New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 08

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My name is Rob and I am spending the week over here at Sequoia National Park with my two favorite ladies, Catherine and Denise. Catherine is fast becoming my steady girlfriend. She and I drove over here on Saturday from Pismo Beach. Denise is my sexy next-door neighbor with huge tits, 34GG to be exact. She joined us yesterday after her boss gave her the rest of the week off. The girls met for the very first time yesterday, although they know a little bit about each other from stories I’ve shared with them.

Catherine is also well endowed with her Double-D breasts and lovely crimson red nipples. I guess I just have a boob fetish. Catherine and I have been sharing many orgasms since we arrived. We have made love outdoors at the National Park and here in the camp showers, not to mention my queen size bed. We have a pact to remain naked while we are inside the trailer. Needless to say, our libidos have been in high gear since we’ve been here. Denise’s arrival yesterday kicked them up a notch. Frankly, I’m worn out already.

I thought I packed enough food for the week, but with the addition of Denise, provisions are running low. I suggest we head into Three Rivers for a morning grocery run. Catherine and Denise decline the invitation. They would like some alone time to get to know each other a little more. I realize it’s in my best interest to go with their request, especially if it leads to another wild threesome like we shared yesterday. I get up and dress for the drive into town. The girls move together and embrace.

I tell them not to get too rambunctious while I’m gone. We share kisses all around before I head out the door.

Catherine and Denise lay together on the bed for ten more minutes.

“Hey Denise, I’m thirsty. Do you want some orange juice?”

“Yes please.”

Catherine gets up from the bed and grabs some OJ from the refrigerator. She pours two glasses and walks back to the bed, handing one glass to Denise. She spots Rob’s red diary laying on the table.

“Looks like Rob left his diary out on the table. Do you want to look through it?”

Denise tells Catherine to bring it over to the bed, so they can read some of the stories together. They sit up with the headboard supporting their backs. They sip orange juice as they turn the pages. Catherine holds the book and Denise turns the pages as they read some of the entries.

Denise is amazed, “Wow, I had no idea Rob writes all about his escapades with the ladies. He has told me about some of his adventures, but I didn’t know he put them on paper. Look at some of the titles, The Reunion, Traveling with Charlene, Walking for a Healthy Life. Catherine did you know he kept this diary?”

“I only found out about his diary this week. But I know he’s been publishing his stories on for a couple of years. I’ve been reading them for several months. They’re so erotic. Actually, Walking for a Healthy Life is about Rob and me. It’s about how we met and some of our exploits. The stories are explicit. I usually have my vibrator with me and end up masturbating.”

Denise is surprised. “Oh, my gawd, I had no idea. I think we should log on together and then we can take care of each other when we get horny.”

Catherine agrees, “I told you earlier that one of his series is about you, it’s title is Changes in the Neighborhood. I haven’t read every chapter yet, but I agree, we should read them together.”

Catherine and Denise continue flipping pages as they finish their orange juice. Catherine puts the empty cups on the nightstand. She feels her pussy getting wetter the more she reads.

“Geez Denise, I’m horny again and my pussy is so hot. Will you eat my pussy while I read some of these stories out loud?”

“Of course, I will. Let me finish what I started in the shower. But first, I have a present for you. Hand me my yellow box.”

Catherine hands Rob’s diary to Denise and grabs the yellow box from the nightstand. Denise opens the top and pulls out a small box about six inches long.

Denise hands the gift to Catherine, “Surprise, I bought you a butt plug. It’s emerald green. Rob said your favorite color is green. Julie and I have the exact same plug, except mine is purple and hers is red.”

“Oh, gawd Denise, I love it. Now you really do have to eat my pussy. Where did you get it?”

“I bought it at the adult shop in Grover Beach. Julie took me there a few weeks ago and we bought ours, along with the strap-on in the yellow toy box. When Rob said I could come over to Sequoia, I stopped by the store on my way over and bought it.”

“That’s one of my favorite stores, my neighbor, Lacy, and I go there every so often. Rob even took me there one night after a walk and I picked out my strap-on. Lacy and I use it a lot.”

Catherine opens the box and inspects the emerald green butt plug. She runs her finger along the side and touches the round end. She leans over to Denise and esenyurt escort gives her a loving kiss.

“I just love it. It’s so smooth.”

“I’ll eat your pussy, but only after I put the plug in your ass.”

Catherine doesn’t have to be asked twice. She hands the butt plug back to Denise and turns over, getting on all fours. Denise gets some lube from her yellow toy box and pours a little bit on the plug and along Catherine’s rear crease. Catherine leans down and reaches around to spread her mature ass cheeks. Her tight O-ring comes into view. Denise spreads the lube along her crease and pushes her index finger deep into Catherine’s anal passage. She moves her finger in and out, preparing Catherine for the plug. She lines the plug with Catherine’s sphincter and pushes it in. Catherine grunts as the plug spreads her puckered bunghole before it slides into place. Denise taps the emerald top to make sure it is properly placed. She slaps Catherine on her fleshy ass.

“OK Sweetie, turn over and let me lick that tasty pussy.”

Catherine complies, turns over and spreads her legs. She picks up the red book and reads a few pages out loud. Denise lowers her head and licks Catherine’s wet slit from bottom to top. She gathers the juice that’s been forming for the past twenty minutes.

“You really are wet, I love your sweet cum and your clit is so hard already. Keep reading, I’m loving this.”

Catherine picks out random passages and reads them to her friend. She pushes her hips up and encourages Denise to suck her pink pearl. She squeezes her buns and feels the plug in her ass. It fills her rear end and adds to her sexual pleasure.

“Denise your tongue feels so good. Keep licking me, I’m so horny.”

Catherine flips to the back of the red diary and comes across a spreadsheet of names.

“OMG Denise, Rob has a spreadsheet listing all of his lady friends with information about them.”

Denise lifts her head, her lips shine with Catherine’s love juices. “You’re kidding. Really?”

“Really! It looks like it’s in order of how long he’s known them. You and I are both listed here. Wow, he has a lot of lady friends.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, tell me some of them.”

Denise resumes eating and licking Catherine. She drills her tongue deep between Catherine’s inner labia and laps up the wetness.

“I’ll start at the top. Let’s see, the first one is Jen. They met in 2002. She is 58 years old and has Double-D sized boobs. It says he never got to make love to her, he saw her through his backyard fence when she sunbathed in the nude. She has pubic hair shaped like a V on her mound, but otherwise her pussy is silky smooth with full outer lips and dark red labia that slightly protrudes from her slit. She has dark brown aureole three inches wide and thumb sized nipples. She masturbates with an eight-inch silver vibrator. Wow, he gets pretty specific.”

“Catherine, that’s his old neighbor. I bought her house. Geez, I wonder if he spied on me when I first moved in?”

Catherine knows the answer to the question, but remains mum. Denise sucks Catherine’s clit harder.

“OK, here’s the next one on the list. It’s Charlene, his co-worker. They met in 2005. I know about her, Rob told me all about their relationship. It’s all documented in the story Traveling with Charlene. She is 5″4′ with a thick body, blue eyes, auburn hair and large round 34 Double-D breasts. She has four-inch aureole the color of red raspberries with thumb size nipples. Goodness, her boobs must look just like mine. Rob sure has a type, doesn’t he?”

Denise lifts her head from between Catherine’s thighs, “Yeah, he likes big tits.”

Both ladies laugh as Catherine pushes Denise’s head back down to her cunt.

“It says she has a round tummy and a generous bubble-butt. She owns several vibrators, including one she nicknamed ‘Max’. She has nice pink labia, likes to be on top, loves to give blowjobs, anal play and 69. The side entry says she has a girlfriend named Leslie who waxes and eats her pussy. Wow, we need a waxer like Leslie. It’s ends with, ‘she likes my Fleshlight’.”

“Catherine, you are getting me so horny. I think we need to get out the strap-on. I’ll do you first and then you can do me. By the way, how’s the butt plug feel?”

“It feels divine. You have my pussy on fire, I’m positively dripping.”

Denise gets up from the bed and grabs her strap-on with the seven-inch cock from her yellow toy box. Catherine gets up, stands and leans over the bed. Cum drips down her thighs. She picks up the diary and keeps reading. Denise adjusts the buckles on the leather belt, pours lube onto the silicon penis and lines it up with Catherine’s gash. She prepares to plunge into Catherine’s pussy from behind.

“Gawd yes, Denise, fuck me with your hard cock. Give it to me good, make me cum.”

“I will, baby. Keep reading, tell me about the next lady.”

Catherine avrupa yakası escort continues reading, “It’s your friend, Julie. He met her at Sprouts, she is 36. Wow, that’s young. Rob writes that she has round D-cups with coral colored puffy nipples. She has a tight round ass, thick outer pussy lips and an inch-wide landing strip. She likes to be naked all the time, masturbates a lot and squirts. She loves to give blowjobs and can deep throat. She has a very tight pussy, likes anal sex, and girl on girl. Her favorite positions are on top and reverse cowgirl. She owns a 15-inch double headed dildo, butt plug and various vibrators.”

Denise holds onto Catherine’s hips as she drives the fake cock deep into Catherine. She uses short quick thrusts followed by slow deep pushing that touches Catherine’s cervix.

Denise quips, “Yep, that’s my pal Julie. She and I had a threesome with Rob last week. It was amazing. I sucked him off and then shared a mouthful of cum with her. She got a kick out of the snowball.”

Catherine grunts from time to time while reading the spreadsheet in the diary. Between the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy and the emerald butt plug lodged in her ass, she is completely full.

“Next up is Laura, who he met in 2013. She lives in Grover Beach. She is his favorite BBW fuck buddy. She’s 43, five foot two inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. She has enormous boobs that are round with some sag; wide, pale aureole with thumb-size nipples that she loves to have sucked. She is very adventurous and loves outdoor sex. Her favorite positions are on top and from the rear. She has a huge, beefy ass and likes him to cum on her ass. Rob gives her massages with lots of toe sucking. He shaves her pussy on a regular basis.”

Denise slides back and forth, splitting Catherine’s pink folds, “Toe sucking? Really?”

“Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Rob gives the best massages and yes, he has sucked my toes. It’s rather sexy. Keep fucking me please, my orgasm is building nicely.”

Catherine spreads her legs a little more giving Denise a nice view of her ass. Denise rubs and squeezes her mature flesh. Her ass cheeks are spread wide as Denise continues to fuck her new best friend. Denise taps the butt plug sending pleasure throughout Catherine’s loins.

“Here’s another entry. In 2013 he met Gloria who lives in Pismo Beach. She is 54 years old, a flower child who never wears underwear and likes massages. Gloria has large D-cup breasts which have some sag, coral colored puffy aureole and small pencil size nipples.

Denise has a steady rhythm going. “Rob sure gets descriptive.”

“I know, right? It says she has full outer lips, thick inner labia that are constantly wet and a dense, curly bush that covers her entire mound, lips and inner thighs. This reminds me of the lady who was camping next to us. She just left today, you just missed her. We caught her and her partner having sex in the National Park. Rob and I were spying from about 35 feet away. She has the hairiest cunny I’ve ever seen. I told Rob that she needs a good waxing. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Gloria. She likes anal sex and good old fashion missionary.”

Denise smiles, “A girl after my own heart.”

“Next on the list is the oldest lady he’s been with. Her name is Sandy and she is a 68 year old widow. They met in 2013 in Grover Beach. She has big saggy breasts with dark red aureole. Her pussy is sparsely covered with gray hair. She needs lots of lube for her eight-inch dildo. She adores hot baths, sitting on Rob’s face and mutual masturbation.”

Denise responds, “Good for her, being sexual at her age. I hope I’m that horny when I’m older.”

Catherine takes a deep breath as the dildo bottoms out in her pussy, “I’m sure you will be, Denise.”

“We move on to 2014. Work was going well, but he was looking for new hobbies. He took a massage therapy class and met a lady named Jane. Rob told me all about their encounter and relationship. Jane has a best friend named Gail. He had his second threesome with Jane and Gail. She is a third-grade teacher in Pismo Beach and part-time masseuse. Jane is 37 and started her massage business after they took the class together. She helped Rob buy his massage table. The entry says Jane has very large teardrop shaped boobs with rose colored nipples that are big as grapes. She loves giving blowjobs with lots of cum; she can deep throat and she likes to 69 with Gail. Her pussy is full and smooth, except for a thin landing strip on her mound. Gail is also a teacher with firm C-cup boobs and pink puffy aureole. She has a thin layer of blonde pubes cut in a narrow vee shape. She’s a tall, svelte blonde with a cute bubble butt. She loves fingers in her ass, wet orgasms and girl on girl sex.”

Denise is ready to send Catherine over the edge. She pulls back, anadolu yakası escort allowing the dildo to glide up and out of Catherine before she plunges back, causing Catherine to grunt once again. Denise takes charge with her strap-on and grabs Catherine’s ass. She begins a pattern of short shallow thrusts followed by quick deep strokes. Denise’s hips slap against Catherine’s backside as she fucks her friend for the first time. Denise’s tits sway back and forth with each thrust; her red nipples are hard as she enjoys plunging into her mate. Catherine’s juices cover the dildo.

“That’s enough reading for now. Put down the book and get ready to cum.”

Catherine throws the red diary to the side and buries her head in a pillow. Her ass is riding high. Denise pounds her pussy with the strap-on. Catherine’s breathing intensifies as her climax overwhelms her. She shakes her head side to side; her tits press into the mattress as her body convulses. Denise holds Catherine by the hips and drives the seven-inch dildo deep.

Catherine screams into the pillow with her ass still stuck in the air. Her pussy is filled with the hard silicone cock. Denise remains pushed against Catherine with her hands stroking Catherine’s back and ass and thighs. Denise provides a soothing massage as Catherine returns to earth. Several moments pass before Denise pulls back and withdraws the phallus from Catherine’s inner folds. She unbuckles the strap-on and removes it.

The silicon cock is covered in Catherine’s cum. Denise takes the first lick and then offers the cream covered dildo to Catherine, placing the tip at her mouth. She licks the shaft and tastes her cum. She cleans the entire length of the dildo and sucks it into her mouth. Denise finishes the cleanup.

“Wow Catherine, you have a lot of cum this morning.”

“I know, reading about all these ladies really has my juices flowing. I would love to spend time with every one of them.”

Catherine takes control and grabs Denise by the hips, planting a hard kiss on her lips. She runs her hand up to Denise’s right boob and massages the flesh. She tweaks her erect nipple.

“Thank you for that amazing orgasm. Do you want your butt plug before I use the strap-on?

Denise says yes and pulls the purple plug out of the toy box. She hands it to Catherine along with the tube of lube. Catherine directs Denise to bend over the bed. Catherine moves her hand along the ass crease in front of her and spreads the fleshy cheeks.

Catherine squeezes the tube and applies a handful of gel along Denise’s rear, concentrating a dollop on her tight sphincter. She presses her middle finger into Denise’s star and pushes down until her entire digit is fully surrounded by flesh. Catherine twists and pulls her finger to loosen the opening. She pulls her finger out and then surprises Denise by inserting two fingers into her anal passage. Catherine saws her fingers back and forth stimulating Denise and getting her juices flowing.

“Gawd I love it when my ass is full. I’m ready to be plugged.”

Catherine withdraws her fingers and slides the purple plug into Denise’s gaping hole. Her tight O-ring collapses around the stem of the butt plug ensuring a snug fit. Catherine continues to slide her fingers along Denise’s crevice and dips them lower to separate her hanging inner labia. She feels the wetness starting to form and is satisfied that Denise is ready for a good fucking.

Denise retrieves the red diary from the bed while Catherine steps into the strap-on and adjusts the belt.

“I’ll finish with the list while you slide that gorgeous cock in my pussy, my darling. Go slow at first, I’m still adjusting to my butt plug.”

Catherine complies. She uses her fingers to stimulate Denise and spread more lube around the pink flesh before applying a liberal amount on the dildo. Catherine lines up the seven-inch cock with Denise’s pink gash and slowly enters her cunt.

Denise begins reading from the red book as she feels her pussy accept the silicon cock. She spreads her legs to give Catherine more room play.

“Rob has several entries for 2015. He was traveling all around the Western states for work and met three ladies up in Idaho.”

Catherine spreads Denise’s ass cheeks and pushes hard, “I think that’s where he crashed that high school reunion.”

Denise continues reading, “I think you’re right. The first entry is a lady named Tess. She currently resides in Eagle Idaho, is 49 years old and has a Triple D-cup bust. She loves to go braless. Our boy does like the big tits. Her aureole are three inches wide, dark red with thumb-size nipples that stick out a half inch when erect. It sounds like her boobs look a lot like yours, Catherine.”

“Maybe a little, but I’m not quite a Triple-D. Go on, keep reading.”

“Tess is shaved, has puffy outer lips with visible thick inner labia and a large clit. She also has a nice wide ass. She likes to be on top and get it from behind with a finger in her ass. She can suck a good three to four inches of cock, enjoys a good snowball. She also eats pussy and generally loves girl on girl.”

Catherine fantasizes about what it would be like to meet Tess, meanwhile she pumps her seven-inch dildo into the puffy lips in front of her eyes.

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