Nice Clean Ride

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Oh, damn! April is already here. I’ve been trying to come up with a creative sexy birthday gift for my long-time boyfriend knee-high now. Personally I don’t see myself as a narcissistic person, but I know I’m smoking hot. I have always kept myself in great shape physically. As a tanned Costa Rican girl that is 5’8″, my legs have always been my favorite part of my body. I’d say I’m a lucky tall girl, to have both a nice round ass and small c-cup breast. My brown wavy hair, round green eyes and pout lips may get me more than a few looks too.

So of course naturally a sexy calendar to hang in his garage, but that’s to cliché. He is a man that doesn’t want or need much. With me he enjoys a nice home cooked meal, loves to cuddle and watch 80s films. He does have a couple of motorcycles, it is his all-time favorite thing to do. Always tinkering and riding, every chance possible he’s out on the road.

I’ve been too afraid to take the steps to learn. Although he has mentioned it a bunch of times. Even to get on the bike with him for a quick spin, it’s scary. I trust him with my life, and I can see it disappoints him. Hell he is a guy I’m sure it’s not only about having me join this fun hobby.

I bet he would love to see the looks we would get with my ass in the wind grabbing on to him tight. It reminds me of how he acts when he installs a new headlight, blinker, or header. I’m sure he has thought of me climbing off the back of his bike with my bikini top and booty cutter jean shorts. Imagine that envious conversation at the gas pumps with the guys.

I just can’t get my nerves in check. I would love to give him that. He is so fucking sexy too, and I mean bakırköy escort sexy! A tall 6’3″, over 200lbs of lightly tanned ripped muscles. Short shaved brown hair with bright blue-green eyes, a literal perfect smile with big lips, dimples all that. If I can’t get over myself and take the ride or learn for him, there has to be something almost as good.

Sex. Well maybe not just sex. I want him to be surprised and turned on, but also remember my sexy little treat for him. I may have an idea, every time we are hanging by the garage which is pretty often, he cleans his bike off for the next ride.

I’ll play with his imagination. I have a few weeks, I’ll find the most skimpy and curve flattering string bikini, with knee-high lace up black stilettos. Yes, he will love the fuck me heels for sure. Okay so, he will usually pull the bikes out then go run some errands before his rides or tinkering. He also always texts me “omw,” so I will be ready for his return.

Two weeks later…

Damn, what a long week! Just dropped by the grocery store for my lady and I’m already drooling. I know she is going to perfectly cook this prime filet Mignon. Picked up a new bud called Headband to try out later as a night cap. Now I just gotta get home and clean the bikes up a bit, one less thing to do tomorrow.

I’m excited to really try out my bike with the Power Commander all set. Honestly I’m thrilled it’s up to almost 110hp. If I could get her on that thing, I bet it would tare that sting top off her tits. Just seeing her near my bike makes me hard, Its like a dream come true. Who needs a sexy chick calendar, when you have a sexy chick beşiktaş escort physically in your garage. The outfits she wears almost always show every possible inch of legs and ass. Like do you know how distracting you are?

I pull my Jeep into the driveway and my eye catches movement. I live in a great neighborhood and all my buddies know to call before popping in. Wait a fucking second here, who is in my garage, fucking by my bikes!? The sun is starting to go down but I can clearly see someone through my fence, and I know my girlfriend is in the shower. She literally just texted me back saying she was getting in now. So who the fuck is this?! I push the gate open and freeze, I hear the gate latch close.

Oh! My fucking god! What am I seeing right now? This is the most erotic blazing red-hot vision before me. My heart is pounding and my dick is immediately so hard it hurts. As I step closer I see more of her, she has wearing this fucking sexy ass little red leather bikini, and I can tell its leather by the way the soapy water runs over it as she rings out the rag across her tits.

She gently wipes the intricate parts of my bikes wheels. I’m memorized, soaking in every single move she makes. The sky is quickly darkening making the water glisten off her skin in the garage lights. My dick is pulsing, she squats down to my wheels and the soapy water makes its way down her round ass to the backs of her thighs, into the strings covering the rest of her beautiful long legs, and it trickles right off the points of those slutty heels. Like the pre-cum dripping out of my cock.

She is teasing me in a way I’ve secretly fantasized beylikdüzü escort about often. I find what must be a seat set out for me and sit. I’m jealous of that red string between her ass cheeks. Still, squatting she slides her finger along that same string allowing me to see for a second her full pussy. Almost without thinking or looking down I undo my belt and unzip my shorts. I grab my rock hard wet cock out, as she drops the rag and crawls over to me on her hands and knees. Water dripping from her nipples, pussy and heels.

What is this beauty going to do to me? She crawls up to my legs and slowly stands, feeling and touching her body from the ankles up to her neck. God, I want to do that. I breathe ruff, and she slams her spike heel on my right arm rest. That red string is hiding nothing now, fuck me the string goes past her clit. I see her wet pussy is not wet with water but her cum. She is just as turned on, as she is making me, shit, if that’s possible!

Her pussy slowly becomes all I can see, close enough to my mouth I can reach her with the tip of my tongue. Fuck, it is her smell that has me aching to taste inside her fiery sweet pussy. Before I can fully put my lips on her she moves down so my lips lock on a red leather triangle. I grab the edge with my teeth and free her nipple in my lips. Her nipple is so hard. Just as I let go of my dick to grab those amazing tits she pushes her pussy down on my cock to the very base.

Oh god, I feel every amazing rippled edge inside her tight little pussy make room for my hard 8-inch dick. She wiggles down harder and her moan drives me to the edge. The sucking pull of her pussy as she bounces to the tip and back down to my balls feel so damn good. I am about to cum so fiercely inside her only a few more strokes. Her sudden clenching orgasm milks every drop of cum from me before I can speak. We catch our breath just holding each other. Nothing is topping this birthday surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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