Office Assistance Ch. 02

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Lunch was a little bit strained. They engaged in small talk, covering the weather, office politics, and a bit about the project. They even laughed a small bit, but neither wanted to address the elephant in the room. The walk back to office was mostly silent and, at times, awkward.

After brief rest stops they both returned to the conference room where their laptops and work papers remained side by side, just as they’d left them. Once again almost shoulder to shoulder in their seats they began working. The work seemed to break the spell and they pointed to each other’s laptop screen, traded ideas and shifted papers between them just as they had before lunch.

Jack stopped working and turned to face Emma. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

Her heart fell into a pit below her stomach.

“It’s just too distracting having you this close to me. I can’t get any work done because I keep looking at you and thinking about you and wanting to hold your hand again”, he said, his voice a mixture of anguish and longing.

Her heart vaulted back to her chest and started beating faster.

“It’s not right. I’m 16 years older than you and I’m technically your boss, or at least I’m a boss so it’s against company policy. I need to do the right thing and not put you in a compromising position. I’m going to move my stuff back to my office.”

Amid the desperation to stay close to Jack and growing sadness inside her, Emma felt a twinge of lust for Jack as her mind flashed on one or two positions she would like Jack to put her in.

As Jack began to gather his things Emma looked up and laid a hand on his arm. Fighting to keep tears from welling up in her eyes she gently spoke, “It’s okay. You’re not doing anything that compromises me. I’m a big girl, I can handle myself. Just stay here.”

Emma couldn’t tell what she saw in Jack’s eyes as he looked down at her. If she had to place a label on it she would have chosen ‘pain’.

“I’m sorry, Emma. I don’t know that I can handle myself around you.” He turned and in a few strides was out of the room.

Emma’s hands returned to her keyboard and typed some gobbledygook. She was looking at the screen but wasn’t seeing. Even if she had seen the typed page, it would have been all blurry as a single tear spilled out of one eye and ran down her cheek.

Sitting at his desk Jack still couldn’t concentrate. His mind couldn’t, wouldn’t focus on work. It was on one track only and that track lead straight to Emmaville. He debated the issues in his head, only instead of debating the reasons why he shouldn’t do anything with her or all of the negative issues and complications that would surround any type of relationship that might develop, all he could do was remember what she looked like standing in his doorway this morning, the feel of her hand in his, that cute little giggle, that softness and sweetness in her eyes, how smart she was, how infinitely better he was working with her.

He drifted into fantasizing about what it would be like to hold more than just her hand, about what it would be like to be the sole focus of that softness and sweetness that was at her core, of what he could and would like to do to make her happy. He stopped for a moment, ran his hand over his face, opened his eyes and stood. This woman was worth it and he’d be a fool not to let her know how he felt. He stood in his doorway from which he could see the top of her head over the wall of her cubicle. “Emma”, he called softly, “would you mind coming here for a minute when you’re free?”

She had been back in her cube for no more than twenty minutes when she heard him call her name. His voice was firm and gentle at the same time, commanding yet with a trace of pleading, no, expectation, no, hope, that’s what she heard in it. She must have looked like a prairie dog as she popped up out of her chair so quickly.

“Sure, be right there…, Sir”, she added trying to keep the tone light.

It was all she could do to keep from running to him. He stood aside, one hand on the door the other inviting her into his office. She looked in his eyes as she entered and could not read what she saw in them. Before she knew it the door was closing behind her, the inviting hand and arm were on one side of her and the other on the other side. Jack was moving forward eliminating any space between them until his body pinned hers against the back of the door.

“Emma” he said in a throaty whisper staring straight into her eyes as he brought his right hand up to tenderly cup the left side of her face and his left hand moved to the small of her back to pull her even closer to him. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips; a soft, tender kiss that would be all too short.

Her right hand flew to the back of his neck and held him tight, her left hand slipped behind him to press his right shoulder closer to her and she kissed him back.

Jack’s kiss changed in an instant. He held her tighter with both hands, his lips and mouth became more insistent, more demanding and soon his tongue halkalı escort was in on the act exploring her lips for more.

Emma moaned and felt the moisture gushing inside her. 30 seconds more of this and she would have a wet spot in her jeans let alone her panties!

Jack heard her little moan and responded with a deep, guttural half “mmmmm”, half “grrrrrr”. He was acutely aware of the blood flow suddenly racing to swell his penis. His attention was immediately redirected as Emma broke off the kiss only to bite and hold his lower lip between her teeth for a few moments.

He looked directly in her blue eyes and said “ooohhh, you…, you…”

“Yes?” she taunted with a teasing, playful look on her face, her fingernails lightly scratching through the hair on the back of his head as she stared back directly into his eyes. Those hazel eyes that looked green one minute, gold another and a soft grey another.

“I think work is done for the day” he said softly, kissing her forehead.

Emma leaned in and rested her cheek on his shoulder. Her left arm continued to hold him tightly and the fingers of her right hand weaved through his hair. Tears welled in her eyes and spilled out, collecting and creating a wet spot on his shirt.

Jack felt the wetness on his shoulder and leaned back, “Are you all right?” he asked with concern.

“I’m perfectly fine. I’m more than fine, I’m very happy.”

He gently tucked her head back in against his shoulder and placed soft kisses on the top of her head feeling the silken texture of her hair and breathing in the light fragrance of her shampoo.

“Mmmmmmmm”, she almost purred as she relaxed in his arms, leaning more against him, “you are such a man.”

They stayed like that for an unmeasured amount of time, eons or seconds felt the same. Each became aware of the others heartbeat. Jack became aware of the pleasant feeling of Emma’s breasts pressing against his rib cage. Emma became aware of the new shape at the top of Jack’s left thigh. She tried to shift her hips so that she could feel it press more against her mound than her hip.

Jack felt her shift and leaned his head back. When Emma leaned hers back to look up at him he raised both eyebrows putting a silent question to her. Emma answered by slowly grinding her pelvis against his bulge.

Jack’s hands moved to cup Emma’s ass and pull her off the floor while pushing her back harder against the door. Emma threw both her legs over his hips and hooked her heels just under his ass while throwing both hands around his neck.

Jack could not help himself. He began dry humping her with a sense of urgency. “Oh, Emma Catherine Richardson, what you do to me!”

It was the first time he used her full name! The moisture inside her was now that raging mountain torrent cascading over the rocks, threatening to spill out of her and flood everything in its path. She ground her crotch against him and stared straight back into his eyes as best she could through her heavy lidded, lust filled eyes.

He stopped. Jack held her in his arms. Emma clung to him tightly with her arms and legs.

“You know this is wrong.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Jack, this isn’t wrong. If fact I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure about something.” Emma was almost pleading with him.

“No,” he responded, his voice strong tone firm.

“Please,” Emma beseeched.

A smile broke across Jack’s face. His eyes seemed to grow brighter and the lines at their corners deepened in that way Emma loved. “No,” he said softly, stroking one hand through her hair. “I don’t want our first time to be some rushed, copulation like two teenagers at a high school dance. I’ve waited this long for you; I can wait a few more minutes. Will you come home with me?”

Emma could feel pieces and parts within her bursting to life. Tears rolled down her cheeks only to fall into the wide smile of her mouth. Her reply came unbidden, unrehearsed and unfiltered.

“Certainly, Sir.” She would have added more but Jack’s lips prevented her from forming words as he crushed them against hers.

Jack carefully lowered Emma back to her feet. “Pack up your things. Let’s go now. How did you get here? Did you drive?”

Suddenly Jack was very much in charge. Without any malice or ego he was taking control, just as he did when he assembled a team on a project. He didn’t lord his position and authority over others, he just naturally and self-assuredly took charge.

“I drove,” she answered.

“I walked. I live a little over a mile from the office. Do you mind if we just drive over there? That way you’ll have your car.”

“Sure, sure,” Emma replied. She was in a bit of a daze realizing that she was actually going to Jack’s place to sleep with him. Her insides, both physically and emotionally were on fire and turning to goo as the understanding of how much she had longed for this to happen came fully into the light from whatever taksim escort place she had tried to hide it.

Jack carried both coats and both briefcases in one hand as they rode in the elevator to the garage. In his other hand he held hers as they stood side by side. She looked up at him. He was looking at her with this rather goofy grin on his face. At that moment he could have been a teenager at the dance having just heard a girl say she’d be his steady date.

There were only a handful of cars in the garage. Emma walked to her Audi A4 convertible. The model was a generation or two old but it was clean, shiny without a scratch to be seen. The car was grey with a black cloth roof. The inside was light grey leather.

Emma stopped walking as Jack made his way to the passenger side.


Emma stumbled over her words. “Well, I, uh, thought, um, thought, um, you would drive.”

“Your car, you drive. I’ll navigate.”

“Oh.” She unlocked the car and nervously slid behind the wheel. She started the car and proceeded to drive to the exit. As she waited for the security gate to roll up she looked over at Jack. He was a quarter turned in his seat, looking at her, with that goofy grin still on his face.

“Left on Huron when we come out of the garage and then follow Huron through 4 lights.”

Emma followed his directions. There were almost no other vehicles here in the business section of the city. Even so the lights were timed for busy weekday traffic. They stopped at red lights at the first and third signals. Emma could feel Jack staring at her. She looked over at him while they waited for the green.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she felt her cheeks color just a little.

“I’m staring at you, of course,” he said matter of factly. “You are so appealing and I’m enjoying watching you concentrate as you drive. I just can’t believe that I’m here with you and that you’re willing to be with me. I’m so excited, and, to be honest, quite nervous, but I really, really want to be with you.”

Emma’s heart and stomach were performing gymnastics inside her, flipping, vaulting and twisting in reaction to Jack’s words. The light turned green and she mashed her foot down on the accelerator. The car leapt from its standstill and accelerated quickly. Emma loved driving her little sports car.

“Right at the next light and then left on Citadel.”

Emma covered the distance at twice the posted speed limit.

“Right on Elm, then about midway down the block between 265 and 275 there’s a small alleyway, turn into that.”

They were into the older part of the city. The area was locally known as “the Forest” as a number of parallel streets were names of trees – Oak, Maple, Birch, Fir, Larch, and Elm. These streets were lined with three floor ‘brownstones’. One after another, with shared walls, these brick homes covered both sides of the streets in either direction. Each block had a break in the line at the midpoint.

The breaks lead to back alleys that ran behind the brownstones. Depending on their configuration, the homes had parking or patios or a combination between them and the alley. Most had fences with gates and refuse and recycling bins sat behind every house.

“Left and first one on the left,” Jack directed Emma, pointing to an open gate in the low wooden fence.

Emma turned in. There were two vehicles parked in the crushed stone area nearest the alleyway – a shiny grey Audi S6 and a faded red, two door Jeep Wrangler with a soft top.

‘Oooo, I’d love to drive that S6,’ she thought to herself.

“Just park at an angle behind the two cars and you’ll be fine,” he instructed.

As they closed the car doors she heard his keys jingle and followed him across a small brick patio to a wooden door in the brick wall. He unlocked the door, flicked on a light and gestured for her to step inside. As her feet crossed the threshold Emma could not help but feel she was entering a new world.

“I’ll give you the full tour later; we’re going straight to the bedroom.”

At those words Emma felt a surge in the tingle between her legs that had been present since that kiss in Jack’s office.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied as she began to ascend the stairs in front of her. The swat of Jack’s hand on her ass felt surprisingly erotic.

“Smart ass.”

As they passed through the doorway at the top of the stairs Jack placed his hands on Emma’s hips and guided her through a 180 degree turn to head her down a long hallway.

“Kitchen to the left, now dining room, now living room,” Jack said, providing the abbreviated version of the house tour. Jack repeated the hands on her hips 180 degree turn to direct her to the next flight of stairs. “Powder room on your left,” he continued as they turned.

This flight of stairs was shorter but still arrived at the end of a hallway. Jack let Emma negotiate the turn without assistance and she looked back at him with a curious expression.

“What, no guidance?”

“I şişli escort figured you could handle this one on your own. That’s the second bathroom there and this first door is the Master bedroom.”

Hesitantly Emma stepped across the threshold and moved into the room. Jack stepped in behind her and, though he was the only person living in this house, self-consciously closed the door. He moved to the middle of the room about 8or 10 feet from Emma.

The two stood facing each other in awkward silence. It appeared neither one of them knew what to do with their hands. They both started blushing. It took about 30 seconds, though it felt much, much longer to both of them, for Jack to break the ice.

“Are you as nervous and scared as I am?”

“Probably even more than you,” Emma replied.

“Except for a few medical professionals I haven’t been naked in front of another person in a long, long time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been naked in front of a real woman for more than a decade.”

“I think I’m the same time frame. At least you shut the bedroom door so your parents won’t know you have a naked girl in your room,” Emma tittered nervously.

“You’re no girl, Emma. You are so much more. I think that’s why I’m so nervous. I really want you to like me and I don’t want this to spoil it.” Jack started his speech by looking at her eyes but he was looking at the floor by the time he finished.

“Geez, aren’t we a couple of mature adults?”

Jack’s face brightened. “I have an idea!”

“You do? Good. What is it?” Emma’s voice strengthened, as well.

“Why don’t we both just jump in the deep end together. I mean let’s, on the count of three, just take everything off without looking at the other and then when we’re done we’ll both be naked for the first time at the same time.” Jack felt like a kid offering up this plan as a solution but it was the only idea he had.

“I can’t think of anything better. Okay.”

Jack began the countdown, “One, two, three.”

Emma started pulling her sweater over her head; Jack started unbuttoning the cuffs and top two buttons of his shirt before pulling that over his head.

As she unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor Jack unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants.

Emma slid her pants and panties down in one motion, bending forward at the waist to reach her ankles. As she straightened back up she stepped out of first one leg and then the other. Now totally naked in front of Jack for the first time she moved her hands nervously not knowing what to do with them and fighting the urge to cover various parts of herself.

“Oh, Emma”, Jack uttered in a reverent tone. “You’re beautiful”. He gazed in wonder at Emma’s nude body, not realizing what a goof he looked like as he stood there on one leg like a flamingo. The other leg was crossed in front and his hand was holding the toe of the sock he was in process of removing

“Hey! You’re not undressed yet!”

Jack heard but did not comprehend her words. He was transfixed by the sight before him. From her long silky hair to her cute painted toes she was – lovely. ‘Yeah, that’s the right word. Lovely’, he thought as he stared at her. Everything in proportion, everything looking like it belonged to the body of a woman 10 or 15 years younger. Sure her breasts had a little droop to them but they were full and round and capped by dusky rose color nipples that stood out proudly. She had the feminine curve from her waist to the slight flair of her hips. Her legs and arms looked toned and very shapely. Even the wild tangle of light brown hair between her thighs looked just right for her.

“Hey!” she exclaimed again, “you’re not naked yet and I am! You said we’d do it at the same time!” She was smiling as she said this but it was a nervous smile.

“Uh, oh, sorry”, he responded as he pulled off the sock, placed his foot back on the floor, pulled his zipper down and then slid his jeans and boxers to his knees, never taking his eyes off Emma.

“I was distracted by a vision and I couldn’t help but do anything but look in awe and wonder.” Stepping on first one pant leg with the opposite foot and then the other he stepped out of his clothes and was now completely naked as well, unable to hide his rising cock.

Emma was blushing but also smiling as she looked at Jack. “You are forgiven” she said quietly as she took in the whole of Jack’s body. From his shoulders he tapered nicely to his waist. His chest, arms and legs were toned if not ‘chiseled’ and where he might have once had a six pack he now had a slight paunch but nothing major. His cock, which at present was pointing directly at her, was nice, it being the first man’s penis she had seen in a dozen years or more. Circumcised, with a light purple head it was straight, not too long and not too thick – average would be an apt description, though it did not matter to Emma. She could see grey hairs mixed in with the brown of his pubic hairs, but, wait, were his balls devoid of any hair?

Hard to say how long they spent drinking each other in but Jack broke the mutual reverie by raising his right hand and crooking his index finger in the classic ‘come here’ motion. Emma half hopped, half ran, half skipped the distance between them and then just felt herself being folded in his arms and held passionately against his body.

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