Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 25

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After unstrapping the dildo from Lexi’s face, Kat made the newest cheerleader lick the accumulated juices off of it. Lexi’s pussy was still pulsing from the tremendous fucking Kat had just given it, her first in a long time — and certainly her first with a strap-on in a room full of girls. This was a new kind of pleasure for her: pleasure mixed with humiliation, and the thrill of submission, and the sweet taste of the forbidden.

They all took a break to have a bite to eat. Kat fed Lexi, whose hands were still cuffed behind her back, a gooey chocolate cookie. She ended up with smears of chocolate all over her lips, which Kat licked off while kissing her fiercely. But Lexi’s initiation wasn’t over yet — a few minutes later she was stretched across the couch licking Kelly Ann’s red-haired pussy as Ana and Kat took turns fingering her. The sight of Lexi’s lovely ass up in the air was just too much for Kat, and she hauled off and laid a good hard smack onto one cheek. Ana spanked the other, and they alternated like that as Lexi trembled and did her best to keep focused on Kelly.

When Lexi had made Kelly happy, Kelly and Ana switched places. Now it was Ana’s turn to be serviced while Kelly and Olivia did the spanking, then took a few tender tastes of the blond cheerleader’s pussy. Lexi started moving toward orgasm, but slowly, slowly… not till she had made Ana, then Olivia, come did Kat stroke Lexi’s kurtköy escort clit just a few times to finish her off. The ear-splitting scream that came from Lexi at that point impressed everyone, and echoed through the quiet room for a long time.

Lexi was really part of the team now. Kat found the key and released her sore wrists from the handcuffs, and she took a seat on the couch between Olivia and Ana. After that the party became more like any gathering of teenage girls — they ordered a pizza and watched a movie — though the girls were wearing perhaps fewer clothes than would have been normal, and Lexi was still wearing the leather collar signifying her position as low girl on the totem pole.

Partway through the movie Lexi looked over at Kat and realized that, despite all that had happened, Kat hadn’t had the chance to come. This struck Lexi as wrong, so she picked herself up off the couch, walked across the room, and sank to her knees in front of Kat. Kat gratefully spread her legs for Lexi, who spent most of the rest of the movie’s running time with her head down there, bringing Kat to one orgasm after another.

* * *

The gathering broke up fairly early in the evening, with several of the girls having other commitments that night. Kat offered to give Lexi a ride home, but once they were in the car, she made no move to start it. “Are you in a hurry to get home?” she asked Lexi.

Lexi aydıntepe escort shook her head. “As a matter of fact I told my dad we might be having a sleepover, and he was cool with that.”

Kat turned the key in the ignition. “Great. Let’s go for a walk.”

They drove to a secluded spot Kat was fond of, a lakeside walk that few people knew about. After parking the car Kat reached into the back seat and picked up a bottle of wine that she had liberated from Jackie’s house. Twisting off the cap — she was glad it didn’t have a cork, because she had forgotten a corkscrew — Kat took a long gulp and handed the bottle to Lexi, who followed her example.

Then they started walking, handing the bottle back and forth as they went along. It was a crisp but not cold night and the moon was full, illuminating the trees and the lake with glowing white light. Both girls felt very relaxed and happy, sharing details about their lives and childhoods; Lexi talked a little about her mom, who was basically absent from her life at this point, and Kat commiserated as best she could.

After 45 minutes they reached a small clearing. They were both pleasantly buzzed at this point, especially Lexi, who almost never drank. Capping the bottle and sitting it down, Kat took Lexi in her arms and kissed her. Lexi returned the embrace, and couldn’t help noticing something poking into her down below: Kat tuzla içmeler escort had apparently returned her new strap-on to its place at some point.

Lexi knew what to do. This walk had felt a lot like a date all along, and she was fully prepared to put out. She sank to her knees and liberated the strap-on from under Kat’s skirt. Kat could see very well in the moonlight as Lexi ran her tongue along the shaft and wrapped her lips around the head. It was quite a lovely sight, and Kat put her hand on the back of Lexi’s head and encouraged her to suck down more.

After a few minutes of this Kat pulled out and reached down to pull off Lexi’s shirt and bra. She slid the dildo between Lexi’s breasts and squeezed them together, then gently but firmly pushed Lexi down onto her back on the grass. Lexi wiggled out of her skirt and panties and spread her legs.

Kat just stood there for a minute looking down at the pale moonlight on Lexi’s naked body. She looked at once so innocent and so raunchy, laying there waiting to be fucked. Finally Kat lowered herself onto Lexi and penetrated her; Lexi dug her nails into Kat’s back and moaned, her cries echoing out across the still surface of the lake.

Kat made love to Lexi slowly and gently, covering Lexi’s mouth with her own, speeding up just a little as Lexi shuddered and came. Looking down Kat saw tears at the corners of Lexi’s eyes; she licked them off. Then Kat stripped and they 69ed for a while in the grass. They took their sweet time about it, feeling completely peaceful and free. Afterward they just sat and polished off the rest of the bottle, not saying much and watching the moon move across the sky.

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