Off At College

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This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, live or deceased, is purely unintentional. This is my first work that I have “published” although I have been writing for myself and my husband for a number of years. Any feedback would be appreciated. This is the first installment of the continuing adventures of my heroine.

My parents and I arrived at my college to begin my freshman year on a Sunday afternoon after driving over 900 miles. Because I was valedictorian of my small town high school class and had exceptional board scores, I was able to get a full scholarship to a well rated eastern university.

While I was looking forward to pursuing my academic interests, I was also looking forward to escaping from my one stoplight town roots where everybody knew everybody and everyone else’s business. For some kids this did not matter, since they really had no ambition, it really did not matter to them that it seemed like the entire community knew what they were doing and who they were doing it with.

On the other hand, I cared what people thought of me, especially my parents. My father was the chief of the four person police force and my mother was the minister of one of the five churches in town. Even though I had a steady boyfriend for two years and was a cheerleader, I lead a rather boring existence in high school. Most of my classmates were sexually active from at least their junior year on – however, I did nothing more than some heavy, but fully clothed, petting until our senior prom. After the prom, while my parents were hosting a post prom party at the church, we snuck back to my house where we both lost our virginity in my bed. Since my boyfriend was going to the state university while I went east to college, we agreed to end our relationship just before we both left for school.

I had selected my college on two bases, one was its academic reputation in the social sciences and the other was that no one from my hometown went there. I wanted the chance to be free of all parental restraints on my actions.

After my parents left, Julie and I had some time to sit and talk. I learned that she was from a major metropolitan area, had taken a year off between high school and college and had had several serious sexual relationships in high school and her year off in addition to a large number of one night stands. The first couple of days we had the usual girl to girl discussions about our views on men, life and room rules. Despite our vastly different backgrounds we were able to agree on most things including that booze was permitted in the room but no pot, and we would respect each others privacy until 1:00 a.m. after which men were still allowed in the room, but so was the other one of us.

A freshman mixer was scheduled for the third evening and Julie indicated that she was not going to the mixer. Since I was hoping to meet a guy and get to know him a little better, she helped me select the clothes to wear and promised to stay out of the room if I brought back a guy. Since the mixer was casual, she loaned me a pair of short-shorts and a tank top since I did not own anything that revealing. Julie also convinced me to go braless, something that I had not done in public before. She also took me shopping for some lacy bikini panties rather than my everyday cotton briefs.

With Julie’s seal of approval I headed for the mixer with several other girls from our floor. We arrived at the mixer and milled around chatting with ourselves and various freshmen men that each of us had met during the previous couple of days. After a few trips to the dance floor I got separated from my girlfriends. While I was getting another soft drink, a rather good looking guy approached me and struck up a conversation. It turns out that Hank was a fraternity man who was back on campus early to scout out the potential pledges.

We danced a couple of slow dances and I felt Hank’s hands roam all over my body, especially my ass. He also pulled me in tight to him on occasion and I felt his cock get hard against my belly. During one of the dances, Hank bent down and gave me a rather full wet kiss on my lips. Although I thought that Hank was being rather forward, I was inwardly very happy with the turn of events – it was what I had hoped would happen. Between the lump against my belly and the kiss, my pussy started to moisten. At the end of the dance set when Hank asked me if I would like to take a walk with him and maybe get a drink I readily agreed.

We strolled over to the Gamma Delta Iota fraternity house holding hands and talking about life on campus. Once in the door of the house, we were all over each other again. I felt Hank’s hard cock as he pulled me against him for a deep kiss. We finally broke away. Hank disappeared for a moment before returning with two uncapped bottles of beer. Even though I had never tasted beer before, I gamely took a drink from the bottle. The beer had a slightly bitter taste but before I could take a second swig, kadıköy escort Hank bent over and gave me a full kiss on the lips.

I will admit on reflection that the beer may have affected my concentration but it did not affect my sexual desires. As my beer drained down, the necking became heavier. I felt Hank’s hands under my top. His fingers slithered up my belly towards my uncased tits. I felt strangely wicked, I knew what was happening and where everything was leading – and I wanted it, but at the same time I had never let a guy do this on a first “date”. I decided that I would just go with the flow and see where Hank and my desires took me.

Hank got up from the couch and gave me his hand. Pulling me up and to me, he gave me another deep kiss, before leading me to the kitchen. Here he grabbed to more bottles of beer and led me up the stairs to what I found out was his bedroom on the third floor. When we got to the room, he opened the door and we went in. Looking around, I noticed that in addition to two beds and two desks, there was a small couch. Hank closed the door and I heard the lock click behind me.

Hank set the beers unopened on the desk and stepped behind me. He then reached around in front of me and pulled me backwards to his body. I felt his stiff cock press against my ass crack and I silently wondered what it would feel like inside of me. Just then I sensed Hank’s hands slipping under my tank top and touching the skin just under my tits. Moments later I felt his fingers cupping my upturned protruding mammaries and playing with my nipples all the while pulling me back against his body.

At the same time, Hank began gently kissing the nape of my neck leaving a wet trail of kisses to my right ear lobe. Male contact started to get me thinking about what I wanted to happen – having Hank’s stiff cock in my pussy.

As his kisses reached my ear lobe, Hank whispered in my ear, “Jenny, your tits are so firm and yet so soft. I want to suck on them right now.”

At that point in time all I could reply is, “Yes! Yes, I want it too.”

With that he pulled my tank top off exposing my breasts to him. As he turned me around and eased me onto the couch I looked down at my breasts and saw how erect my nipples were. The next thing I knew Hank’s mouth was covering my right breast and his hand was playing with my left one. I felt his tongue flick my engorged nipple and I let out a low moan. Hank continued to nibble on my right breast as I felt my pussy begin to seriously moisten.

Hank began to turn his attention to my other tit. He started by kissing down my right tit and then up the underside of my left breast. However, instead of going for the erect swollen nipple, he gently kissed all around the breast. As his lips reached my nipple, I sat up and reached for his belt. I was reaching a breaking point and just had to feel his hard cock in my pussy. Undoing his belt, all I could murmur was “I nee-eed you to be inside of me!”

As he undid his pants and slid his briefs down, I squirmed out of my lacy panties. Now I was dressed as I had dreamed I would be – naked before a college man. I also nervously I eyed Hank’s cock as it sprung from his briefs. Even though there was only the light from the desk lamp on in the room I could see that Hank’s cock head was glistening in the dim light from the excitement that I had caused it.

With my heart beating I reached for the shaft, spread my legs as wide as I could and leaned back on the couch. Hank fell forward onto me and I felt his cock rub along the opening to my well lubricated pussy. However, he did not enter me even though he was lying on top of me.

He gently kissed my right earlobe and whispered into it, “Are you sure you want to do it with me right now?”

My only response was a huffy, “Plea-see. I need you. I want you inside of me.”

His verbal reply was “I want it too, Jenny,” as he continued to kiss my ear.

His physical reply was to lift his groin from mine and then position the tip of his cock against my wet pussy lips. Then I felt the glorious sensation of his hard cock inside of me. He continued to push inside of me and I my pussy began to fill up with his male organ. I felt his pelvic bone bump into mine and Hank began to withdraw. Just as his cock head reached the inside of my pussy lips, Hank reversed direction again and plunged back into me. With his chest compressing my tits, I was in bliss.

Unfortunately, my bliss did not last long – after only a few strokes, I felt Hank’s cock stiffened and it began to spew his cum inside my pussy just like my boyfriend did. However, unlike the times with my boyfriend, Hank did not pull his cock from my pussy. We stayed connected and he lay on top of me and slowly began to nibble on my neck and lips. After a couple of minutes we started to probe each others mouths with our tongues.

Hank then propped himself up on his elbows and whispered, “I’m sorry I blew üsküdar escort so quickly but I haven’t fucked anyone all summer.”

With that he lowered his tongue to my nipple and began sucking on it again. With his adjustments, Hank’s cock did not serve as a plug to keep his cum in my pussy. I felt his cum and my pussy juices slowly trickle down the crack in my ass. It was a strange yet sexy sensation.

As Hank flicked my hard nipple with his tongue, I wiggled my ass and whimpered, “Hank, I’m still so horny — I still need you inside me. Please fu — fu — fuck me.”

Hank replied, “I have every intention of fucking you again. You are one hot chick.” With that he switched tits and began sucking on my left tit sending electric sensations from the tips of my tits straight to my pussy. “Your tits are fantastic — I am sure that you have driven a lot of guys crazy.”

I just moaned and wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him closer into me. “I want you in my pussy! I need you in my pussy! I want to cum!”

“I will — I will — I will.”

“When”? I asked.

“When I am good and ready,” was his calm reply. I wiggled my ass some and thrust my tits toward Hank’s wet mouth. I started to feel that his cock was getting harder again. After what seemed like an hour (although it was really only a few minutes), Hank’s cock was stretching my pussy walls again. He did not start the fuck motion, however. He continued to place wet kisses on my tit and flick his tongue against my stiff nipple.

All Hank’s attention to my tits was making me hotter than hell. My only concern was that he start pistoning his cock in and out of my sopping pussy. Thankfully, he started sliding it back and forth inside me. However, after a couple of strokes he pulled his hips back and the head of his cock slipped out of my pussy.

While he continued to work my tit with his mouth, my empty pussy begged for relief. I moaned, “Why the hell did you stop?”

“Turn over and get on your hands and knees. I want you from the rear.”

I quickly complied. A different position was something that I had never thought off since my former boyfriend and I had done it all three times missionary style. Hank pushed my face down to the sofa cushions elevating my ass and then he massaged my buns. The next thing that I felt was the head of his cock pressed against the lips of my pussy. Before I could say anything else, I realized that his cock was fully inside me again.

Hank began pumping his hips back and forth alternately burying the head of his cock against my cervix and nearly withdrawing it. At the same time he reached one arm around my upper body and began to rub one of my dangling breasts. The twin sensations of his hand massaging my tit and his cock slowly massaging my pussy quickened my breathing. It also got me thrusting my hips back at Hank’s groin as he withdrew his cock and moving forward on his thrusts into my open pussy.

My breathing started coming faster. Hank stopped playing with my dangling tit and grabbed my hips. As I thrust my pelvis in time with Hank’s strokes, my tits swayed underneath my chest rubbing against the couch fabric. The friction on my nipples only served to make me hotter.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I moaned as his cock slid in me harder and harder. I could feel my pussy muscles contracting as I neared my first non-self induced orgasm. I shoved my hips back at Hank’s groin and froze as my orgasm cascaded from my pussy to all parts of my body from the tips of my toes to my eyelids.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” was all I could utter.

Then I felt Hank’s cock expand and start spurting his male cum in my pussy again. “Oh, shit, I am cumming too,” Hank said.

This time his cum felt wonderfully fulfilling in me. It made me feel complete as a woman.

I collapsed on the sofa and Hank’s spent cock slid out of my drenched pussy. He crumpled on my back. He whispered in my ear, “Jenny, you are a hell of a fuck.”

I was taken aback by his tone but I replied: “You were wonderful Hank. That was my first time.”

That brought Hank out of his orgasm induced haze, “you mean you were a virgin?”

I twisted my neck to face him and said “No, Hank! What I meant was that you are the first guy to bring me off.” With that I planted a sloppy kiss on his lips and added, “Thanks. And my pussy thanks you.”

Hank returned the kiss. Then he stood up and offered me a hand. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. I wrapped my arms around his waist and stood on my tip toes to continue the kiss. Hank broke the kiss, took my hand and led me over to his bed. Reaching down, he effortlessly pulls the spread back and said, “Jenny would you like to join me in bed?”

“I guess so,” I replied and sat down on the bed.

Hank also sat down and grabbed to two beers. “Would you like one to wet your whistle?”

“I guess so,” I replied again taking the bottle and twisting tuzla escort the top off. I took a drag and the wet beer tasted refreshing. “Where is the toilet? I need to pee real bad.”

“Down the hall to the right. I am the only one on the floor so you should be OK.” Hank replied. “But just in case one of my brothers is one the floor, why don’t you wear my shirt.”

“Thanks, sweetie”, I replied slipping into his shirt, unlocking the door and walking down to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door, turned on the light and sat down on the toilet. After a rather long pee, I wiped myself and noticed a cum splotch on my thigh which caused a wry smile to cross my face as I thought back on the past hour.

I waltzed back into the bedroom feeling very sexy. As I entered the bedroom door, Hank said, “You’re looking hot. And, you know what; you fuck as hot as you look.”

“Why thank you. I feel hot. And guess what? I want you inside me again.” With that I waltzed over to the bed where Hank was sitting drinking a beer. I took the beer out of his hand and took a swig. Then I sat down on his lap. Hank reached under the shirt I was wearing to massage my breast. I turned my upper body to face his and began to kiss his chest. This continued for several minutes, growing with intensity.

Hank’s ministrations to my tits had their desired effect, my nipples hardened and my pussy began to get moist again. At the same time my actions had the desired effect on Hank; I felt his cock harden under my ass. After a few more minutes of mutual fondling, my breathing was becoming somewhat erratic. I stood up, turned my body to face Hank’s body and straddled his legs.

I looked down at his erect cock and smiled at what I had caused. Of course, I also knew that my body felt an overwhelming desire to be impaled on that stiff male organ. I eased my torso downward making light contact between the outer lips of my pussy and Hank’s cock; then I just let go and sheathed his cock. After a few strokes, I got into the rhythm as Hank began to play with my jiggling breasts. We continued in this mode for a while.

I pushed him down on the bed and then I collapsed on him. After a few deep tongue kisses, I whispered, “Slide up on the bed, big boy, I want to you inside me some more.”

“You are going to have to get off me before I can do that sweetie,” he grunted. I raised my pelvis; Hank slid up on the bed; I slid back down his cock and we were back at it.

As we continued, one of Hank’s hands slipped down my belly to find my clit and begin rubbing it. This really set me off and I started pistoning up and down his cock seeking relief for the tingles in my tits and pussy. I panted, “don’t stop, I’m almost there.” Then I stiffened and slammed my pussy lips to his groin as I panted, “I’m almost ready. I’m cumming! Oh, Hank, I’m cumming! You made me cum.”

As my pussy muscles were contracting with my organism, I felt Hank’s cock attempt to expand as he shot another load of cum into my excited pussy. After he stopped shooting I collapsed again on him. I just lay on his chest while be both caught our breaths.

After a few minutes I rolled off him and lay next to him on the bed. Before I knew it, Hank’s hand began playing with my flattened breast. I rolled onto my side and reached over to run my free arm across his muscular chest. Then I noticed the time and said, “Hank, I think I had better get back to my room. I have a full day tomorrow and I need some sleep. And, I know that I will get none with you; you just keep turning me on.”

“You are one hell of a sexy woman, Jenny. It’s you that keeps turning me on,” he countered. “If you insist on leaving, I will walk you back to your dorm.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.”

“I insist,” Hank replied. “I would not think of making you walk home alone. Besides, what would your friends say if they knew that I fucked you three times and then made you walk home by yourself?”

“Who says my friends will know that we even did it?” I said. With that I rolled out of bed and began collecting my clothes. I picked up my panties and stepped into them.

“Jenny, if your friends see your panties I think they will know,” was his response.

With that Hank rolled out of bed and started dressing. I slipped the tank top back on and the fabric brushed against my still stiff nipples. I pulled Julie’s shorts back on and slipped into my shoes.

As I stood there I was a little surprised how tired my legs were. It felt like I had just run three miles. I think Hank realized my condition and guided me down the stairs and out into the warm night air. We walked back to my dorm, Hank’s arm around my back and my arm around his waist. As we got closer to my dorm we slowed down.

Arriving at the dorm, Hank pulled me tight against him and planted a wet kiss on my lips. I returned the kiss, probing into his mouth with my tongue and pulling his crotch tight against my belly. However, Hank broke the kiss by saying, “Jenny, you said you need to get home. I could spend the entire night with you, but I realize that you need some real sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed this evening.”

“I sure had fun. You are the first guy that has ever made me cum. Thank you.”

“Would you like to go out again sometime?”

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