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At last our new home is ready. But I cannot throw a party in this occasion because my husband, Pallab is not here. He has gone to Bangalore, another distant city of India for some official reasons. My woes became greater, because he has been held up there for some unknown technical reason for some time and it is Durga Puja time, the most famous festival time here. So I am feeling morose.

However, my sadness have not deterred me from dressing up for the festive occasion. In evening I dressed myself in a pink silk sari with a very deep cut blouse. To me sari is the most sexy dress. It is a 5 meter long stitch less sheet of cloth worn in different style. I always wear sari beneath my naval. It shows my naval button to its greatest glory. I know what are my assets. And I do not hesitate to exhibit those. Unless I do that what is the use of those assets. Similarly my blouse is so low cut that the back of it almost is non-existent and my front, though covered by my sari, shows glimpse of the cleavage of my boobs. It does ample justice to my 36c boobs, which I am proud of.

So attired in this type of sexy dress I went to the Puja pandal of our locality. It was not surprising that people, especially men are seeing me with lust. Some stares at me directly and some cast a shy glimpse towards me. I am pleased with myself. My feline, female body is like a fire which attracts the insects.

Suddenly someone called by my name. I at first cant locate anybody recognizable. I was a bit confused. Then I saw him. He is Robin, my friend Rupali’s husband. Robin is a “cool dude” type of a person about whom teenage girls might be mad. He regularly goes to gym. Moreover, he has behaved gently with me in previous occasion. Rupali is, however, one of friends from my college days. She is also attractive and in couple of time I also ate her pussy and she too reciprocated. But I don’t think Robin knows of our lesbian inkling.

Robin said, “Oh Ananya, what a surprise. You look really stunning and…….” I was curious to know why he stopped. And then pressed him to say the not said word. He hesitated and pronounced to my utter liking, “…..and sexy”.

I pretended that I istanbul escort couldn’t hear him.

Instead I said, “Robin, where’s Rupali?”

He answered that Rupali has gone Kolkata to her dad and mom.

I told, “You must be feeling lonely, isn’t it?”

Then I added Pallab is also not here. I noticed that a kind glow flashed in Robin’s eyes. But that’s only for a moment. Then he was O.K. I though why should I not invite him to see our new home? Then I pronounced it loudly and he agreed immediately, perhaps too quickly. But I never regret. Rather later I patted myself for my decision.

So here we are in front of our new house, a pride of us. I opened my front door. I can sense something touched my back, most probably Robin’s hand, for a fraction of a second. I was not sure whether it was intentional or just accidental. Anyway my cunt get twitched a bit. I was suspecting that something would happen between us. But I resolved to behave normally. I then invited him into my drawing room.

He stepped into our new house. It is a well furnished house. In the drawing room there is a large divan style sofa with lots of cushion spread all over the place. There’s a TV in the corner and a glass-top table where magazines were kept. Thick curtains hung from all the windows. Robin sat on the divan. I remained standing and was talking about puja and all sorts of negligible things. All the time I noticed that Robin’s eyes are roaming over my boobs. My boobs are my pride. They are 34C. But I think my greatest possession is my hips. They are 36 and very round. I asked him whether he would like coffe or tea or anything else.

He said, “Don’t bother with these hospitality things. Rather I would be delighted if you just sit beside me.”

I obliged readily. A slight manly perfume can be smelled from him.

We were talking and talking. I suddenly noticed a bulge in his tight jeans. I smiled to myself. That must be caused by me. So still I haven’t lost my attraction.

Then Robin said suddenly, “I have a fantasy regarding you.” My heart jumped. He continued, “I wish to dance with you. I saw you dancing avcılar escort in one of the party. You are a fantastic dancer.”

Oh! I am a bit relieved. I put a dick in my music player. It’s a slow number. Then I stretched my arms to invite Robin into dancing. He began dancing with me. It was a slow but very sensual number. Occasional rubbing of our bodies, though fully clothed, create a heat within us. I feel wet between my legs. He went behind me. His bulge was rubbing against my girating hips. He hold me tight from behind. He kissed my neck. His deep breath was blowing over my ears. Its very hard to control myself. Suddenly I realized I am moaning. This makes Robin wild.

He with one hand rubbing my boobs, while kissing my ears, nibbling the earlobes. I am like a fire. He is also very hot. With another hand he was opening the knot of my sari. There goes my sari. I am now only in petticoat and blouse. Wetness is oozing out of my fiery pussy. I badly need a man’s meat in me. I unzipped his pant. He gets rid of his pant. I unbuttoned his shirt. He is now only in his boxer. His manhood is trying to free itself from the bondage of the boxer. I took pity, make it free. Oh what a huge dick it is. More huge than that of Pallab and thick too. It’s thoroughly veined. I unclasped my blouse. Unknotted my petticoat. We are now Adam and Eve. Oblivious of our surrounding.

I knelt down before him. Took his manhood in my hands and begin to caress it. He is definitely enjoying it. Its facial expression tells it. He, on the other hand, is molesting my boobs with his legs. That’s a new thing to me. The touch of his legs at my boobs throws me over the edge. I was ecstatic.

Robin said, “Put it into your mouth.”

I need no encouragement. I first licked the precum of the dick head with my long seductive tongue. Then my lips closed over his huge dick. I gradually put it into my mouth. It, at first, tried to gag me. But then I become familiar with the sensation. I was applying all the tricks I know of oral play on this dick. I bit this very slowly. Ran my tongue over the traces of his veins. Believe it or not, he is growing more and more şirinevler escort in my mouth. I was fearing lest he come in my mouth, because I need him to come in me. So despite of his protest, I left the dick and then lied myself in the sofa. He got the hint.

He came over me and then began to lick with his tongue my whole body. Every nerve of me get tensed. He does a rounding motion with my tits. The sensation is unthinkable. I sensed an orgasm is building in me. When he does a magic dance with his tongue in my deep naval button, my body shakes and it was my first orgasm. I grope for breath. I thanked myself for being born as a woman, so I could enjoy the multiple orgasm. All the time we are purring, moaning, groaning. He goes lower and lower. The more lower he goes I become more hot. He first licks my swollen cunt. My pussy lips are all open. He took the invitation. He inserted his tongue in me. He is very good at it. Its not a tongue, but a snake has invaded my private zone.

His tongue is teasing my g-spot. Exploring my inner wall, every inch of it. I don’t know how long I could survive. My second orgasm is building rapidly. I exploded on his face. After a while he resumed his journey into my chasm once again. But now I take control. I requested him to lie down.

I heaved myself over his body. His manhood is fully erect and very thick. I guided it into my whole slowly. I am now riding him. The more he goes inside me the more I sense the pressure in my inner wall. Then I slowly begin my riding dance. Making myself higher a bit then sitting on it again. Then a girating movement. I know that men loves this and cannot hold for long. Then I gather momentum. He fondles with my boobs. Hurling all the buses to me. This abusive language makes me more wild.

I say, “Come on. Come in me man.” ‘

He is growing more. I can’t believe it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My inner wall is clumping his dick. We are engrossed in a duel battle of different kind. It’s sex battle. In this battle no one gets defeat, everybody wins. I can’t remember how long we are doing this. But I sensed that he is near his climax. That makes me more horny and puts me over.

One….. two………. threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… wooooooooooooo. we come together.

We collapse on each other’s body. Rested a while and then resume our play which is one of a series of our sex plays.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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