No More Taking For Granted (Part 1)

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced several “moments” in your life…moments where the light goes on in your head, and everything suddenly becomes crystal clear. Moments where God, or Fate, or whatever you name it, figuratively whacks you upside your head with a two-by-four, and you come to a great realization. That’s where I find myself right now…whacked, lit-up, and crystal clear!

I’m married to a fabulous man, whom I love with all my heart. If I had ever sat down as an idealistic, romantic teenage girl, and listed out all of the qualities I’d want in a husband someday, he would have every single one of them! Nobody has ever, or could ever, make me happier! He’s a wonderful provider, and has helped to create a wonderful home for us. He makes me laugh. He’s honest, and trustworthy, and reliable. He is the sexiest man in the world as far as I’m concerned, and can turn me on with just a smile! He really is my best friend! Most importantly, he loves me with everything he has inside of him! And I love him equally as much! That being said, though, the realization I came to was this: I’d been taking him for granted. Not intentionally, but still, I had grown so accustomed to all he did for me that I had stopped being appreciative…or at least really showing that appreciation. Oh, I could rationalize it…we both have full-time jobs, we both do work around the house, our lives are busy enough that sometimes we fall into bed at night, exhausted, with barely a “goodnight”. With this realization, though, I also knew that I didn’t want to rationalize! I wanted to show Travis how much I loved him, how much he made my life complete, how happy he made me each and every day!!

As I lay in bed, next to the snoring man I love, my thoughts reeling from this realization, I came up with a way of letting him know exactly how much he means to me. And, I was going to put that plan into play the next day!

Since I work as a teacher, I get home a couple of hours before Travis does. When he comes home from a hard day at the railroad, he’s usually exhausted! I can’t blame him…he’s an incredibly hard worker! Sex, especially spur of the moment sex, is the last thing he expects when he walks in the door. Well, tomorrow would be different!!

Chapter One

When I got home from work the next day, I put my plan into action. I gathered candles from all the rooms in the house, and lit them in the master bath. I took the champagne bucket, filled it with ice, and set it next to our bed, with champagne chilling in it. Neither one of us drinks much, but I thought champagne just might be called for on this occasion! I had soup in the crock-pot, so that dinner would be ready when and if we were hungry…and we wouldn’t have to schedule our time around when dinner would be ready! I admit I was hungry…but for Travis, not for food! I changed out of my work clothes, and put on a tight red T-shirt…no bra…and my favorite pair of jeans. Knowing how Travis loves me barefoot, I left my feet uncovered…red toenails and all. I had Enigma playing softly on the stereo…I swear Enigma is pure sex music!! Breathing and moaning and…oh God, they’re good! Then…I waited. Waited to hear his SUV pull into the driveway. I was wet just thinking about what was going to take place!!

When I heard his truck pull into the driveway, I stood up and went to the door. I met Travis on the porch, my bare feet cold against the wooden planks. He had a questioning look in those beautiful eyes, and for a split second I felt a stab of guilt. He shouldn’t have to be questioning why I would be waiting to greet him on our porch!! Putting that aside, knowing I would erase that doubt before the night was over, I walked over to him and, standing on my tip-toes, wrapped my arms around him. “Welcome home Baby!”

“I’m all dirty! You’re going to get it all over you!” he told me, trying to step away. He was smiling, though. Looking up into those eyes, I smiled back and told him “I couldn’t care less Trav!” I leaned my head up and let my lips graze his, kissing him softly. His lips were cold, but felt so right against mine. It took him a moment, but his lips istanbul escort met mine, and he wrapped his free arm around my shoulder. My hands holding his head, luxuriating in the feel of his hair, I pulled him closer. Our kiss deepened, and I let my tongue slip past his lips. With that move, he dropped his lunch box on the porch, and wrapped his other arm around me, holding me tight against him. After a few breathtaking, oxygen-depriving kisses, I broke our kiss. Smiling, I took him by the hand and led him inside.

“Honey…?” he asked, as I led him toward our master bathroom. I turned, grinned at him, and winked. He grinned back, that grin I love so much. I hadn’t seen that in a while! Stopping in the bedroom, I had him sit while I knelt in front of him and removed his boots and socks, one at a time. Even with the boots, his feet were cold. I took his left foot and began rubbing, my hands encircling his foot, my thumbs traveling his sole from the heel to those adorable toes, massaging away the cares of the day. After getting his circulation flowing, I brought his foot to my mouth, and gently placed a kiss on each toe, starting with the big toe and working down to his pinkie toe. Looking him in the eye the whole time, seeing his pleasure. You couldn’t have pried the smiles off either of our faces even with a crowbar! After finishing with his left foot, I took his right foot in my hands, and gave it the same treatment. But when I got to the toe-kissing part, I surprised him by gently sucking his big toe into my mouth, and letting my tongue massage it. The look in his eyes was definitely turning to lust!

I stood up. My eyes never leaving his, and facing him, I half sat in his lap. I leaned in, and our lips met again. There was no holding back this time. His tongue immediately pushed past my lips, and I felt myself moan. His hands immediately found my breasts through the thin fabric of my T-shirt. I was wearing no bra underneath, and my nipples responded instantly to his touch, turning to rock-hard nubs. God I loved this man! Using every possible ounce of willpower I possessed, (and some I didn’t know I had!) I broke our kiss again. My hands lowered to his chest, and my fingers found the top button of his flannel shirt. Leaning down, giving him my best “evil grin”, I took the button in my mouth and unbuttoned it. I did the same to the next button, but then knew my own arousal was not going to let me continue to be so slow!! My fingers deftly undid the remaining buttons, and pulled his shirt out from his jeans. With some minor adjustments in the chair, we got his shirt off and let it hit the floor. I let my hands run down the length of his chest, now covered only by his white T-shirt, until they came to the waistband of his jeans. None too gently, I pulled his T-shirt out, and raised it up over his head and off of his body. I love the way it tossled his hair, making him look so damn sexy! Travis has a great body from years of working for the railroad, and the heavy lifting that comes with that. His chest is no exception! I love the feel of his muscles under my fingertips as I let my fingers caress his chest. His hands on my sides, he lets me have my way, enjoying the feel of my fingers. I lean down and let my tongue flick one of his nipples, which responds. For a man, he has incredibly sensitive nipples, which I love! I move my tongue to his other nipple, taking it in my hot mouth and letting my tongue bathe it. I could get lost in this, but I have plans for the night! With a groan, I stand up, and pull him up after me.

With a quick hard kiss to his lips, I let my hands rest on his fly. I can’t resist, and let my hand run down the length of his cock, encased in the denim. I give it a little squeeze, and can feel it twitch under my touch. He’s so hard, so ready…and I’m so wet! I undo the button, and lower the zipper, and gently pull the fabric down, taking his underwear at the same time. His cock springs free, so hard already, standing straight up, resting against his tummy. He steps out of his jeans, leaving himself totally naked.

“Oh god baby! You are so incredibly avcılar escort hot!” I whisper. Raising my hands above my head, I tell him that I need to be naked with him. His hands instantly are at the hem of my shirt, which soon joins our growing pile of clothing on the floor. Travis lowers his head, and starts nuzzling the valley between my tits, driving me insane!! His hands undo my jeans, and he slides them off of my hips, letting them pool at my feet, leaving me only in my black lace panties. His strong hand cups my crotch through the fabric, which is already soaked with my pussy juices, and he lets out another groan. “Talk about hot, honey!” he whispers back. Kneeling in front of me, and placing one finger on each side of the waistband, he slowly lowers them, kissing down my thigh as he exposes me, inch by inch. His mouth turns me on so much, and so fast, that I grab onto his head, needing some support to keep my knees from buckling under me.

Before I become completely putty in his strong hands, I back away. Startled, he looks up at me, and I tell him “Come here”. I once again take him by the hand, and lead him to the bathroom. He looks at the candles I have burning, and knows what I have planned. I didn’t think his eyes could possibly be more filled with desire, but I see them darken even more. I walk over to the shower, and turn the water on, letting it heat up a moment before I lead him into the shower. When the stream of hot water hits us, he takes me in his arms and pulls me to him, covering my mouth with his. I know if I’m not careful, I’ll lose sight of what I want to do for him. Breaking our kiss yet again, I tell him what I have in mind.

“Baby, you know that I love pleasing you, watching how you react when you’re aroused, watching and feeling you lose all control. It’s a huge turn on for me Travis! I want this shower to be about me pleasuring you…letting you be the recipient instead of the giver, just for a while. Let me honey?”

“Oh Gab…God yes!” he replied, his voice already strained.

With that, knowing that he would allow himself to just be loved by me, and that I had full permission to love him exactly how I wanted, I grabbed the shampoo bottle and poured some into my hand. Lathering it up, I started working my hand through his hair, letting my fingers knead his scalp, massaging every square inch. His eyes closed in ecstasy, and the smile on his face was one of pure bliss. When I was done, I had him lean back and rinsed his hair out, watching as the shampoo trailed down his body and into the drain. I then took my shower poof, and lathered it up with my favorite body wash (it was pink, and not a very manly smell, but he had no one other than me to impress tonight!) I started by kneeling at his feet, and taking one foot into my hands. Holding the foot with one hand. His hands on my shoulders for balance, I ran the poof along the top of his manly foot, trailing off to the sensitive underside of his foot, up to his toes, letting the poof slide in between each toe in turn. After I rinsed his foot, I once again planted little kisses on each toe, and sucked each perfect toe into my mouth, loving how he tasted. I let my tongue trail a path from his toes to his heel, and let it snake its way to his ankle, kissing and sucking as it went. I repeated this for his other foot, loving the way his cock reacted when I sucked in the first toe on that foot. I love his feet, and I love taking care of and pampering his feet!

I had to abandon the poof at that point, because my fingers were dying to feel the muscles under them! God, I love the way his leg muscles feel…so tight, so firm, so solid. My hands were reveling in the feel of those I then added more body wash to the poof, and began making gentle circles up his calves. hairy calves as I worked my way up to one knee, and then to the other. His hands on my shoulders gripped just a little harder, letting me know that he was becoming even more aroused.

When I had washed both of his lower legs, I stood up, and gave him a quick kiss on his lips (if I lingered there I’d be a goner!) I added more body wash, and had him şirinevler escort turn away from me. Starting at the nape of his neck, I worked my way down his back, stopping just above his beautiful ass cheeks. When he was good and soapy, I once again abandoned the poof in favor of using my hands. Pressing my lips to his ear, I whispered, “You feel so damn good, baby”, eliciting a groan from him. While my hands continued to massage his muscular back, I let my tongue playfully circle his ear lobe. I took the lobe in my mouth and playfully tugged at it with my teeth, then soothed it over with my tongue. I slid my tongue into his ear, and licked my way around the edge before letting it flick in and out, fucking his ear. Leaving that ear, I let my mouth trail along the back of his neck, kissing and nipping along the warm skin there, and made my way to his other ear. I let him feel my hot breath in his ear for a moment before I whispered, “I am going to make you cum so hard tonight baby!” While my tongue explored and tortured that ear, I let my soapy hands slide around to his chest, where they found his nipples. I pressed my warm tits tight against his back, and wrapped my leg around his. Still tonguing his ear, and teasing his nipples with my hands, I slowly ran my left foot up the inside of his right leg. His moaning was becoming louder and more frequent. When he tried to speak, all he could mutter was “Oh God…” and “Baby…” and “Oh yessss”. I knew he was in heaven, and I was so turned on by watching him!! I finally let the soft sole of my foot make contact with his rigid cock, and his knees started to buckle. I let my toes rub some of the pre-cum that had been oozing from his cockhead along his rigid shaft, and he responded with “Oh fuck baby!!” I knew he couldn’t last much longer, and truth be told, neither could I!

I told him to turn around, and I knelt back in front of him. I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, and took just the tip of his cock in my mouth. I’ve always loved the taste of his cum, and he tasted especially delicious tonight. I let my tongue circle the head over and over, never taking more than just the tip into my mouth. I let my hand slide slowly up and down his oh-so-hard cock, loving every ridge and vein I felt there. With my other hand, I took hold of his balls, and felt how full they were. He was getting so close! I gently rolled his balls with my fingers, and gently tugged, causing another “Fuck yeah” from Travis. Taking my hand from his cock, I let my tongue slide all along the underside of his dick, until I felt him hit the back of my throat. Closing my mouth, I let my saliva lubricate the entire length of his glorious cock. Knowing how close he was, I started to work my way up toward the tip, then back down to the base, gently sucking as I bobbed. He grabbed me by my hair, entwining his fingers through my curls, and started to meet my mouth with thrusts of his own, fucking my mouth as I sucked his cock. I couldn’t hold back my moaning any longer, and felt my moans vibrate through and around his penis in my mouth. He started to pump faster, moaning continuously, barely able to speak…”fuck me…”, “god…”, “so good…”, so fucking close!”

I let my free hand make a path to his ass, and began kneading his ass cheeks. I brought my fingers back around, and coated my pinkie with my pussy juice. As Travis pounded my mouth with his cock, I let my pinkie make its way to his pucker hole, rubbing along the edge, letting the tip just barely tease his entrance. Then, without warning, I inserted it all the way up to the knuckle. This drove Travis crazy, and he became a wild man, driving his cock into my mouth, thrusting with all he had, incoherent speech coming from his mouth. With a loud “FUCK!!”, he suddenly began to cum. I felt load after load of his sweet, salty cum hitting the back of my throat, and I wanted every last drop. I kept my mouth working on him until he was totally done, then I let his cock free. Standing up, I took him in my arms and pressed his lips to mine. I wanted him to taste his cum on my lips, and on my tongue. I held him while he caught his breath, until his heart stopped ricocheting in his chest, whispering sweet love words…telling him how much I love him, how I wouldn’t trade him for any other man in the world, how incredibly happy he makes me, how god-damn sexy he is! I rested my forehead on his chest, and stood there, wrapped in his arms, letting the hot water cascade over our bodies, while we both floated back to earth.

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