One Fabulous Day

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We were on the phone sharing fantasies. It started out innocent enough. I wanted a quiet, yet powerful session of lovemaking. He expressed his desires for that as well, but added some twists that I could not resist—so much so, that I had decided at that moment to make the scene a reality.

We were going to meet at our usual place. I wanted to prepare my body properly to present to him. I showered, paying extra detail to shaving. Oh so smooth, and now with a heart-shaped patch, I perfumed and began to dress. I had purchased a new toy recently and he requested that I ready myself for him by wearing it that morning. I obliged by lubricating my new anal plug, and watched myself in the mirror as my hungry ass swallowed it up. A rush came over me knowing it would be replaced soon… but there was more to come first.

He was waiting for me. He answered the door and pulled me inside. Our embrace was strong and urgent. It had been SO LONG since we last touched. There were kisses, both soft and hungry. Just as he was about to speak, I let him know with a “shhhh” motion kadıköy escort that there was an agenda for the day. He knew immediately what it was. A devilish smile came across his face.

Teasing his eyes with a seductive move or two, I peeled my shirt and skirt from my body, leaving my thong panties in place and returning to kiss him once more. More heated than before, his arms wrapped tightly around me. Every movement of my body shifted the plug in my wanting, needing ass and he knew it.

My hands quickly found his cock. I went to work stripping his clothing and fondling his erection—MY erection. I licked my lips and dropped to my knees in front of him. Gazing up to meet his eyes, I laid out my tongue for the first taste of what I craved to be inside me. Anywhere. Everywhere. And my mouth showed it. Licking up and down the shaft, closing over the head, his excitement grew with mine. I looked up to his face again as his fingers gripped into my hair and he thrust his üsküdar escort cock deep into my mouth. I gladly accommodated his growing need, knowing I was preparing him for me. Pulling from his grip, grasping his cock firmly, I painted his hot dripping cock over my lips. Sloppy from my mouth and mixed with pre-cum, he watched his head slip over my closed mouth. He was ready. We both knew what was next.

Still silent I crawled onto the bed, kneeling for him to view my ass in the air. Now he could see it for certain. Peeling my panties down my thighs, he gave the plug a playful tug. HE was in control now. Wet cock in hand he placed himself closer behind me. But it was not my ass that he entered as I had expected. His cock plunged hot and hungry into my dripping pussy. He KNEW it would be ready for him. With my ass already full and now my pussy tight with cock, I couldn’t help buy scream out, grabbing at the bed.

We were both enjoying the pleasures of that tight fuck, but there was a fantasy to complete. Pulling from my tuzla escort hot folds, his fingers found the plug again. He tugged it out. My gaping ass before him, he brought his tongue to my tender opening before bringing his cock back to me again. My ass was on fire. The plug prepared me perfectly for him. I was opened and ready. He was ready too. He pushed inside. My ass clenched tight. There was the crack of his hand spanking my ass. There was his cock. There was his length thrusting into me. There was another SMACK. All in a glorious blur, digging at the bed with my hands, dropping to my shoulders with my ass still high and HIS—he fucked me. His cock grew with anticipation. With a full thrust his rock hard balls slapped up against me and he erupted. Pulling back and pushing again–tighter, deeper, he pulsed more. He lifted my hips to meet his body, letting my ass milk his cock. He kneaded my ass cheeks around him, massaging his base. Now both exhausted, I pulled him down to feel his powerful body lay upon mine. We rested, with his spent cock and creamy load still held inside me.

After hours of sweet playfulness and eventually resting peaceful in each other’s arms, our eyes quietly met again. Instantly, we both smiled. This fantasy day was not over yet. I reminded him of HIS necessary preparation, got dressed and headed off to work.

I’ll be back later tonight and this time, I’ll be wearing PANTS 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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