One New Message

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Author’s Note

All text in parenthesis are text messages that I am sending to the male character in the story.


“How’s it going with Shelly?” I texted him.

I saw him glance at his phone and then at me. He was talking to our boss across the room during our department holiday party. We had hooked up a few times about six months ago. I never thought we would date, we both had long commutes from opposite directions.

When he walked away from our boss I texted him “She treating you right?” I included a winky face with that one.

Again he looked at his phone and then back at me, the look on his face seemed to ask what kinda bullshit I was trying to pull on him.

“I’m single again. Didn’t work out with Colin.”

He glanced over and gave me that pursed lipped “I’m sorry.” look.

“Ya it sucks but you know what they say.”

He raised his eyebrows, apparently he did not know what they say.

“You know best way to get over someone is to get under someone.”

He looked away, it was now clear I was going to try to fuck with him in some way. He knew me well enough to know that.

“So you didn’t answer, she keeping you happy?”

He gave me a sarcastic thumbs up. He didn’t put his phone back in his pocket though.

“Come on this is boring, tell me, does anadolu yakası escort she give good head?”

This time he just looked away.

“Does she swallow like I do?”

I could tell he wasn’t going to look back at me now, but he was looking at his phone very quickly each time I messaged him.

“I can read you, that’s a no. She does suck you off though right?”

“Oh god, you should never play poker I can read your face. She thinks it’s gross doesn’t she?”

I grinned at him. He didn’t seem as amused.

“Remember after graduation last year? We could hear parents congratulating their kids on the other side of the wall. I liked that.”

“You must have too, you didn’t last very long.”

That one got a look.

“Don’t worry your cock always felt great. Sometimes I miss it. I think about it sometimes….”

“You know, like when I am alone. That’s when I think about it.”

“Last week I thought about it in my car as I was driving. It wasn’t that safe, I was for sure distracted while driving.”

He bit his lip a little bit.

“Do you ever miss our hookups? It was fun wasn’t it?” The glance he gave me I couldn’t read.

“Come on admit it, you liked having a little fuck toy at work.” Now the look was clearly that of ataşehir escort a man saying “I would never call a woman that!”

“Don’t worry, I said it not you. You DID kind of treat me like one though when you would pull my hair. Don’t worry I liked it probably more than you did.”

“I haven’t been with a guy who spanked me the right way since you. You know just how hard to slap my ass. Made it just the right shade of pink. Damn you were the best at that.” I saw him adjust his pants a little there.

“Want to spank it one more time? For me? Please.” He gave me a look, he actually seemed more curious than I expected him to be. Maybe he really wasn’t that happy with Shelly.

“You know 203 is empty, want to bend me over the desk in there?”

“I have cute pink panties on, want to see them? Sorry it’s not a thong but you can pull them down and see everything you want.” He was really looking at me now.

“I won’t tell anyone, please please please just spank me a little bit. I need it before vacation.”

“If you will spank my bare little ass, I will let you cum in my mouth.”

“Do you want that hon? I want you to spank me and you want to cum in a nice warm wet mouth, right?”

He was staring at me now. I could only grin. “I will swallow every drop I promise….. ümraniye escort Unless you want to see it dribble out of my mouth…. Your choice.” The best emoji I could do with that one was the crying face emoji but it kinda maybe looked like cum dripping down a chin.

“Please please please spank my tight little ass. I would be so grateful to you stud. I PROMISE I will show you how thankful I will be.”

A few minutes go by as he seems to be trying to figure out if I am serious or not.

“I’m going to go and sit at the desk in the room. You have five minutes. If you come in we don’t even have to talk.” I hit send and left the room.

The empty lecture hall seemed bigger in the dim light. The empty chairs stared back at me, seemingly ready to mock me if I were ignored. What kind of desperate slut can’t get a guy to walk to the other end of a hallway to get a blow job?

The seconds ticked by. The anxiety rose in my chest.

The door opened and I smiled. Thank god. I turned away from him and lowered my jeans over my hips. My elbows found their place on the desk and I let him decide if my panties would stay up or if he wanted to slap my soft skin directly.

He decided they should not stay. He also turned my ass to a color a little darker than pink. He also helped me stay quiet by pulling my head back with his left hand as he bruised my ass with his right.

He also decided he would grip my hair tightly as he fucked my face. His last decision was to leave me on the floor dressing and cleaning myself up as he left, never saying a single word.

That’s OK. I know I’m better than Shelly now.

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