Oral Exam – Letters of the Alphabet

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My flight was just pulling up to the gate at LAX. I am about to start my week long vacation, seeing my longtime, long distance lover, Curt. It’s been about three months since we were able to meet up in Las Vegas, and that’s just too long! Curt and I were lovers in college, but life, as it so often does, took us in different directions for many years. Thanks to the internet, we were able to get back in touch (in all ways) about 8 years ago.

I reach into the overhead compartment to remove my carryon, not realizing in time that my long black raincoat has come unbuttoned at the bottom and I just flashed my handsome seatmate my pink lace panties, garter and black stockings. I think he finally realized about halfway though the flight that I wasn’t wearing much under it, as I refused his offer to help me take it off when I sat down.

I want to surprise Curt as soon as we get inside the elevator at the hotel; he loves this kind of surprise. And luck is with me since it’s actually raining in southern California when I arrive, so I’m not going to be wearing a raincoat in 80-degree sunny weather.

As I approach the waiting area I scan the crowd anticipating seeing Curt again. I don’t see him, so I guess he must have gotten tied up in traffic on the way. I sigh and turn down the hallway toward baggage claim when I catch site of a buff guy with a great butt and a really sexy, military short haircut. I’m a sucker for really short hair on buff guys. I guess what grabbed my attention first was his build, it’s so similar to Curt’s, but Curt wears his hair about collar length. I decide I’ll get a better look at this guy so I adjust my course so I’ll walk by and I can try to get a look at him from the front.

Just as I’m about to walk up beside him, he turns around and grabs me and pulls me to him and kisses me hard on the mouth. My whole body jump-starts, it’s Curt kissing me senseless! I drop my bag and run my hands over his closely shorn hair, then let my right hand travel down to his chest. When we finally break apart, and I catch my breath, I ask, “When did you do this?” as I rub my hand back and forth over his head.

“Well, I know you always liked it when I had to have my hair short like this before, so I stopped on my way here and got it cut to surprise you. Do you like it?” he asks.

“You know I do!” I reply in a breathless whisper. I’m so turned on that he would do this for me. Now I’m really glad I decided to surprise him too.

He kisses me again hard and fast and grabs my hand. “Let’s get your bags and get out of here.”

We finally make it to the hotel and get checked in. Curt is at the desk and I’m overseeing the bellboy who will take our luggage up to the room. I tip him $20 and tell him not to bring the luggage up for at least an hour with a saucy wink as I check the buttons on my coat. He blushes and says “no problem, ma’am.”

I feel Curt behind me and he slips his arm around my waist and whispers in my ear “What did you say to make the poor kid blush that way?”

“Nothing, I just gave him a big tip,” I say as I wink at the bellboy again and we start toward the elevator.

As the elevator doors slide closed, I lean back against the wall and unbutton my raincoat slowly. Curt starts grinning as I start to reveal my surprise… “Is that what I think it is?” he asks with a groan.

“Yes. So you do remember…”

The first time I met Curt was the day I moved into the dorm at college. He came up and introduced himself and then offered to help me unpack. Long story short, he ended up with the box that had all my bras and panties in it, and pulled out my matching pink bra, panties and garter. He later told me that he had fantasies about me wearing them. After Curt left college and we lost touch, I packed them away and kept them, just in case. Now I’m glad I did because the look on kadıköy escort his face held such awe and lust, just like the first night I wore them for him.

“You were helping me study for my Oral Exams,” he said as he gazed at me leaning against the wall of the elevator. “You told me that I had to finish studying and then you had a surprise for me. I had told you I fantasized about you wearing this since the first day I met you and ended up unpacking all your unmentionables.”

I let out a breathy laugh, “Yes, and once you were done studying, I gave you a different kind of oral exam.”

Just as Curt let out a groan and started to pull me to him, the elevator arrived at our floor. “Quick, to the room!” he pulled me out of the elevator and rushed me down the hall, pressing my back up against the door and kissing me as he tried to get the key in the lock. We stumbled into the room and he kicked the door closed and ripped my coat open, filling his hands with my pink lace encased breasts, running his thumbs over my hard nipples. Our lips never parted as he removed my coat, sliding his hands up and down my body. I started on the buttons of his shirt as he backed me into the room. I got his shirt off just as my knees hit the edge of the bed and I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down with me as I fell backward onto the soft mattress.

Curt broke away from my lips and kissed his way down my neck to the tops of my breast just above the top of my bra, then let his mouth travel over the lace to suck my nipples through the lacy material. My first orgasm ripped through me hard and fast and I cried out. Then, as he used his teeth to lightly bite my nipples, I came again… and again.

As the aftershocks were making me shudder with pleasure, he lifted me up and placed me fully on the bed, carefully tucking a pillow under my head. His grin was contagious and I laughed softly. “Damn, you can still make me cum just that easy.”

“Just wait,” he said, “I’ve only just gotten started.” And with that, he slid his hands up and down my stocking covered legs. Curt loves the feel of nylon stockings. He finally works his way up to my panties, grabbing them and pulling them down over my legs as he gazes into my eyes. “Now, let’s see if I remember what you taught me…”

He lowers himself between my thighs, still running his hands up and down my stocking covered legs, “A is for always” and he uses his tongue to draw the letter “A” on the inside of my thigh and I moan. “B is for bulging” and he draws the letter “B” inside my other thigh. “C is for cock” and his tongue slowly draws the letter “C” across my shaved pussy lips… and I run my hands over his newly cut hair and try to pull him closer. “Not so fast, young lady,” he teases me. I am so hot and again on the edge of another orgasm as he uses his thumbs to part my swollen lips and say “D is for Donna’s sweet pussy” and wraps his tongue around my clit, making me cry out as I cum again with just the slightest touch of his tongue as he draws the letter “D” slowly.

“Uh-oh, now I’ve lost my place” he says. “let’s see… A is for always” and I thrust my hips up trying to increase the pressure on my throbbing clit.

“Please, Curt, skip the definitions!” I cry out as he grins up at me with that twinkle in his eye.

“OK, baby, just this once… a b c d e f g” he sings. “If I remember correctly, you like the letter i the best… a long slow stroke from top to bottom, then I have to make sure to dot that i thoroughly.” And he proceeds to lick from just under my clit all the way down my slick, wet, pussy, so very slowly, then he come back up and dots the i with great care and, most definitely does a thorough job. I cum three times while he’s “dotting” that i. “Oops, I skipped üsküdar escort the h.” he says with that sexy grin, “looks like I have to start over.”

“Oh, yes, you need to start over… NOW” I cry out as the aftershocks from the last orgasm, I think that was number seven, start making me quiver.

“Why don’t you call out the letters for me so I don’t lose my place again” Curt suggests as he again lowers his mouth to my waiting clit.

“A” I sigh out, and feel the tip of his tongue slowly draw an “a” across my throbbing clit. “B… c…” I’m cumming again and gasp out “d… e… f…”

“I… i… i… i…” I scream as I grip the sheets under me as another orgasm rips through me, lifting my hips and ass off the bed.

“Looks like we’ve got to start over again, we missed a couple of letters in there.” His face, shining with my juice, peeks up as Curt laughs and says “A.”

This time we make it all the way to the letter s, and Curt raises up and says “S if for soaking, which is what this bed is now.” I’ve cum so many times I’ve lost count, and I just look up at him with pleasure-glazed eyes. “And now, where was I…” Curt starts, but is interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Wait right there” he says, as if I could move if I wanted to, my whole body is a quivering boneless mass of orgasmic bliss.

“It was the bellboy” Curt says when he returns. “I tried to tip him, but he blushed and said you’d already taken care of it.” I couldn’t believe it had already been an hour, so I turned my head to see the clock. It hadn’t been an hour, but almost two!

“Mmmmm” I tried to speak, but just couldn’t get any words to form… “mmmmm, come… back… here” I finally manage. “You… haven’t… completed… the… whole… alphabet… yet.” I smile up at Curt.

He laughs and heads into the bathroom to grab a towel to dry off his face and chest. “Yes, my love.”

“A b c d e f g, h i i i i i…” he sings from the bathroom.

Laughing, I watch him walk back into the room; “Get naked and get back over here, you haven’t finished your exams yet!” I manage to get out.

Curt stops at the end of the bed and slowly unbuckles his belt while he’s slipping his shoes off. “Is this what you want?” he asks as he slowly lowers his zipper.

“Mmmm, you know it is” I moan. “It’s what I have always, and always will, want.”

His hard cock starts to come into view as he lowers his pants. I love it that he doesn’t wear underwear when I’m around. Then I notice that he’s had more than just the hair on his head shorn. His cock is jutting forward and his balls are smooth and hairless… just watching him is pushing me closer to another orgasm.

I raise one eyebrow and ask “what, the girl at supercuts didn’t want to stop at just the hair on your head?” Curt is a major flirt, and he can talk women into doing things… sexy outrageous things… just by giving them his sexy grin and a wink.

“She offered!” He said deadpan.

“I’ll bet she did. Blonde or brunette?” I ask with mock annoyance. He knows it turns me on when he tells me about the women he meets when we are apart.

“Redhead, with freckles.”

“Oh crap, not another redhead.” I groan. “I thought you’d had enough with redheads after what happened with Patsy.”

He laughs at my reference to his ex-wife. “Don’t ruin this, she was a cute little thing, about 22 I guess. She asked me why I wanted to cut off all my ‘glorious thick hair’ and get a GI. So, I told her that my incredibly sexy lover was coming in this afternoon for a visit and how much super short hair turns you on. She giggled and said you must be one very luck woman.” Curt finished as he sat on the edge of the bed beside me, his hand mindlessly running up and down my stocking covered leg.

“Then she leaned against my back, pressing tuzla escort her tits into my shoulders as she started cutting my hair.”

“And you were instantly hard” I laughed.

“No, I was hard when I walked in the door. I have been all week waiting for you to show up, you tease.” He says as he grabs my ankle and pulls me toward him on the bed. “And now it’s time for you to pay for keeping me in this state for so long.”

“Oh, no, please…” I beg with a laugh as he pulls me onto his lap for a long hard kiss.

We finally break apart. “So, finish telling me how you ended up…” I say as I lightly run my fingertips across his smoothly shaven balls.

“Well, she was looking over my shoulder, eyeing the bulge you cause, and asks if you just like short hair up top.” He says as he shudders as my teasing fingers continue to fondle his full balls. “And I said ‘no, she likes other areas shaved too, but I didn’t have time to take care of it this week.’ Then she whispers in my ear ‘I can take care of that for you before she gets here.'”


“And then she got up and locked the door and lead me back to the shampoo area, where she shampooed my nearly bald head, and then, while I was still laying there, she grabbed a couple of towels and a strait razor and some lotion and knelt between my legs and proceeded to pull my pants down. Her eyes twinkled when she didn’t find anything but me under my zipper.” He groaned again as I circled my fingers around his throbbing cock and continued; “She lathered me up and said how much easier it was to shave me since I was hard and had such full balls. Then as she wiped me up, she offered to take care of that fullness for me.”

“I can tell you didn’t let her take care of it for you… thank you.”

“No, I told her I’d been saving up for you all week, and you’d be disappointed if I let her take care of me too well” he said as he continued to stroke up and down my legs. “But I did give her my cell number in case she was interested in joining us later in the week.”

I squeezed gently and kissed him, then said, “Well, since you’ve been waiting all week, why don’t you lay back and let me show you what I remember from our Oral Exams.”

He stretches back across the pillows and pulls me with him for another hot kiss. “Show me what you’ve got.”

As I start to slide slowly down his body I draw and “a” across his right nipple “A is for always” and I move to his left nipple “b is for bulging” and I lick my way further down. “C is for Curt’s Cock” I whisper and slowly make little “c’s” across the head of his cock.

“D is for Donna’s talented tongue” Curt moans as his hands wrap in my shoulder length blonde hair. “And e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l….” he continues slowly as I lick the letters along his smooth balls and the length of his throbbing cock.

“M is for mmmmmmmmmmmm” I moan as I take his hard length into my mouth and slide my lips all the way down his shaft and back up. “N is for Now… cum for me now, baby” I say as I take him deep into my mouth again and again. His hips jerk and his hold on my hair increases as he starts to shoot his hot cum into my mouth. Finally, he relaxes back against the bed and I continue… “O is for oh yes” I circle the sensitive head of his still hard cock with my tongue.

“P, q, r, s…” I continue, then start working my way back up his body until I get to his lips and drag my tongue across them in a letter z and kiss him.

“Very good, you get a B on your oral exams” Curt whispers in my ear.

“Only a B??” I ask with a twinkle.

“Yes, only a B, since I’m still hard a steel” he says as he slaps my ass and then flips us over so I’m pinned under his muscular body with the tip of his cock teasing my pussy lips. “You’ll need to do some extra credit to improve your grade.” He tells me as I feel his cock slide balls deep inside me.

“Ok, I’ll do whatever it takes…” I sigh as finally, my lover is buried deep inside me and he starts stroking slowly in and out of my tight wet pussy… “Harder… I’ll work harder if you will,” I beg as I wrap my legs around his and clench my pussy around his cock over and over, driving us both.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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