One Wild Night in Beverly Hills

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September and into October

Catherine and I got married on a Thursday afternoon in mid-September with only her family present.

As you might imagine, the bride did not wear white but she was gorgeous on her special day and her girls, Marie and Natalie, were her flower girls.

Isabella had bought new dresses for the girls and all the ladies had their hair and nails done at Kathy’s salon.

I had met Kathy during my story “I Become a Therapeutic Instructor.” She was one of the twenty or so women I fucked between my wife’s death in an automobile accident in January and my second wedding day in September.

But my fucking days were far from over.

Following the civil ceremony in front of the judge we went out to an early dinner as a family, Tom and Isabella too, and then Catherine and I took a long weekend in Santa Barbara where we proceeded to fuck each other’s brains out.

We spent two nights at the San Yisdro Ranch in the hills of Montecito and two nights at Bacara Resort on the beach just a bit north up the coast.

In addition to coming deep into Catherine’s no longer hairless pussy and her swallowing my loads, I continued to enjoy plundering her no longer virgin but still very tight ass.

As Charlie Sheen said in one of his better episodes of Two and a Half Men “The watertight seal is broken.”

I broke Catherine’s seal on the houseboat on Lake Mead ten days before we got married.

Her ass was a great birthday gift. I came in her ass four times in less than 24 hours.

I loved that she was a three hole woman for me and she was learning to enjoy anal as much as she enjoyed oral and vaginal sex.

We spent a lot of time in bed that first long weekend of our marriage and we went for some long walks through the hills and on the beach.

It was expensive but I rented a large yacht for just the two of us for a late afternoon sunset cruise of the California Gold Coast.

We listen to the Hotel California album as the Eagles sang in the song “The Last Resort”. .. They watched the hazy sun sinking in the sea…” while we enjoyed a margarita.

Watching the sunset from the ocean was a lifetime memory. We vowed to bring her parents and the girls back to enjoy the same cruise in the summer.

While we were celebrating getting married, and practicing making babies in these five star hotels, Tom and Isabella took care of Marie and Natalie while we were gone. They headed to Anaheim to spend four days and nights at Disneyland.

Getting everyone, including me, settled into our new place as a family took a bit longer than anyone thought.

The girls weren’t used to me being around them and I wasn’t used to being around them.

Catherine and I talked about my role as their new stepdad and we decided that she would run the organization and if she needed my help to let me know what exactly she wanted from me.

Otherwise, I needed to butt out although Catherine said over time things would change and we would become more integrated.

Tom and Isabella moved into my old house and became fast friends with the neighbors.

Marie and Natalie liked to spend Saturday nights with their grandparents because they got to sleep in the cottage. This was fine with us because we had a date night.

During our discussions I had told Catherine that I wanted a regular schedule that we could all get together on, and so our days got organized.

Catherine and I woke up at 5am and were in the pool swimming laps in the pool together by 5:10am.

We did this Monday through Friday.

One of our motivators was that Catherine’s mom Isabella arrived every morning at 6am to get the girls up and ready for school.

So we had to finish our exercising, shower and get dressed before she showed up.

Catherine told me that she admired my discipline in getting out of bed early to exercise and that sleeping in the same bed with me in the summer had been distracting because she wanted to have sex with me in the morning and that kept her from swimming her laps.

I told her it’s not an either or issue, she could have both.

So, I gave up my morning gym session on the machines for swimming with her.

I worked out on the machines after dinner for about 40 minutes.

Anal sex had become regular part of our routine but Catherine did not want us to do it when the girls were home.

I think she really wanted to enjoy having my hard cock up her ass and to let loose with her emotions but she was afraid her moaning and screaming might wake the girls.

So anal sex became part of our going away for the weekends and on our date nights at home.

Catherine told me how much she truly enjoyed feeling every millimeter of my dick slowly filling her ass.

She initially insisted about a pint of lube (or so it seemed) but as she got used to it, I was able to use a lot less.

Catherine had large, vocal orgasms when she came anally.

She shook and moaned and after her ass warmed up to my invading istanbul escort cock she got into it.

It made things very pleasurable for both of us.

We hired two housekeepers so we had coverage at the house seven days a week.

Catherine insisted that whomever we hired be fluent in French and English, to keep her language skills up and that of the girls.

The ladies were older and were competent, nice and caring and very good cooks.

I made sure that both housekeepers were part of the family. I also had them teach Marie and Natalie chores around the house. I wanted to instill into the girls that everyone has to work and no one is better than anyone else.

For example, the girls made their beds each morning. They kept their rooms clean and were taught to do their laundry. Once a week they cleaned their own bathrooms.

I wanted a regular routine for dinner so we ate each night at 6:15. I made sure I was home by 6pm. After we finished eating, I did the dishes and Marie and Natalie helped me with drying and cleaning up.

Each night at 9:30 I took the girls and we walked around the entire house, making sure doors and windows were closed and locked. Lights were turned off. And then we called the security office to see if everything was okay there and they always assured us it was. Then we’d turn on the alarm, and Catherine would go into each room and kiss her daughters goodnight.

I may sound selfish but I wanted the girls to have a sense of security so they would get a good night’s sleep and so that they wouldn’t be walking in on Catherine and me (although we did lock our bedroom door).

I also wanted the girls to have their homework finished by 6pm so our evenings were free. We ended up making some special arrangements at both schools to get the girls the help they needed academically. Both had coaches (tutors) in the subjects where they needed help. The schools were happy to help out because we made some financial donations that greased the wheels.

One night right after we got married while I was working out Marie came upstairs to talk to me. This was a first, so I knew something important was up.

She said that while she knew a couple of girls from her old school at her new school, there were a lot of kids she didn’t know. (Her new school was private, with about 500 students). But what came out of the conversation eventually was that she was being teased because some of the mean girls said that the only reason Marie was at this new school was because she was on scholarship. You know a free ride. Which was far from the truth, and I had the AMX bill to prove it.

I asked her if she had spoken to her mom about it and Marie replied “Sort of but she wanted me to talk to you about it.”

What I did was I got Marie walking on the treadmill watching a TV show while I worked out on the Elliptical.

I had to think about this. Process it.

When I finished my workout I said to Marie, “I think what you want to do is to show these kids who are teasing you that we have a bit more money than they think we have. But not tell them how much we really have. If we keep them guessing that will keep them occupied and they won’t bother you.”

Marie asked me “Are we rich?”

I smiled and replied “I wouldn’t say we are rich but we’re doing pretty well. Let me ask you, if we were to do a party or a dance to show off a bit, where would you like to have it? At the county club or the dealership?”

Marie thought for a moment and said “Do we own the country club too?”

I smiled and said “No honey, we’re members there. You, Natalie, your mom, your grandparents and me.”

She replied “But we still own the dealership right?”

I nodded.

“Can we have it at the country club?”

“Sure, please go downstairs and ask your mom to come up.”

When Catherine came up I laid out the plan, and we had it all up and going by dinner the next night. We got the blessing of the school, the room booked at the country club, DJ picked, music list selected, buffet menu approved, engraved invitations ready to print and mail. My goal was to have the coolest party these kids had ever been to.

That next night at dinner Natalie listened to all this very intently and then she wanted to know if she could have a party for her sixth grade class but she wanted hers at the dealership. Actually, not just her class but all the sixth grade classes, about 150 kids. So we set up her party to take place a week after Marie’s. Same plan, different date and location.

The parties were a huge success. I had everyone sign a code of conduct when they arrived and I recruited about six large guys from the dealership to serve as security. I wasn’t going to put up with smoking or drugs or alcohol or horse wrestling or boys teasing girls.

You might wonder if kids in elementary, junior high and high school do these kinds of things and the answer is, yes. They do.

If you avcılar escort were smoking and drinking in high school, or having sex, those vices now start taking place when kids are really still kids.

And, enough of them do it (sex, drinking, smoking) that I needed to work on prevention for liability reasons and for reputation preservation.

The only trouble we had at Marie’s party were with a few boys that my late wife had dealt with for behavioral issues. I arranged for those three knuckleheads to be transported home in the back seat of a police car with a note that said I would be calling the parents on Monday.

Natalie’s party went off well because I had identified the problem kids and called their parents and told them their children were welcome to attend but only if they were there to chaperone and supervise their kids. If that didn’t work for them, their children were simply not welcome to attend the party.

The girls were of course thrilled that we could do this for them. Not that it was the goal, but Marie and Natalie became pretty popular pretty fast. Kids were asking them if they would have another dance in the spring. They also zoomed to the top of their classes academically. Catherine and I agreed to do these parties every year while the girls were in school.

The teasing at school stopped. It was replaced by respect.

I also think that Marie and Natalie had a new found respect for Catherine and me. Not that they didn’t respect us before, but our ability to pull off two parties for them was a big deal and they understood that.

I had the girls work at the dealership three hours most Saturdays. I wanted them to get a taste of working so that they would appreciate what having a work ethic meant.

I made some changes at the dealership too. I gave all the hourly workers a raise and installed a monthly bonus program for all employees. We did have some minimum wage employees but after 90 days you got a raise for a job well done or we replaced you.

I believed in the minimum wage as a starting wage. I never thought anyone should live at that level of income, especially if they were provided opportunities to learn and grow so they could earn more.

I also put into place a company dress code and provided clothes or a clothing allowance depending upon the position. For example, I didn’t want our four receptionists to have to deal with what to wear each morning (one of them had a habit of wearing low cut blouses which all the guys enjoyed but the clothing was unprofessional).

Like most guys, I liked looking at her. In addition to being a pretty girl with a nice personality, she had very good organizational and people skills. She also had a light brown mole above her left breast and on mornings when I could see that mole, well, I knew it was a going to be a great day because of her ample cleavage.

But rather than risk a law suit, I opted for the uniforms. Having uniforms was a better solution. I didn’t want or need any lawsuits. Because no one really wins.

I also found some space and started a day care center for the employees with under school age kids. It was a hassle to get the licenses and all that, but well worth it from a morale standpoint. I also figured out a way and a place for kids to stay when they were sick so that their parents would not miss work.

There was a space that I converted to a large meeting room with tables and chairs. I put together a committee of employees and said that my goal was to provide hot meals for all employees and for them to come up with options.

We ended up with breakfast, lunch and dinner being available Monday through Thursday and an extended breakfast and lunch being the options on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We rotated in the various restaurants around town to come in and kept track of employee comments to improve quality and service. Some people still brought their meals in and some went out but most ate and enjoyed what we served.

I charged everyone who ate $1 per meal. It was a hell of an employment benefit and Catherine joined me for lunch at least three times a week and every Friday she picked up the girls to have lunch there too.

We formalized our client prospecting plan. One of the things that always bothered me about car sales people is that they sat around waiting for people to show up. We changed that around.

We got aggressive and pushed into the community. I worked hard to get into all of the major companies in the area and added names to our quarterly mailings.

We shot lots of short videos about the dealership, our employees, our community and our vehicles.

We had our own YouTube channel. Our videos played on screens all over the dealership and we used them in local cable TV ads and on various social media sites as well.

I figured out a way to change the signature lines of every person in the company whether they used email or text so that each email would have a short link to our şirinevler escort latest video on it.

A result of these and other actions, sales took off and we became an employer of choice.

Employees from other nearby dealerships started applying at our place, which was a bit uncomfortable but we dealt with it.

And, I got aggressive looking for dealerships to acquire. Some of the older guys with local dealerships called me up and we met for lunch at the country club in a private room. None of them had an exit strategy; no one in house could take over. So, they were looking to sell.

I was looking to buy. The acquisition dances started.

We settled into a nice family routine in our rental house.

While my late wife and I didn’t have children, once she started teaching I had adapted my lifestyle to a teacher’s calendar so when Catherine and I married and I inherited an instant family with school aged children I got back into the elementary and junior high school year routine.

That first few weeks had all of us going through some changes and adjustments.

The freewheeling days and nights of summer sex were done with.

It was all Catherine and I could do to have sex before we got out of bed for our morning swim. Sometimes, rarely, we did it after we turned the lights out and we were sure the girls were asleep.

If we didn’t have sex before we swam, we were sometimes able to get each other off in the shower and if that didn’t work, Catherine had me come home for a long lunch.

Catherine snuggled up to me one early October night when we got into bed. I knew she had sex on her mind from the moment I walked in the door from work because she was all over me.

Kissing me, rubbing my back, wanting to hold my hand.

She even climbed into a chair I was sitting in so she could kiss me.

I loved it of course, who wouldn’t?

But Marie and Natalie were embarrassed at her antics and told Catherine so in front of me.

Our housekeeper, who was taking care of getting dinner on the table, thought it was cute.

Because the girls got up sometimes during the night Catherine usually wore a night gown to bed and I slept nude.

During the night her gown usually ended up on the carpet; I stripped her bare after we turned out the lights.

I liked being nude in bed with her. Call me selfish. Call me horny.

I always woke up with my hands on her orbs and my erect cock in her crack.

Some things never change.

Tonight she did not wear the gown; she put on one of my workout tee shirts that barely covered her ass so I knew I was in for some fun.

I got into bed and she kissed me and told me that she had met someone for lunch that day.

Someone special.

Very special.

I asked “Who did you meet honey?”

Catherine replied “When went to the baseball game in Toronto, we met with the two families from here. Remember?”

I replied that I did remember. I had thought about those two moms a lot actually wondering which one was interested in having a three way. Catherine never told me who it was. Maybe she wanted me to fantasize about them. Well, I did. Often. But I never brought it up. I wasn’t stupid.

A wise man always lets his wife (or girlfriend) bring up the subject or name of another woman.

She continued “And you remember the Sunday afternoon during your birthday weekend when the three ladies from here showed up at the pool?”

I nodded, I did remember three MILFs showing up and they were all topless, and they all commented that their husbands would be upset if they knew they were running around an adult pool like they were 21 year olds on their first trip to Vegas.

I laughed at that. Girls just want to have fun.

All three were very pretty, all had nice figures. One had tits to die for, one had an ass I would fuck seven ways to Sunday and one had great tits and a great ass.

Not to be a dirt bag (is that one word or two?) but I would have fucked any one of them except they were all married. I don’t fuck married women. Except my wife.

They didn’t stay when the pool when nude at 3pm; they had a long drive home.

Catherine smiled and asked me if I remembered her telling me that one of the moms was interested in a three some. I nodded.

I was already starting to grow, visualizing those three topless MILFs in Vegas.

This was a little like that game show “Lets Make a Deal.”

What would be behind thong number one?

Or would I choose a blow job instead?

My mind was already consumed with the idea of new pussy.

I hadn’t had any strange since before our wedding.

This was the longest stretch I had gone without new snatch since I made the job offer to Monica (read the story “I Hire Monica the Maid).

The last woman Catherine and I enjoyed was Eva in the story “The Third Time is a Charm” when we in Las Vegas for my birthday.

Well, that isn’t exactly true because I pounded Susan’s tight ass every night the week after my birthday. And Kayla’s ass too before she started working at the dealership.

Catherine said “Dorrie reached out to me and wanted to talk, you know, get caught up but I knew she really wanted something else. After we got through the small talk she asked me if we would be interested in a three way with her.”

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