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There is a very good reason why I am staying overnight at your house, in your bed with you, both of us wearing just our knickers and t-shirt: I had another glass of wine and can’t drive home; my car has broken down; you invited me over for dinner and we chatted until late…

It is dark outside and – snuggled under your duvet, so close in the half-light – we talk and laugh until somehow our conversation turns (as it has before) to masturbation: what we think about, how we do it, what feels good. Our words tempt each other… Show me. I’ll show you. Initially, we’re passing it off as a joke but it’s not long before we are touching ourselves, slowly and shyly at first, but our bodies are responding to the excitement of what we are about to do. We both know we shouldn’t be doing this, but my attraction to you has always been too strong to ignore.

I watch as you stroke your fingers over the top of your knickers and then underneath the fabric; I imagine the heat you are feeling. I wonder how wet you are. Looking up at your face, I see your expression change to one I have only imagined before: desire. I feel a rush of wetness between my legs and, with you watching, I move my knickers to one side and slide my finger down over my clit, to my wet cunt and up again, circling my fingers and slowly increasing the pressure. It feels so good to touch myself like this as I watch you doing the same; your soft moans are getting louder and it’s driving me wild.

I have to see you naked.

I’m afraid of breaking this spell, but somehow I ask you to take your t-shirt off; I can’t believe it when you do but, with a smile, I remember the adventurous and sometimes unpredictable side of your personality which I’ve always been so attracted to.

It’s not long before we’re both completely undressed, our upper bodies turned towards each other. The fall of your breasts towards mine, the soft curve and the darker pink of your nipples is almost too much to resist. And as your eyes meet mine and then travel down the length of my body, I know that you’re thinking the same. God I want to reach out and touch you – but I can’t, I shouldn’t.

I want you so much.

So for what feels like an eternity, I look into your enticing brown eyes, flecked with streaks of lighter brown – almost yellow – and, as always, you are magnetic, charged. It would be so easy, feel so natural, to lean towards you and touch my lips to yours.

I force myself to look away and, as I move my fingers a little faster and harder over my clit, I watch you touching yourself, sliding your fingers into yourself and back up, arching your back in pleasure. What a feeling to see you like this, naked in every way – I could watch you like this forever.

We keep playing without ourselves until I’m consumed by the rising crescendo between my legs. My body feels beyond my control now as I instinctively push forward slightly into you and our nipples touch. The feeling of your skin against mine, so warm and alluring, is electric and suddenly I’m coming, shaking against you and crying out in pleasure. Your eyes on me as I come is like sharing a secret and I can’t stop touching myself as the quivers in my body subside.

For a second, I take my fingers away from myself and you see how wet I am for you. Impulsively, (I’ve always loved this about you: the sudden energy of your body in contrast to your stillness and calm) you reach down with your other hand and pull my fingers to your lips. I’ve just come but the touch of our palms, our fingers together, is the most intimate feeling and new tingles run down the length of my body. I watch in ecstasy as you lick my fingers, tasting my come as you touch yourself harder and faster. You’re right, you do look hot when you’re flushed!

I watch with awe as you lace your fingers into mine, holding my hand tightly as you come. Can this really be happening? Did I seriously think I could watch you orgasm and resist touching you?

I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.

As your cries turn back into soft moans, I watch your touches slow and my desire takes over. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m powerless to stop myself as I take your hand and bring it to my mouth.

I have to taste you.

Our sticky fingers push and intertwine as we lie on on sides now, facing each other and I lick the salty sweet come from your hands.

Now, there is the inevitable touch of our tongues between fingers and that is all it takes…

Our tongues find each other – as they always would – slowly at first, just the tips, licking and circling. The moment our lips meet tilts the world on its axis; I think of how many times I’ve come imagining how it would feel to kiss you and the anticipation of kissing you properly sends dizzy waves of desire through my body.

We wriggle towards each other, kocaeli escort bayan the length of our naked bodies pushing together, fitting perfectly, as I knew they would.

We kiss tentatively at first, but as we become aware of our wetness against each other’s thighs, the push of our breasts together, our kisses become deeper and even more passionate. I marvel as the sparks which have flown between us turn to fire and I let my whole body melt into yours. You feel so warm and I am lost in the seductive feeling of you, quickening against your body as we start to explore each other with our hands.

I brush your dark hair across your forehead and trace the contours of your face, your neck. Running the tips of my fingers from the palm of your hand up your arm, I can see where your beautiful freckled skin, darker in summer, turns pale as I reach your shoulders and caress down… Whenever I touch a sensitive or ticklish part of you, you smile and squirm closer into me. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this happy.

We lie like this for long time, working each other up into a frenzy of desire. As our kisses become more intense, I can’t help gripping you a little harder: your waist, the curve of your buttocks, the soft skin on the back of your thighs which I pull towards me. Could I ever be close enough to you?

Rubbing myself against the softness of your thighs, I’m so incredibly turned on and, as always, so wet for you; it is so tempting to stay like this in your arms and come again against you.

But what I want more is to touch you, to really touch you and taste you: this has always been my greatest fantasy. I haven’t done this with another woman before and, all of a sudden, I’m self-conscious. But, in the same moment, I realise that I’ve always felt so comfortable with you – being with you feels so natural and easy – and this overrides my hesitation.

Rolling you into your back, I kiss your face, down your neck, the dips and curves of your body – breathing in the intoxicating scent of your hair, your skin – until my tongue finds your nipple. I circle my tongue and can’t believe the sensation of your pink skin stiffening just slightly as I lick you here. Braver now, I touch your other breast, rubbing my palm over your nipple and feeling the weight of your breasts in my hands as I stroke and massage you.

The noises you’re making are such a turn on and you rise up towards my body; I can feel you aching for my fingers between your legs and I think suddenly that I know exactly how this feels. For the first time, I’m having sex with someone whose body is like mine, the same familiar pleasure points and urges, but different and unique – exciting and mysterious – like re-discovering lost treasure.

So I resist the urge to place my fingers between your legs just yet and I kiss and lick down your tummy, your belly button, until I’m tracing a line through the wet tangle of your pubic hair to the sensitive skin running down to your clit.

You are moaning more than ever now and thrusting up towards my mouth – but I look up into your eyes and smile as I pull away and spread your legs open with the palms of my hands.

Kneeling between your legs now, I stroke my fingers from your feet up the length of your leg and passionately kiss the soft white skin of your inner thigh; I move closer and closer to the enticing warmth and wetness between your legs and I’m so excited at what I’m about to do that I can feel myself throbbing in anticipation. But first, I want to see you, to really look at you and this amazing part of your body which I’ve imagined for so long.

Slowly, I stroke just one finger from your clit to your vagina, gently touching the folds of your lips, either side, the wetness in between…

You’re beautiful.

Now I do the same with my tongue before sliding it inside you, pushing into you. You feel so hot, so wet, and the sharp taste of you overwhelms me with desire. I slide both my hands under your buttocks and pull you hard towards my mouth, sinking my face in your wetness, and letting my tongue explore every inch of you. I don’t mean to be this rough – you make me lose all control – and I force myself to slow down, remembering how and where I watched you touch yourself. I copy this, listening to the incredible sounds you make as I find just the right points, create just the right sensations. At times, you tell me exactly how you want me. Just there. Softer. A little faster. To know how you like this makes me feel giddy with elation.

I get lost between your legs; time stands still as I explore every little bit of you with my tongue until I’m licking just your clit, sometimes sucking gently, and matching my rhythm to the grind of your hips beneath me.

For the first time, I slide my fingers inside you and fuck you slowly as I lick you. Discovering izmit escort bayan this other world, the warm wet pink of you, is irresistible – I could never have imagined how phenomenal this part of you would feel.

We’re at sea now, the two of us rocked by the waves, the taste of salt on our tongues. We’re miles from shore and there is nothing but the steady motion of our bodies. Nothing but the wetness of our desire for one another.

With my other hand, I push up gently on the skin above your clitoris, fully exposing the most sensitive part of your body and, as I lick you with the length of my tongue, you are almost screaming with pleasure, pushing up against me as I anchor you down. My fingers are deeper inside you now and I hold them here, beckoning you towards me, occasionally vibrating them, and I can imagine the absolute intensity of feeling I’m creating between your legs.

I can feel you’re so close now and I’m overwhelmed with the wonder of this new feeling: the walls of your cunt – dark, fleshy, exquisite – contracting around me as you grip your fingers in my hair and pull me into you.

For a short while, you’re quieter than before: the calm before the storm. Then you’re crying out, bucking and writhing up into me as I ride the waves of your orgasm with my fingers and tongue.

I look up for a moment and drink in the image of your breasts, your closed eyes, your face taken over with pleasure. I’m amazed by you.

As you come down, I slide my wet fingers from you and your hand reaches to meet mine, our fingers entwining again at top of your thigh. With your other hand, you’re stroking my hair as I move my tongue on your clit, kissing you passionately – I could spend forever here between your legs.

For a time, I’ve forgotten about my own desire but now, as you pull me back up to you, I become aware of my overwhelming urge to come again. My clit is so sensitive that it feels as if one touch would make me orgasm, but still I wrap my legs around you and push myself against the flesh of your tummy. I’m so wet from going down on you that I can feel it dripping between my thighs – but I don’t feel at all self-conscious as I make your stomach slick with my juices. I couldn’t stop now if I tried.

Wiping your come from around my mouth, our lips meet again and immediately we’re kissing deeply, our tongues dancing together as you taste yourself. I’m moaning and grinding against you as you pull away and smile at me; I love how your smile lights up your eyes and I feel my chest swell with a feeling I’m scared to admit. You whisper in my ear. You tell me you love how I make you feel. You tell me you have to make me come.

On top of me now, I’m in ecstasy with the wonderful pressure of your breasts, your stomach, your cunt against mine. Your lips and tongue explore my body as I explored yours and I rise up desperately as you kiss and lick my nipples and your hair tickles my skin. The anticipation is delicious.

You know exactly how and where to touch me and, for the first time, I feel your fingers slide between my legs. Hungry for your touch, I thrust my hips up to meet you. You moan as you feel how wet I am. At this moment, I’d give anything to feel you inside me, to be filled with your fingers, but you slide them back up to my clit, taking my breath away. I’m so wet that your fingers slip away and you bring your hand back up to my breasts, making them moist and sticky. Heaven is here with you.

I stroke my fingers through your hair and try to push you down on me but, as usual, you won’t be rushed – another thing I love about you: your stubborn insistence with things on your own terms. Your mouth on my stomach, my thighs, and finally – finally – between my legs is so hot and wet. The flickers of your tongue, first on my clit and then inside me, are fire and the heat consumes me.

I know I will come in seconds if you carry on but I want the intimacy of your kisses. I want to look into you eyes as you bring me to orgasm. I pull you back up to me and this time you don’t resist – you know what I want as our tongues collide again and your fingers touch every bit of my clit, my lips, until you slide them deep inside me for the first time. The way you touch me is intuitive and I think: no one has ever fucked me like this before. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this turned on as eventually you just concentrate the movement of your fingers on my clit.

I find it harder to come like this but we can both feel that you’ve nearly taken me there. I cry out in disbelief as your fingers find the most sensitive part of my me, that white hot sting of absolute intensity which I only feel when I’m the most aroused. My words are breathless in between our kisses. Oh yes. Yes. There. Just there. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop…

You gebze escort push a little harder, the steady rhythm of your fingers pulling me out of time and I picture electric, buzzing blackness. How do you know exactly where to touch me? It feels even better than when I touch myself. This inferno you’ve kindled blazes up through my body as I come, incandescent, with your tongue in my mouth. I put my hand around your neck, pulling you into me, crying out and kissing you harder. My thighs clamp around your wrist as I lose all control, my inner thighs shuddering with the intensity of my orgasm. But still you don’t stop. Your fingers slow and stroke me as you kiss me. Trembling, I melt back into you.

We kiss and kiss until our lips feel bee-stung but still your fingers are circling between my legs, moving down between my lips and covering me in come and I wonder if my orgasm ever ended. I can’t let you stop now and, losing all my inhibitions, I put my hand on top of yours, feeling the wetness of your fingers and pushing them back inside me. I touch my own fingers to my clit and immediately the fire you started is reignited as you push your fingers deeper inside me, fucking me, the palm of your hand guiding my fingers as I touch my clit. Within seconds I’m coming again, hard and fast, filling the room with my screams; I don’t know where one orgasm ends and the other begins. I can’t believe what a turn on it is to masturbate with you like this, our sticky fingers touching between my legs, our bodies both hot and slick with sweat, tingling all over in the glowing embers of our orgasms.

You slide your fingers out of me and I turn on my side, wrapping my legs back in between yours and we find the good feeling against each other’s thighs again. In between the meeting of our lips I tell you no one has ever made me come like that before.

I feel sleepy and content now, but you kiss me harder and even more passionately. I can feel the oily wetness between your legs spreading across my thigh as you grind against me. With a new surge of arousal, I realise you’re turned on enough to come against me like this and I kiss you harder and faster. I wonder how we will ever stop wanting each other. You are a craving which, once fulfilled, rises up again with a more urgent intensity and, for a moment, I think I might never sleep again.

My hands are under your buttocks now, feeling the incredible cadence of you moving rhythmically back and forth against me. Still facing each other, I kiss down your neck as you lean your head back, your sexy noises which drive me crazy echoing around us; I never knew sex could sound like this.

You wriggle up further, your leg wrapped around my waist, you clit pushed against the place where my thigh meets my stomach. Instinctively, I suck your nipple into the wetness of my mouth, my hands stroking all over you, an animal passion taking over. I reach around you, gripping you below your buttocks and you moan louder; there is something kinky about touching you like this, from behind, and we both feel it. Greedily, I find the soft flesh of your lips, caress the tight skin just beneath your vagina before pushing the tips of my fingers into you as far as I can reach. We embrace and move like this, our bodies becoming one, all heat and sweat and wetness, until you come again, your orgasm feeling almost infinite as you pulse against me. I hold you in my arms and kiss your chest tenderly as your body slows and you eventually slide back down me until our lips and tongues meet again – more slowly, sleepily now – and we stroke our hands down each other’s backs. Is this how it feels to make love?

We pull the duvet back over us and I cuddle into you. Beyond your bedroom walls all the world is asleep, but you have awakened something inside me and I flow with a new life. To talk, to laugh with you – you always make me smile – keeps the darkness at bay.

Our eyes are open as we kiss softly, just our lips, the tips of the tongues, and for the first time I gaze into your eyes without the need to look away to hide my feelings from you. You’re exhilarating. Our chests pushed together, I can feel that your heart is keeping time with mine.

Between kisses, the words which have stuck in my throat for so long come tumbling out: I tell you that I count the weeks, the days, the hours until I’ll see you again. I invent excuses to message you – and I try not to message you. My body flutters with the anticipation of seeing you – your beautiful smile – hearing the sound of your voice. When I leave you, I feel like I’m walking on static, galvanised by the energy of you. When I’m alone, I imagine my fingers are your fingers and I breathe your name into the early-morning light of my bedroom…

I told myself I would give in to temptation just this once – but lying here with you like this, I know I’ll never be able to resist you, my fantasy woman. Girl of my dreams.

Our foreheads together, our bodies wrapped around each other, I feel myself falling…

And I think about all the different ways I could wake you up in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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