Oh, How I Love The Rainy Day

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Matt stood on the porch of Mandy’s home and waited for her to answer her door. It was the perfect summer day. The air was balmy, and the sky overcast with intermittent patches of blue and sunshine painting brilliant patches of color through the clouds and on the landscape. He and Mandy had only planned on being together outside. He loved being with her, and her absence for even a day was painful.

He stepped off the porch to stand on the cool soft grass and cool his shoe-less feet. Even though he was shirtless, he felt no chill. Nor was there any extreme warmth that would spoil a walk in the park with a most amazing woman.

He was scanning the nearly empty wooded park across the street from her home when he heard her come through the front door. He didn’t turn to look at her, but rather, closed his eyes with his arms folded across his chest and listened as she closed and locked the door. The screen door slammed as it’s spring pulled it shut behind her. He listened to the flip flop of her sandals as she skipped down the cement stairs, and anticipated her touch.

Playfully she stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest and under his folded arms. She grabbed the short hairs on his chest causing sharp stabs of pain as she tugged. She giggled as he squirmed but held on tight, pressing her chest tight against his naked back. She had not been able to keep him off her mind. The anticipation of holding herself tight against him occupied her every moment as she carefully prepared herself for the afternoon of being with him.

Her squeeze filled Matt’s mind with images of her bosom as her soft flesh flattened against him, and her pelvis connected with his backside. His manhood stirred. He stood and relished the moment.

Mandy moaned with joy as her body joined with his. She flattened her hands and gently caressed his hard chest and belly, maintaining a tight but comfortable hug.

“Hey, good lookin. Whatcha been cookin….” she sang as she savored the embrace.

Matt suddenly broke from her grasp and sprinted ten feet, then swiveled and crouched with his knees bent and his hands open and ready to spar. His intense gaze and broad unbidden smile surprised her and she stood with her arms still extended as she tried to hold him. His silly look struck her and she broke out into uncontrolled laughter. She nearly collapsed as her knees bent and she folded in half.

She suddenly felt Matt as he grabbed her, forcing her back, and up as he lifted her onto his shoulder as if she were a sack sarıyer escort of potatoes. She screamed and flailed as she giggled. Her sandals flung and she teasingly hit is back with closed fists.

Matt effortlessly lifted her off his shoulder as his hands securely held her bare midriff and lowered her to the ground on her back. He straddled her and deftly tickled her sides as she unsuccessfully tried to fend off his ruthless attack.

Although he was playful, his mind was awash with the beauty of her mirthful face and bare shoulders. The only obstacle to her generous bust was a vale of thin opaque lime green material that fit loosely around her chest, but snug enough below her breasts to keep from falling off, and it was draped over her left shoulder and joined the back and front panel with a brass ring just above her heart. Her erect nipples pushed out and the fluid motion of her breasts as he wrestled her mesmerized him. He had to constrain himself from touching her there.

Mandy stopped struggling and let her arm limply fall to the grass. She gazed into his infinitely blue eyes and smiled.

“You naughty boy.” was her only comment as she watched him ravish her chest with his eyes. The physical contact of his pelvis against her pubis had begun to excite her and she felt the material covering her sex dampen. She looked down at his crotch, and saw the bulge under his loose faded jeans.

“Get off me and help me up,” she requested, and he reluctantly complied.

As he stood, he saw the dampened white cotton cloth covering her pussy, which fit tight against her folds. He took her hands and lifted her to her feet. She pulled the short white tube skirt down to cover her panties. The skirt barely covered her from just above her pubis to an inch or two below her crotch. The hardness of his cock was becoming painful and he needed something to distract him, or he was going to need to fuck.

He waited for her to get her sandals on and then took her by the hand and led her across the street to the park. The sky darkened and the clouds hung low, and as he strolled with her across the street it began to rain. He stood with her, holding her hand. Their faces turned upward towards the heavy laden clouds and let the rain soak them entirely.

Mandy began to sing and laugh and skip in the pouring rain as she continued to hold Matt’s hand.

“Oo, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Oo, how esenyurt escort I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside”

She felt giddy and loved to sing. The mood was perfect for one of her favorite songs, and in her head she heard Neil Sedaka on the oldies station.

Matt also felt incredibly light as he held on to Mandy’s hand and smiled as he watched her circle him dancing and singing. As her green top became soaked, it also became transparent and revealed her breasts and nipples.

He joined in singing with her Neil Sedaka, “Laughter In the Rain”.

At the top of their lungs they sang the refrain, “Oo, I hear laughter in the rain…”

Mandy stopped singing and looked at Matt as he added, “I feel the warmth of her hand in mine”

Matt pulled Mandy into him and cuddled her as he softly sang the second verse, “After a while we run under a tree…”

He finished singing the verse and they share a kiss. Mandy begins to run, pulling Matt with her into the park. Matt sees a large tree and pulls Mandy with him to the tree and stops where the large trunk blocks them from the view of anybody that might be driving or walking down the street.

Matt takes her firmly into his arms and initiates a passionate kiss.

Mandy aggressively extends the embrace into groping his mouth with her tongue. Her arms are around his neck and her hands pull his head into her lascivious attack.

Matt’s hands instinctively caress the sides of her chest, closing in on her breasts, trying to find any opening, but she is pressing too hard, grinding herself into him.

Mandy, aware of Matt’s attempts breaks her embrace and turns, pressing her back against his chest and grinding her ass into his hard cock. She pulls her top up off her breasts as Matt finally is able to knead her heaving chest.

Matt fills his hands with her voluptuous mounds. He takes her hard erect nipples between thumb and forefinger and gently pinches and rolls them. He feels Mandy respond with wanton gyrations as his cock is pressed between her butt cheeks. The motion is rapidly bringing him to a critical juncture and he feels her hand undo his webbed belt and unfastening his jeans

Mandy turns back to face Matt and pulls her tube skirt onto her belly, then grabs Matt by the forearms and pulls him as she lowers herself to the soft wet grass, then scoots herself away from the tree giving Matt ample access to fuck her.

Matt pulls his cock from the fly without dropping his jeans avrupa yakası escort and kneels between Mandy’s legs. He pulls the fabric of her panties to the side of her pussy, and in the missionary position enters her. Slowly at first, to cover himself with her thinly viscous, generous copulatory flow. When both he and she are adequately lubricated he begins earnestly pumping his cock into her.

Mandy, being at her most fertile moment, is extremely aroused. After only a few thrusts of Matt deep inside her she spasms with her first orgasm. She feels Matt push against the resistance of her vaginal contraction, and winces at the heightened sensitivity of her clit caused by her cumming. The discomfort passes as she begins to rise again toward her second orgasm.

Matt is encouraged by Mandy’s involuntary jerking as she cums, and the tightening around his cock adds to his rising pleasure. Steadily he continues his rhythmic fucking knowing at this moment that he has passed the point where ejaculation in eminent. He slows, to pace himself and hopefully allow Mandy to cum again before he unleashes his payload.

Mandy feels the change in pace. She knows Matt is about to begin the crescendo of depth and frequency of his thrusts. She responds as she rapidly begins rising toward her next climax. She suddenly explodes into orgasm that eclipses the first, and her pelvis begins to thrust against Matt’s efforts as his breathing rate increases.

Matt is astonished at how Mandy seems to be on fire and he can’t stop himself from pumping her faster. Her assisting thrusts pushes him forcefully inside her to his maximum depth. His body becomes rigid as he feverishly pumps. He climaxes and feels the copious flow of semen rush out of him in waves of erotic pleasure.

Mandy is fulfilled as she feels Matt slump against her. She loves how it feels to be filled with his hot cum, and then the relaxed embrace of heaviness against her and feel of him as he withers and slips from her. She pushes Matt off of her onto his back. She crawls on top of him in a 69 position. The taste of her juices mixed with his excites her again as she takes his limp penis into her mouth. She feels Matt reciprocate as his rough tongue slips between her pussy lips, caressing her sensitive vaginal flesh. She twitches as he plays with her clit. She is going to cum again.

Matt and Mandy emerge from behind the trunk of the tree, somewhat disheveled. Mandy’s top has dried to the point that the fabric is no longer transparent. Her skirt covers her soiled panties that are no longer white, but stained with mud, grass, semen, and vaginal flow. Matt’s face still has splotches of Mandy’s juices dried and beginning to crust. Both of them appear a bit dazed, but in a state of ecstasy as they hold on to each others waist and lazily return to Mandy’s home across the street.

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