Night Visit Ch. 01

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You stand nervously in front of the hotel room door. It’s been a long drive and you’re finally here. You close your eyes for a moment and remember the last time we were in the same town together, much less the same room. Taking a deep breath, you relax and reach up, knocking twice on the door. You look up and down the hallway, waiting, starting to wish that I would hurry up.

The urge to knock again starts to build, but as you take a step toward the door, it swings open and you can see me in the light from the hallway. I’m smiling, but almost surprisingly, I’m still wearing slacks and a polo shirt. You’re glad I’m there, but you can’t help but be surprised that I’m not trying to shock you by doing something crazy.

I keep smiling as I step to the side and wave my arm, motioning for you enter. The room lights aren’t on, and it took you so long to get here that it is dark outside. If it weren’t for the streetlights shining through the window on the far wall, you would have problems making out some of the furniture. Stepping in, you can tell the bathroom is off to the left side and the television is against the far wall. You grin as you walk past me, looking up and meeting my eyes before trying to see what else is in the room.

You drop your bag on the chair just to the right, against the wall and under the windows and you lift up onto your toes to see if you can see anything through the outside window. You aren’t sure what’s out there, but being half a dozen floors up, you know you want to take a quick look. Hearing the door shut, you decide the view can wait.

You close your eyes and stand still, your arms by your side. You can hear me move closer to you, feeling me approach you. I almost get close enough to touch you and you swear you can feel my fingers tease the fabric on your back and your arms, then a touch against the back of your jeans, and you almost shiver when you think you can feel my hand move up your side … not solid enough to be sure, but close enough.

My breath is the first thing you know you feel, moving through your hair and against the side of your neck. You let the barest of sighs escape as my lips touch your bare skin. Softly, gently, I kiss up the right side of your neck to your ear. I put my left hand on your hip and I wrap my other hand around you, under your arm.

You let yourself relax and lean back against me. I can feel you tense up a little when you push hard enough against me to realize just how excited I am to see you. You can feel that I’m hard through both sets of clothing and a smile steals across your face. Trying not to stop me, your hand reaches back behind you and your finger runs up and down the seam in my pants, pushing the fabric tighter against me. But it’s more than just pure sex you’re after, and your other hand goes up and over your shoulder, back to where you can put your fingers in my hair – touching, bakırköy escort brushing …

You decide that you can’t wait anymore and you start to turn, but that’s when I squeeze with my hands, preventing you from moving around any farther. You stop turning and wait. When I realize that you’re not moving anymore, I reach up with one hand and pull the drawstring, closing the curtains. They close almost completely – but I leave them just open enough to be able to see around the room.

With the room almost black and your eyes still used to the outside light, you decide to close them. You can hardly see and you’re willing to give that up for the moment so you can focus on how good you feel right now.

You pull your arms back in front of you, touching my bare skin with your fingers. You start to move when you realize that I am turning you toward the window. You move most of the way to the right, and I slide my hands up your sides and under your arms. I try to lift, and you relax and move with me as I pull your hands and arms up and set the palms of your hands against the curtain. As I release them, you hear me quietly tell you not to move.

At first you think I’m moving back away from you, but then you hear what must be my shirt hitting the wall near the bathroom and you decide that I’m still next to you. A moment later and you can feel my hands back on your hips. I slide them up under your shirt, wrapping my arms around you. As I get farther up your body, I have to lean in against you. I set my feet near yours and my legs are touching yours while my groin presses against your ass. Pushing up against you, I can slide my hands all the way up the inside of your shirt and I cup your breast, squeezing, teasing your nipples, before dragging my fingertips down – over your and around your breasts, then down your body. As I back away and pull my hands together near your spine, I keep pressing lightly with my palms – I know that you like the pressure, even when it’s not a ‘real’ back massage.

When I get my hands outside of your shirt, I turn them and start sliding them down your pants. I keep them outside of the fabric, but I press hard enough for you to feel the excitement of the constant contact. Down over your ass, down your thighs, then around to the sides of your legs and back up. When they get back to the top of your pants, I slide them around and undo the buttons and the zipper. I don’t actually spread the zipper apart – only grazing the top of your panties. I don’t do the expected – moving my hand inside your pants – because teasing is as important as the actual playing some days.

The contact stops and you can hear me moving around near you, next to you. You open your eyes enough to see that I’ve taken off my shirt and I’m moving in front of you. I squat down a touch then I straighten up once I get between your arms. beşiktaş escort I see that you’ve opened your eyes and I close the short distance between us and kiss you. Wanting more, you start to move forward and straighten up – but I pull back. One of my feet moves in front of yours and you stop moving. In the faint light, you can see me smirk and you blush faintly, chastised for moving too early.

You keep your eyes open, though, and you watch as I reach down to your pants again. My eyes meet yours and we stare at each for the brief time that it takes me to spread your zipper apart. I kneel down, pulling your pants as I move, and when the jeans are all the way on the floor, you lift one foot and then the other so I can get them out of the way. I reach back up and slide your panties down, pulling them clear the same way.

I put my hand flat against you, feeling your heat … but I see that you’re still watching, hungry and intent, and I stand up, rubbing the bare skin of my fingers against and between your lips. You close your eyes at that, but I’ve already stood up.

I slide out from between your arms and move back behind you. Now, I lift up on your shirt and you can feel my lips on your back, kissing bare skin. You shiver slightly but continue to enjoy the feeling. My lips move most of the way up your back before they move away again. Then … quiet.

I take a moment and strip off my pants – letting them slide quietly to the floor, before moving back to you. Now, when I move up against you, you can feel my cock touch your ass as my body presses against yours. My hands reach around you again, but there’s no more teasing. You feel my fingertips touch your clit, and slowly, I start to move them back and forth over you.

I know that I don’t have to rush it – the slow, steady movement can be enough, and after the time we’ve been apart plus the slow stripping in the room, you’re almost there already.

Back … and again. Rubbing slowly, steadily … you start gasping, and you’re barely able to hold onto the wall. You don’t even notice when I take a step away from you – but you definitely notice when I take my free hand and reach underneath you and put a finger inside you. You’re so wet that I slide easily into you, but I can’t move my finger very far before you squeeze down on it, your orgasm almost knocking you off your feet. I look up and realize you’ve arched your back and you’re not even touching the wall anymore; you’re only holding your hands out because moving them anywhere takes thought and energy. Then, moments later, you open your eyes and look back over your shoulder at me.

I take my hands away from you and walk around in front of you. I hug you and kiss you again, before you take the few steps back to the bed and sit down. As your vision clears, you look up at me and see that I’m still smiling. beylikdüzü escort “Hi to you, too.”

I ask if you’re feeling better and you think you’re breathing again, so you nod slowly. I shake my head with a cheesy frown and tell you that since you moved away from the wall, you have to be punished. You raise your eyebrows, but I pull you up off the bed and turn you around. You try to watch, but the jerky movement keeps you from focusing. As I finish spinning you about, I push slightly against your back and you lean over, putting your hands on the mattress.

As you rest your hands on the bedspread, you feel my hand smack your ass and the stinging sensation is a surprise – but by the second smack, you’re welcoming it. You let your head drop and you breathe deeply, relishing the experience. After I spank your other cheek twice, you look up, grinning – half daring me to do more, half hungry at what might happen next.

I catch your grin, then after I smack you hard on each cheek again, I push against your ass and you end up with your chest and head on the pillows that were pulled into the middle of the mattress. I push out on the inside of each your legs and you spread them. With your ass up like that, I smack each cheek one more time. Each time, you can feel yourself getting wetter.

I reach forward and take your arms and pull back. My hands slide down your arms until we’re holding hands, but I take your fingers and put them on your asscheeks, in a way that shows that I want you to spread them apart. When I let go of you, I slide a finger back into you. It moves easily, and I put another in inside you. Sliding back and forth inside, you start to moan again. When I pull my fingers out this time, I pull back on your legs and your knees slide off the mattress. Your hands fall off your ass when you get jostled like that, but you don’t have any time to react before you can feel the head of my cock teasing you again.

You start to shift so you can look back, but I lean over you and push my dick hard into you before you can finish turning. You gasp loudly and close your eyes. In, again. Harder. I keep pushing deep into you and you can feel how hard I am with each stroke. Harder. Again. You aren’t even breathing anymore, just gasping for air. There are ragged words there … “Yes”, “Fuck!”, “God!” … and my name – all intermixed and all hard to understand. And then a scream as you get to that point again.

I know better than to push because you need a minute, and I slow, then stop – still resting inside you, still feeling you squeeze down against me. I put my hands down on the mattress on either side of your body waiting. As you start to breathe, I pull back and let you turn over and lie down on your back. When you can, you push the pillows back and crawl the rest of the way onto the mattress. I crawl up over you – watching, smiling. When you can finally talk, you ask “That was punishment?”

I smirk and suggest that I could have tied you up instead of spanking you … and you remind me that we have all weekend. Then you look down between us and raise your eyebrow, grinning before I feel your hand reach up and tease me, your fingers squeezing. “And now … your turn?”

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