Getting Rich Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction — it presumes a lack of STD’s, so please don’t try this yourself. Everyone in the story is at least 25 years old, and all actions are voluntary. There is some significant M/M action, so if that is not your cup of tea, please stop reading now.

Getting Rich Ch. 03

It took a while to realize that being very wealthy without effort was not all parties and hobbies and doing whatever you want. Enough people I respect asked what positive changes I was gonna make with my money (after the first batch of donations) that I started thinking about long-term consequences and benefits. So I bought a couple of apartment buildings, hired a management company to run them (which was a whole adventure of its own that was not in any way erotic or fun) and set the rents at 2/3 of the going rate. I mean, any money coming out would go to taxes, insurance, maintenance and management, and what was left over would be pure undeserved profit — unlike the people who had owned the apartment I’d lived in before I won the lotto, I didn’t have to pay off the cost of buying the building, and I wasn’t (as far as I know) a greedy, soul-sucking parasite.

But that was not what I spent all of my time doing. Management companies do monthly reports and financial companies do quarterly audits, and lawyers to annual oversight reports and that’s what they get paid for. So there I was, employing a couple of dozen people and doing the Right Thing all at the same time, and making enough profit from it to pay for taxes and insurance for my house, plus… some extra I didn’t even look at that got deposited every month.

My private life, on the other hand, was also not what I had expected from my first few months with Money. I was still single, of course — the number of people (mostly crackpots) who’d found ways to track me down was frankly daunting, and the ones I’d met since getting the money were nice enough but… I felt uncertain whether they liked me, or liked the money, so I was taking my time.

Yes — I’d hired a personal trainer (Melanie the Amazon) and she came over once a week to help me get back into shape and that was working nicely. Just having a reason to get out of my chair and do things was nice, but… I was also writing and painting and I’d put my band back together (to a limited extent — covid was interfering with anything involving more than a small number of people at a time, which was another thing I hadn’t anticipated), but ll of that required hiring more people. I’d gotten an office temp in to catalog my books and music, and had developed a nice database for those. She’d taken a month to catalog my books, DVD’s, CD’s and sheet music libraries. Now I only had to keep them up to date when I got new stuff… which was pretty often. All of Charlie Parker on CD!

Then I’d hired a college student to put all of my music into my notation program for instant backups, and he came in twice a week for a day, and was almost halfway through the 3,000 pieces I had… which meant he’d be on the payroll for another couple of years.

And another guy to do some 3-D design work for me for a project that had been in the back of my mind for a couple of decades. All of that was done on a computer I put in my office that had no internet connection, just for doing secure work, and he was often grumpy about not having net access while he was working for me (I learned to take his phone while he was in my office after the first week — an NDA only goes so far), but I didn’t want this getting out until I was ready for it.

And the engineer I had on contract to design something I’d wanted for a long time, but that didn’t exist. It has some significant commercial possibilities, it was also under an NDA.

And of course, I had a maid service once a week. I am not a slob, and I put Roombas on both floors, but there are aspects of living, like cleaning tubs and toilets and dusting, that I hired a service.

And a gardener.

And a pool guy.

An attorney on retainer.

So I was making a positive economic contribution to the world! A guy who’d made 40K at most was now paying hundreds of thousands a year in pay and benefits. Unlike too many big corporations I actually was a job creator, and one who paid a decent living wage and benefits.

Sounds nice, yes? But with all of those people in and out all of the time, it kind of limited the times when I could get kinky. I mean, I’m no Hugh Hefner, and even he didn’t do orgies in front of his staff, did he? Not that I am young enough to handle 24/7 kinkiness anyway, but there are times…

Anyway, my 3D guy (Bill) and I were going over some details of the project one day (he’s rendering and detailing some very specific elements of a complex graphic I keep in my head) when Melanie came in for my weekly workout. He almost passed out.

“Wow. I guess there are some significant benefits to being rich!”

“You could say that. She’s a nice person, and she’s really helped me to get back in shape.”

“Does escort bayan she…?”

“Probably. I’ve met her boyfriend, and he’s a male version of her. I would not want to mess with him” I lied. Well, partly lied. Her boyfriend was a male version of her, but she’d told him about the audition/party, and he’d liked the idea. She’d even brought him by a couple of times so the three of us could party together. But the last thing I needed was for Bill to get distracted, so I went over the changes I needed him to do for the rest of the afternoon and then went out to change into my workout gear.

The workout was great, as always, and I could feel how much improvement I’d made over the past six months, but I’d told her that Bill was working in the office, so we just worked out, took a swim, and then she went home. But during the workout I glanced at the house a couple of times and saw him in the window, watching. Well, watching her. I really couldn’t blame him, but I did give him a hard time when I went back into the office.

“So — how much did you get done?” I asked when I went back inside, and he blushed and stammered. “Not as much as I expected to, but I do have an idea about this section here.” That drew us into a technical conversation that lasted until quitting time and the notes he took would definitely advance the project quite a bit if the techniques he mentioned worked as well as he said they would. I’d have to get another 10 Terabyte hard drive to hold the data it would generate, but those were getting increasingly cheap.

But as he was leaving, Bill turned to me. “Boyfriend, eh?” he asked, and I laughed out loud. “Yep. Six foot two, and built of steel and carbon fiber. What’s more, he’s a nice guy, so he has no need to worry about competition.”

“And she comes here when?”

“Don’t worry about it. If it happens, it happens. And it probably won’t happen. Trust me on that.” I was lying, of course, but why give him false hope? The only reason we’d met was my having loads of money, and he probably wouldn’t get that.

The next few weeks he got a lot of work done, but I made sure not to schedule my workout for days he was in the office — it left him too distracted and that wasn’t fair to either of us.

But one week Melanie called and asked if she could come by on a Thursday instead of Friday, as they were going on a trip and wanted to leave Friday. And did I mind if she brought Ben?

I said yes, of course, and didn’t give it much thought until Thursday when Bill and I were going over a tricky section of the design when the doorbell rang and I remembered.

“Oh, crap — that’s my workout. I forgot we had to reschedule. Rough that section out for me and we’ll talk when I’m done, OK?”

He looked like he wanted to say something, but held beck.

“Yeah — I know — you want another look, but she’s bringing her boyfriend along and he can be very protective, and probably wouldn’t appreciate someone ogling, OK? Just get to work.”

He was disappointed, but nodded and went back to his workstation, and it would have been fine, except that Mel and Ben had other plans for the afternoon.

Workouts were a lot harder when they were both there, and they were also more difficult. Like I said, he was a male version of her — six foot two, built of ebony with abs like sculpted abs and he liked working out. He also had an almost ten inch cock and an eager deep throat, so we would do calisthenics and stretching and then move on to free weights, and from there to Qui Gong and associated martial arts stuff that had been coming back to me slower than I liked. I remembered it, but couldn’t do it was well as I had thirty years before.

But when things went well, we would play a little bit after our cool down swim. And things went pretty well that day, and I lost track of time.

Anyway, I was lying on a chaise on my back with Mel sitting on my face and Ben sucking on my cock when suddenly Mel squealed and pulled away, grabbing her towel. I looked around to see what the problem was and found Bill standing in the doorway. His eyes were wide, his mouth was agape, and there was a noticeable bulge in his jeans.

“Holy crap” he said, looking at Ben and Mel. “You weren’t kidding!”

“I thought I asked you to stay in the office and work” I said.

“You also said you’d be back in an hour. It’s been longer than that, and I had some questions, and damn – that has to be the biggest cock I have ever seen live!”

(Alas, he was looking at Ben).

“Who the hell is this guy?” demanded Mel, holding her towel in front of herself.

“Ah — sorry. This is Bill — he’s doing some computer design work for me, and well, I lost track of time.”

“So he’s OK?” asked Ben.

“He’s all right — just… I didn’t think he’d come out for this. He was supposed to stay in his office.” I glared at Bill and he wilted a bit, but didn’t stop looking at where Ben had my cock in his hand.

“So are you blowing him too?” asked Mel.

“No! He just has a regular adana escort job…”

I trailed off at that when Bill, looking shocked, reflexively nudged at his jeans, which were showing some strain.

“You blow him, too?” he asked, and Ben grinned.

“He’s good at it, too. Wanna see?”

By then Mel was laughing a quiet laugh and watching to see what would happen next, and then Ben stood up, his cock right next to my face.

“You realize this is all covered by your NDA, right?” I asked, and when Bill nodded numbly, I leaned forward a but and took Ben’s 9 1/2 inches all at one swoop down my throat.

“Holy crap!” he said, and I agreed, but probably for different reasons.

I bobbed a few times until Big Ben was completely hard, and then looked at Bill. “Yeah, holy crap, but it can be fun.”

“Does this mean you are…?”

“It means I don’t worry about labels.” I leaned back and kissed Mel hard, using a lot of tongue. Then I kissed my way down her, including spending considerable time on each of her massive tits until I got to her pussy, which was warm and wet, and spent some time there before I looked back at Bill.

“May I?” he asked.

“That’s up to them — I’m not the owner of anything but the house here.”

He looked hopefully at Mel and Ben, and they looked at each other and then at me.

“Depends on what he has to offer” said Mel, and Bill skinned off his shirt to reveal that he was neither in great shape nor awful shape. He was healthy, but not nearly as fit as Ben. Then he dropped his pants to reveal a decent sized cock that was rock hard. About seven inches, nicely thick, and shiny at the end from leaking pre-cum.

“Not bad” said Mel, and he smiled and walked toward her, draping his clothes on a table by the door.

“Not so fast!”said Mel, holding up a hand. “You have to audition first.”

“Audition? Just how does that work?” He sounded suspicious, and I didn’t blame him, but I trusted Mel to do something that would not debase him, but would instead be fun for all of us.

“I think the same way I auditioned for this job” she said, smiling.

“And what was that?”

“The boss here had a big party to hire a personal trainer. All of the applicants had to blow everyone at the party. It was a lot of fun!”

“Just how many people were at the party?” he asked, more than a little bit apprehensive.

“A dozen — dozen and a half?” she asked, and I nodded.

“About that.”

“And who won?” he asked and she and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Look at who got the job” I said.

“He did” she said at the same time.

“I wasn’t there” said Ben, “but both of them are pretty damn good.”

Bill got paler by the word. “I’ve actually never…”

“And you still don’t have to. If memory serves, you have a lot of work on your desk” I said.

“And everyone has to start somewhere” said Ben.

“And as you may have noticed, it’s a lot of fun to watch!” said Mel, and we all laughed. Even Bill, who was still nervous.

“You’re sure no one will know about this?”

“Why would anyone say anything about it? For one, if you talk about it, you are telling anyone you talk to that you were involved in it, and that’s clearly not something you want. For two, who’s business is it in the first place? For three, if you say anything to anyone about it and it gets back here, you’ll lose a passable income. And for four, if it gets out, the odds of it ever happening again reduce to zero or less.”

That made him a little less nervous. “But… what do I do?”

“You’ve never had a blowjob?” asked Melanie.

“Just a couple, and they really weren’t all that great. They were probably less experienced at it than me.”

“That’s easier, really” I said. Just do what you wish they’d done for you.”

He thought about that for a while. “All right — I think I can do that, but… do you mind if we do it inside? The last thing I need is a sunburn!”

We all moved into the house and chose the master bedroom, mostly because it had the biggest bed in the house — a California King adjustable bed with all of the bells and whistles. We all put our clothes into neat piles and then Ben and Mel and I stood by the side of the bed and leaned back against it and I gave Bill a pillow for his knees, and he knelt down, still tentative in front of me.

To help get all of us in the proper frame of mind, Ben and I alternated kissing Mel and playing with her tits, but our primary focus was on making it comfortable and fun for Bill.

He started with me, both because it would be easier on him, and because we were saving Mel for him only if he was successful at first. Also because few things got her wetter than watching Ben and I getting it on.

Bill was tentative at first. He really had no idea what he was doing, and telling him to do what he’d like done to him just confused him at first. He started by just stroking my cock tentatively, getting a feel for the size and weight and shape and feel adıyaman escort of it. It was clear he’d never had one in his hand but his own before, but after a while (and a warning to be careful) he gave it a few tentative licks up and down its length and then combined that with the motion of his hand until he finally felt comfortable taking the first few inches into his mouth.

“Is that all right?” he asked.

“That’s just fine” I said. “Just think of the sensation it is designed to feel, and see if you can match that.”

He thought about that for a moment, and then started bobbing up and down, gradually taking more of my cock into his mouth. I only had to warn him once about teeth, and a while later I could tell when he stopped being tentative about the whole thing and started to enjoy it. Instead of just going through the motions, he started to slurp, and use his tongue and explore what felt good for him, and even more for me. He paid attention to my reactions, and when I reacted positively, did more of that.

After about ten minutes of that I felt myself getting closer to orgasm, and not wanting to be too tired to enjoy the rest of the afternoon’s fun, I put a hand on his shoulder to push him back, and eased my cock out of my mouth.

“You’re starting to get it, aren’t you?” I asked, and he looked pleased and surprised when he nodded.

“I think I understand now” he said, and I told him he’d have to listen to some early Richard Pryor some time. And then we all laughed when he asked who Pryor was.

“I had the same reaction” said Mel. “But old guys sometimes know things we don’t.”

“Now you get your reward before you start the hard job” I said, and nudged him over to where Mel was ready for him.

“Ummm… I’ve also never been with a black woman before” he said, looking down at her dense black curls.

“That’s all right. How many women have you been with at all?”

“Ummm… three?”

“Then you can learn from the best. Just do what feels right, and if you mess up, I can tell you what to do and what not to do.”

“She really can!” said Ben and I had to agree.

He did learn fast, though. He appeared to have at least thought about this before, and had a fair idea of what parts were what and where, and he started out with quite a bit of enthusiasm. Within a couple of minutes he had her making those strange sounds she likes to make, and it was then that I told him to scoot back a foot or so. He didn’t understand at first but we did because it was something we all enjoyed doing and Ben and Mel nudged him into place readily enough.

Once he was back on his knees about a foot and a half from the edge of the bed, Ben got up on the bed on his knees and positioned himself to where he could feed his cock to Mel’s waiting mouth while Bill worked on her. This had pretty much the same reaction on him as it had on me, and he changed position just enough so that he could watch her suck Ben’s cock while he ate her pussy, and that inspired him to further acts of lustful indulgence. And then once they got that rhythm going, I slid down to the floor and took Bill’s hard cock in my mouth.

He was, as I’d noticed earlier, flowing freely with pre-cum, which tasted like fine honey to me, and when I lapped and licked it up and then took his cock into my mouth he moaned in surprised pleasure. He got even harder then, if that was at all possible.

It was only a few minutes into this where he pulled back and said “Stop now — I don’t want to cum yet!” and I got up off of the floor and mentioned that it might be time to change yet again.

We all stood up and used a stack of towels I’d grabbed when we came into the house to clean up a little bit, and then Ben took up position toward the head of the bed with his legs hanging over the side and Bill on his knees at his feet.

“It’s just so fucking big!” he said, even though Ben had softened considerably while we cleaned up.

“Yes it is. But you know it’s possible, and maybe by now you know it’s fun” I said.

“And you looked like you were enjoying it before” said Mel.

“And I think you’ll like the difference” said Ben.

Bill got to work, and we could see the surprise on his face when Ben’s cock went from about the size of Bill’s when soft to much larger in his mouth, but we could also see where Bill was learning to enjoy it, one hand wrapping around the base and slowly jerking it but still leaving a good mouthful beyond that to suck and slurp on. He changed his pace, speeding up his bobbing and sucking and Ben started to really get into it, and then Mel and I looked at each other and grinned.

Ste climbed up on the bed, nudging a pillow off to one side and stood at the head, leaning against the wall for balance, and I knelt by Ben’s head where he cold reach my cock with his mouth, and leaned over and began to lick and nibble and suck at Mel’s glorious snatch, which was very well warmed up by then.

Within minutes, her juices and my saliva were running down her legs and I knew I’d have to do laundry, but I really didn’t much care. When Ben took my cock into his mouth it excited Bill even more, and for a while we all tried to coordinate our movements, but… you just have to say ‘fuck it’ and go with the natural rhythms.

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