feeling of her arms wrapped around my body. She stirred slightly, causing me to gasp and moan softly as her thigh rubbed against my pussy. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile on her face, as she said “Morning, baby.”

I returned her smile, saying “Good morning, sexy.”

I tried my best to ignore her thigh still pressing against my slowly moistening center, as I hugged her closer. I added quickly, “Sorry, I’m usually not this clingy.”

She beamed at me, then turned her face to a smirk as she said, “Mmm…I don’t mind. After last night, I think we were both feeling a little clingy. God, you were great last night. I’m surprised I’m not sore today from how hard you worked my pussy.”

She then moved a bit closer to me, unknowingly causing her thigh to press and rub harder against my pussy. I tried my best to stifle my moan, causing it to come out as a whimper. She tried to pull back, thinking that she had hurt me. I gripped her tighter in my arms and locked my legs around hers, as I breathed out “No, it felt really good.”

She smirked when she finally realized what I was referring to. She then began to rub her thigh along my wet pussy, causing me to gasp and moan louder. She teased me, saying “What’s the matter, baby?”

I mock glared at her, as I breathed out “If you keep doing that, I will pounce you.”

She smiled wider, as she continued to move her thing against my pussy and said “Is that supposed to be a threat or a promise?”

I moaned, and slid my hand down to her clit. I began to rub her gently as I huskily said, “I guess that depends on your point of view. You know how aggressive I can get when you get me worked up.”

She placed her lips to mine, igniting a deep kiss. We both moaned into the kiss, as she replaced her thigh with her own hand and began rubbing my clit as well. Our kiss deepened in passion and intensity, as we stimulated each other’s clit. Our breathing picked up, as we both felt a growing warmth between our legs. We started to move our hips into each other’s fingers, adding more strength to our mutual masturbation. Our moans became more desperate and our kissing grew more intense, as we worked each other’s clits to perfection. God, the things this girl did to me.

We continued kissing deeply, rubbing each other’s clits, and grinding our hips into each other’s fingers until we were working ourselves up to a very intense simultaneous orgasm. I felt my pussy practically dripping wet and begin to quiver, as her talented fingers continued to rub my clit. Her moans grew in volume along with mine and I felt her thighs pressing together tighter, so I guessed that I was having the same effect on her as she was having on me. I separated my fingers a bit, so I could slide them on either side of her clit. I felt her clit between my fingers and added a little more pressure, so that my fingers were gently pinching her little nub. She moaned louder and repeated my actions to my clit, causing my moans to grow louder.

Our kissing was deep and needy, as we pressed our lips together and battled each other’s tongue for domination. Neither of us seemed to be winning, as our tongues moved back and forth from my mouth to hers and back again. Our hips were moving forward and back into each others fingers with a growing intensity, that was causing the bed to start shaking back and forth. I gasped as I felt my orgasm building faster, as I felt her pull me tighter into her body. Our eyes were closed, as we enjoyed our morning sexual activities. I felt her lips tremble against mine, and realized that she was close to cumming. I wanted us to cum together again. Last night it had been so hot when we reached our orgasm at the same time.

Both of our chests were heaving and our moans turned to whimpers of need, as we both felt ourselves approaching ecstasy. With a cry into each other’s mouths, we both went rigid and shuddered violently in each other’s arms. I felt my pussy explode as a torrent of pleasure flowed outward from my core and engulfed my whole body. The shaking of Amy’s body signaled to me that she was enjoying the same pleasure as I was. We continued to kiss deeply, but it grew softer as our orgasms subsided. We finally broke the kiss with both of us clinging tightly to each other, as we labored to catch our breath. We both stopped rubbing each other’s clits and began to slowly stroke each other’s bodies.

She was the first to speak, mumbling a quiet “Wow!”

I giggled as I answered, “Wow, indeed.”

We smiled at each other, as we continued to breathe deeply and run our hands over each other’s bodies. We continued to lay wrapped artvin escort in each others arms, just enjoying the warmth of our bodies comfortably resting against each other. Unfortunately my body betrayed me by emitting a deep and loud growl from my stomach. I blushed and dropped my head as Amy giggled. She added to my embarrassment by saying, “Baby, if you were so hungry all you had to do was say so. My pussy is always available for you.”

I smiled as I mock glared at her, but was rewarded by hearing her stomach growl as well. I pointed a finger to her face and burst out with a forceful, “Ha!”

We both giggled and decided that it was indeed time to make our way to the cafeteria for breakfast. We got out of bed and made our way into my small bathroom. I brushed my teeth quickly then handed my toothbrush off to her. I wondered if I should have her bring another toothbrush over, hopefully for future all nighters. I started the small walk-in shower to get the water warmed up, as she was finishing brushing her teeth. We then both stepped into the shower together. The shower was not meant to hold two people, but we made it work. We kept our heads focused on cleaning up before breakfast and our classes, so there really wasn’t very much teasing our sexual touching going on.

Finished with our shower, we dried ourselves off and set about getting dressed. I then grabbed my backpack and we left my room hand in hand and made our way to the cafeteria. We were in our own little world as we silently walked across campus and into the cafeteria. We grabbed our chosen food and selected an empty table. Throughout breakfast we kept the conversation light, but we couldn’t keep from smiling like idiots every time we looked at each other. I had asked if her roommate had informed her of any sexual conquests during the party when we met. Amy had laughed as she said, “That slut apparently stayed there the whole night. I didn’t see her until after noon on Saturday. She couldn’t wait to tell me about everything she did. I won’t inflict the details on you during breakfast, but let’s just say she was a hit with the frat boys.”

We both laughed and continued to eat. Finished eating, we again walked hand in hand out of the cafeteria. We came to a stop, as we had to part because our first classes were on opposite ends of the campus. We drew in for a passionate kiss, as we enjoyed the feel our bodies pressed against each other. Breaking the kiss, we exchanged cell numbers and agreed to meet up for lunch later. We parted with a quick but tender kiss, and then walked to our classes. The whole time until lunch, I could barely concentrate on my class. I kept glancing at the clock wanting to literally run back to her. I made myself relax and listen. I tried to tell myself not to over do this or get too clingy, lest I drive her away.

Class ending, I had to make myself walk at a normal pace and not take off at a sprint across the quad. Finally seeing the cafeteria about at hundred yards away, I began to scan the crowd of people trying to locate Amy. I finally noticed her, as she stood by the front doors and appeared to be looking for me. I smiled as I walked towards her, as she continued to turn her head this way and that searching for me. I felt my heart swoon when her face lit up as she caught sight of me. We embraced quickly and placed a tender kiss to each other’s lips, as we came together. We then pulled back and entered the cafeteria hand in hand.

We stayed quiet and leaned against each other, as we waited in line to get our food. I rubbed my thumb affectionately over her hand still clutched in mine, as I enjoyed the contact of our bodies.

Feeling a bit adventurous and a little frisky, I leaned into her ear and huskily whispered “Baby, I want to put you up against the wall right here and now and suck and lick your pussy until you scream in orgasm. Do you think we would get in trouble for that?”

She gripped my hand tightly in hers, as her breath caught in her throat. I saw a trace of a blush to her cheeks, as she whispered back “We might get kicked out of here, but we also might get a standing ovation. All in all though, I would probably throw you over my shoulder and carry you back to your dorm so I could have a go at you too.”

We giggled, as we enjoyed our back and forth. I couldn’t help but add, “Mmm…I think I would like to have you throw me over your shoulder like a cave woman. Of course, that position would put me in the perfect place to admire your sexy ass as you walked.”

She poked me in the ribs playfully, as her blush brightened. I added honestly, “Sorry, babe. But you have a great ass. And I am not ashamed to admit it. But the rest of you is very mouthwatering too.”

She joined in on my teasing as she countered, “Mmm…I seem to remember that you have a very tasty body yourself, babe. I also remember making you cum so hard that you couldn’t speak for several minutes.”

I smiled, as I felt my face blush remembering escort artvin all of our amazing orgasms. We went through the line silently, as we collected our food and drinks. We then settled on a table in the corner, next to a floor to ceiling window showing the campus. The table had a few other girls already eating there silently, so we joined them. We sat side by side, as we ate quietly. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching us, then dropped my hand under the table and began to snake my finger between her legs.

Amy had on a pair of blue jeans that were just tight enough to show off her magnificent ass and grip snugly between her legs. I began to trail my finger over her denim covered pussy, just light enough so she could feel it. I pretended not to notice Amy stiffen suddenly, suck in a breath, and then glare in my direction. I kept my head down innocently, as I continued to eat. I left my hand between her legs, as my fingers continued to rub up and down over her pussy and clit. It really wasn’t my fault that I was molesting her in public like this. She was unbelievably sexy and her jeans gripped her body in amazing ways. Honestly, if I could have gotten away with it and if her zipper on her jeans went down far enough, I would have dropped to my knees under the table, unzipped her jeans, and buried my face in her pussy until she screamed in orgasm. So considering what I wanted to do to her, I was actually behaving myself.

I felt her hand grip my hand between her legs in an attempt to get me to stop, but I was more determined to keep going than she was to make me stop. Unable to force my hand from between her legs without alerting everyone else at the table as to what I was doing, she attempted to continue to eat. I smirked as I saw her hands shaking as she tried to lift up some food with her fork. She would cast a glare at me from time to time, which only resulted in a sweet smile from me. Amy let out a quiet moan as my fingers pressed down harder and found her clit, but she was able to disguise it as she took another bite of her food. I noticed that her breathing was picking up and smiled as I realized that I was making an orgasm build up inside her.

I watched out of the corner of my eye, as she gripped hard onto the table with one hand, as she attempted to continue to eat with her other hand. I continued to slowly eat with one hand and slowly stroke Amy through her jeans with my other hand. I was so turned on by the idea of making her cum in public with no one else the wiser, that I felt my pussy quivering too. I leaned close to Amy’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to make you cum, baby. I can’t help myself, you look so fucking sexy in those tight jeans. I wish I could be under the table, on my knees, and licking your sweet pussy until you orgasmed. But I’ll have to accept rubbing your pussy and clit with my fingers. Just relax and go with it, baby. I am so wet right now and I can feel my pussy tingling just from sitting here and fingering you. God, you make me so fucking hot!”

Amy whimpered softly as she listened to me and continued to feel my fingers working her clit towards orgasm. She let out a deep breath and tried to continue to eat, but her hand shook so much that she had to lay down her fork. She slid her hand to my forearms and held onto me for stability, as her orgasm quickly grew. She was past the point of being able to stop me now. She would be in worse shape if I stopped rubbing her clit. She began to gently press her clit forward into my fingers, as her breath quickened even more. I continued to eat and watched her out of the corner of my eye, as she tried to look normal and not appear to be on the verge of an orgasm. Her cheeks were flushed and she still held onto the table edge and my forearm, trying to keep herself steady. Her eyes were half lidded as she stared unseeingly down at her food. Her mouth was open as she released a quiet sigh and willed herself not to moan in pleasure.

I felt her thighs pressing together and holding my hand between them, as her body gave a quick jerk. Her grip on my arm strengthened, as I watched her eyes slowly shut. Her body was now quite still, as I firmly pressed down and continued to rub her clit. She exhibited an amazing amount of self control, as she released a very quite gasp and seemed to suffer a cold chill. Her eyes shot open as wide as they could, as her orgasm finally hit her. She let out a deep breath and looked like she wanted to collapse into my side, as I watched her ride out her orgasm without anyone else knowing what had happened. I felt her body relax and her thighs release my hand from between her legs. I brought my hand up to clasp in hers, as she looked at me through still lidded eyes and a look of wonder on her face.

I smiled at her and leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the lips, before placing my mouth next to her ear and whispering “Baby, I love watching you cum. I bet your panties are soaking wet. No need to thank me, at least right now. artvin escort bayan Although I do hope to see you tonight, if you aren’t too busy. I have track practice until about 5pm, then how about we get some dinner and then come back to my room?”

She could only nod her head as she had yet to compose herself after her orgasm. I longed to take her in my arms and stroke her head and back, as she came down from her post orgasm high. Amy was finally able to come down from her high and resumed her eating. I smiled as she acted like nothing had happened. As I was finishing my food, she leaned over and whispered into my ear “Tonight when I come over, I am going to fuck you until neither of us can move. If it’s ok with you, I’ll bring over some clothes to change into tomorrow morning. So I suggest you be prepared for a lot of sex, baby.”

I moaned and nodded my head, as I listened to her. Finishing eating, we both threw away our trash and then exited the cafeteria hand in hand. We had to part now, so after a brief but intense kiss we said our goodbyes until tonight. I smiled as I watched her walk away, admiring the way her cute ass swayed as she walked. Classes and track practice seemed to drag on and on, but finally ended with me showering in the locker room then practically running back to my dorm. I knew she would be very horny when she got here, just like I was now, so I wanted to do something special for her. I stripped down naked and put on a white silk slip, as I waited for her arrival. I loved the feeling of the silk sliding over my naked body, and hoped that Amy would like it. I giggled to myself as I realized that I had fallen so hard for her so fast. I just hoped it was mutual. I decided to keep any feelings to myself for the time being, considering we had never actually gone out on a date and I didn’t want to scare her off.

I jumped when I heard a knock at the door. I asked who was there and received a muffled answer from Amy saying, “A stunning Kansas girl.”

I laid down and posed sexily on my bed, as I said she could come in. She opened the door and spotted me on the bed, causing her to freeze in her tracks. I was propped up with my head and upper body on my pillows, and my legs laying on the bed. I was trailing my fingers over the silk slip, as I smiled at her. She got herself together and entered my room and closed the door. I spoke up saying, “Hey, baby. How was your day?”

She looked at me like I was crazy for asking a question like that. I giggled and continued, “Do you like this? I’ve had it for about six months, but this is the first time I’ve worn it for someone else. Are you going to stand over there fully clothed? Or are you going to join me on the bed so you can fuck me like you promised, baby?”

She smirked at me, as she began stalking towards me like a predator. I bit my lower lip, as I felt my pussy tingle and get wetter. She crawled up onto the bed fully clothed and gripped my thighs. I gasped as she spread my legs and flipped my slip up to reveal my pussy. She continued to smirk at me, as she lowered her face to my wet and needy pussy. I moaned out loudly as I felt her lips latch onto my clit and begin to suck greedily. I moved my hand to the back of her head to hold her in place, as I felt her hands begin to slide under my slip and stroke my body. She moaned deeply as she enjoyed sucking and licking my clit. I moaned back, as her fingers began to tweak my nipples.

She moaned out between sucking and licking my clit, “God, baby. You have no idea what you did to me all day. I almost cut classes just to track you down and fuck you senseless. Mmm…I want to hear you scream in pleasure as I make you cum. When I finally let you rest, you will be completely exhausted. This is how hot and horny you make me. I want everyone in this dorm to hear you cum and know who you belong to.”

I moaned loudly, at her words and felt a heat blossom in my pussy knowing that she was telling me the truth. I loved it when she got this intense and made it a point to get her worked up more often, if this was my punishment. I was so turned on her descriptions and her aggressive behavior, that I knew that I wasn’t going to last long. I decided to be a bit more vocal as she continued to lick and suck my pussy. I moaned out, “Oh, baby. No one can lick my pussy like you can. You’re so fucking sexy when you get all aggressive with me.”

“I loved rubbing your clit during lunch. No one else knew what I was doing to you and no one else knew that you orgasmed in front of everyone. I bet your panties were soaking wet from your juices. Did you like it when I masturbated you in public, baby? Did it make you feel all hot and dirty to take to much pleasure from it? I wished I could have gone down on you at lunch. I wanted to taste your sweet pussy on my lips and tongue. I had to stop myself from running from my class to the cafeteria just to see you again. Oh! God, that’s good. Right there you horny girl. Suck my clit! I want your face covered in my juices when I orgasm. Mmm…I bet you love having my juices all over your face, don’t you baby. I bet you like my juices on your face as much as I love your juices on my face. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and makes me feel like you are marking your territory, when my face is soaked by your pussy juices.”

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