Nature Girl

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Summer Rose Mayfield was the manager of Two Lips and Roses for the past 4 years. She worked very diligently at her job to support herself. She loved being around flowers, gardening, and above all making people smile. That summer, she felt overworked and understaffed due the high volume of demands. Her friend Iris Stanfield suggested she hire an intern to help out.

“I have just the person for you Summer Rose! He is young, energetic, and needs a job . Besides, he’ll help out with just about anything. Believe me, I know how hard it is to find good help.”

Two interviews later, Summer Rose hired Rhaine Falhs ,a 21 year old college student majoring in agriculture at the local university. He sure made an impression on the savvy businesswoman.

Rhaine spoke intelligently, he was willing to work hard, and was willing to learn as much as he could. The fact that he’s had the face of a fallen angel and the body of a Greek god was just a plus.

At 8 am, Rhaine came to work in his uniform attire of a green polo shirt and khaki brown pants. He also brought coffee for himself and Summer Rose.

“I thought this might help,” he grinned as he handed her the steaming black coffee.

Summer Rose was pleased at his generosity.

“That was very nice of you Rhaine. I hope you’re ready to pitch in today.”

“Yes, I went over the job description but I am here at your beck and call.”

Rhaine attended to endless phone calls, ran errands, helped with inventory, and worked with the other associates in the greenhouse. He was not afraid to get dirty and lend a hand to his co workers.

Summer Rose could not help checking out his boyish good looks either. She could not help but get excited whenever he would brush against her rear end oh so accidentally or smile at her knowingly.

So this went on for several weeks. Each week that passed by, Summer Rose was getting more and more turned on by the new help. His khaki pants fit him like a glove. She wanted to sink her teeth into his tight ass…

“Ms. Mayfield? I was just wondering if you needed help outside of store hours? I mean, I have time to look into other jobs you might have for me,” Rhaine looked so earnestly at her it was hard to say no.

“Yes, are you any good with kadıköy escort computers? I think I might have a glitch in the hardware.”

“Yeah, I minored in computer programming so that should not be a problem.”

So that evening, Rhaine showed up to her condo dressed in a black oxford shirt with dark blue jeans. He had light blonde hair with eyes as blue as the summer sky. Summer Rose could not help but appreciate the cologne he wore. She made sure she looked good that evening. Rhaine was surprised to see her in a royal blue tank top with a short white mini skirt. Her curly red hair was fastened on top of her head with spiraling copper red curls lingering over her heart shaped face. Summer Rose had large bright green eyes that really popped with the black mascara and eye liner she wore. All in all, she was a real stunner with an hour glass figure that pin up models would have killed for.

Rhaine could not believe his eyes. He was in his boss’s bedroom trying very hard to concentrate on her stupid computer. Truth is, he had little knowledge about computers. He spent one class in computer programming and that was all. Summer Rose went to the kitchen to fix a snack for the both of them.

When she came back Rhaine was concentrating hard on her computer. Truth is, there was nothing really wrong with her computer. She just wanted him over for dinner or otherwise be dinner.

When she was pulling out the beer bottles, Rhaine cleared his throat behind her.

“Yes Rhaine?”

“It’s a bit warm in that room. I was wondering if we could just hang outside before I got started?”

“Yeah we can go out in the back. I have a garden that was the feature cover of Better Homes and Garden.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. You do a lot of dirty work in your spare time too.”

“Yup, that’s me, a very dirty nature girl.”

“My kinda woman.”

The two headed out to the back porch where they took in the grand view of a sprawling garden with roses, irises, tulips, calla lilies, and much more. It was all neatly arranged with clean hedges. A small water lily pond was manually excavated in the center of the garden with large round rocks circling the parameter. Dragon flies buzzed by. It was truly a breathtaking üsküdar escort view.

Rhaine could not believe his eyes “You did this by yourself?”

“No, I had a lot of labor workers to help but the idea was all mine.”

“I love nature.”

“Yes, I find nature to be very erotic and sensual”

“I quite agree.”

The two were lost in similar steamy thoughts. Summer Rose broke off the awkward pause.

“So you wanna help me water the plants?”

“Sure, they look thirsty today.”

Rhaine took the garden hose and gently sprayed Summer Rose’s myriad mix of flowers. He accidentally turned to Summer Rose when she was talking to him and sprayed her full blast in the chest.

Rhaine’s eyes popped out of his head. He could not believe he just did that! His boss of all people. And not just any boss, a very hot and dirty boss as well.

“Ms. Mayfield, I’m so sorry, I had no idea–“Rhaine stuttered in disbelief. He could not stop staring. Her thin tank top was now plastered to her ample tits. It showed off her naturally perfect round shape.

Summer Rose was feeling very calm, maybe a little too calm. Something in her suddenly snapped as though she could not control herself. The feeling of cold water running down her warm body was making her very horny. She grabbed the hose and started spraying him.

“You look very hot Rhaine, I’m just cooling you off.” Summer Rose winked at him.

Rhaine grinned. He took off his shirt. He was feeling very mischievous as well.

“Well then, in that case, make sure you get every inch of me,” Rhaine turned around so she could spray him down. He took off his shorts as well.

Summer Rose gaped at his almost nude body. His golden tan was beckoning her to touch him. She looked down and saw the sizable package he was sporting in his shorts. He definitely had a hard on, which was great because she was in the mood to be screwed mindlessly.

Before she could react, Rhaine snatched her hose and sprayed her again but this time all over her abs and legs and back.

“Hey! That’s mine!”

“I think I missed a spot. Your turn, take it all off,”

Summer Rose picked up her wet tank top and slowly raised it over her head, then she tuzla escort pulled down her short white skirt to the ground.

Rhaine threw the hose away and squeezed her naked aroused tits. He rubbed her nipples, pulled them none too gently, and slowly bent his head to lick one. He sucked hard at her tits, massaging, kneading with his rough palms arousing Summer Rose to alarming levels. She pulled down her panties, ran her fingers along her pussy lips, and began rubbing her clit.

Rhaine continued playing with her voluptuous body that made for fucking. He could licked his way down her stomach. Quickly, he spread her legs, and ran his hot tongue against her clit. He brushed his face against her warm wetness, tasting her juices, making her squeal in delight. Summer Rose pushed his face against her pussy even harder. He was making her so hot so soon! Rhaine inserted two fingers inside her while still sucking in rhythmic circles against her sweet spot.

“Oooo God, don’t stop!” she pleaded helplessly as Rhaine’s hungry tongue lapped at her juices.

“You taste delicious…so sweet.. can’t get enough” Rhaine continued his onslaught against her quivering tight flesh.

He then got up, turned Summer Rose around and had her on all fours. He got up behind her, and aimed his hard 8 in cock inside her. He easily slid in, she gyrated against him, pushing her ass back and forth against his pelvis. Rhaine closed his eyes, he spanked her cheeks as he fucked her from behind. Summer Rose could not stop moaning out loud, begging him to keep fucking her tight pussy.

“Damn it Rhaine, fuck me harder!,” she screamed out loud as he complied eagerly.

“Woman, you’re so fucking hot,” Rhaine closed his eyes as her pussy squeezed his cock tightly.

Rhaine grabbed her hips and pummeled his cock inside back and forth rapidly. He reached under and squeezed her nipples hard. Summer Rose felt her juices running down her thighs as Rhaine kept sliding deeply inside her.

“Yessss… fuuuck me…Oh god.. I’m cumming!…”

Rhaine switched positions and turned her on her back. He lifted her legs up as he continued to move furiously inside her. He felt her tighten around his cock making him see stars. He pulled out before he came on the ground. They both collapsed on the thick green grass.

Summer Rose spoke first.

“I have a lot of work for you to do at the store tomorrow. Don’t try anything funny,”SummerRose warned.

“Of course not Ms. Mayfield. I’m always on my best behavior,” Rhaine winked conspiratorially.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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