I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 01

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“Well, here he comes,” Madeline said, her voice dripping with both sarcasm and annoyance. “Mr. Popularity.”

Madeline nodded to the far end of the Little League field. Her best friend, Michelle, followed Madeline’s gaze. She immediately spotted Maddy’s husband, Scott. It was hard not to. He was a stand-out in any crowd: tall, tan, and ruggedly handsome. Today he was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a Red Sox baseball hat.

Shelly soon saw what Maddy meant when she referred to him as “Mr. Popularity”. Scott was warmly greeted by the small crowd of parents and grandparents sitting along the third baseline. Scott paused to say hello, while scanning the crowd seated along the opposite first base line. His eyes finally found Madeline and Michelle, and waved in their direction. He started to make his way toward their side of the field.

“Scott!” a young woman shouted, intercepting his path.

“Fucking slut,” Maddy whispered under her breath.

“Madeline!” Shelly exclaimed, shocked at her best friend’s language and crude insult. She looked over at Maddy, who was currently giving her husband, or the woman – quite probably both – an icy glare.

“Maria Vasquez.” Madeline hissed. “She’s the reason I wouldn’t let Scott coach Little League this year.”

Shelly turned her attention back to the pair on the far side of the field. The woman was cute: short, at least a foot shorter than Scott, with dark, wavy hair that went midway down her back. She wore a Little League team T-shirt, the same color as one of the teams currently on the field. It was at least one size too small and hugged her curves so tight, it looked like a second skin. It was cut-off at the bottom, so that a generous expanse of her flat tummy was visible. The white shorts she wore to compliment the outfit and were even tighter. Michelle thought she looked sexy.

“That cunt is little Rico’s mom,” Madeline continued. “Last year, I caught her taking pictures of Scott when he coached Rico’s T-ball team.”

Maria now had one arm around Scott’s waist, and had turned him as she pointed excitedly to a little Latino boy in the batter’s box. The boy was enthusiastically practicing his swing at imaginary pitches. Shelly guessed that was “little Rico”.

Shelly turned her attention back to Scott and Maria. Maria had her phone out now. She was leaning into Scott, and appeared to be showing him pictures on her phone. Her hand would swipe, right to left, as Scott smiled and said things that made her look up and flash a brilliant smile toward him.

Rico was up to bat now, and Scott called out to give him some encouragement. “Rico! Hands touching – there you go. Elbow up and back!”

The little boy adjusted his stance immediately. The first pitch came, Rico swung, and smacked the ball hard. It was a line drive hit right between the 2nd and 3rd basemen. Even from their vantage point on this opposite side of the field, Madeline and Michelle could hear Maria squeal. She was jumping enthusiastically, one hand on Scott’s shoulder, her boobs bouncing up and down with her momentum.

“Run, Rico, run!” Scott shouted. “Hustle, hustle, hustle.”

Michelle noticed that Scott’s attention was squarely on Rico. He paid no attention to the pretty little thing that was shaking all her assets right beside him. Madeline was jealous, and perhaps there was more to the story that she hadn’t told Michelle, but it looked to her like Scott was just doing the thing he loved: coaching a kid on how to play the game of baseball.

Rico rounded first, saw that the ball was already being tossed to the 2nd base player, and eased his way back to first base. The smile on his face was brighter than his mom’s, as he looked over to his former coach. Scott gave him two thumbs up, as did Maria.

Scott patted Maria on the back, she pulled him close for one last hug, then she clung to the chain-link fence while Scott made his way toward the far side of the field – toward Madeline and Michelle.

Another woman approached Scott, this one a tall, slim, red-headed gal. Scott smiled when she greeted him and walked over to her.

“Goddamnit,” Michelle muttered.

“You’re so jealous, Madeline,” Shelly said, laughter bubbling in her voice, “It’s really not becoming of you.”

Madeline sighed.

“It just seems like every divorced train-wreck enrolls their little devil-spawn into Little League, and they all want my husband to fill the father-figure void in their miserable, wretched lives.”

“Oh, honey,” Michelle giggled, patting her friend on the arm. “Of course they enroll their kids in Little League for some male adult role-modeling, but that doesn’t mean they are looking at your husband as a conquest for their bedroom!”

Madeline stewed for a moment, watching the redhead talking with her husband. She was beautiful! Long, red hair that handled down her back in tight curls, creamy white skin, long slender legs, and curves in all the right places. She, too, was pointing on the field to one of the kids. Scott turned tecavüz porno to the field, shielded his eyes from the sun, and then nodded when he spotted a familiar face in the outfield: a freckled, skinny, redheaded boy.

“Michelle, will you help me?” Madeline asked, turning suddenly toward her friend, a serious expression on her face.

“Sure sweety,” Michelle replied, still watching the pair and taking a long sip from her water bottle. “You know I’d do anything for you.”

“I want you to try and seduce my husband.”

Michelle spayed a mouthful of water everywhere, as she nearly choked.

“What?!?” Michelle said, wiping water quickly from her chest and bare legs.

“Not really, I mean. Not all the way. I just want to find out if Scott is the type of guy who will take an interest in another woman, if given the chance.”

“Madeline, that’s crazy. Scott would never-“

“Please, Michelle, that’s what I want to find out. What would he do if another woman was obviously coming on to him. You’re my best friend, and someone I know I can trust. You’re the only one who can help me find out.”

Shelly’s thoughts were twisting wildly. There were things Madeline just didn’t know, like the reason they had become best friends was because after Madeline and Scott had moved into the neighborhood three years ago, Shelly had seen Scott topless as he mowed their lawn. It had driven her crazy, so the next day, she brought a pie over to their house as a welcoming present. She had feigned like she wanted to welcome the new family to the neighborhood, but she really wanted to get a closer look at her hunky, new neighbor.

Fortunately, she and Madeline had hit it off immediately, and became best friends. That had cooled her interest in Scott considerably, because she didn’t want to betray her new friendship.

But there was more. Things she had never told Madeline, like the fact that she, Michelle, was a serial adulteress. Oh, she was a “happily” married woman, but she had cuckolded her husband on their honeymoon six years prior. Since then, she had caused at least four divorces with her wayward affairs (“Sorry, not sorry,” she would tell in the mirror). In fact, she had planned on making Scott and Maddy divorce number five that fateful afternoon, so many years ago. But then she had connected and bonded so deeply with Madeline.

Since then, Michelle expressly and purposefully avoided going to their house when Scott was home, instead preferring afternoon coffee sessions while Scott was at work, or taking Madeline out shopping or drinking on girls night. All because Michelle knew well that she had a complete lack of self-control: she didn’t want Scott to fill her lustful thoughts as he had when she saw him that first day mowing his lawn. Out of sight, out of mind.

“Madeline, I don’t know …” Shelly started, seeing that Scott had started walking toward them again, the redhead returning to her seat under the shade of a large oak tree.

“Please, Shelly?” Madeline pleaded. “I mean, you’re probably right, he won’t do anything, but I just have to find out.”

Shelly scowled, and turned to her friend with one eyebrow raised. Maddy’s attention was still on Scott and the redhead. She never saw Shelly’s soured expression.

‘Bitch, please!’ Shelly thought to herself. ‘He won’t do anything? Really? Honey, if I make a move on a guy, then he is absolutely balls-deep in me before the night is over.’

Shelly had a momentary vision of herself naked, legs parted wide and high in the air. Her BFF’s husband had his cock buried deep inside her and was pumping her slow and steady.

“Unnnh,” Shelly moaned out loud. She squirmed on the bleacher seat, squeezing her thighs tight and shifting them back and forth.

“Please?” Madeline repeated, mistaking Shelly’s moan of pleasure for a moan of annoyance or disagreement.

Shelly watched Scott approach now, still some twenty yards away. She was mentally undressing him, her memories flashing back to his muscled, tone and firm body, as he pushed the heavy lawn mower around his yard. His body had glistened with perspiration in the hot, afternoon sun.

Now, in her mind’s eye, his body was glistening again, as he pounded into her rhythmically. She was lying naked atop Madeline’s kitchen table, the same table where they had gossiped and shared many cups of coffee. As her imagination carried her lustful thoughts along, she became only more aroused. Now, she imagined her feet up, one on each of Scott’s shoulders. He had his hands around each of her thighs. As he thrust his hips forward, he would also pull her thighs toward him. Shelly started to feel real dampness between her legs.

“Oh, fuck it,” Shelly said under her breath, half-thinking she was talking to herself. “I’ll do it.”

“Oh, thank you!” Madeline said, clapping her hands then hugging her friend close. “You’re the best friend ever.”

Madeline whipped out her cell phone, pulling up apps and immediately scheming travesti porno on exactly how they would pull this off.

“Let’s see. Saturday. This Saturday will be perfect. I’ll tell Scott that I’ll be at my mom’s with Tommy. We’ll spend the day there.”

Shelly continued to watch Scott as he sauntered over, starting to scheme her own plans.

“It’s supposed to be really hot this weekend. Maybe I can tell Scott we had planned to spend Saturday by the pool, you and I, but that Mom had called last minute and plans had changed. But since it was so hot, you were still hoping to hang out by the pool. You’ll have a much better chance of trying to seduce him if you’re in that little, red bikini of yours.”

There it was again, that condescending tone in Madeline’s voice.

‘Fuck you, Madeline.’ Shelly rolled her eyes. ‘I don’t need to dress sexy to bed a guy. I could get your husband’s pole in my mouth wearing loose, baggy sweatpants and frumpy, old sweatshirt!’

Shelly was surprised by this sudden attitude change toward her best friend. For the past three years, she and Madeline had become as close as sisters. Now, in the course of a single afternoon, she found herself loathing her neighbor and coveting her husband.

‘It’s her own fault,’ Michelle thought. ‘I never would have come to this place if she hadn’t asked me – no, begged me – to seduce her husband. And the whiny, jealous bitch thinks the only way I can do it is to prance around nearly naked in front of her man.’

“Hi, Honey,” Scott said cheerily, making his way up to them in the bleachers.

“Hi,” the two women replied at the same time. Madeline’s greeting was cold and stiff, Shelly’s greeting was warm and inviting. Shelly stood up and stepped toward Scott, giving him a hug. It was the first hug she had ever given him, the first time she had ever crossed into his personal space, but since he was so close on the heels of giving hugs to several other Little League parents, she hoped he would be receptive. He was.

Michelle pulled Scott more fully into her embrace, pressing her whole body against his. She inhaled, and then said softly, almost to herself, “Mmmm, you smell good.”

She then gave him a kiss on the cheek – not a quick peck, but rather a full-bodied kiss, with the fullness of her moist, freshly licked lips pressed hot against his skin.

This WAS very different than the chaste hugs he had gotten from the other Little League mom’s, and Scott took notice.

“Heyyyy,” Scott said, a worried tone in his voice. He looked over Michelle’s shoulder to his wife. She was paying no attention to them, instead looking at the kids on the field. He gave Shelly a questioning look.

“Here,” Shelly said breathily, “Sit down here, near your wife.”

Scott wiped the moistness from his cheek and stood there, momentarily confused. Shelly had been sitting next to Madeline, and even though there was plenty of room for Scott to sit in the other side of Madeline, she scooted over and patted the spot on the bleachers next to her, inviting Scott to sit between her and his wife. She watched bemused as Scott glanced from her to Madeline. Madeline’s attention hadn’t moved from the game. Scott looked back at Shelly.

With his attention back on her, Shelly made a show of brazenly admiring Scott’s body. He watched as her eyes walked all the way down his body, slowly, pausing for a short while as she blatantly stared his crotch, before slowly walking back up to stare him the face. She raised one eyebrow, licked her lips, and then winked at him. She patted the seat one more time.

“Sit, sit – you’re, umm,” she glanced back down at Scott’s crotch, “blocking my view.”

Scott sat, before the situation could become more awkward. He tried to pay attention to the game, but his thoughts kept rewinding to that hug Shelly had just given him. She had pressed herself full against him. Her legs had straddled one of his thighs, her arms had wrapped around him tight and she had mashed her massive jugs into his chest.

Even while his son was up on the pitching mound, he found himself glancing sideways toward his wife’s BFF. Michelle, a practiced flirt, expected this, so she was sitting as far forward on the bleacher seats as she could. She wanted Scott to get a healthy view, without thinking that she could see him. That might cause him to look away, and she didn’t want that.

Shelly had tied a knot in her T-shirt. Scott wasn’t sure exactly when, he didn’t think it had been that way when he first came over to say hello, but he hadn’t seen her do it since he arrived. Is that the sort of thing a gal could do quickly, without being noticed? He didn’t think so. The fashion technique had the most interesting effect of pulling Shelly’s T-shirt tight around the curves of her chest. Scott could see her nipples, hard and bulging against the tight, cotton fabric.

‘My god,’ Scott thought to himself. ‘I don’t think she’s wearing a bra.’

Indeed, Shelly was not. Despite this, it tumblr porno seemed to Scott’s unabashed gaze, that her ample breasts had no trouble being supported and lifted from her torso. Her shirt was tight enough that it clung to the underside of each boob. Scott could see the remarkable fullness of each breast as they jutted from her chest, curving upwards. Her nipples poking hard and protruding further against the fabric of her shirt.

‘Fake?’ Scott wondered. They were at least two full sizes larger than Madeline’s.

“So,” Madeline said at last, more than a little annoyance evident in her tone. “What did Maria want to show you on her phone?”

“Who?” Scott said, his attention distracted away from Michelle’s chest. “Oh, Maria. Yeah, she was showing me pictures of Rico.”

“Mm-hmm,” Madeline said, disapprovingly. “Any pictures of you in there?”

“This again?” Scott sighed. “Honey, I told you – she didn’t take any pictures of me. She took pictures of Rico, and I just happened to be in them.”

“I showed you her Facebook page, where she posted those pictures,” Madeline’s voice was now dripping with venom.

“Right,” Scott said. “The caption read, ‘Rico getting taught how to swing by his coach. So cute.’ She was talking about her kid!”

“From the Facebook comments, it seemed that all her girlfriends were talking about you.”

“Honey – ” Scott started, an argument they had clearly had many times. “Oh, I give up!”

Scott let his attention return to the field, where his son Tommy was throwing his last of three strikeout pitches.

“There ya go, Tommy, that’s the way to do it!”

As the innings changed over, Shelly leaned down to grab her purse. Scott glanced at the smoothness of her back. As she leaned further forward, he caught the barest glimpse of her black panties. They were peeking above the tops of her tight, jean shorts just so slightly. He stirred restlessly in his seat. He didn’t have a hard-on just yet, but he knew it wouldn’t take much to get one.

Shelly came back up with a beauty compact and vial of lipstick, which she had fetched from her purse. Scott leaned back more and watched as she flicked the compact open, and then used it to look at various angles of her face before starting to apply the lipstick. The mirror was angled in such a way that he could see the makeup stick glide over her lips. It left a glossy, red sheen in its wake. Scott watched Shelly’s slow, practiced movement in the mirrored compact – it was strangely erotic. He was mesmerized.

Then, abruptly, with a flick of her wrist, Shelly re-angled the mirror. Suddenly, Scott found himself starring in the reflection of her eyes – they were looking at each other in the mirror. He had been caught gawking at her. Shelly held his gaze for a few moments, eyebrows raised, a mischievous smirk on her face. Finally, Scott blinked, and turned away. He heard Shelly giggle.

“Well, I’ve got to get going,” Shelly said, gathering her things. “My husband is leaving on another business trip, and I need to run some errands before heading home to pack his suitcase. Maddy, we still on for lounging by the pool on Saturday? It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend.”

“You bet,” Madeline said, not missing a beat. “I’m looking forward to soaking in some rays!”

“Great, me too!” Shelly leaned forward, between the two of them. Scott once again noticed the evidence of her nipples, pressed against the fabric. To his disappointment, the shirt was pulled so tight it didn’t give him an opportunity to peek down her shirt much as she bent forward.

“Bye, Madeline,” Shelly said, giving her friend a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye, Scott,” Shelly shifted, moving toward him. But rather than kiss him on the cheek, Scott felt her teeth close around his earlobe, and her tongue flicked it briefly as she nibbled.

Madeline caught none of this from her viewpoint, and Steve said nothing as she stood upright, and winked at him.

“Play ball, batter up and all that baseball stuff,” Shelly said over her shoulder, as she walked away. Of course, her thoughts were not on the Little League game or the nearby field. They were on her opportunities to score a home run at Scott’s house this weekend.

***** *****

Later that night, after putting Tommy down for bed, Scott and Madeline sat in bed reading. Scott was reading a Tom Clancy novel, and Madeline was flipping through a Cosmo magazine.

“Is your friend Michelle ovulating?” Scott said, after a while.

“What?!?” Madeline said, slugging Scott on the shoulder. “Why would you say that?”

“It’s just that – she was acting kinda strange today at the ballpark.”

“What do you mean?” Madeline pretended her attention was back on the magazine, but her every sense was tuned to the word’s her husband spoke and his body language.

“Well, for one thing, she NEVER hugs me. And today I got not only a hug, but also a peck on the cheek when I came over to the bleachers.”

Scott thought it best to not mention the ear-nibbling as Shelly left the bleachers.

“You didn’t seem to mind when Maria Vasquez gave you a hug today,” Madeline said, flipping a page in her magazine.

“Oh, give it a rest, hon,” Scott said, putting his book down. “I’m not even talking about her.”

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