Fiona Betrayed

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Jesse was going on in her usual tedious fashion, “The greatest sex is breeder sex–when you are actually trying to get pregnant. No worries, freedom, no fear of sperm…you want it more than food.

“One thing you want even more than sperm is, cock. You need it several times a day; the sperm delivery TOOL…the orgasm delivery wand.

“The cock fills your inner self like nothing else. Hot throbbing maleness. No sissy oral sex, just straight…serious, because making babies is serious, seriously erotic…the high is beyond orgasm…it goes to the essence of the female.

“Life bearer. Dumb male shoots jizz–we carry new life…a unique being.

“And the bonus is being pregnant. Pregnant Sex is amazing. I was never so horny; my husband, that old horn dog, often looked like he was ready to run from me when I got that look. Heck, one day, I wanted him at least five or was it six times… He ran out of jizz and actually faked his orgasm…who knew men did that.”

Fiona sipped her drink and feigned interest. Jesse was an old friend from university. Back then, they were close friends…very close. But, while Jesse was ‘Lesbian Until Graduation;’ Fiona was truly, irrevocably, a lesbian.

Still, this talk of a woman’s true nature–the carrying of a baby…that pregnant sex was the best? True, even for a lesbian…? Fiona did not buy the bullshit of filling the void in the female with the male appendage–making the woman ‘complete’? But would sex with her partner be that more wonderful, if they both knew that she was a life-giver?

Her daydreaming continued, “If I didn’t have to go through the ickiness of actually having a COCK inside me…ewww.”

Jesse interrupted her daydream, “Fi? Are you even listening?”

“Oh sorry, Jesse. Actually, I was…thinking about what it would be like to be pregnant–and how amazing sex with Angela would be, as we celebrated my coming motherhood.”

“Wow!” Jesse exclaimed. “How is that going to happen? ‘Virgin Mary’ from what I remember…your pussy would reject a baby finger, never mind the smallest cock we could find to impregnate you!”

Fiona blushed deeply. In their university days, she and Jesse and another girl, Agnes (?) had experimented in various ways of stimulating each other sexually.

Both Agnes and Jesse got off on dildos and strap-on penises; while Fiona rejected all attempts at penetration. Indeed, not only her body rejected the physical reality; but her mind was revolted at the thought of the act.

Not that Fiona was not a highly sexualized being…when she was between partners she would have masturbation sessions fueled solely by her imagination; that could give her upwards of ten successive orgasms. All achieved without penetration…her fingers, or if needed, a small vibrator were sufficient.

With a partner, she was very passionate…lots of kissing and hugging…the one thing she ADORED was a beautiful partner going down on her. When she was single, she would haunt the clubs looking for gorgeous young women that she fantasized would be seen later that night between her legs, eating her out. Often enough, the fantasy would come true. Fiona had quite a long list of what in less enlightened times would have been called ‘one night stands’.

But now she had Angela. Beautiful, smart, attentive, and she gave the most mind blowing head Fiona had ever experienced, or ever expected to experience. And could Angela tease. Angela had Fiona on the edge of orgasm for hours…what stamina. Fiona was so aroused…yet always at the edge of orgasm. Fiona had soaked the sheets with her aroused wetness. But after all of that teasing, Angela flipped a switch…her technique changed subtly, and Fiona experienced wave after wave of heart-stopping orgasms…

Through a fog, she heard Jesse, “Yeah, your pussy lips are always swollen, your clit gets bigger, and your tits are phenomenal.” At this, Fiona glared at Jesse. Fiona’s tits were…ahem…modest; her nipples gave her away as a girl, but otherwise, she was pretty flat!

Fiona was not so shallow to place a lot of her value as a woman on the size of her breasts–still, it would be NICE to naturally experience boobs that at least inspired an occasional lustful glance.

Although thoroughly lesbian, Fiona was not above teasing men. She noted when chatting with men in bars, she could steer the conversation in…naughty directions; and she took a certain satisfaction, that even a dyke…could get a man erect.

Jesse was tapping her on the shoulder, “Fi, you are really zoning out on me…where has your mind been?”

“Jesse, you know…I am really considering what you’re saying; but I have to talk to Angela about it. This would mean a BIG change in our relationship.”

“Fi–damn you, girl…you are not kidding! This is the most amazing turnaround since Agnes the super lesbian fucked the minister at university!”


Several weeks later, Jesse came upon Fiona in a coffee shop near her apartment.

“Hey, Fi…what happened?”

Fiona kocaeli escort responded with a glum stare. “I talked to Angela about the ‘getting pregnant idea.’ She would not even discuss it…she thought it was the STUPIDEST thing she had ever heard from ANYONE. This is a woman I LOVED; and she can’t take my wants seriously. Oh, fuck her…”

With that, Fiona put her head on the table and began sobbing; almost spilling her coffee…

“Geez, Fi… can’t you fix things with her? Are things THAT impossible?”

Choking back her sobs, Fiona blubbered, “Angela moved OUT!”

“Holy shit, Fi….”

“Oh no, Jesse. I am in the shit. It was Angela’s turn to pay the rent last week; and she did not give Mr. Conrad the check…so I have to cover that and next month. After that, there is NO way I can afford an apartment in this town…”

Jesse held out her hand to Fiona; but Fiona did not stir. It was like Jesse was not there. Jesse had the good sense to stay quiet until Fiona spoke.

“Jesse, what am I going to do?” I love my job; but, it is not enough to cover rent and expenses in this area.”

“Fi don’t fret…I’ll see if I can find someone to move in with you.”

“Jesse, it’s only one bedroom…who is going to pay half the rent to sleep on the couch?”

“Fi…look if nothing else pans out you can stay with John and me. I already talked to him and he says it is okay. You will have the couch in the basement, and there is a small bathroom there with a shower. John uses the basement as a makeshift gym and showers there; but, you are welcome to it. And there will be no rent, just get your own food.”

“Oh, Jesse…I don’t think it will come to that; but thanks for the offer…I REALLY appreciate it.”


A month later, Fiona was in Jesse’s basement. All her stuff was in storage and she was saving up for the down payment on a condo. Jesse was pregnant and had gone to be with her mother who was taking care of her first daughter, Ethel.

That left Fiona and John alone in the house. At first, that made Fiona nervous…then she realized that what she took for a superior and disdainful manner in John, was actual shyness.

John was in town rather than going with Jesse because his work needed him to stay nearby. Although he did not need to go to work every day, he had a lot of trouble shooting on systems and sometimes the only way to fix a problem was to be on-site.

Over the weeks, they grew close. John was only a couple of years older than Fiona. Fiona found out that Jesse was the only woman he had ever been with, and deduced from what wasn’t said, that he had remained faithful to her through the marriage.

Jesse apparently shared everything with John, so Fiona was somewhat taken aback when he inquired about her having a baby.

“Well you know John, it was really Jesse telling me how great it was to be pregnant, and all the wonderful things one could look forward to.”

“Oh yeah…what did Jesse tell you, Fi?”

“Well, John, she mentioned how much better sex is when you’re pregnant, and how insatiable she was.”

John nearly choked, “Well, Jesse is certainly a sharing woman; but you have to remember that all pregnancies are different. Besides, you don’t see Jesse here now jumping on my dick, do you?”

Fiona blushed, “Errr, no…”

“Jesse does exaggerate some, but what she told you was essentially true of the first pregnancy. It is certainly not the case this time…”

Fiona stared at John, and then responded sarcastically, “Oh, you mean she hasn’t fled to her mom because she wore you out sexually?”

“Fi, I am a walking hard-on. Jesse and I have not had sex in months, and I am going to explode…not that you need to worry.”

“What do you mean, John…not into fucking lesbians?”

“No…I mean, I haven’t fucked anyone except Jesse since our marriage. Oh Fi…”

“Yes, John.”

“Fair warning–no locks on the bathrooms, so don’t walk in on me…”

“John, I have brothers, and I have guys visiting my roommates. I have seen guys piss and shit and bathe…”

“Well good for you, Fi; but it would not be right for you to stumble on me jacking off–just saying.”

Fiona was in shocked silence. He was right; she had NOT stumbled into that kind of private intimacy before.


The next few weeks passed in an amiable way. Fiona took most of her meals out with friends. Often, John and her would share the kitchen table and breakfast; small talk flowed easily, there was no tension; neither had designs on the other, or had reason to distrust, or fear the other.

Soon, however, John would leave to be with Jesse and their child. His work had decided that all of his labors could be done remotely to accommodate his family situation.

Fiona had the entire house to herself! Which was great; but, it turned out she missed John’s genial companionship.

As a substitute, she tried finding friends at the local bar–just a few minutes walk from John kocaeli escort bayan and Jesse’s place. Definitely a traditional local hangout, it did not look too promising at first…at least, not from the standpoint of meeting new people.

The clientele appeared, at first, just to be a group of retired work buddies who still clung to the happy hour, as though they had just finished a hard day’s work. They were pleasant enough, and even made her feel welcome enough that she returned…several times. She would occasionally join in their good natured banter, as she sipped her glass of rose.

Then one day–one evening, Maisey appeared. She actually came up next to Fiona as she was distracted by one of the old gents’ stories. Maisey sat silently next to Fiona until her attention was drawn back to her rose. At a glance, Fiona was enchanted. Maisey was tall, angular–a hint of toughness in her face; softened by a disarming smile–white, almost too perfect teeth. Maisey saw Fiona stare and laughed, “Not mine, man-made replacement courtesy of rugby…”

Maisey was several years older than Fiona she guessed. Maisey did not volunteer a lot of personal details. Five foot eight with a hint of muscularity that showed through her modest shirttail blouse, form-fitting skirt below the knee, heavy walking shoes–a clash of femininity and manliness. Strong hands with short fingers, no nail polish, minimal makeup finished her look.

She seduced Fiona in minutes. Several drinks later, near the end of the evening, they were in the ladies room together…in a passionate embrace. Fiona could feel herself getting wet from Maisey’s embrace and kisses. Maisey was the taller and by far, the one with the most boobs. Fiona buried her head between her generous twin peaks, while Maisey finger banged Fiona’s pussy; but when Maisey sought to insert a finger in Fiona’s vagina…Fiona recoiled, just as Maisey exclaimed, “That is a tight passage! You find insertions uncomfortable, don’t you, Fi?”

Fiona was relieved not to have to explain her detesting of penetrative exercises; and in thanks to Maisey, Fiona went down on her knees, lifted Maisey’s skirt, lowered her panties, and began to suck Maisey’s clit.

Maisey held Fiona’s head against her cunt, and pushed her hips against Fiona’s face. Feeling her orgasm imminent, she told Fiona to wait…

“Get on the sink, Fi…I want to eat your pussy…I want you to cum first!”

Fiona’s head was spinning from wine and lust, but she complied quickly. Her panties were already disposed of because she had been fingering herself while sucking Maisey’s clit.

“I love how wet you are Fi; I am going to tongue fuck you ’til your eyeballs roll back in your skull.” Maisey did all that she said; giving Fiona her orgasm as Maisy pulled on her own clit cumming right after her.

This was just the beginning of a relationship cemented in lust and alcohol. Maisey got Fiona drinking whiskey regularly for the first time in her life, and also some drugs said to enhance her libido. After that first night in the bar, most of the sex and drinking took place at Fiona’s place…now that she had the run of John and Jesse’s place.

Fiona shared all her fantasies, while learning very little about Maisey; but she was so intoxicated by the attention, the friendship, the booze, drugs, and sex; that she did not notice.

One day after a considerable amount of drinking and multiple orgasms, the couple were recovering on Fiona’s bed. She had started using John and Jesse’s bed, the couch being impractical for two; and Fiona told Maisey about what Jesse said about pregnant sex…

Maisey’s immediate response was, “If that is what you want, Fi…we get you pregnant.”

In response to Fiona’s quizzical look, Maisey continued, “Hey, getting sperm is no problem. In fact, I can arrange multiple donors so no one comes to you later claiming paternity so this baby will be YOURS; and I will be there the whole time to make sure no dirtbag hurts you.”

Nothing more was said for several weeks. Maisey’s and Fiona’s drunkenness and sex continued, confined mainly to the weekends because and Fiona wanted to have a clear head for work. Maisey vaguely mentioned projects she was working on. Fiona just assumed she was a gig worker and flitted from job to job.

Late one Friday, after rounds of shots, the naked couple were in the throes of a sloppy round of kissing, cunnilingus, and horseplay.

Chocolate syrup and whipped cream were involved, when Maisey’s chocolate covered lips captured one of Fiona’s long erect nipples. Fiona countered by filling Maisey’s ass crack with whipped cream and licking it clean. They both then dissolved into a communal laughing fit.

Maisey quipped, “Tonight, tonight, tonight, Fi…tonight, I get you pregnant.”

Fiona snorted whipped cream through her nose…the idea was absurd.

Maisey bowed her head in mock solemnity, “No, Fi…I will procure the COCKS that will take your maidenhood and impregnate kocaeli escort you!!”

Fiona took a sip of brandy-reinforced coffee to wash down the cream filling in her mouth. And giggled.

“Lets clean you up, Fi!” With that, Maisey led Fiona to the shower and with a hand held spray, rinsed Fiona off. At least the most obvious bits of sticky sweet; still allowing extra time for the stream of water to play on Fiona’s clit.

High on chocolate, brandy, and god knows what; Fiona was suggestible to any manner of crazy scheme–as long as it involved sex and alcohol.

“Put some clothes on Fi; we are going out.”

“Cool, Maisey…ah, where?”

“Midnight swim. My uncle has a cabin in the woods by a pond–skinny dipping by moonlight…it will be awesome.”

“Okay, but how do we get there? You don’t have a car, and I can’t drive.”

“My uncle’s buddy has a van, and he and a few buddies were going to spend the night there and then go fishing in the morning.”

“Neat. Convenient…even…”

Fiona was slurring her words and having a hard time putting sentences together.

“…buuuurrrrp… oh…what you said?! Earlier, you said…something?”

“What? What are you trying to say, sweet Fi?”

“Maisey, pregnant…you used that word…didn’t you?”

“Fi, I am drunk, you’re drunk. Who the hell knows what I said, or meant?”

“Look Fi, the van is here! Let’s move on.”

Fiona had just thrown a hoodie and some sweatpants over her damp naked body.

… Maisey had struggled into jeans and a thrift shop, oversized men’s shirt. Maisey had put on weight in the last few weeks from all the booze and fat foods.

“Damn, after squeezing into these jeans…now I have to piss.”

“So piss,” laughed Fiona.

And Maisey did. Which both of them thought was the funniest thing in the world as the dark stain soaked the crotch of her jeans.

“Fuck,” cursed Maisey. “I ain’t changing,” as she wrapped a towel around her to hide the wet patch.

Maisey’s ‘uncle’ was driving the van. One of his buddies was next to him in the front seat, a third made room for Fiona and Maisey in the back, and a fourth was asleep on a pile of sleeping bags in the cargo area.

Other than a brusque, “Hi,” none of the men were very talkative.

They were all in their late fifties, maybe early sixties. They had the look of blue collar guys; at least two of them had done manual labor in their day. Big bellies, balding; but still, strong arms and shoulders and thick legs from carrying things.

Neither Masey nor Fiona noted the decided absence of fishing equipment.

Maisey and Fiona kept themselves entertained for the hour-long drive to the cabin. Maisey had brought a bottle of Irish whiskey and some plastic shot glasses. Maisey sat in the middle with Fiona to her left, and one of the buddies who she found out was called Tom, on the right.

Maisey kept up a steady flow of shots; but for every one that Fiona took, Maisey took barely a sip, even sharing some of hers with Tom.

The girls’ conversation was teasing; each other, and Tom. The others listened in what seemed to be stern silence; but Tom was getting in the spirit of Maisey’s and Fiona’s party attitudes.

After a few shots, Fiona got decidedly amorous, kissing Maisey on the lips; and Maisey responded with equal passion. Fiona unbuttoned Maisey’s blouse revealing her pendulous breasts…Tom’s eyes widened. He asked for and got another shot of the whiskey.

As Fiona started sucking on Maisey’s left tit, Maisey offered the right to Tom, who greedily accepted. Fiona stopped sucking for a second, with a quizzical look on her face. Then, something passed; she saw this all as immensely amusing, and resumed suckling Maisey with even more enthusiasm.

By this time, the van had turned off the highway onto a secondary road, not that Maisey, Fiona, or Tom noticed. They did notice when the paved road turned to gravel, and then dirt; with trees closing in on all sides, some even scraping the side of the van.

“Damn this cabin must be remote…great for moonlight skinny dipping,” squeaked Fiona, maybe a little too loudly. The men in the front seat exchanged glances and each suppressed a small grin.

The van rattled to a stop; the cabin visible ahead of them in the headlights–but no pond.

After piling out of the van, Fiona sputtered, “I don’t see no fucking pp…pp…pond!! I came here to go skin dipping…ah…skiii…skinny…skinny dipping!”

The ‘uncle’ calmly explained that the pond was a short hike through the woods, and he would lead Fiona and Maisey there, as soon as they had unloaded the van and settled his buddies in.

“Well…oh…okay. As long as there is a pond…” and looking up at the cloudy sky, “no frig…no friggin’ moon!”

“Hey Fi, lighten up. Have another shot, and one of these…” as Maisey offered Fiona a choice of a handful of pills.

“What is this shit?”

“Just something to help you have fun. To enjoy the night, you have had these before.”

“Ha…hav…have I, MMMMMaisey? Okay, if you say so.”

Fiona stumbled toward the cabin as the guys unloaded the van. She did not see Maisey hanging back with Tom, kissing him and stroking his boob-sucking induced hard-on through his jeans.

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