Nervous Reunion Ch. 02

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As they walked across the lobby to the elevator, she wondered why they hadn’t stopped at the front desk. “He must have already had a room,” she thought. Now why would he have had a room this close to the bar? Unless…

She fidgeted with her purse as they waited for the elevator to arrive. A million thoughts screamed through her head. But his warm fingers intertwined with hers made all those insecurities float off into the distance.

“The only reason I came here was in the hopes of seeing you, Julie,” he whispered.

She always was a sucker for hot breath and soft words in her ear.Oh, that warm, no, make thathot breath. The doors opened, gently snapping her back to reality. She felt a little silly as she wobbled into the elevator. “Legs, don’t fail me now,” she thought with a chuckle. “At least, not yet.”

It was just her luck that the elevator had other passengers – an elderly couple and a young woman. He quickly pushed the button and ushered her into the rear of the elevator. After the young woman got off on the second floor, Julie asked, “What floor do we get off on?” A quick flash of his devilish smile, and it was all she could do to stifle a giggle.

As they rode up, his hand dropped to Julie’s hem. She quickly brushed him away with a not-so-serious stern look. After all, they were not more than five feet from a pair of complete strangers. His hand slowly swept across her cheekbone, and made it’s way back down. “Oh, well. I might as well let all my inhibitions go,” she said silently to herself. His finger found its way under her dress, softly brushing her thigh. “Mmm.” She knew she made some audible sound but wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed. He continued, moving his finger along the back of her leg, tracing a line along her cheek. She kept her eyes closed, not wanting this to end yet hoping for more. Somewhere deep in the back recesses of her mind Julie knew she should have cared about the other couple, but she just kept biting her lip. His finger kept going and found it’s way along her thong, where it kept rubbing back and forth. She felt a slight dribble along her inner thigh, her hips softly bucking in rhythm.

DING! The doors opened. He grabbed her hand and led her off the elevator. She was completely flushed. As the doors closed she glanced back. The old woman gave her a wry smile.

“Oh, my God!” She whispered, “Were they watching the whole time?”

“Yes, and I know you knew it,” he replied. “In fact, I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it.” He was right. A secret part of her did enjoy the thought of being watched in that elevator.

As he turned the key, her head was spinning. His warm lips pressed against hers rendered her powerless. At this point she knew she wanted him; she knew there would be no going back.

As he ushered her into the suite, her eyes were drawn to the table. Two lit candlesticks framed a bottle of champagne on ice. “My goodness,” Julie thought. “He doesn’t miss a trick!” She felt his breath on her earlobe again.

“You don’t mind the romantic touch, do you?” he asked.

Julie turned, after savoring the heat emanating from him, and slowly passed her finger across his lips. “I couldn’t have imagined it any better.”

He leaned in to kiss her, and she could swear there really were sparks as their lips met. He had a knack for applying just enough pressure to drive her insane. She couldn’t resist raising her hand and gently running it over his cheek. She didn’t know why, but gently touching his skin, feeling his muscles move as he kissed her, it just felt so right. Her lips parted, allowing her tongue to gently flit past his. The heat was incredible. This certainly beat the hell out kissing in high school!

Julie had gotten so wrapped up in the kiss she failed to notice how deftly his hands worked their magic. One hand held the small of her back, which was probably why her legs hadn’t given out yet. The other traced small circles along her thigh. She lowered her hand onto his, and softly guided it between her legs. He resisted, only slightly. He wanted to move at his own pace. She knew this meant he was in complete control, and she loved every second of it.

His soft fingers danced along her legs. She wanted him to touch her there so badly, it was all she could do to not force him. But Julie knew the reward would be worth the wait, all ten years of it! She gasped as he found her thong again. It was already soaked through from the elevator ride. But this time he moved it aside. She thought she noticed a moan of approval from him when he slid his finger along her freshly shaven mound. But as out of it as she was, it could just as easily have come from her. She rocked her hips in rhythm with his finger, praying he wouldn’t be content to let it rest outside. But every time she almost had it pushed in, he pulled it back, letting it glide along her glistening skin.

“Well, two can play at this game,” thought Julie. She ran her hand down from his face to his chest, undoing a couple of buttons to dig her nails bakırköy escort in. This had the effect of quickening his pace, something she needed to remember. She savored every touch as her hand worked its way down his shirt. “Oh, God, I love a six-pack!” she gleefully thought as she continued to squirm. She could tell his jeans were tight as she returned his teasing by tracing circles across the bulge in his pants. She could tell he had more than enough and knew how to use it. She used strong, deep strokes to rub him outside his pants. And as she did this, she got her wish when he pushed his way knuckle-deep inside of her.

Julie groaned as her hips swayed in unison with his hand. He nimbly worked his fingers along and inside her crevice, giving her even more reason to moan. But just as soon as Julie really began to get into it, he suddenly pulled his fingers away. It took a few moments for her hips to stop bucking.

“What’s wrong?!” Julie exclaimed, wondering why he stopped.

“I have something else planned for us,” he said with a wicked grin.


His look made her wonder if she wanted to know the answer, but there was no way she was going to stop now. He noticed her concern.

“It’s nothing likethat. I promise,” he said with a quick flash of his sexy smile. His words drew her near to him. The combination of smells from his cologne, his body, and her juices, made her follow his commands without inhibition.

He led Julie to the bed where he sat down. He reached behind her and released the straps from her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, but somehow her other senses more than made up for it. She felt his fingertips dance along her body, hardly noticing her bare skin bristle against the rush of cool air. Normally, it was all she could do to suppress a giggle when someone touched her so softly. But those tiny kisses he planted across her tummy made her instantly forget the night air as she was overcome by unbelievable warmth.

His strong hands held her hips firmly, which was a good thing because her legs still hadn’t regained any strength. With his warm wet lips and hot breath concentrating on her, she barely noticed how sensitive her thigh was to his touch. Was there any place left on her body he could touch that wouldn’t set her afire? Julie grinned to herself as she contemplated how much fun that would be to find out.

She felt his lips inching ever so slightly higher. She bit her lip so hard it almost hurt when his nose gently nudged her breast. He continued kissing her ribs while keeping his nose in contact with her breast. The warmth of his breathing that was focused on the soft underside of her mounds must have made her nipples realize what they were missing, as they hardened and stood at attention. “They need some good lovin’, too,” Julie thought.

As his nose edged up below Julie’s left nipple, she felt a flick of his tongue. That tongue was on fire as it charted its way along her supple curves. And in a flash his lips enveloped her breast, sending more intense signals to her head than she could have possibly imagined. Julie’s head lurched back as she let out a loud gasp. Her sounds and body language only encouraged him to do more. He slowly drew his lips to a close, lingering for a moment to give her nipple a little extra pressure. He then pulled off only inches from her moistened skin and slowly blew it with cool air. Before she could move, his mouth had opened and had almost enveloped her breast again. Only this time he held his lips a fraction of an inch from her skin, allowing his hot breath to warm her again. As he did this, his tongue darted along the outline of her areola, softening her nipple once more. He finished with a delicate “tongue-lashing,” sending even more powerful shockwaves through her body.

After giving her pert breasts the ride of their lives, he inched his way up her body with more hot, wet kisses. He paused at her neck, opening his mouth wider to spread the heat. Both nostrils flared as he inhaled her perfumed air. By now he was standing, both hands leaving her hips to caress her neck and hair. She could not tell where her hair ended and his fingers began. With her neck arched back and her chest heaving, Julie was quickly succumbing to a passion she never believed existed.

He pulled back for a second, only to move to her ear. As he offered his lips and tongue, Julie was suffering from sensory overload. Although she could tell her ears must have been bright red from the heat. Somehow she had managed to remove his shirt and was clawing frantically at his chest. She just wanted to grab something to stop the spinning!

He stepped into her and lowered her gently onto the bed. His hands quickly and effortlessly removed her soaked thong. For a moment, he stood watching her quivering naked body, marveling at how wonderfully inviting she was. Gathering her remaining strength, Julie raised herself up and managed to remove his pants. Once freed from his constraints, he guided beşiktaş escort her back to the sheets. His lips immediately found their target again, breathing torridly into her ear. Julie’s squirming resumed. But being off her feet, she no longer needed to worry about wobbly knees.

Her arms encircled his strong back, or at least as much of it as she could get around. She especially loved the way his ripped muscles flexed under her fingers. The more she stroked his tanned back, the more they moved beneath his taut skin. But she felt her grasp slipping as his body wormed its way down. Her uncertainty gave way to comfort as his tongue traced wet designs down her chest. He stopped by each breast again to give it proper attention and “maintenance.” By the time he finished, she felt the first waves start to emanate from inside her.

His tongue began the journey down the trail, barely touching her. But his breath on the fine hairs that lined her tummy pushed her closer to the edge than any forceful contact could have. Nearing her pelvis, he shifted his weight, allowing Julie to wrap her fingers around his beautiful tresses. She wanted at least a little of the control back.

His nipples had hardened, and she could feel them brushing against her legs. Every touch was amplified tenfold. No, it had to be at least a hundred. Julie grimaced a bit when he passed over the stopping point. But he shifted her legs open and planted his lips inside her thigh. He could smell her aroma much more strongly, and it was all he could do to hold back from charging forward. She wanted this to be the most incredible night of their lives, and somehow she knew his patience held the key.

“Magical lips,” Julie thought, a soft moan escaping from her. She spread her arms out and clutched at the satin sheets. “Satin sheets?” she wondered. “God, he is amazing.” He had shifted her legs open wider and bent her knees, but his kisses still danced around more than she’s have liked. “Enough foreplay, I need that tongue!” Julie mused to herself as she shifted her hips to meet his mouth. But he would have none of it and moved away with each thrust.

His strong hands reached under her thighs and curled around the outside, grabbing her legs. He could sense that she was ready for it. His wetted his tongue one more time and slowly dragged it almost lazily toward her clit. By the time he had licked up one side and down the other, Julie had let out her first “Oh, God!” of the evening. Having satisfied her for the moment, he relaxed his grip and let his hands explore.

He ran his fingertips barely across her tummy. It was lucky for Julie that he could keep his attention in two places at once. He reached up slowly until he found the swell of her breasts, making sure to gently massage the soft flesh. He deliberately stayed away from the nipples, preferring to only assist with his fingers and not dominate. If he weren’t so skillful, Julie would have had a difficult time concentrating. But he knew the right combination of moves that complimented each other.

Meanwhile, his tongue had picked up some heat. A soulful combination of his saliva and her juices permitted him to effortlessly glide across her hood. He began with a long, hard pressure from the side that blended into the middle, causing her to raise her hips ever so slightly. He paused at the top to cover her with his mouth and suck for a moment. Here, Julie let out a short, high-pitched squeal until he released her. But before she had time to think, his tongue darted back and forth, barely touching her. A torrent of sensations spread through her body, but she could definitely feel the focal point about three inches from his tongue.

With her breathing quickened, Julie reached down and ran her hand along his face. She wanted to feel his muscles move as he pleasured her. Something about being able to touch him heightened the experience even more (if that were possible). He continued his gentle sucking and licking, providing the ultimate in TLC to a part of her that so desperately wanted it…no,needed it!

Julie recognized the familiar build-up, but it had never felt this intense. Her leg muscles began to flex in anticipation. He sensed it too, and kept a steady pace, not wanting to distract her. But his hands did reach up to her nipples, finally offering the slightest nudge with a gentle squeeze. “Oh, God! Don’t stop!” Julie cried out, beads of sweat running down her cheek. She could hear his muffled moans of pleasure, which put her another step closer to total ecstasy.

His mouth became more forceful against her quivering mound. By now his tongue had been darting in and out of her. He had to quicken his pace to keep up with the movement of her hips, which were wildly bucking. He tried to focus his attention just under her hood, but with her moving so madly, it was all he could do to keep his tongue steady and let her direct the action. The moans and squeals were louder and more frequent. Julie lost track of all beylikdüzü escort her senses, as though they were balled into one that she could not describe. She went closer to the edge. She could taste the warmth welling up inside her, just asking to burst free. Until….

Julie could not even tell what she was saying. All she knew was the telltale tingle that left her body completely numb and drained of any sensation, save for the overwhelming glow that permeated her. She was oozing that glow. It took Julie a few moments to realize he was now beside her. Once she had regained her senses – or at least the ones she had left – she saw that devilish smile. He had done extremely well, and he knew it. She absolutely loved that sexy confidence. He reached his arm around her and leaned in for a kiss. She could still taste her own juices on his tongue, and it drove her mad. Julie knew the night was only beginning, and with a start like that, her mind was now open to a new horizon.

They lay there for a few moments while Julie regained her senses. He continued to offer her small, attentive kisses along her neck and shoulders. She knew she had just received the best oral sex of her life and had some work ahead of her if she even wanted to come close to reciprocating. Julie reached out and playfully stroked his skin. Her fingers fluttered from his chest to his stomach. She wanted to feel his abs again to make sure they were real. He giggled with her light touch.

“I didn’t realize you were ticklish,” Julie said.

“Shh, it’ll be our secret,” he replied.

“Well maybe I can help you overcome it,” she playfully laughed. With that, Julie shoved his shoulder back, and in one swift move hopped on top of him. She spread his arms out and held him against the sheets. Her lips parted, dropping to meet his. She mischievously held his arms down, allowing him to struggle against her. She wanted control for this part of the festivities.

He offered a lighthearted struggle while Julie’s tongue probed his. She felt him standing stiff against her, and the temptation to slide just a little further back and lubricate him with her juices was so tempting. Julie couldn’t help but grind her hips against his. Momentarily, she resisted the urge to move back and instead focused on the burning sensation between their mouths. Reluctantly, Julie pulled away from the kiss for fear of passing out. She took a deep breath and resumed kissing him. But as she lowered her mouth once again, she dodged his lips and went for the cheek.

She dragged a long, wet kiss across his jaw, drinking in his smooth muscular features. As she did this, she nudged her hips slightly back causing his member to bend down. As her lips found their way to his earlobe, she made sure to lightly brush her erect nipples against his chest. She rose up slightly, and so did he, hoping to keep contact with her breasts. “I’ve got him right where I want him,” she thought.

Julie made sure to savor the next moment, sliding her hips back even further. She felt his rigid shaft make its first contact with her moistened patch of skin. But as his head met her opening, Julie continued to slide past. At that point, both of them wanted her to reverse direction and take him in with one thrust, but Julie remembered patience was the key. His member now slicked with her fluids, he let out a groan.

Her lips found their way onto his chest, returning the favors he had so graciously given her. A little bit of teeth on his nipple, and he started to squirm. “So he likes a little rough play? Interesting,” she mused. With her tongue properly wetted she slid down his body, delicately outlining the ridges of his abdomen. She was also delighting in the feel of his penis as it ran along her tummy, still retaining the now sticky juices she had left on it. Julie shifted her weight to the side, letting him bounce free. She teased with her tongue, never actually touching his shaft, but merely flicking gently along his shaven skin. With her hands clutching his hips, she knew the anticipation was killing him, and her as well.

Julie slowly crept along his groin with the tip of her tongue. She sensed the muscles in his legs begin to constrict when her tongue worked its way to his sac. The way his balls slid around, it was almost like a game, one she knew would land a winner every time. She shifted her tongue to the soft skin below his sac and enjoyed his wriggling before moving up once more. Her nose nudged up against his pole, causing him to flex involuntarily. It was all she could do to hold back and not take him into her mouth. There was something about the aesthetics of his penis that drew her eyes. But the drool on her chin quickly reminded her that she had more work to do.

Her lips then made first contact with him. Julie slowly worked her way up, pausing every inch to make sure he was well cared for all around. Nearing his head, her nostrils flared as she savored the aroma of his pre-cum. His scent, combined with the juices she had left on him, almost forced her into a frenzy. She finally placed her hand at the base and gave a playful squeeze, causing his head to swell. The ridge of his helmet tempted her, but she resisted and instead ran the tip of her tongue along his underside. This time, it was his hips bucking in anticipation.

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