Naughty Bridal Party Pt. 03

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Malena smiled inwardly as she recalled the strip club gang bang. Once she had accepted the fact that it was going to happen, she had really gotten into it. Her rationalization, that she wasn’t married yet, had polished off any rough edges. Cock after cock had plundered her hot fuckholes, and she reveled in the wantonness as thick loads of hot spunk were blasted into every hole she had. And the fact that she got to watch her girlfriends in action, all of them getting fucked in many combinations, over and over, had just added fuel to her sizzling lust.

She had to stifle a giggle as she recalled that Sunday, god, her pussy and her ass-hole were still rubbed red and raw, throbbing, she wondered just how many cocks had blown their loads inside her. As much as her well-used body was feeling the after-effects, she had seen Audrey moving very gingerly that Sunday, god, a gang bang anal deflowering, what a way to get that cherry plucked. Audrey’s asshole must have been smarting like hell.

She thought about last night, the traditional bride-to-be and groom not spending the night together. Unlike the wild weekend, the girls spent a quiet night, sipping a bit of wine, and Linda had brought over a DVD for them to watch. It was called ”No Man’s land,” and it was wall-to-wall lesbian sex, hot porn actresses in many combinations, with lots of pleasure toys.

Malena had felt the growing heat between her thighs, even though she wasn’t too interested in swinging that way again. A 6-month lesbian relationship when she was 18 with a girlfriend in high school, was the extent of her foray into lesbianism. The action on the screen, however, was pretty damn intense, and it looked like the actresses were a lot more into it than just going through the motions.

When the movie ended, Audrey said, “Hey Malena, did you get any extra hot undies for the wedding night?”

When Malena had said that she had, her girlfriends asked her to model them, and in her bedroom, she stripped naked. Her nipples were hard and pursed tight, her pussy was moist, and she realized how much the movie had warmed her up. She took her wedding night finery and slipped them on, sizing up her appearance in her full-length mirror. She had gone traditional, a snow-white lacy demi-bra, matching snow white garter belt and stockings, and snow-white crotchless panties. They were shaped like a butterfly with its wings open, two lacy straps ran under, and attached to the back of the panties, tied up in a lacy ruffle. Her pussy was exposed most eagerly. Mmm, this will make her husband go wild. She smiled, she had bought 4 more of them, in purple, pink, black, and red, to keep him perked up during the honeymoon. She wanted him to fuck her every night and every morning, she wanted to be walking bowlegged when they got home.

She shimmied out to the living room and saw the eyes lock onto her body.

Michelle cooed, “Holy shit, that’s hot!”

Audrey said, “Damn Malena, hubby won’t be able to keep his hands off your hot body!”

Linda said softly, “Oh yeah, wow, what an effect.”

She saw her girlfriends stand up, and move closer. She saw their eyes taking in her stiff, pursed nipples, which the demi bra had put nicely on display, and she was feeling prickles of need, she was close to creaming herself. escort kocaeli They formed a circle around her, bodies just gently sandwiching hers.

Linda purred, “Mmmm, last night of freedom, let’s make it a night to remember. Let us take away your pre-wedding jitters Malena, would you let us do that baby?”

Malena, feeling a growing need, nodded and cooed, “Take me.”

She watched, spellbound, as her girlfriends stripped, clothes now just discarded piles on the floor. She felt soft fingers unclasping her bra and siding it gently off her body. She was now almost completely naked, wearing just her snow-white butterfly panties. Realizing that she was about to be taken while wearing part of her wedding day undies was making her lust jump up. Malena saw Linda’s face, she licked her lips as she saw Linda’s pink lips moving towards hers, the soft press, growing more insistent, and Linda’s tongue licking at her lips, coaxing them to open, she moaned and her mouth opened fully, her tongue came out to play, and the tongue filled swirls of passion really started her lust coursing. She felt a soft, hot mouth attaching to her nipple, and a body was kneeling between her legs, and she moaned again as she felt a hot, wet mouth kissing at her bare, slick pussy lips, oh god that felt so good, and she felt her lips gently parted, and a hot, agile tongue quickly slid in and started wriggling insistently around her tunnel.

Her body was becoming a burning center of sexual lust, she moaned into the mouth kissing hers, one hand came up, cradling the head that was going back and forth over the throbbing tits, and her other hand cradling the head between her legs. She felt her clit, rock hard, oh fuck, a pair of wet lips surrounded it, and a wet tongue was stroking at it in exactly the way that moved her most. She was going to cum, her girlfriends were going to make her cum zipped through her mind, and she started squealing with pleasure as her pussy let go, delivering a rush of juices, her body shaking in the throes of orgasm.

She was urged to lay down, and she watched her girlfriends hover above her. She saw Michelle, her mouth and chin were wet, and she realized who had just licked her pussy.

Audrey cooed, “My turn now.”

Malena quickly spread her legs and watched with lust glazed eyes as Audrey’s head moved between her legs, and ohhh the pleasure as her wet, hot tongue started to dote on her tingling pussy lips, swiping up and down then burrowing in between. She felt Linda’s mouth slide around her right nipple, and Michelle’s face floated into view and came in to share tongue-filled swirls of passion. Malena could taste her own pussy from the juices that had flooded Michelle’s face, and that knowledge made her moan into Michelle’s mouth as her body once more raced for that climax. She felt the tingling moving up into her womb, and with Audrey sucking on her clit, finger banging her pussy, and Linda’s mouth now sucking and nipping gently at her left nipple, she felt the bursting pleasure as her pussy started to spasm against the plunging fingers, and she pulled her mouth free of Michelle’s and shrieked with pleasure as she crested again, mmmm, the waves of pleasure taking her, ohhh that felt so good.

They switched again, and Linda eagerly went down on Malena, gölcük escort while Michelle sucked and licked her nipples, and Malena tasted her pussy again as Audrey was kissing her. It took only a couple of minutes as Malena felt the returning fire of orgasm moving in, and with a burst of pleasure, she was again brought to a noisy, gushing release, as her girlfriends worked her over.

“Rest a bit, Malena, we’ll be right back”, Audrey cooed.

Malena did so, closing her eyes and drifting on the pillow-soft clouds of afterglow. Mmmm, she had been brought off three times, her girlfriends had been so expert at bringing her up, and wringing every spasm of orgasm from her.

Linda said softly, “Malena.”

She opened her eyes, saw her girlfriends, and did a double-take. All three of them had 10-inch strap-on dildos rising, pink for Linda, black for Michelle, and emerald green for Michelle.

“Now, before you get married, I think it’s only right that we get a piece of your ass baby. We’ve been wanting to do this a long time.”

Michelle and Audrey nodded in agreement, they’d been wanting to get Malena into a 4-way lesbian scene. They adored lesbian loving, they got into some heavy three-way action as much as possible. The only thing missing was Malena, and they had set it up for tonight to make it happen. Linda had brought over her hottest lesbian porn video, and they had slipped a little something into Malena’s glass of wine, to help her get loosened up. They smiled at her as she stared at the hard dildos, their ‘bride busters’ were gonna take care of the bride’s wedding jitters.

“Linda, you get to start, spread your legs Malena, and let us make you feel so good.”

Malena loosened up to the point that she was eager for it, did as she was told, and Linda got between the spread, notched her dildo against Malena’s wet heat, and in one hard thrust, buried it. Malena let out a shriek as she was impaled, grunting as the dildo head thumped against the fluttering back wall of her cervix.

Linda felt Malena’s legs wrap around her, she heard Malena gasp, “More, oh yes baby, fuck me more.” Fired up, Linda proceeded to do just that, shafting the bride to be with deep plunges, intent on driving her to climax. Malena had her fingers down where they were joined, finding her rock hard, twitching clit, her fingers started polishing her orgasm trigger, and it didn’t take long before Malena’s shriek of climax sounded, as she went over.

When Linda pulled out, Michelle had her black 10 inches ready, and Linda stripped off her dildo and squatted over Malena’s face.

“Mmmm, fucking your sweet cunt made me so horny, lick my pussy Malena, make me cum all over your face while Michelle gives you another ‘bride buster’ ride!”

Malena stared up as Linda’s beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing her best friend’s sweet pussy lips that close and it ramped up her arousal to a fever pitch. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. The heat from between Linda’s legs warmed Malena’s face. She smelled the scent of Linda’s arousal, hot and musky, and it made her dizzy with desire. Everything was dewy wet. I’m going to eat my best friend’s pussy ran through her mind, just the thought made her izmit sınırsız escort hot and eager. She ran her finger along Linda’s pink trail, hearing her soft moan as her finger slid inside her hot tunnel. Her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Linda’s luscious pink inner lips, then burrowing inside.

Michelle had taken position, she had the tip of her dildo lightly touching Malena’s pussy lips. She heard Linda say “Now” and then the jarring thrust as Malena took on the next dildo, as Michelle powered in her 10-inch bride buster, another thumping against her cervical wall, she grunted into the hot wet cunt she was licking. Now that Malena had a full-on taste of Linda’s musky sap, she couldn’t stop. Malena pulled Linda’s pussy tight against her face, and she ate her best friend ravenously, enjoying Linda’s moans of pleasure.

Michelle was fired up, and she really laid the dildo to Malena’s gushing heat, it looked like Linda was getting a most enjoyable lick job.

“Oh yes baby, yes, there, right there, lick me, make me cum!”

Knowing that she was going to get a rush of cum all over her face made Malena red hot, she was grunting into Linda’s wet, hot pussy perched over her mouth, as Michelle’s 10 inches powered into her throbbing heat, the dildo spreading her open again and again. Her clit stood up, erect and throbbing with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging black dildo. Malena was moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked her towards orgasm.

Linda started to rotate her cunt back and forth, her body stiffened, growling out “I’m cumming, OH MY GOD!”

Malena felt a warm rush of Linda’s girl cum being dumped all over her face, that did it, and she felt her cunt throbbing crazily, tightening down on the plunging dildo. She was crying out into the soupy folds of Linda’s pussy, humping her hips up at the dildo, letting the orgasm grab her and shake her in a mad rush of pleasure.

Linda slid down from Malena’s face, a dreamy expression on her face, and Malena watched with excited eyes as Audrey stepped up, and displayed her emerald green bride buster.

“My turn now.”

She watched Audrey getting into position, as Michelle stripped off her dildo, and took position over Malena’s face.

“Fucking you got me so hot baby, now, lick me, show me how much you love getting a lesbian fuck and suck party.”

Malena eagerly pulled Michelle’s pussy in tight, her lust smell made Malena’s body tingle, drops of her juices were dripping, Malena opened her mouth to catch them, then let her tongue go to work, eager for a full-on taste.

Michelle grunted “Now,” and Audrey snapped her hips forward, Malena was once again skewered as Audrey’s 10-inch bride buster drove in, thumping against her cervix, Malena’s cries of pleasure muffled by the soupy wetness.

Michelle purred, “Mmmm, oh yes baby, lick my pussy, feels so good.”

Malena eagerly went at her, Michelle was wildly excited, and it took only a minute or two before Michelle was crying out in climax, dumping another juicy load all over Malena’s face, driving Malena to orgasm. When Michelle slid off Malena’s face, Audrey stripped off her dildo, and when she was perched in the same position, Malena’s mouth brought Audrey to a noisy, gushing release, Malena had gotten 3 very wet facials, and she loved it.

She was surrounded by 3 warm bodies, the bodies of her friends, now lovers. Even though she was going to be married, she had a feeling that she would want to be a part of her girlfriend’s lesbian love sessions.

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