Good Neighbors Ch. 152

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It was another morning. As I was waking up, I looked over and saw my beautiful fiancée laying there. I was still in a state of shock sometimes that a beautiful woman was in bed with me, and she was soon going to be my wife. As I smiled at her, I saw her starting to stir.

“Good morning, Romeo,” she whispered in her cute sleepy voice.

“Good morning, Beloved,” I whispered back as I wrapped my arm around her.

She cuddled in closer to me as we lay there basking in the morning sun. It was as we were snuggling like that that she turned her head and pursed her lips. I planted my lips on them. We were in that position for the longest time it seemed. It was when her leg started to caress mine that I started pushing her onto her back and started to devour her.

As we were starting to get into our lovemaking, there was a ringtone that was playing from her side of the bed. She looked at me in shock as I paused, giving her that knowing smile. She rolled over towards her phone and picked it up. She looked at the mecidiyeköy escort display and her smile returned. She opened her phone and started to talk. I was about to slip out before she grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her again. As she was talking to the person on the phone, she was moving my hand, so it was on her breast. I squeezed gently as she moaned softly before she kept talking to the person as if she was yawning.

I moved my hand down. As I started to tease her pussy, the look on her face changed. I could feel her starting to melt. I started to slide a finger inside her pussy and pushed a little as she stifled a moan. I was smiling by then as she was doing her best to continue the conversation. It was when it became two fingers that she started to stammer. She ended the call, then put the phone on her nightstand before she looked at me.

“You fucker!” she moaned as I kept working on her pussy.

I didn’t stop. I was enjoying teasing her pussy so much şişli escort as she lay there writhing. It wasn’t until I felt her first wave that she opened her eyes with that smoldering look. She beckoned me to come closer with her finger. I leaned forward, not releasing the two-finger grip before she kissed me hard. Her hand found my cock and started to stroke it before she smiled.

“I can’t believe you were finger fucking my pussy while I was on the phone. My sister thought I was having a seizure.”

That would be June for those who are following the story. June who was set to arrive within the week to spend some time with her sister. This is the same sister who was the only one who didn’t know about our relationship. The fact she was not expecting me to push a little was all my fiancée, but it felt sweeter that it was her sister on the other end of her phone. As she stroked my cock, she started teasing me.

“You know she’s my twin sister, right?” she said as she stroked me slower.

I moaned almost immediately before she looked me in the eye.

“It’s fine to think about that. But I need this cock inside me. Fuck me, Leo. Please fuck me. Show me I’m your good girl.”

I slid on top of her and pushed my cock inside her. It was a gradual fuck where she was encouraging me as I was striving to make her cum a second time. It became a goal that we worked on together. The one thing about being with my fiancée is that she is consistent when we make love.

Soon after the climax, we lay there holding each other as we kept kissing each other gingerly. It was during this time that she started telling me about her sister coming over. She told me that she was going to arrive in a few days and that we had to get the guest room ready. As we got up, we started looking for clothes to put on before we went to set the room up. It was shortly after that when we worked on some breakfast before we started our day.

The good news about her sister coming over is that I get to meet her. It will be a little difficult though to be able to have fun time with her sister while she’s staying here. As we started working on our personal projects, my mind started running to determine what else we could do to help her be comfortable

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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