Older Woman, Odd One Out

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I rushed out of the room banging the door behind me and shouting back at him, “James, you are a bum! How can you do that to me? Go and screw her now!”

I was so annoyed, I was thoroughly pissed off. I could not think clearly because of what he had done to me. James deceived me that the Christmas trip was for himself and I. We would drive out far to the north to the city of Maun and how it would take us two days to get there. I was so excited that I would have him all to myself. Then 3 days before we were to leave James told me that a friend of his, a woman, would join us on the trip. I wondered why I would want another woman in our midst when it should be just me and my boyfriend James? I felt strongly that she would interfere in our private moment.

He replied, “Oh no, no, it will have no such effect on us!”

Then on the 23rd of December he told me that somebody else was going to be joining us. I was about to start getting annoyed when he told me that it was a man called David. I remembered David because he had done a few accounting jobs with him in the past and that made me feel a little secure because now the woman who he told me was called Fridah could be kept busy by this new man called David, and therefore felt that my time with my boyfriend was going to be secure.

On the 24th of December we set off with James, David and this woman called Fridah. It turned out to be a lot of fun because the three of us knew each other and apparently James knew the woman quite well so there was quite a bit of camaraderie. Fridah and David were in the back while I was in the front passenger seat beside James who was driving. Talk flowed freely back and forth, jokes were flying from the front to the back; we quickly became one group and it turned out to be a very nice drive. Fridah was the only one who interrupted herself to talk to someone on her phone, though it did not really break the mood in the car.

When we got to Maun, James said that we should not make the other people feel bad by going into the same room because the two, David and this woman, were not that well known to each other. James was the one who knew Fridah well and the three of us had worked together previously so we more or less knew each other. I agreed that I was going to sleep in the same room with Fridah, and he and David would use the other room. All this sounded good until we got into our room. I found that Fridah’s calls were video WhatsApp chats with a man. I could hear his voice sounding very much in love with Fridah, but I could not tell whether she returned his love. You see, we who are women have got the capacity pretend to be anything, so I was not that sure whether Fridah was in love with this man but he himself sounded besotted. These video chats could happen at any time and sometimes they woke me up in the dead of night; the light on her screen woke me up and their chat would keep me from going back to sleep. This would disturb me so much that I would be irritable during the day because of not getting enough sleep.

Poor David seemed to be out on a limb during the day when I kept close to my boyfriend, more or less taking him from the group. Fridah’s nightly chats with her man were only helping to fire my desire for James. I tickled my pussy many times to get rid of the fire that would build up in my loins. Two fingers in my vagina brought me to the boil in a short while so that I only needed to rub my very swollen clit for a few seconds before I erupted pendik escort in a huge orgasm. I had to bite my lower lip to avoid being heard by Fridah. I hoped, however, that her chat was keeping her so occupied that she would not be in a position to overhear my pleasure consuming me.

We made outings to see wild game, visit a museum and had a picnic one day. In the evenings we came back to the same sleeping arrangement, which only highlighted to my mind that the Christmas I expected with my James was getting too crowded for my liking. James’ denial that our time would not be affected began to pale. Despite my pleas, Fridah did not want to stop doing her thing at night because she said love was not a tap or a switch; they call when they miss one another. “He misses me he calls me, when I miss him I call him. Its that simple!” she finished with a shrug.

But on the final night in Maun, I felt ready to explode. James seemed to have developed some kind of interest in Fridah, smiling at her in a way I found suggestive. I began to feel a bit insecure about what else might be going on between these two. They seemed to get on quite well, with talk about buying cars; apparently she wanted to sell her current one, which I now discovered with shock was the same one we had come in. So she was not merely an invitee to this trip that James had led me to believe was his and mine. She had been one of its architects! This, coupled with what James had told me about working with her on some financial jobs, grew in my mind to become a very real threat to my love for James. I got so worked up by these facts that it began to look kind of obvious that James may be somewhat attracted to this woman. I wanted to scream to him that she has got a man that she chatted with every day. I tried to pull him away to tell him about that but it was of no use.

I made a decision all of a sudden. I had to head James off before he ever thought of making a move on this older woman while we are out here. I would move into James’ room for the rest of the trip. Where David was going to go was not my headache; I did not care. Why did Fridah look so very surprised that I could do something like that? Didn’t she already know that James was mine? All I wanted at that moment was to sleep with James. I wanted him to make love to me and take his mind off his infatuation with this older woman. Once in the room and David had gone off I didn’t care where, I said, “Am I truly your girlfriend, James?”

He looked at me in startled fashion. “Why, because I asked you to share with Fridah?” Then he stared hard at me. “You think I am gay?”

“No, no! I dont mean that.” With shock I fumbled about for words and could not find the right ones. But I tried to plough on. “Who is Fridah to you, darling? Please tell me the truth!” My voice was plaintive.

“No, no, no! We’re just professional colleagues, we do things together but we are not friends or lovers.”

I was inclined to believe him when he pulled me into his arms and kissed me just like old times. I allowed myself to be kissed, and to kiss him back. Then just as if we were in the city, I felt my nipples gather together and stand up. A warm fluid wet my panties. All my pent-up desire from the provocation of Fridah’s chats with her man broke forth. I wanted this my man like a drowning man needs air. I brought my hand to grab his cock through his boxers and massaged it. He got more excited and the cock kartal escort acknowledged me by twitching in my hand. This inflamed me yet more and I found my panty was really wet. He pulled my short-sleeved top off almost roughly and fell upon my aching boobs sucking them through my bra. He grabbed it with his teeth while his hands unclasped it from my back so that he could pull it off with his mouth. He made a sound as if he were spitting it onto the bed, and licked my right boob from the aureole towards its base. I wanted him to do it on my nipple; but his hand was circling my left boob in the same tantalising fashion, punishing me. Unlike his habit, tonight he was not looking into my eyes the way he normally did. He kept this up, circling one with his tongue and the other with his fingers, driving me crazy. I popped his cock from his boxers and rubbed it up and down. This only fired my desire to have it plunging inside me yet stronger. He pulled my panty down my legs and I stepped out of them; now I was completely nude. For my man, my love! If he had anything for the older woman I was going to break it this very night!

I shucked his shirt from his shoulders so that we were both naked. I fell back into the bed. A little jostling placed him at my entrance ready to enter me. I felt his helmet nudging my outer lips bit by bit. Then it came in contact with my warm wetness.

“Aaahhh,” he exhaled in lust. He pulled back a fraction and pushed back. I felt something like a popping as his nut broke through the frontier formed by my outer lips; I felt his stem slowly sinking into my pussy all in one movement. Then he was all the way inside. I swung my hips upwards to encourage him to start moving his wonderful cock in me and give me that which I had hungered for all those nights. He began moving his pelvis to draw his cock almost out and then he came back in. By and by we found our usual rhythm, his cock touching all sorts of corners inside me. He felt even more insistent than his usual, and it came as a shock when his body stiffened suddenly like a corpse and he cried, “My sweet Fidah!” in the throes of passion. I opened my eyes and looked into his face.

“What did you say, James?”

“I came so hard, darling!”

“But who did you call out to? It sure wasn’t my name!”

He was silent for a moment. “You know I love only you, Annie!”

“No, you don’t! You called that woman’s name. I heard it clearly!” With that I pushed him off me and jumped off the bed. I pulled on my clothes in such a hurry that I didn’t care which way anything was.

“You’re a liar!”

“Annie, please don’t say that.”

“You cannot be making love to me while you’re thinking about Fridah in the next room. If that’s what you want get up and go and join her in the room!”

And I rushed out of his room, shouting back at him. I met David coming up the stairs towards the rooms. Maybe he had gone to the bar. Without a thought of where he might have been heading to, I poured out my story. Naturally he held me while I sobbed my eyes out.

At that moment I heard James open the door behind me. The noise I had made in the room must have disturbed Fridah for she too peeped out of the door that used to be ours. Suddenly I was overcome with emotion.

“I don’t want to sleep in the same room with that woman again!”

David looked at me in a puzzled way, as if he wondered whether I expected him to pay for an extra room for maltepe escort me.

“James, what’s happening here?” I heard Fridah’s voice. Then I heard James moving towards our door. Suddenly a solution presented itself to my mind. Quickly, I pulled David towards his room, which he had been sharing with James. I locked the door so that James could not come back. ‘Let him sleep with that old woman,’ I thought cruelly.

Seeing that I was still very emotional, he was very sympathetic and he held me close. My unfulfilled desire a few minutes earlier began to awaken, and I was so mad with James that I did not stop to think that this man was all of a stranger; all I needed was to satisfy my throbbing pussy. We found ourselves groping one another hungrily. Soon enough he was fondling my unsupported breast lightly pinching my nipple, causing me to rub my thighs together like I need to pee. Which wasn’t too far different, because my pussy was leaking its juices. They were starting to run down my thighs unhindered by a panty. That was somewhere on the floor. Then he kissed me and everything went ascatter. I just wanted him; I wanted the comfort he was giving to get inside my body, to include my body. My hottest passions erupted, so that when he pushed me gently back on the same bed, I opened my thighs willingly. Did he care whether another cock had been pumping in there only minutes ago? Apparently not. He kept angling his cock to take in all corners of my pussy, causing the heat to rise in an almost beastly way. Before I could register in properly in my brain, I erupted like Mt Vesuvius, spewing my juices with such force I heard it jetting out. Do you think the devil of a lover desisted? No, not on your life! He kept giving me stroke after delicious stroke, sending me crashing into more orgasms than I could remember having in my entire life. He made love to me in the most beautiful way. I even thought that James had never done it as well as David had. Then it was his turn to explode into my depths. We collapsed into such a deep sleep that it felt as if we had only slept for mere minutes before morning came.

At breakfast I expected James to be mad at us for locking him out, but they told us that they had slept very well, each at one edge of the bed. I thought, ‘Serves you right, James.’ Then it crossed my mind that James had come in my pussy so it could be true. But aloud I said, “How can you lie like that? You called out this woman’s name in the middle of our lovemaking then you go to her room and tell us that now you did not touch her?”

Fridah looked from me to James in apparent shock. She said, “It is true. I did not do anything with him.” She probably thought I wanted to preserve my relationship with James.

But you see I didn’t believe them. The two of them had booked this trip together, James had lied to me that it was my trip with him to which he had invited Fridah and then later invited David. I now knew that that was not the truth. So I had no more faith in James. Whether or not they had slept in the same bed and not touched each other concerned them not me! As for me, I will never forgive James for doing that to me.

I’m not going to let David go. He is going to become my official boyfriend even though the two of them are in our friend networks. But we don’t meet that much anyway and I’m sure it’s not going to be awkward.

As for the man that she talks to constantly on video, I felt sure he will not be told all the details of what happened on this trip. Certainly not that she slept in the same bed with James, even for one night. No man will believe that! If she is will be foolish enough to tell him those details, that would be the end of their love affair.

But I am quite sure she will not do that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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