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Michael had always been a loner. He was the definition of tall dark and handsome. His rugged features always lead women to be curious about him every time he walked into a room. His brown hair brushed the tops of his shoulders and his deep smoky colored eyes seemed to burn into a person. He had a fairly nice body with a bit of a stomach. He always wondered why he could never find the right woman or for that matter even a date.

At work one day his co-worker Sara, brushed up against him closely. He gasped in slight surprise as her full breasts pushed against his chest. And when she bent to pick up the papers she’d been carrying that scattered on the floor he could see down her shirt a little bit. She smoothed her skirt standing up and apologized to him for not watching where she was going. He smiled and waved it off as nothing. When he got to his desk he shifted uncomfortably as his cock started to throb and pulse. Sara had always been a looker. Her long blond locks curling up and leading down to her bra strap in the back. Those mischievious baby blue eyes and a smile that could light up NY. Her body wasn’t that bad either. She was a regular Venus de Milo, with curves that never stopped. He wondered to himself what sort of lingerie she wore. Her perfume already drove him crazy. It was light and fruity. He hoped to get closer to her.

Sara let out a sigh as she sat back at her desk. Glancing back a couple of times to look at Micheal. He never said much to her but she would always catch him glancing at her. She scooted her chair back up to her seat and felt the silk of her panties slide against her smooth shaven sex. “Oh gawd”, she thought, “was this how his tongue would feel as smooth as silk?” She felt her sex seep a small amount of her arousalment. How could she find out. She decided that she would take the first step and ask him out for a date. She had a rule about not dating co-workers. That was usually just something she used as an excuse to tell the slime balls that istanbul escort asked her out at work. Micheal was different then all the others. She jotted down a note on a piece of paper hurriedly.


Meet me at the bar on the corner of Lovers and Greenville for drinks. I’ll be wearing red. I’ll see you at seven. Be there.


Then she casually walked over to the water cooler and poured herself a drink and dropped the note off on Michael’s desk. He smiled at her and watched her walk back to her desk with the glass of water.

Picking up the note Micheal smiled and picked up his phone dialing her extension. Yes was the only word he spoke and he set it back down again. He felt a small jolt of electricity flow from head to toe as he watched her work from time to time. He noticed one moment in particular when she bent down to pick up a pen she’d drop and her skirt slid up to reveal a clasp of her garter belt. He felt his cock harden again and decided to get back to work or he’d have to go to the bathroom and relieve himself before he stood up again.

Sara drove home hurriedly. She couldn’t believe what she’d done. She’d never been that bold before. Absentmindedly she rubbed her nipple. She dashed into her apartment, glancing at her watch…it was 5:30. She had an hour to get dressed and thirty minutes to get to the bar. She slided out of her prim business suit, tossing it on the chair in her bedroom. Shinnying out of her bra and panties and garter belt and sliding down her stockings. Momentarily she sunk two fingers inside of her sex up to the knuckles and stroked herself. Moaning softly she moved underneath the shower nozzle and began to wash herself. Adding some bath gel to her sponge and inhaling the sweet smell of the strawberries. He smelled exotic. A bit like the sage her friend Bridgett was always burning to smudge her house. Rinsing off she turned off the water and wrapped herself avcılar escort in a large bath towel. Then looked into her closet to try and decide what to wear. It wasn’t difficult. She had a lot of clothes perfect for a night out. She wore a bright cherry red top and some jean shorts. The bodice clung to her chest and there was certainly no need to wear a bra with it. She smiled to herself as she slid into the jean shorts. She decided not to wear panties. Then she grabbed her purse and keys and locked her door and made a mad dash to her car.

Micheal had gotten stuck in traffic on the way home from the office and he saw the exit sign for Lovers and decided to go to the bar. He’d already been sitting in traffic for an hour. It was a nice place, not at all dark and sleazy. It even served food. He decided to order them both a good philly cheese steak and fries and waited for her arrival. Wisely he remembered to tell the waiter to hold the onions, he was fixing to be on a date. Ordering himself a Shiner Bauch he sat back and drank his beer watching the television above the bar. The news came on and showed the traffic jam he’d just been in and he exhaled a sigh of relief that he wasn’t in it anymore. Dallas freeways are always rough when time to get off and especially on Fridays. He hoped she wouldn’t get caught in it. Just as she was walking in the door. The food he’d ordered arrived at the table. He smiled as she walked towards him watching her hair and breasts move with each step. “I hope you don’t mind I ordered for us, just in case you got stuck in traffic”. She smiled and looked down at the food. “No problem, thanks I love a good cheese steak.” He smiled and thought to himself my kind of girl. She was glad she’d dressed a little casual.

They sat and small talked a little while they were eating. Both of them very impressed with the others manners since cheese steak isn’t the easiest of foods to eat with the best manners. She began to wonder şirinevler escort why this man was still single. He was such a good conversationalist. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a rather nice body. He felt her foot in his lap suddenly. She started teasingly rubbing it against his cock and he became rigid instantly. The soft material of his slacks caressing and rubbing with the urgent prodding and stroking of her foot. He moaned softly but no one in the restaurant heard it except for Sara. He inhaled her soft scent of strawberries. They were still sipping their beers. All the time he was thinking how am I ever going to stand up with this hard on. He started to notice Sara sliding closer to him in the curved booth.

Suddenly he felt the button and zipper of his pants being pulled down and his hard cock being pulled out. He gulped. She started to give him the most incredible hand job he’d ever had in her life. Her long slender fingers beginning by wrapping around the base of his cock and slowly slithering up the top. He could feel his full balls start to ache as she moved her hand down to cup and pull his sac softly. He’d never expected anything like this to happen. Slowly she started to stroke a bit firmer. Rubbing her fingertips over the tip of his cock. He was nearly jumping out of his skin by this moment. He had to keep talking as the waiter came by to refill their drinks and he watched her calmly take a couple sips of her beer. She increased the strokes. He was so surprised her hands were so strong. He could feel the urge and the ache to burst rising up inside of him. Oooooooooo Gawd he thought to himself I’m going to explode. He sighed and felt his eyes roll back. His voice suddenly took more of a longing urge to it as he started pleading with his eyes to her for release. She smiled and slid her half-full glass of beer underneath the table. He closed his eyes and exploded. Feeling her strong strokes pull forth his load. She skillfully caught ever splash in her beer glass. He opened his eyes to see her licking her fingertips and drinking down her cum topped beer in several gulps. She smiled at him slyly licking her lips. He began to thank her but he started to stutter a little. “Perhaps you’d like to come to my place so I can return the favor,” he offered. She smiled and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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