Need to Get Clean

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He heard the water sloshing in the bathroom as he walked past, heading to bed. She was in there soaking in the warm water, allowing the liquid to flow and run over her barely covered breast. He knew already her nipples would be hard and willing for his touch. The thought had never occurred to him before this moment of what it would feel like to run his hands over her hard nipples while the water caressed them, making them feel soft and slick at the same time. This urged him back towards the bathroom to peek in to see what he could see.

The site that met him when he opened the door was her laying on her back slightly submerged in the water. Her large breast could be clearly seen poking out of the water like two large island waiting for a passerby to pay attention to them. Like he thought her nipples were hard and erect, just waiting to have him to gently rub and squeeze them. Her eyes were closed, enjoying the warmth. She had yet to notice that he had come into the bathroom. This was the perfect opportunity to play.

She was enjoying the warm water enveloping her body. The water was serving as a peaceful oasis that she could close her eyes and enjoy the moment. The next thing she knew there was a hand gently massaging her breasts. She hadn’t heard him come in and after giving a jump that caused him to slightly pull on her aching nipple. She let out a squeak being startled but also for the pleasure the light tug produced. She opened her eyes to see him kneeling next to the tub. Her breathing was starting to catch in her throat due to the sheer pleasure that was being caused by his hands. He lightly squeezed and massaged her breasts, paying special attention to the raised nubs.

A naughty thought crossed her mind, but could she really ask what she was thinking. She took a chance and before she could think twice she opened her mouth and spoke.

“That feels so good, but you know I’ve been such a dirty girl and have had trouble getting clean.” She said.

He seemed to be a little taken back by what she had just stated. She was starting to think that allowing her mouth to run without thinking was a bad idea. He however bounced back quickly.

“Oh, really. Well we must not allow you to stay so dirty. Let me help you with that.”

He grabbed the bar of soap. If she is so dirty than we must make her clean. The thought of using the soap on her body was an interesting idea. The ability to run his hands up and down her body, caressing, massaging and even playing with all in the name of getting “clean” was something that he could not pass up. He grabbed the bar of soap and start to make a lather in his hands.

She started to rise a bit out of the water causing her breast to fall a bit but yet you could see more of them and the water wouldn’t wash the soap away. He started to apply the lather of soap to her breasts. The feel of her soft skin and then the soap allowing his hands to move even better across them. Her breathing was starting to hitch again. This was a music to his eyes. He was going to make her squirm if not scream her pleasure just by his hands. He started to massage one breast anadolu yakası escort and flicking her nipple lightly back and forth while his other hand started to wander south. If he could make her breath heavy and even could possibly moan from just paying attention to her breasts what would she do if he could lightly play with her pussy and clit.

She was loving that he didn’t back away when she stated that she was a dirty girl. She was even more amazed and even more turned on when he started to massage the soap into her breast and the feeling he was bringing out when he slid across her aching nipples. She wanted to feel more, she wanted to curl up into his hands and let them work the wonderful magic that they were. She started to pant from the waves of pleasure that was washing over her. He was lightly squeezing and flicking her nipples. The was loving how her breasts were starting to feel even more full, and heavy. It was causing her to feel like her skin was on fire and that the water was starting to heat back up. She started to feel his hand slowly move farther south. The need to have him touch her, to caress her. She didn’t just want him to play with her pussy but to rub her clit the way only he could do. She wanted that release. Not only an orgasm but to just have him touch there. It was pulsating with her need for his touch.

He was almost there, he slowly moved over her mound and found her body automatically arch to greet his hand. He knew he was causing her mind to swim by his attention to her breasts. Now was the time to send her over the edge. He started out by slowly easing his fingers next to her swollen clit. He lightly slid his fingers from side to side squishing her clit against her other pussy lip. The instant moan that escaped her lips he knew he had her. By now his cock was hard and swollen. He was greatly enjoying himself seeing her body slick by the water and the soft feel of her skin under his hands. However, he would not make it for long if he cannot get her to cum for him.

She was being driven crazy by his hands. He was a master of causing her to tremble just by caressing her tits but to put pressure on her clit by squishing it between his thumb and her pussy lip was just how she liked it. It caused her to start to moan and pant. She even was starting to squirm to the point that the water was starting to slosh around a bit. She was going to come and she was enjoying the build of pressure. It took no time before colors exploded behind her eyes and her body shook with her release. She was coming so hard that her body rocked against his finger by its own will. He continued to flick her nipples as her body started to come down. Even though she just came she wanted more.

After she stopped coming he pulled her up out of the tub. He could barely contain himself and wanted nothing more than to bury himself into her hot flesh and feel her body pulsate around him. He helped her towel off while taking advantage of her mouth and letting his hands roam the rest of her body. He kneaded her ass while she tongue fucked him. He knew she ataşehir escort was just getting started and that she would be wanting to be fucked. He however, wanted more than that from her. He slowly started to lead her to the bedroom by pulling her with in her towel. She clawed at his body and groped his stiff cock through his pants. She would have taken him right there in the middle of the bathroom if he let her.

Once in the room she realized that she was no longer in the bathroom. She helped his to shed his clothing. What she wanted more than anything was to taste his cock in her mouth and to hear him moan like he made her. Once his pants were off she took the advantage to drop to her knees. She took his large member into her mouth. It was hot and pulsating from having watched her orgasm. She took her time moving her mouth up and down his shaft. She could hear his breath catch and knew she was doing good. She then tightened her mouth round him cock so it would be a tighter feel for him and started to dart her tongue back and forth across the large line that runs up the bottom of him penis. She knew this was a sweet spot for him and planned to take advantage of it. She also started to feel her pussy get wet by this action alone too. She felt empowered that she was making him moan and it caused her body to respond in delight. She started to softly moan while taking as much of him into her mouth as possible.

She was making it hard to stand. She had ways with her mouth that made his knees buckle if given the chance. However, he wouldn’t last much longer. He felt the waves of his climax crest over him. He grabbed her head and started to move it faster and faster to help him over that edge. She started to moan with his actions, this was the last straw that he could take. He came in her mouth, she kept up the pace, milking his cum up in her action. He thought by coming that he would be weak and be ready to collapse but he wanted more. Now with the edge taken off he was ready to really make her moan.

He pulled her from her knees and moved her towards the bed. He wanted her know and he knew she there with him. He took one breast in one hand and stared to massage it while he backed her onto the bed. He started her off by laying her down and positioning himself above her opening, lightly rubbing the head of his cock against her lips. He could tell she was ready for him from the amount of moisture that she was creating just by giving him head. He thrust himself inside her waiting pussy, loving the feeling of her as she encased his cock. He knew what she wanted and was prepared to give her just that.

The feeling of being full to the brim with a hot, pulsing rod was something she could never get enough of. It was something that she craved next to being fucked hard. She wanted more though. She wanted to be fuck hard and fast. She wanted to have his cock rammed into her wanting body to the point that she could feel him hit her cervix. This was what she was craving and even was demanding of his body. She started to rock into him as he thrust. He took this as a sign that she ümraniye escort wanted more and started to rise her legs. He pinned her legs up against her abdomen to where he had a better access to her pussy and it even made it tighter for him. She herself was getting what she wanted. His hard cock was pounding against her cervix and rubbing against her g spot. She was unable to even catch her breath between each wave of pleasure this position produced. She brought her own hands up to catch her bouncing breasts and started to squeeze them and even rub her aching nipples. This cause such a wave of pleasure that she was almost dizzy from it. Before she knew it she was coming again. The colors that exploded behind her closed eyes were so intense that it made her head throb. She loudly voiced her pleasure and what he was going through. The only thing that still registered to her was that she wanted more. She wanted to be dirty and this passion just promised that.

He could hear her coming again. He loved to hear her breath come in gasps and to hear her moan but to know that he could make her body explode with passion drove him on. She loved it hard and fast. The deeper he could get the better. This position was difficult though because it made her body so tight that he could explode easily this way and defeat what he wanted. He wanted her to scream and she had only just gotten a little loud. He asked her what she wanted to do more that this position. She was barely able to answer the question but he finally got her to say that she wanted doggy. With this position he could gain better control and have a little fun with it as well.

She was finally able to tell him that she wanted doggy. With doggy she could be fuck so hard that is make her body feel like it was splitting in two. He had her flip over and grab the head board with one hand. In the other he had given her a toy to use with the play. It her vibrating egg and she was to rub her clit with his while he fucked her. She was more than willing to bring in the toy. With the addition to him ramming away and feeding the need she had the toy would make it even more explosive. He then positioned himself behind her and quickly thrust his cock into her dripping pussy.

She had told him that she was a dirty girl and she was going to prove that to him. As he started to fuck her slowly, he asked questions of her. He asked her if she was his dirty girl and if she like what he was doing. He asked if she wanted to be fucked hard. With this statement he started to pound into her body with all the force he could muster. He grabbed a hold of her shoulders to give him the leverage of her body staying tight with his. This gained him a louder moan from her. This drove him on. He released one shoulder and snaked his arm around to grab a hold of one of her swinging breasts. He massaged and squeezed it a bit before he started to repeatedly flick her hard nub of a nipple. With the combination of the attention he was giving her nipple, the toy and him pounding into her she exploded right in from of him. She let out a loud scream as she came hard. Her body started to pulse and squeeze round his cock to where he couldn’t contain his own orgasm either. He let his own release wash over him as he pumped into her wanting pussy. He filled her to the point that she was leaking out even. She slumped over panting from the force of her release while he rolled ways trying to catch his own breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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