Online Lovers Ch. 2

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… After lying in post orgasmic bliss for a while, he got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. I heard the water turn on and smiled, knowing this was going to be another wonderful sexual encounter. Silently I padded to the bathroom and peeked in, watching him standing at the tub, adjusting the water temperature… his body gleaming with perspiration and his skin flushed… looking very fuckable!! He turned and saw me staring. “See anything you like babe?” he asked. I nodded my head and stepped through the doorway into his arms.

He embraced me lovingly, gliding his fingers through my tangled hair… down my arms… across my shoulders… and over my breasts, the nipples standing erect and straining for his touch. Lowering his head, he captured one nipple into his mouth and gently suckled, swirling his tongue over it before he bit down sharply… just enough to illicit a surprised gasp from me. He laughed and kissed my nipple… “All better,” he said.

He stepped into the shower, took my hand and pulled me in with him. The water was hot, running down my body to the juncture of my thighs and down my legs. His eyes skimmed my body appreciatively as he pushed me under the spray of the shower. bakırköy escort I stood there, water trickling down my face and hair as his hands roamed my skin, caressing every inch of me… paying attention to every spot. He dipped his head to mine, taking my lips with his… gently running his tongue over my bottom lip before easing it between my lips and teeth for a long deep kiss. Neither one of us cared that we were under the spray… we had only passion for each other.

He turned me around with my back to his front, the water spraying on my breasts, keeping my nipples hard. Skimming his fingers down my stomach, he instructed me to put one foot up on the side of the tub. His fingers found my pussy and he slipped his middle finger deep inside, while caressing my clit with his thumb. I moaned and leaned against him as he kissed the side of my neck, moving up to my earlobe. “Like that baby?” he whispered into my ear as I felt my knees go weak with the impending climax. He continued to lovingly stroke my clit illiciting a rush of my juices upon his hand. “MMMMMMM”, he groaned, bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them. My eyes widened as he brought them beşiktaş escort to my mouth next, allowing me to suck my juices off of his fingers.

Leaving my foot on the side of the tub, he knelt in front of me, inhaling my sweet scent, face close to my pussy… so close I could feel his warm breath on my skin. Slowly he moved forward, just barely touching my smooth pussy lips with his tongue. I felt my legs go weak and he reached up to grasp my hips before delving his tongue deep into my pussy. I moaned loudly and gazed down at him, the water spraying over his head and running down his face onto my skin. He lazily ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips, over my clit, deliberately… sucking, then biting gently… my juices flowing into his mouth… lapping them up… going back for more. It was heaven.

He got up then, turned me around, and pressed me up against the wall in the shower. He teased my pussy with the tip of his cock, running it up and down my slit… chuckling when I whimpered with desire. Slowly he entered me, very slow, and very deep… letting my pussy fill with him. Leaning against me, his chest pressing against my back, he kissed my neck, the beylikdüzü escort side of my face, my earlobes… whispering words of love in my ears as he moved his cock in and out of my now dripping pussy. His arms circled my middle and he began plunging his cock deeper and faster into me, thrusting like a wild animal… as if he couldn’t get enough of this wonderful experience. I groaned low in my throat, splaying my hands against the wall of the tub as he thrusted into me, one arm around me, the other hand playing with my clit… making me cum over and over… draining my energy… my legs quivering… loving me the best way he could.

With one deep thrust and a low moan, the let forth a stream of hot cum inside my pussy. Sprinkling small kisses over my neck and shoulders, he gathered me into his arms as we stood under the spray of the shower. I took the bar of soap into my hands and lathered his body, from head to toe… loving him with my hands. He took the soap from me and did the same… hands gently and slowly caressing my curves, washing me clean. By now the water was getting cold and the bathroom was full of steam. After we rinsed off, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower… taking my hand to help me out as well. We stood in the bathroom gazing at our reflections in the mirror… him standing behind me, arms around my waist, my head nestled back into his chest… both of us looking so satisfied… and so in love… knowing our week together was going to be way too short!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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