Nailing Security

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I started a new job as an IT specialist for an accounting firm a few weeks ago. It is my first real job since I graduated college and I am looking forward to the start of my career. The building I work in is the headquarters for the company and is in a four story building about an hour from where I grew up and went to college. I decided to move close to the office so that I can get the whole experience of living on my own. It also happens to be in the same town as state university

My shift is between 3pm and 11pm. The company’s headquarters is on the east coast with several smaller offices across the country. Since most of the offices are on the east coast though, I don’t really have as much work dealing with users as the day shift. The first half of my shift I spend taking calls and answering questions. The second half I usually spend setting up for the upgrades or other big projects that are handled by the third shift. The money is decent and I like working on computers. I also have a lot of time to study for other certifications.

He owners of the building have a small security team to keep everyone safe. I don’t really know what their shifts are, but each night I leave there is a different person manning the desk from when I arrive. Most nights there is a cute, dark skinned girl who always wishes me a good night as I leave. She has a cute face and over time I have noticed that she changes her hair about every two or three weeks. Sometimes it is straight, sometimes curly and it is never the same color.

One night I go to the break room to get a quick snack and she is in there talking to someone on her cell phone. She must not have heard me come in and is facing away from me. The break room is quite large since everyone in the building uses it. There is a wall of vending machines as well as a couple of refrigerators, coffee machines and other kitchen equipment.

As I search for my snack I hear the say “If I don’t get laid soon I’m going to burst. It’s been almost a month since that bastard Larry broke up with me for that fat whore and I haven’t been able to get out since.” She is quiet as whoever she is speaking to says something I can’t hear. “Nah, it’s not like he was all that good anyway. His dick was the size of my pinky and he couldn’t hold on long enough to give me what I need.” She pauses again before saying, “You’re probably right. I have more fun with my toys than I did with him anyway. But I really miss a real man between my legs.”

I decided to leave without getting my snack. I’m fairly sure I was not meant to hear that. I sneak out the door and back to my desk. The main problem is that I’ve got a boner and it just won’t go away. I realize that it’s been at least two months since my last girlfriend and I have no other prospects at this point.

That night when I leave I see her at her desk. “Good night,” she says as I walk past.

“Good night.”

Just as I put my hand on the door I hear her say, “Did you enjoy the conversation you overheard?”

I turn towards her, my cheeks burning hotly and I have no idea what to say. She doesn’t appear to be angry, but she doesn’t seem exactly friendly either.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I was just trying to get a snack.”

“Relax, I’m not angry. Just please don’t go around saying anything.”

“I promise. By the way, my name is Brian.”

“Jackie, it’s nice to meet you Brian.”

“Same here. Have a good night.”

I almost run to my car to keep from having to see her again. When I get home I jerk off thinking about helping Jackie out with her problem.

The next night Jackie isn’t at the desk when I leave and I assume she is out for the night. I imagine her out in some sexy outfit looking for her next conquest. I laugh to myself as I walk to my car. I start the car and look out the front windshield and notice a note under the wiper. I figure it’s probably someone trying to sell something and as I get back into the car I notice my name written on the outside. Curious I open the note. It’s from Jackie and she is inviting me out for drinks at a local bar. At first I think it’s a joke, but I decide to go anyway. Hey, what do I have to lose?

It takes me about fifteen minutes to get to the bar. It’s dimly lit and I don’t see Jackie anywhere so I go to the bar and have a seat. I order a draft and sit facing towards the door thinking that she is waiting till I get off work to arrive. A few minutes later I hear someone whisper in my ear “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.”

I turn around and there is Jackie. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen her standing and am surprised by how tall she is. She steps back so that I can check her out. I’ve only seen her in her in uniform which is a button down white shirt with a blue blazer. Her body is amazing as I start from her face and work my way down. She is wearing a tight red dress that hugs her curves perfectly. The dress ends at just above mid-thigh. Her breasts are large sarıyer escort and her hips have a sexy curve to them. Her legs are long and well toned. She is also wearing sexy red shoes with three inch heels.

“You look amazing,” I tell her.

“Thanks. I was very nervous about how I should dress.”

“You’re incredible. I just wish I had worn something a little nicer.”

“Don’t worry about it. I knew you’d be getting off from work. I just wanted to dress to impress.”

“Well you did that alright. Would you like a drink?”

“A beer would be great.” I call the bartender over and order her beer. After I’ve paid we find a small table in the back corner of the bar.

“So how much did you hear last night?” she asks. I feel my cheeks warm and she laughs. “It’s Ok. I’m just curious.”

“I heard you talk about not getting laid in a while and how your last boyfriend was undersized.”

“So you did hear that part. I wasn’t sure. I hope you don’t get the wrong impression of me. I don’t go around sleeping with guys just because I’m horny. I was with that loser for almost two years.”

“That’s longer than any of my relationships.”

“Since you know about me, how long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

“I guess that’s only fair. It’s been about two months or so. Just before I moved here I broke up with my girlfriend. We knew it wouldn’t work long distance and she still has one more year of school so we felt it would be better.”

“So, you’re in the same boat I am.”

“You could say that.” Her eyes were simmering and I realized for the first time that they were actually a golden color. We have another round as we got to know each other better, but I could feel the tension building. After her second beer she excused herself and went to the ladies room. She wiggles her ass as she walks away. Her ass is awesome and the dress fits tightly around the round cheeks of her ass. I am picturing in my mind what it will look like when she is on her hands and knees in front of me.

When she comes back I take the time to really admire her. Right now her hair is jet black and is in a long braid that hangs over her shoulder and below her breast. The dress dips down a bit and exposes just a small amount of cleavage. Her golden eyes pick up the light from the candles that are at each table. She is strutting past the other tables and I get the impression of a wolf on the hunt as she walks towards me. Every guy, and some women, is checking her out.

“Would you like another beer?” I ask as she sits back down.

“Please.” I order another round and we continue to get to know each other. I find out she was born in Brazil but moved to the states when she was three. She is in school for law enforcement and will be graduating in the spring and that she took this job to have something on her resume.

After we finish the next round I offer to buy another but she declines and suggests we take a walk. I am trying to figure out what my next move should be. My little head is obviously telling my big head to invite her home, but I don’t want to scare her away.

Outside the bar there are plenty of people walking since it is a college town. “Why haven’t you been able to get out to meet people?” I ask her, thinking about the conversation I overheard.

She looks at me with a sidelong glance before answering. “It’s not that I haven’t had the chance. I just didn’t want my sister to know that I’ve been brooding alone at home. Larry was my first real boyfriend. My parents are very religious and wouldn’t let me date in high school. When I got to college I was very inexperienced with guys and lost my virginity after a party where I drank too much. I never saw the guy again and learned my lesson pretty quickly. I didn’t go out after that and I met Larry in class. We dated for almost two years till he decided to break up with me.”

“That sucks. He must have been a real jerk.”

“Not really. I had started talking about marriage, even though I was talking a long time from now and he couldn’t handle it.” I can tell she wants to say more, but doesn’t. “I’ve really turned tonight into a bummer, haven’t I?”

“No, not at all. Hell, before tonight all we’d ever said to one another was good night. And all I’d ever seen of you was your head. This is a nice change.”

“I’m glad you’re having a good time.” I really want to kiss her but I’m not totally sure if I should. Instead I take her hand as we continue to walk towards the campus. I notice she smiles as she grasps my hand, but doesn’t look at me. We walk quietly for a while till I realize we are several blocks from the bar.

“Do you have any idea where we are heading?” I ask. “I’m still not that familiar town yet.”

She looks up and says, “Back to my apartment. I live about a block from here. I hope you don’t mind, but it is getting late and most places are probably closing by now.”

“That’s Ok, I just didn’t want to get lost. I haven’t been esenyurt escort living here that long to know where we are.”

We walk the rest of the way to her apartment in silence. I am trying to figure out a way to get invited up to her place now but I don’t want to force the issue, especially since I will have to see her at work. We stop in front of her building and she turns to me and looks at my shyly. I decide to take a chance and put my hand under her chin to lift her face. Then I lean in to kiss her. Her lips are warm against mine and we kiss for quite some time before stepping apart.

“Would you like to come upstairs with me?”

“I’d like that,” I answer.

We go up to her apartment and I follow her inside. Her apartment is one big room with a small kitchen, table for two, a loveseat and her bed. It is very neat and clean as I’d expect a woman’s apartment to be. She has fresh flowers on the table. Across from the loveseat is a small TV on top of what I assume is her dresser.

“It’s kind of small but it’s what I can afford without having to live with someone. I did that in the dorms for two years and found it was not very fun. In case you haven’t noticed, girls can be really bitchy, especially to other girls.” She giggles at that. “I’ll be right back, just need to use the powder room again. Have a seat.” She disappears into the bathroom and I head to the couch. I notice a lot of pictures on the wall and start to look at them. Most of them are of her or her and another gorgeous woman I assume is her sister since they look so much alike.

“That picture is me and my mom.” I hadn’t heard her come out of the bathroom and jumped slightly. She had changed out of her dress and was wearing a t-shirt and shorts now. I looked at the picture again and still didn’t believe it was her mom.

“I thought that was your sister.”

“If you tell her that she’ll adopt you instantly,” she said with a laugh. Then she points to another picture of her with another girl. “That is me and my sister and this is all three of us together,” she says as she points to yet another picture. “That is from our trip last summer to Yellowstone.” I look at the picture closely and can’t tell who was who. I look at Jackie’s face closely and figure she is the one on the left, but I still hava a hard time guessing which was her mom. “We camped for a week and this picture was taken on the last day.”

We continued to look at pictures and she has a story about every one of them. She has moved to stand in front of me and at some point I have wrapped my arms around her just beneath her breasts. Her hair smells faintly of fresh cut flowers and I realize without her heels she still stands close to my six foot two height.

It takes me a moment before I realize that she has stopped speaking. She is lightly rubbing my arms and her body is comfortably leaning into mine. I take her chin in my hand and turn her face towards me and kiss her lightly on the lips. The next kiss is a lot more intense and I move my fingers along her jaw, down her neck and just above her collar. As our tongues begin to dance together as I move my hand down and lightly move them across her breasts.

Since she doesn’t stop me I get bolder and squeeze one of her tits. She moans lightly into my mouth so I continue to massage her breasts. I still have one arm wrapped around her and she is holding it tightly to her. Her tits are quite large and firm and I can feel her nipple press against the material of her bra. She moves one arm around the back of my neck and pulls me tighter against her lips.

Eventually she turns around and throws both arms around my neck as the kissing gets more intense. I reach down and cup her ass to pull her tightly against me. Her ass is tight and I begin to wonder how much time she spends in the gym.

I slide my hands up her back till I am holding the back of her shoulders and then back down to her ass. I give each cheek a soft squeeze and she moans again. This time when I move my hands up her back, I slip them under her shirt, lifting it as my hands move up. She steps back just a bit and helps me raise it over her head. She is wearing a sexy, lace bra that covers only the bottom half of her tits, just above the nipples. Her breasts are even larger than I imagine and the bra squeezes them together to show a tight valley between them. Her stomach is perfectly flat and she has a piercing in her belly button that dangles slightly.

Next she removes my shirt and steps back to admire me. She lifts a finger and traces the outline of my muscular chest and down the ridges of my six pack. “I like a guy that takes care of himself. I see that you like to work out.”

“I do. I can see that you do as well.”

She smiles at me as I lift my hand to pull her back to me. Our lips meet again and this time our kissing is a bit tamer as we feel each other out. Her tongue licks my lips lightly and then she bites my lower lip. More of a playful avrupa yakası escort nip than a bite and I feel her lips tighten into a smile.

I make my hands active on her firm body again and I undo the clasp of her bra. She pulls her chest away from me so that I can remove the bra and I toss it onto the love seat. We are now chest to chest and I can feel her firm breasts pressed against me. The kissing turns more passionate as I move my hands around her front to play with tits. I am still amazed that they can be so firm and so large at the same time and I actually wonder if they are real. Then I notice the picture of Jackie, her sister and her mom and realize that they are also blessed with large breasts.

As I squeeze each globe Jackie starts to moan slightly and her hips begin to wiggle. I reach down with one hand and cup her ass. She pulls her mouth away from mine and gasps, and then starts to kiss my neck, nibbling lightly. I start to push her shorts down, but she grabs my hands to stop me. Without a word she steps away and I fear that I’ve scared her away. She walks towards the window above her bed and I suddenly realize that it is open and people can probably see her from the street. She closes the blinds and comes back to stand in front of me.

I am smiling at her as she stares at me. “What’s so funny?” she asks.

“I think it’s funny that you didn’t have a problem with me removing your shirt while the window was open.”

She laughs and her answer surprises me. “I’m sure I’ve given the people across the street plenty of shows. I tend to walk around topless and sometimes nude without realizing the shade is open. I guess I’ve been lucky so far nobody has tried to come over.” She laughs again. “Of course it might be embarrassing to get your ass kicked by a naked girl.”

“So you’re a hard ass I see.”

“I’ve been training in martial arts since I was six. My parents thought it would be good if I could defend myself.”

“I’ll try to behave myself then.”

“I hope not too much. If you’ve made it past my door in one piece, I’d say you’re pretty safe.” Then she put her thumbs inside the waistband of her shorts and pushes them down. I smile as she stands before me in nothing but a small, red-laced pair of panties that barely covers her pussy. The material might as well not be there as I can see her well tended pubic hair. She is mostly bare with just a small line from the top of her panties down to the pussy. I notice that there is a small wet spot where the material disappears between her legs.

“You’re gorgeous, do you realize that?”

She blushes and looks down at her feet. “Thank you. I haven’t heard someone say that in a long time.” She shyly glances up at me and nervously licks her lips as I step forward to take her into my arms again. I kiss her lips briefly before I kiss my say down her body. I cup each of her breasts as I lightly kiss each of them and then continue to kiss down her stomach till I get to the top of her panties. I reach around to cup her ass and realize that I feel no material except a string the goes around her waist and down her ass crack.

I look up to her and she smiles as I realize she is wearing a thong. As I look into her eyes I slowly kiss along the edge of the material. Jackie steps her legs apart slightly as my kisses move further between her legs. She puts her hands on my cheeks and starts to pull me back up to her, but I give her covered pussy a quick lick before standing. Since I am still watching her face I see her eyes close and a silent gasp escapes her lips as she feeling my tongue.

When I am standing again she quickly leads me to the bed and climbs on. I follow her and we kiss while both of us kneel in front of each other. After a few moments of intense kissing, I push her till she is lying on her side. I move next to her and begin to kiss her body again. With each kiss of what I discover are very sensitive nipples she lets out little moans.

I slowly slide my hand down between her legs and am happy to find her legs already spread. I move my finger to trace the outline of her panties and tease her slightly. Her moans get louder as I continue to tease her pussy.

I finally start to kiss my way down her stomach, taking a moment to lightly lick her pierced belly button. She giggles at this so I lick it one more time before continuing down her body. I move between her legs as I kiss the inside of her thigh down to her knee. She laughs again as my tongue tickles her and I begin to move back up her leg.

As I get to the treasure that awaits me I take a deep breath to get her scent. She smells quite refreshing and I am happy to notice the wet stain has soaked what little material is there. She is so wet that the inside of her thigh glistens and I lightly lick to get a taste of what is to come. She moans loudly as she feels my tongue just outside of her pussy.

I don’t stop though and kiss my way down her leg till I get to the other knee and she giggles again as I kiss the inside of her knee. I look up towards her head and see that she’s moved her pillows under her head so that she can watch. Her eyes are glowing fiercely in the dim light of her apartment. They seem to be absorbing the light which again makes her look like a hungry wolf.

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