Our House

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It’s been a while but I’m back to Feed That Need!

I see you there standing in our living room, looking so sweet sexy and vulnerable. The late day sunlight sets your body aglow and I can’t help but pause to admire your raving hot beauty with promises of a hot night of passionate steamy sex.

Your 4 ½ “, see-through heels, display your pretty feet and toenails, with a shinny coat of silver nail polish. From your ankles, calves, behind your knees, up to your creamy thighs which subtly disappear beneath your hot pink negligee, causes me to clench my hands and move closer behind you for a better view.

My hard muscular chocolate colored body, covered with a light coat of sweat, from my work out in our basement.

I lick my lips, seeing your heart-shaped ass. Your tight waist, flairs out revealing the small of your lower back, but once again disappears behind your long flowing hair.

I feel a jolt go through my growing cock and I am now only inches away. I can also measure this distance because my cock presses and pushes it’s way out my boxers.

Softy, I move your hair to the side. Staring down at your back, I feel my hot breath escaping my lips and down on your tender shoulders.

I gently rub my dark brown fingers along your shoulder, followed by my wet and hot tongue, as I trace along your smooth skin.

“I’m hot for you my white wife,” I whisper softly in your ear, then tenderly bite your earlobe.

Your breath is heavy, and I feel your body tremble slightly as I wrap my arms around your waist. Slowly my hands drift up your body, foundling and massaging your firm round breast.

Gentle but firmly I pinch your nipples, making them hard and erect. A wave of passion sweeps over me and I bite down on to your shoulders. You tremble, shutter, falling back into my arms, throwing your head back and you softly moan. “Oh my strong black husband, I surrender myself to you.”

“Damn right you will,” I growl in response.

Feeling your foot raise up and rub against my muscular leg, I then take hold of and snatch you back by your hair, yanking your head around as I press my lips against yours, shoving my tongue into your mouth. Releasing your hair, I slide my black hand around your neck, locking your head in position as our tongues flicker in a red hot dance of lust and urgency.

Your body slides against my big black dick and my lips quivers.

Grabbing your hip with one hand, I grind against your gyrating ass and pull you close as if trying merge with you.

You take my hand urgently, pulling it up and slide my fingers into your mouth, licking each finger freely displaying your yearning hunger for me.

Suddenly I spin you around to face me, wrap my hands around your ass and pull you close to continue our passionate kiss.

I pull away, and immediately attack your neck and breasts, as your hands smoothly massage my hard muscular chest and shoulders. I rip open your negligee, freeing your sexy round breasts and inviting cleavage. I immediately bury my dark brown, bald head between your tits. Bending you backward, I groan, smelling your hot sassy perfume. Glancing over at the mirrored wall, I see your long hair dangling behind you and my dick grows harder, as I witness me ravishing your luscious body.

The sight of your hands and painted fingernails, sliding along my sweat covered muscles, causes me to growl like an animal, a wild beast in heat.

In one swift motion, I sweep you off your feet carry you in to our bedroom, laying you down on the bed, our bed, yes, the bed where I will fuck you royally, like a king captures his queen. “You are mine now my beautiful white wife,” I exclaim, mounting and moving between your legs, which quickly wrap around my lower back.

Once again our lips lock in romantic lust. I feel your bakırköy escort fingernails dig into my skin. I ignore the stinging as it blends into the overall passion of the moment.

Your breasts feel like hot satin pillows against my face, as I fondle, kiss and bite each nipple. Taking my time, I slow and deliberately run my tongue, between your tits, venturing down, and poking into your belly button. Gripping your hips I slide my tongue down to your clit, along your thighs, calves ankles and finally stopping at your feet.

Taking your each of your feet, I kiss and lick your toes. My head spins just a little, as the sweet scent of your hot funky sweet pussy fills my nostrils. I slide back up the length of your body, however, you place your hand on my hard wide chest and push me back.

I watch anxiously as your hands reach out, taking hold of my big black cock, stroking it tightly. You now take my throbbing tool with your hands and gently pull back the tight foreskin, admiring its length and coarse veins.

A soft and gentle moan escapes from your lips as you lean forward, planting a loving smooch at the crown and causes it to jolt up, slapping against your nose.

“You think he likes it,” you giggle.

“Hell yeah,” I reply flexing my cock in cadence.

We share a warm laugh, before you kiss it once again, and then slow and purposefully slide it inside your warm wet mouth, causing it to flex tightly on its own.

Like a warm wet velvet cloth, I feel your tongue slide up and down the length of my cock, licking along the cylindrical sides, and occasionally sucking my balls into your mouth, before ascending my rock hard ebony tower, rolling the pulsing crown in your mouth, as you rapidly flicker your tongue.

Taking advantage of my imbalance you push me back on our king size bed. Gently you stroke my feet, cradling them in your hands, and kissing my toes. From there you journey up to my chest. Sucking my hard pectorals and leaving a huge hickey. You suck my nipples, making them hard, and stroke your fingers along my six-pack abs.

You stare up coyly at me, giving me just a hint of your intentions. Then you plunge down the length of my cock, forcing it into and stretching your throat.

The sloppy wet sounds of your jaws, tongue and lips smacking against my pipe has my toes curling and I feel your burning desire to worship my big black cock.

I push your head away as I feel my hot jizz boiling up and threatening to explode inside your hungry mouth.

Tonight I prefer to bust this nutt inside your sexy tight ass. “So you think you can take the cream of my passion when you want to huh, bullshit wifey slut, I’m in charge here,” I bark.

I get off the bed, leave the room, but return shortly with a lit joint and a bottle of our favorite champagne. I take a long mouthful of the bubbly, snatch you over and kiss you and together we share the chilly liquid. I do this several times and by the time I pull away, we’re dizzy with high-powered lust.

Flipping you on your back, I pour champagne all over and inside your ass. “I draw back my breath seeing how the soft mounds quiver about.

I climb to the top of the bed and position myself beside you, I pull you close, kiss your cheeks and eyelids and then I state in a deep sultry voice, “I’ve made your sexy body my personal champagne glass, now serve me a drink.”

“Oh god yes, by black strong husband.”

Quickly you climb to the very top of the bed, facing toward me, positioning your ass right above my face and lower yourself down upon my puckered lips.

“Oh…oh shit…yes…yes…ooh my sweet lord…oooh,” you cry out, feeling my hot moist tongue penetrating your yearning insides, probing, and sticking about.

Instantly your body jumps beşiktaş escort as if sparked by surging electricity, as my tongue shuttles and circles from your hot pink vagina to your tight sphincter and probes you deeply.

I drink the warming champagne down, allowing some to dribble down my chin.

With each passing second, your body becomes more and more charged with electric sexual energy and soon, your ass is rotating and twisting.

“Oh my husband, what…what are you…you doing to me!”

I manage to smile through my ass-pussy covered lips, knowing I have you just where I want you. You try to raise up to lesson my oral assault, but my strong muscular arms lock around your waist, preventing any escape.

I see you vaguely twisting your head left and right, back and forth, as you begin to lose control.

You glance back and see my black granite tower, shinning and gleaming with hot dripping precum and you cry; “Please fuck me, fuck me my big black dick husband, oooh yes!”

I ignore your pleas and cries, I’m in control and my goal is to get you deliriously hot before I invade your hot entrance.

When I feel your ass-ring clench my tongue and your entire body convulses, I know you’re releasing your liquid nectar for me and now I’m ready to fuck the living shit out of you.

I roar lowly, tossing a pillow across the bed. I glance menacingly down at you. I see the fear, and exhilaration in your eyes. The look upon my face, let’s you know that the savage beast inside me is free and is now in control.

I turn you away from me. Snatching a long pillow case I wrap it around your waist, trapping your hands against your body, while wrapping the other end around my hand. “I have you now, you hot sexy bitch.”

“What…what are you going to do to me?”

“You’re about to find out,” I growl in a deep guttural voice, and slap you sharply on her ass cheeks.

“Ouch…oooh daddy it…it hurts,”

“Good that’s the price you pay for turning me on so Goddamn much, now take this spanking bitch…take it, take it,” I shout.

I stop to watch your body trembling, shivering awaiting my next blow. Instead, I pour champagne on your back, cooling down your red cheeks that must have been burning by now. I leaned down, plant a soft kiss on your ass and then raise back up, and growl like an angry animal, as I listen to your soft whimpering.

In one swift motion, I locate your tight hole and plow my way inside your stinky pussy.

I can feel your hot pink canal stretching about my Nubian spear and I slowly stroke at a methodical pace. I yank you back and hold your body close to mind. “You like all this dick inside you wifey?”

“You know I do…oooh my husband, I love what you do to me,” you cry out.

“Keep that in mind from this point on cause I think you already know what I’m gonna do to you…right…you already know what I’m gonna do, don’t you,” I growl.


“Huh, what’s that bitch,” I snap.

“Yes…oooh shit,” you sheepishly moan.

Your body’s shivering and your breath is short. I slide my tongue inside your ear, then bite your lobe gently. “I’m gonna tear your ass up so bad, you’re gonna think I’m rapping you.”

With that said, I launch a maniacal assault on your pussy, stroking and slamming hard into it. I ignore your screams and pound you like a wild man.

“I love you my strong bla…black husband oh wow…oooh I’m cumin…I’m cumin!”

I pause to enjoy feeling your convulsing love chamber implode around my swollen spear. I can almost feel the hot misty spray coating my tool with it’s steamy nectar. When I feel your body begin to relax, I continue my powerful thrusts, pushing you right over the edge again and again until I can literally feel your love juice cascading beylikdüzü escort down my shaft before dripping down on the bed.

I slow down and watch my slippery wet pipe slide and out of you. I smile menacingly knowing I’ve successfully set you up for the kill. I slide away from your sopping wet pink chamber and immediately force my tool inside your unsuspecting anal cavity.

“Ohh…oooh my husband…aarghhh…ahhhh…ahhhh,” you scream as your helpless sphincter gives way and I slide down inside you.

With every inch, you cry louder, clutching at the pillow, the headboard, and anything you can to pull yourself away from my power tool.

It takes a while for your tight ass to loosen up but soon, I feel it stretch to accommodate my big black fuck drill. I pull out slowly, leaving just the crown inside to stretch your ass ring, then I growl and plow down putting every inch of me inside you.

Playfully I pull out teasing your ass, only to drive back inside, harder and faster.

Futilely you attempt to pull away, but I pull you back with the sheet, wrapped around my hands and soon, I’m pounding you with the force of a jackhammer.

I pull you off the bed and across the room next to a small chair. “Grab the back of the chair,” I order.

You quickly comply and as you do, I jam forward, knocking you nearly over a rocking- chair, before pulling you back with the sheet. At one point I slam you so hard, your knees buckle but I refuse to let you fall, dipping and thrusting up, nearly bumping you off your feet.

Stepping back I loosen the towel, giving you just enough slack, to snatch you back and continue pounding you harder and harder.

Releasing the towel I turn you around and we kiss again. Guiding you over to the edge of the bed but keep your feet on the floor I push you down on your knees and fuck you doggy style.

I steady myself, snatch back your hair and snarl “I own you bitch, ahhh, take my black dick inside your hole.” I thrust up, slapping my body into your ass cheeks, causing you to climb to your feet, but as soon as you do, I pummel up inside you and see your pretty feet jitter about trying to maintain your balance and it only fuels my rage.

“Whose ass is this bitch,” I snap

“Yours my hus…my husband,” she cries.

“Then give it to me, give it all to me Goddamnit, give me it,” I shout fucking you harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until…

“Ooh shit, ooh my fucking white wifey…here it cums…here it cums…here it fuckin cums!”

I buck like a wild bull or a enraged colt, jamming, growling and roaring, as I feel my hot jizz raising up inside my cock, making it steel hard, aching and throbbing..

I stop, my body stiffens and becomes as hard as my cock, every muscle flexed and tight. I glance into the mirror beside our bed, and see my face frozen, my powerfully hard body pressed and as one with yours, and then I fire blast after, blast after blast inside your twitching ass, splattering hot white juice along your walls.

I urgently reach around you and take hold of your clit, squeezing it tightly and then slide my fingers inside your pussy and I hear you scream…”Oh my strong black husband,” as your pussy sporadically contracts around my fingers.

I pick you up and lay you down on the bed, climb beside you. We hug and kiss, never saying a word, totally embracing our moment of heaven.

I feel your hands wiping the sweat from my face and brow, and then lick the sweat from my heaving chest.

“You know you stopped me from fixing the steaks for dinner,” You giggle softly.

“Maybe we can order out tonight,” I reply.

“Well what would you like?”

“I like you right here in our house, in our bed, sliding up and down on your husband’s big black cock.” I answer, pulling you in to a spoon position.

“But I’m starving,” you cry.

“Really, well come get this protein shake, that should hold you till we eat,” I smile flexing and rubbing my flesh spear against you.

“Oh my strong black sexy husband,” you cry.

THE END…for now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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