Old Flames Never Die

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Abella Danger

It had been years since they’d seen each other…Childhood friends who’ve managed to keep in touch sporadically over the nearly two decades since high school. Life had dealt them both their fair share of obstacles, but they each somehow managed to overcome them for the most part.

They’ve been talking over the phone & texting for a few months now and tonight would be their first official date. Skye wasn’t nervous until just a few hours ago while she was getting ready for the big night. There was a mountain of clothes on her bed…outfits she tried on & took off thinking “too eager…too frumpy…too casual…too dressy…”. She finally decided on a black & white dress with a halter & a keyhole cut that showed just enough cleavage to be sexy yet not easy & the new stilettos she bought just for such an occasion.

Just as she was spraying perfume on the back of her neck she heard a knock at the door. She instantly felt flushed with excitement and walked toward the door & grabbed her purse. She opened the door with the biggest, most genuine smile on her face.

“Peter!!” she said while stepping out to give him a hug.

“Skye! How are you, beautiful?” as he embraced her in a hug & lifted her off the ground & gently set her down & kissed her on the cheek.

She closed the front door behind her & they walked toward his Hummer. He opened the passenger door for her to get in & then walked around & got in the drivers seat. They headed off to go out to dinner.

During dinner they laughed & talked about old times, both fully aware of the sexual tension that has been mounting over the past few months, but neither one wanting to make it seem obvious.

They finished with dinner & left the restaurant. The night was beautiful. There was a full moon & a warm breeze blowing so they decided to walk to Peter’s apartment two blocks away. They walked hand-in-hand, talking & laughing still.

They got to his apartment & he unlocked the door & they went inside. He put music on the stereo & poured two glasses of wine. They sat on the couch sipping wine, listening to music, inching closer to one another. The sexual tension was even stronger now. She told herself she wasn’t going to sleep with him tonight. She was fighting the urge to lean over to kiss him. bakırköy escort She told herself she would take things slow.

Peter suddenly leaned over & gently combed his fingers through her hair & placed his hand on the back of her head & kissed her on the lips. She melted. Her lips parted & their tongues touched. Their mouths opened wider & their tongues thrusted deeper. They embraced closer. He put his had on her knee & she felt her nipples begin to get hard. She knew ‘taking things slow’ was no longer an option. She could barely contain herself already, but all they were doing was making out like a couple of fourteen year olds.

She placed the palm of her hand under his shirt just above his belt. He kissed her harder, more passionately, & his hand slowly slid under the hem of her dress just above her knee. Her knees parted, almost involuntarily. He slid his hand further under her dress & caressed her thigh. She, in turn, slid her hand slowly up his side & across his chest & kissed him deeply. His hand slid back down to her knee & out from under her dress & Skye thought for just a moment “Oh no! We’re moving too–“, but before she could finish that thought he placed his hand low on her ribcage & pulled her on top of his lap.

She straddled him & kissed him. Peter slid both hands under her dress & up to her thighs, her hips, & finally to her round ass cheeks. His touch was so gentle, his kisses were so sweet. She trailed kisses along his neck & ears. Her hands caressed his chest. He grabbed her ass & firmly pulled her body close to his. She moaned softly.

Peter kissed her neck & shoulders. He gently reached up & unzipped the back of her dress & untied the bow of the halter top. He caressed her back & shoulders as she kissed his neck. Their lips met again & they gave each other soft little pecks on the lips. He pulled her dress down to her waist, exposing her bare breasts. Her nipples were hard. Peter cupped her left breast in the palm of his hand & pinched the nipple slightly. She began to slowly grind her hips on him. She could feel the bulge of his erect penis in his pants.

Skye slowly slipped her hands under his shirt & lifted it over his head & tossed it on the floor below. She ran her the fingers of her beşiktaş escort left hand across his chest & the fingers of her right hand through his hair. She was grinding against him harder now. He slowly kissed her neck, her chest, the top her her breast, and finally her nipple, his tongue playfully twirling it between his teeth. She could feel her pussy getting wet. He slowly sucked her left nipple, then her right nipple. She began to shiver slightly with excitement.

Peter put his hands on the small of her back & laid her body on the couch as he kissed her. She let her shoes fall off her feel & onto the floor. He gently pulled her dress past her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, her knees, and finally her feet & tossed it on the floor next to his shirt. She was wearing a black thong with a bright pink bow on the front & bright pink corset stitching to the left of the bow. Skye reached for his belt & unbuckled it. She un buttoned & unzipped his pants & tugged them down over his buttocks. He stood next to the couch & let his pants fall to the ground. He kicked his shoes off & stepped out of his pants. She could see his erect penis under his boxers now. She leaned forward & pulled his boxers down until they fell to the floor.

She grabbed his cock with her hand & slowly began to suck it, caressing his balls at the same time. His cock tasted good in her mouth. She moved her mouth up & down the shaft of his penis slowly, rhythmically, leaning her head to the left & then to the right, tickling the tip with her tongue. She pulled her head back slightly & traced the shaft of his cock with her tongue, down…down…down…and sucked his balls, rolling them around in his mouth with her tongue. Slowly she traced her tongue back up to the tip & began to suck his cock again. She could feel the tip of his penis tickle the back of her throat, she pushed further, sucking & swirling her tongue, his hard cock going deeper until her eyes began to water. She pulled her head back…she could taste him now. She continued to suck.

Peter pushed her down onto the couch & put his body on top of hers. They were both breathing more heavily now. He pulled her panties off & parted her legs. He kissed the inside of her thigh until he reached her hot, beylikdüzü escort wet pussy. He spread her lips with his tongue & buried his face in her crotch. His tongue licked her juices & drove deep into her pussy as if trying to find the source of her sweet nectar. She moaned. He clenched her clitoris lightly between his teeth & flicked it with his tongue. He sucked on it, cupping it in his tongue, drinking her juices.

He slowly began to kiss her tummy, her breasts, her mouth. Peter drove his rigid cock deep into her pussy & thrust it in & out with a force she wasn’t expecting. It made her pussy even more wet. She tilted her pelvis & thrust her hips in rhythm with him. He thrusted harder. He kissed her neck. She wrapped her legs around him and thrusted toward him, their bodies glistening with sweat.

He pulled he’s cock out of her hot pussy and flipped her over. She got on her hands & knees & tilted her ass upwards. He teased her slightly with his cock, inserting just the tip & quickly removing it, rubbing her clitoris with it, inserting the tip again & removing it. She reached between her thighs & grabbed the shaft of his penis & guided it into her pussy. He rammed her pussy hard, over & over again. She thrusted backwards against him. He grabbed her hair with his right hand & placed his left hand on her hip. He grabbed her hip tightly, pulling & pushing her, continuing to thrust his hard cock into her.

Skye turned & grabbed the back of the couch. Peter stood on the floor & drove his cock into her pussy again. She could feel her juices dripping down the inside of her thigh. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her waist, & kissed the back of her neck. She reached between her thighs again & caressed his balls, rolling them between her fingers.

He grabbed her hips with his hands and thrust as hard as he could. She could feel her orgasm coming on. Her body flushed with heat & then an explosion of juice. Her pussy pulsating. He rammed his cock into her & it exploded with hot, white cum. His thrusting slowed as he continued to cum. He pulled his flaccid cock out of her pussy & cum slowly dripped out & drizzled her clitoris.

She turned around and sat on the couch in front of him. He leaned down & kissed her mouth & then grabbed her hand and led her to his bed. He pulled the covers back & she sat down & tucked her feet under the blankets. He walked around to the other side of the bed & crawled under the blankets & scoots closer to her. She scoots backward toward him, he wraps his arm over her waist & they slowly drift to sleep.

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