Our First Encounter

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I pick you up at your apartment for our first date. I am wearing a nice shirt with a tie and dress pants.

I’m wearing a bathrobe and explain that I just got out of the shower and would be ready in 20 minutes.

You greet me at the door with a huge smile and I give you the half dozen of red roses that I have brought for you. You tell me to make myself at home. You go back and put your roses in a vase and finish getting ready. I sit myself down on the sofa and turn on the TV. I am switching through the channels and find a soft porn on. I am not sure if I should be watching it or not, but decide that since you are busy getting ready still, why not.

On the screen there are two hot women kissing. One is a tall brunette with small but perky breasts and huge nipples. The other girl is a red head with a large chest and big nipples. They continue to kiss for a while and then the brunette lays the red head down and proceeds to kiss her neck and suck on her ear lobes. She then begins to make her way down the red head’s sexy body. She stops when she gets to her bountiful breasts and takes one of her thick, red hot, hard nipples into her mouth and begins to suck on it. As time goes on these two women eat each other out several times and use some huge dildos, strap-ons and vibrators on each other. They both have many earth-shattering orgasms.

By this time I am pretty horny and turned on. I am rubbing my thick, hard, throbbing cock through my pants. I am thinking about just taking it out and playing with myself, but do not want to get caught by you. After watching these two women a little longer and thinking about how hot you looked when you answered the door, I decide that I cannot handle it any more and unzip my pants and pull halkalı escort my pulsating cock out.

I take hold of it and begin to rub its tip. I then slowly take a hold of it and wrap my fist around it and slowly rub it up and down. I am so wrapped up in playing with myself, thinking of you and watching the action on the television, that I do not even hear you enter the room.

What you don’t know is I’m standing in the doorway, watching as you work your rock. I don’t know if I should disturb you or join in. I decided to walk back to my room and did some touch ups. After a few minutes go by, I make some loud noise so you would know I was coming down the hall. You change channels on the TV and turn it off, covering your tracks.

I suggest a restaurant in the area, a Persian place a couple of blocks from the apartment. I ask the waiter for a table in the back in a dark corner. We sit beside each other, facing the crowd. Before we place our orders, I excuse my self to the ladies room. A few minutes pass before I return. I decide to show you what I was doing, so I take your hand and place it on my moist pussy, pressing your fingers between my lips to get them nice and moist. As the waiter comes to take our orders, I take your hand and lick the juices off, but my skirt is still a little hiked up and the waiter can see just the inside of my thighs. He stutters a little when taking the order, but calms down after I place my napkin over my lap. As he walks away, I place your hand under my napkin and let you finish what I started. I lean over and whisper in you ear “I know what you did earlier.” as I grab for your crotch. “Still hard? Must not have finished the job. taksim escort We’ll have to attend to that later.” as I quiver from the orgasm I had.

I finish finger-fucking your soaking wet cunt and you have a great and hard orgasm. You just smile at me as you finish cumming all over my hand and I smile back. It is hard to get through dinner knowing what I did to you, that you saw me earlier and knowing what may happen when we get back to your place. We do make it through dinner though and then slowly make our way back to your apartment.

Once there, you offer me some wine and pour us each a glass. We toast and drink down our glasses of wine very quickly. I then excuse myself to your washroom. I spend a few minutes in there making sure that I look okay and all. When I return I find you…

When you return, you find me undressed. I have taken out my newest toy for your viewing pleasure. You take a seat across from me to get a better view of the show. I’m already soaking from the pleasure I had at dinner, but there is nothing like a hard cock filling my pussy. You take your hard cock and start jerking it as I play with my vibrator. Watching you work your man tool is making me even hotter. I can’t take it any more I have to taste your sweet cum. I seductively crawl over to you and take your cock from your hands. I take as much as I can into my mouth, lapping at the droplets that have surfaced on the tip. I can feel that you like what I am doing and proceed. I start stroking your rock hard cock in my hand while I suck on your balls. Licking between them and finding your sensitive spot.

By now, I can feel that you are on the verge of explosion. I take your cock into my mouth, deep-throating it and şişli escort sucking harder. As you moan in delight, streams of jiz start flowing between my lips. I swallow every drop, wanting to taste what you have to offer. I give you a few minutes to recover from the ecstasy cloud you are floating on. I crawl back and grab the vibrator I left behind and bring myself to a mind shattering orgasm. I scream out, “Fuck me, fuck me now!” “I need to feel you deep inside me. I want to feel every inch pounding into me. I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.

Fuck me like you never fucked me before!” You pound every inch deep inside me. I feel you so deep that I scream in pain and ecstasy. With every thrust, I scream your name and fuck me harder. I pull away and push you to the floor and begin to straddle you. “Do you like it when I’m on top? Do you like fucking me?” I scream in ecstasy as you and I mold together in harmony. I grab hold of your hands to steady myself as I start to cum. “That’s it baby, right there.” I scream as I reach the point of orgasm. I can feel all of my juices dripping from my thighs. “You want to cum in my mouth?” I scream as I can feel you tense up.

I look up at you and say, “No, I want to cum deep inside of that dripping wet pussy of yours. I want to fill you up with my seed until it is dripping down your hot cunt, back down my long shaft and all over the floor below us. You say…

I climb on top and straddle myself over you and ride you like a pony. I scream with desire as I pump my pussy up and down, taking in your full length. As you bring me to another mind shattering orgasm, I feel you tense your legs and raise your buttocks to meet my stride. You press you cock deep inside me and release your cum. I can barely keep it all inside as it starts to drip down my thighs onto yours till it pools between us. As we start to come down off our cloud, I lay my head on your chest, keeping you inside me. God do I love it when you’re inside me. Slowly I rise so we can clean ourselves and prepare for the rest of the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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