Night of Paradise

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Walking along the sandy shores of the beaches of Florida, hand in hand with my boyfriend Mike. The moon was fully up and glistening on the calm peaceful water. After a few more minutes we stopped walking and watched the waves crash onto the beach. Feeling myself starting to get cold I snuggled against Mike’s side as we watched the waves summore.

Feeling his fingers brush through my hair I turned to look up at Mike. I smiled as I felt his lips brush gently against mine. Moving in even closer to him I deepened the kiss, my hands rubbing slowly along his chest. Pulling away for a second he grabbed my hand and we walked a bit away from the water and higher up onto the beach. There he had a blanket already laid out for us.

“I thought we might be needing this my love,” he said. I smiled at him and simply nodded. His lips found mine again as soon as we had laid down. Then I straddled his waist wanting to feel how warm his body was beneath mine. Slowly I began moving my hands down and inside of his shirt exploring his chest and then sliding his shirt off. Kissing along Mike’s chest slowly I kept a constant watch of his eyes esenyurt escort to see if he was enjoying it. Running my tongue gently across his nipples, nibbling a bit as my hand wandered down his chest and to his jeans going under them and stroking against his cock. Kissing even lower down Mike’s chest my fingers still brushing lightly against his cock. Sliding Mike’s jeans and boxers off. I gave him a very wicked grin and ran my tongue lightly across the head of his cock kissing it softly. Running my fingers up and down the shaft and over his balls. Hearing the slight moans as I slid his cock partly into my mouth. Seeing his eyes turn very dark with passion and intensity. I ran my hands more along his inner thighs taking his cock deeper into my mouth. Running my fingers across his balls slowly and teasingly..moving them up to his chest and exploring more as i felt his hips thrust up a bit making me take his cock fully into my mouth. Starting to feel myself get so wet as I sucked your cock deeper into my mouth and a bit harder.

“Turn around my love,” I heard you say. “I want to avrupa yakası escort lick you till you are ready to cum or very close to it then I want to make love to you and your tight wet pussy.” I then stood up and pulled off my jeans and thong and laid back down so that I was almost on top of you with my head between your legs and your mouth so close to my pussy. Without warning I felt your fingers part my pussy lips and your tongue thrust deeply into me, making me moan so loudly. I then slid your fully hard cock back into my mouth running my tongue along the shaft and head and my fingers pressing softly against your balls. They were so tight and hard with your cum in them. I could feel them tightening more as I licked across them. I was getting soooo wet from your licks against my clit and inside of my pussy.

Moaning deeply your breathing so hard and shallow you asked me if I was ready to feel you inside of me. Turning around a bit I grinned at you and nodded my head. Crawling up next to you and laying on my back I felt you roll anadolu yakası escort over and straddle my legs your cock just barely rubbing against my clit. Wrapping my arms around your back I pulled you close to me so I could kiss you as your cock slid slowly into my pussy making me moan. Your tongue wrestling with mine as we kissed deeply, my hips lifting up to meet each of your thrusts. My hands sought yours as we interlaced our fingers so that every part of our bodies that could were touching. You then lowered your mouth to my nipples that were so hard from pleasure and desire and ran your tongue along them sucking on them. Pulling at them a bit. Looking into your eyes I told you how much I loved you and how close I felt to cumming, feeling you thrust harder and deeper into me.

“Oooooooooh I am gonna cum hun,” I told you.

“Me too,” I heard you say and felt you push down hard and hold yourself into me as your cock exploded inside of me filling my pussy with your cum and my cum mixing in with yours. Both of us still looking into each others eyes we kissed so deeply and then you moved next to me and pulled me into your arms. I rested my head against your chest and we listened to the waves crashing in front of us both very warm, happy and sated. Both so much in love with the other and never wanting to let go of that love. Eventually we fell asleep on the beach not awakening till the Sun was up. We grabbed our blanket and left, never to forget that night on the beach.

*The End*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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