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It was sixty years ago, so the social and sexual codes were as different from those of today as a bunny rabbit is different from a water buffalo. I was barely eighteen, and as innocent as a newborn lamb. This girl, whom I’ll call ‘Janice’ (not her name), was already experienced. She was a year older than I, and had had at least two lovers before me. She knew what she wanted and how to go about getting it.

She got me alone and we began kissing, and it grew heavier and steamier. I was starting to get aroused, and getting a stiffie. I tried not to let her know, for I thought that girls—or almost all girls—were “sweet and nice,” and wouldn’t even want sex until they were thoroughly married. “Sugar and spice, and everything nice.”

But she knew. She didn’t have to feel it rising against her belly, straining at the cloth of my trousers. She knew because she knew. Without breaking the kisses, she put her hand down and stroked my erection through the cloth. Stroked and stroked and stroked. Then she broke the hot wet kiss and, without saying a word, she made a big show of dropping her panties, stepping out of them slowly, and tossing them aside with a kind of dismissive gesture. She stroked her crotch with her palm, and then again with one finger.

I was speechless and powerless, astounded and scared half to death. I couldn’t move. But Janice knew exactly how to handle me. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my fly, slowly, one button at a time. I was trembling, unable to react. I wanted her to stop, but I wanted her. And she knew. She knew how badly I wanted her.

“Wait,” I said. “What if your roommate Patsy comes back?”

But Janice was single-minded. “Never mind her. She won’t come back for a while.” She put a finger inside her pussy and began to work it up and down.

Then she pushed me down on the bed and whipped off my Jeans and shorts in one quick, smooth move. She slithered onto the bed beside me, drew her skirt up above her waist, and began kissing me again, even more passionately. Both our faces were wet.

She put two fingers inside her slit and worked her pussy faster and faster. What I didn’t know was that she was getting herself wet and ready. Then she pulled me over on top of her and slid under me, but she kept her legs clamped tight together. She began to raise her hips and rock her bottom, so that my tool slid between her thighs, just below the crack of her vagina. I can still remember the feel of the friction of her pussy hair against my pecker. I didn’t kartal escort know then that it was hair, but it drove me to a frenzy.

I was burning with both lust and shame. I think I may have tried to pull away. But she had me in a tight hold, and she put my hand on her breast. The she opened her thighs and I slid right into her, all the way. I banged against her cervix as my testicles slapped the cheeks of her butt.

That was it! Lust crowded shame aside. I plunged into her. I thrust and thrust and thrust deep into her, hitting her cervix with every plunge.

It didn’t last long. I came in less than two minutes. It was a powerful orgasm, like nothing I had ever felt before. Every nerve in my body was concentrated in my peter for that minute or so, and I flooded her with cream and collapsed on top of her body.

“That was too quick,” she said. “Is that all you’ve got?”

I said, “It was like being shot, that’s how quick it was.”

She rolled me off her and knelt over me. “Let me show you something,” she purred. She straddled my hips, kneeling astride me. Cream was dripping down both her legs, but she ignored it. Now, for the first time in my life, I got a look at a girl’s pussy. I hadn’t expected her to have pubic hair. I suppose I had thought that only men and mature boys had pubic hair. It surprised me. Her pubic hair was soft, light brown, thick, and luxuriant. It covered her mound like a mat.

She took my penis in her hand and pumped it. She knew what she was doing. A few quick strokes brought it back to attention. She spread her pussy open with the fingers of one hand and wedged the head of my pecker inside her. Then she knelt and sat down on it, taking it all into her at once. She sat still for about a minute or more, with the full length of it deep in her. She smiled as if she had just accomplished something remarkable, and she stroked my cheek with one hand.

“I knew you had more you could give me,” she murmured. “Just go with me. Follow my lead,” She stripped her blouse off over her head. She had her bra off in mere seconds, and her breasts swung free. They were full and perfectly round, as big as a pair of grapefruits, with areolas the size of saucers. The areolas were deep pink, almost red, and her nipples were standing out like corks. She leaned forward and lifted her left breast to my face, so that the nipple just brushed against my lips. “You’ve never sucked a girl’s tits before,” she whispered. It wasn’t bostancı escort a question. She knew. Just as she had known that she could get me up again, and that I had never had a girl before.

I kissed her nipple, then licked it tentatively. Her whole body shivered and her vaginal muscles squeezed me tight, again and again. She thrust her nipple into my mouth. “Suck on that,” she said, “hard!” Then she began to move her hips up and down, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. I had both her breasts in my hands and was sucking them by turns, first one and then the other. I could feel my pecker swelling inside her. It felt like electricity gathering in my dick. Then just as I thought it would burst, she stopped her hip movement, pulled her breasts away from my mouth, rocked back, and sat still.

I was shocked. “Wh – wh – wha –what are you . . .?” I yelped.

She pressed one finger to my lips. “Hush,” she whispered. “Wait. Be still. You’ll see.”

My member was throbbing inside her like a bass drum. I was surprised that I couldn’t hear the throbbing. After a few very long seconds I could feel that my pecker was calming down and relaxing. She felt it too, and she started her hip motions again. This time she kept going for more than three minutes before the electric throbbing clutched at me once more. And again she paused and sat still until it began to subside.

She did this same routine, with the same pause-and -rest at just the infinite hairline point, four more time before she was ready for me to come inside her. And each time she made it last a bit longer. The last time was more than eight minutes before she allowed her hip movements and the pulsation of her vaginal muscles to bring me to the final explosion. When I finally came, I came like thunder, like an earthquake, slamming my hips up against her and jamming the whole length of my tool deep into her.

When I had shot all of my juices into her, I was as limp as a dishrag, weaker than a newborn kitten, as if every last ounce of my strength had been poured into her. She stood up, balancing on the mattress, one foot on either side of my body. The hair of her crotch was sticky with come, and it was flowing down her legs. She wiped her legs and her crotch with her panties.

“Okay,” she said, quite matter-of-factly. “Now you know.”

But that’s not the main focus of this tale. You asked about multiple male orgasms.

A few months later I visited Janice maltepe escort at her home. Her parents left the two of us alone while they went into town on some errand. As soon as their car cleared the driveway, Janice was all over me, working my belt buckle and undoing my shirt buttons. She scared me.

“We can’t do this,” I panted. “You don’t know how long they’ll be in town.”

“They’ll be gone two hours at least. Come on. Fuck me. I’ve got to have you, right now!”

I was terrified, but I was also in a state of lust. I couldn’t back out. Janice got us both totally naked in a matter of seconds. She took my hand and led me down the hall to her parents’ bedroom. She lay down on top of the neatly made bedspread and pulled me down on top of her.

“Put it in me,” she said. Fuck me.”

I stroked her pubic hair gently, then eagerly. She was already wet and juicy. There was no mention and no need of foreplay. She took my tool in her hand and stuck it in herself, and I went to work. As my hips moved in a steady rhythm, she clutched me to her tightly and covered my face with wet juicy kisses.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she whispered. You’re so good. You’re the man. Ohhh. Fuck me good. Don’t stop.”

We were in the straight missionary position, and I was pumping into her. I kept going for about eight minutes before I reached my climax. I was more afraid of getting her pregnant than I was of her parents. I pulled out and came on her belly and her pubic hair. But I wasn’t done. I hadn’t given her an orgasm, and I desperately wanted to. I ran to the bathroom, washed the come off my peter, and went back to her. I made love to her again for about three minutes, and came on her belly again. This time I wiped off my tool and went back into her.

“What a man!” she said, “You’re it!” You’re the man!”

We did this same routine nine times in a row, lasting about five minutes each time. Finally I lost my energy and my erection.

But I never made her come.

As I think back now, I realize that Janice was sexually excited by the danger of discovery. That first time in her college rooming house, she knew that her roommate or her landlady could have come in at any time.

Once we were sitting all alone in the parlor of her rooming house, and she undid my fly, pulled her panties aside, and sat on my lap with my erect tool inside her, shifting from side to side for ten minutes or more.

When I visited her home, I’m sure she thought that her parents might come home unexpectedly.

We were together for a whole school year, and we made love many times. But I never could give her an orgasm.


This story is factual, told exactly as it happened. I am posting it in response to a question directed at me one of the Literotica members. I hope she will read this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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