Madison Moves In Pt. 03

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I bolted awake. My head was pounding from the sound of my phone going off. I looked around in a daze, waiting for my eyes to adjust. Who was calling me in the middle of the night.

I glanced at the clock just as my eyes found their focus. 3:00am.

“What the fuck” I mumbled, confused and angry as I picked up my phone.

“Hello?” I gruffed into the phone.

“Oh hey Jimmy!” Madison’s voice was soft and excited.

I immediately sat up at the sound of her voice.

“Hey Madison – is everything alright?”

She laughed.

“Of course silly” her voice was funny, she sounded distracted and very drunk. The pauses before her responses were just that second too long, and the end of her sentences carried a slight slur.

“It’s 3 in the morn…” I tried to say

“Come pick me up.” she interrupted me, flatly. It wasn’t a request.

This time I did pause before answering. It was 3am. I was tired as hell and I could feel a headache building from having been pulled so quickly from a deep sleep. If I got up to drive 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back to pick up Madison, I probably wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. I’d be a walking zombie for the rest of the day.

But then again. She was basically drunk dialing me. Maybe her date had been a bust and she was still feeling a little frisky. Did I really want to pass up an opportunity like this?

My thoughts were cut off before I could come to a decision though.

“Great, see you in 20 minutes!” Madison’s breathing sounded heavier now “Actually… maybe make it 40” she giggled.

Then the line went dead. She didn’t wait for a response. She didn’t say thank you.

She hadn’t even really asked. She had given me an order.


Without any traffic it took me barely over ten minutes before I pulled up outside the same run-down looking apartment building I had dropped Madison off at earlier that night. I made sure to check the car lock twice before I headed inside the building to apartment 6.

I knocked. And waited.

I knocked again.

I leaned my ear closer to the door to listen in side, catching scraps of a conversation.

“He’s early” Madison’s voice came through the door followed by laughter “Oh trust me… it’s not like that!”

More laughter from Madison and the sounds of another much deeper voice.

“…not done with you” the voice said.

There was a loud thud and then the sound of a sweet moan came escaping through the door.

More muffled voices.

I don’t know why I did it, but I knocked again.

This time the noises stopped. I heard a deep sigh, and then the door flung open.

Madison stood in the doorway. She was beautiful as always, but different to how I was used to seeing her. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes were rumpled on her body, and part of her top had slid down her left shoulder — exposing the glistening skin underneath. She was obviously drunk and had a slight dreamy haze in her eyes. And she absolutely smelled of sweat and cum.

“You’re early” she gave me a lazy smile.

“Yup, no traffic” I shrugged. I had clearly interrupted her. I could feel my throat start to tighten and a pit growing in my stomach from the realization that Madison had clearly not called me because I had a shot with her. She just wanted a ride.

“Well, I’m not done so come in and wait” and just like that Madison disappeared further into the apartment.

I heard the sound of a bedroom door slamming shut, followed by excited shrieks from Madison.

I told myself I should just leave. Madison’s date had obviously gone well. çorum escort She hadn’t called me to hook up. And now she’d left me standing here while she what? Went back to fucking some other guy?

I clutched my car keys tightly in my hand. I was going to leave.

But I didn’t.

The thought of Madison coming out here and finding me gone, that I had left her, was too much. I didn’t want to disappoint her like that.

So I sat on the couch and waited.

And then the noises started.

What started as muffled voices and soft moans was soon loud cries of ecstasy.

“Oh my God Jason!” Madison shrieked in pleasure. “You are so fucking huge!”

Thud. Thud. Thud. The sound of the headboard ramming against the shared wall between the bedroom and the living room.

“You like this dick?” the deep voice grunted.

Madison moaned happily. “Fuck yes!” she screamed.

“Your cock… it’s so fat and long” she was struggling to get the words out between long moans of pleasure.

“Fuck it fills me up so good!” she yelled.

I couldn’t help myself. The sound of Madison getting railed was too much for me and my cock was rock hard in my pants. I slipped my hand underneath the waistband and grasped my little dick. Even fully hard like it was now, it’s barely three inches long.

“Fuck me!” Madison screamed. “I love your big cock!”

A sinking feeling filled my mind as I felt my own dick throb in my fingers. I did not have a big cock like the one that Madison was clearly enjoying.

“Fuuuuck!” Madison shouted at the top of her lungs. “Fuuuck, I love big fucking fat cocks!” she screamed almost hysterically joyful through the pounding she was receiving.

I sped up rubbing my little dick. Just my thumb and one finger. Up and down. Up and down. I felt myself getting close.

I stifled a moan as I heard the headboard slapping up against the wall, faster now.

“God! You stretch me out so good” Madison moaned a few more times. “There is nothing like a big cock. Every girl needs a big cock!” she gasped.

I grasped my cockhead as pleasure overcame me. My muscles tightened. My legs extended. My toes curled down. My eyes rolled back. And blast after blast of cum shot into my shorts.

“Aaah!” I cried out in pure pleasure.

And then I froze.

The creaking of the bed had stopped.

The loud cries had stopped.

I sat in silence.

And then I heard Madison laughing.

And the bed started to creak again.

“Give me that fat cock!” Madison shouted, louder than ever this time.

“I need your big, thick dick Jason! I would kick a little dick out of my bed, but I’ll never let a huge cock like you get away!”


It was another half an hour before the bedroom door opened and Madison came out.

She was only wearing a bra and a tiny lace thong that disappeared between her perfectly toned ass cheeks.

I watched them jiggle as she walked right past me to the kitchen, without a word.

She reached up to get a glass from a cabinet as I snuck another long glare at her naked cheeks, before I noticed the looming presence of a large black man enter the kitchen. Jason was tall, had a chiseled jaw and was a wall of muscle. His gray sweatpants did nothing to hide the outline of his huge penis.

“You were really something” he said as he approached Madison from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck.

Madison beamed. “Thanks babe” she said as she pushed her ass back into him and began to slowly rock her hips. A devilish smile denizli escort spread across her face as she looked towards me.

Our eyes met for a second and Madison winked, before spinning around to face her lover.

Jason held Madison in his arms as he kissed her. He reached down and grabbed her juicy buns in his strong hands.

“I love these cheeks” he moaned into her mouth.

Madison pulled away and turned around, leaning over the sink.

“These cheeks?” she asked over her shoulder, as she gave her butt a tantalizing little wiggle.

Jason laughed and smacked her right on the ass. My eyes remained firmly glued to them as they shook from the force of Jason’s spank.

Madison yelped before breaking into a wide smile and giggles.

“Those are the ones” Jason said, before smacking her ass again.

Madison pouted exaggeratedly over her shoulder at Jason. “Is it time for little Jimmy to take me home?” she asked.


Ten minutes later we were in my car headed home. Madison’s bare feet were stretched out onto the dashboard and her dress had ridden up her legs so much that I could see a hint of the red and black lace of her thong.

When I looked back up at Madison she was grinning right at me. Embarrassed, I tore my eyes away from her long legs and focussed on the empty road ahead.

“Sorry about making you wait up there,” Madison giggled as she shuffled in her seat to face me. “Jason is really something.”

I tried to avoid her gaze. Even in her drunken bliss, there was something piercing about Madison’s eyes on me.

“Oh it’s fine, I just played on my phone” I lied, hoping Madison would just let it drop.

But Madison was having too much fun toying with me.

“Really?” she asked, her lips curling into a mischievous smirk. “I felt like I was loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood.” she giggled.

“You understand though, right?” she continued, reaching out and placing her hand on my thigh.

“A girl like me can get loud with a huge cock,” she squeezed my thigh, “It’s natural. It’s the sort of thing we dream about getting, so when we finally do…” Madison let out a satisfied moan.

She kept her eyes firmly on me. “It’s like heaven”.

I couldn’t help but fidget in my seat. Madison’s teasing was driving me wild. My cock was rock hard yet again, and my mind was awash with images of Madison and Jason. His strong hands all over her body. Her soft lips kissing his chest, his abs, lower and lower.

“Are you okay?” Madison asked, but from the wide smile on her face it seemed she knew perfectly well the effect she was having on me.

“Yup. Fine” I said flatly, trying to focus on the road.

Madison only giggled. “You’re cute.” she sighed.

I thought that was the end of it, but Madison had one last trick up to play.

“Is it hard for you?” she asked, “to hear a woman getting pleasured by a guy with a huge cock? Because of what happened with your ex I mean.”

This time I couldn’t help myself. I did turn to look at Madison, and her grin was full of triumphant mischief. Like a cat who has caught its prey.

I looked away again. “I didn’t hear anything”.

Madison waited me out, not breaking her gaze till I made eye contact.

“Okay, little buddy” she smirked.

And then her eyes dropped to my crotch. A small tent in my pants and an obvious spot of semi-dried cum. Her lips twitched into a smile.

“You poor little man” Madison laughed.


The rest of the drive was quiet, with Madison in that half asleep-half diyarbakır escort awake stage of drunkenness. When we arrived home it was clear she needed help getting into her house. So, wrapping one of her arms over my shoulder, I guided her up her porch steps, opened her front door, and walked her into the living room.

“My room is over there little buddy” she lazily pointed, “Take me to bed.”

My heart leapt at those words. I knew she hadn’t meant it that way. But even just to hear her say it. Her voice hushed and delicate. I felt by dick begin to rise yet again.

We made it to her room with her hanging on to me, my arm around her slender waist. Something about it just felt so right.

She dropped her ass into her bed with a thud, her legs dangling over the side as she lay on her back.

“Heels” she huffed, her eyes closed, half asleep.

I dropped to my knees without thinking and started undoing her heels. There were four delicate little buckles to be undone on each shoe, and then I slowly guided them off her feet. Madison sighed and flexed her feet towards me.

I stared up at her from my knees. Even now, after everything she had put me through tonight, and as she lay almost passed out, she was so beautiful.

I couldn’t help myself.

I leant forward just a little and placed a soft kiss on the sole of her foot.

The softest little moan escaped Madison’s lips. Followed by a sweet giggle.

“Come here” she whispered.

I slowly got to my feet and leaned over Madison’s body, our faces just inches apart.

The mischievous look in her eyes was gone, replaced with something deep and sultry.

“Dress” she whispered, spreading her arms up behind her, pushing her chest out towards me.

I carefully reached down to grab the ends of her dress, carefully raising it over her gorgeous thighs, slowly revealing her lace thong. As her dress rose past her waist I felt her legs shifting underneath me, rubbing her thighs together. My hands were shaking now as I raised the dress up over her breasts and finally passed her head. I breathed a heavy sigh as I took in the sight beneath me.

Madison pressed her hands up to her bra and squeezed her own boobs, groaning at the tight confines of the material. With a long sigh she reached behind her and snapped open her bra, throwing it across the room.

I froze.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Madison’s bare breasts. Her nipples were dark and pointed, a stark contrast to the light and supple mounds they lay on top of.

Madison stretched luxuriously beneath me, emphasizing just how tight and toned her body really was. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Madison met my eyes again, almost invitingly.

I wasn’t going to miss my chance.

I leaned towards her. And she towards me.

Her delicate lips grazed my own, sending lightning bolts all through my body.

But her lips continued across my cheek.

The softest of little pecks at the spot where my jaw and ear met, before she whispered “Time for you to go home, little buddy”.

And as quick as that she fell back to the bed and rolled herself out from underneath me.

I stood there, hunched over her bed, dumbfounded.

What had just happened.

I stood up in a daze and began to walk to the door. It was all like a surreal dream. I thought I was going to have sex with this beautiful goddess, but just like that I was leaving with a hard dick and confused head yet again.

Madison called out right before I reached the bedroom door.

“Put this in the laundry basket for me.” as she tossed something towards me, before turning back around just as quickly.

I admired her bare back for a moment, the way her skin stretched across her spine. It was flawless.

Then I looked at the floor, and what she’d thrown.

Her lace thong.

“I should steal it” I thought.

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