Pam , The BadBoy Ch. 02

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Pam laid there with his withering cock soaking in the combination of their cum juices and slowly slipping out of her pussy, the thick liquids dripping from her hole and running down along her ass to soak into the already stained sheet. She panted heavily through her open mouth, the explosive orgasm she’d just experienced having left her body weak, her muscles limp, rubbery. He retained his hold on her long, strawberry blond hair, now only gently tugging at the tresses as he lay panting atop her. As her body quivered and quaked through a series of mesmerizing aftershocks she held her eyes closed, her mind starting to reconsider the things she had just done.

Guiltily she remembered her husband who was spending his day at the local office branch working hard to maintain his position with the company. Her husband who had treated her so well over these past years. The man who loved her so much, and she loved also. She asked herself why she had allowed this to happen, why she had even stepped out to talk to the man who’s soft cock was now plopping from her pounded cunt. She wondered why she had followed him into his motel room, why she’d allowed him to close the door or to give her that first kiss.

But she knew the answers to all of these questions. She knew the one answer. She had wanted to. She had wanted to be this man’s lover, to have him ravage her body the way she imagined, wanted him to take her and use her for rough sex. Wanted to feel him ram his hard cock deep into her pussy and fuck her with the wild abandon that neither her husband nor any of the men in her past had ever done. That was why she had allowed, even asked, for this to happen.

Atop her she heard him sigh, felt the thin coating of their sweats intermingling as their bodies rubbed against one another. A second later she felt him shifting, felt him slide off of her to one side.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she sighed dreamily as she went to roll in the opposite direction.

“Where do you think you’re goin’?” He chuckled.

The hand filled with her hair pulled her back, forcing her to roll towards him instead. Reflexively she looked at his face. He was smiling mischievously again, his eyes sparkling with that same sense of delight at her appearance that he’d had for quite sometime.

“I ain’t done with you yet,” he grinned. “I ain’t lettin’ a sweet angel like you get away that easy.”

His hand pulled at her hair, drawing her head downward, .

“Get down there and suck my cock,” he told her. “You wanted to play on the dirty side, so play. Suck me until I get hard again. Suck my cock, sweet angel.”

His hand pulled harder, more insistently, guiding her down along his body. Instinctively she reached out with one hand and grabbed his soft cock, wrapping her fingers around it. She felt the coating of juices on it, the mixture of their sex covering his fleshy package. Intending to wipe the majority of these off with her hand she stroked the limp cock with her fingers. But before she could pull on it twice he shoved her face into his crotch, forced her to engulf his cock in her mouth. She felt the limp member slip past her lips, felt it fill her mouth.

As her taste buds were suddenly assaulted, her nose filled with the scent of their sex mixed with his sweat, she felt the fires within her loins reawaken. She whimpered as he shoved her face further into his crotch, made her engulf his entire cock. Reflexively she swallowed, sucked on the soft member and rolled her tongue over it.

“Yea, suck it, suck it good,” he told her. “You suck on my cock like a good little angel and I’ll give you more of it in your pussy. I’ll fuck your sweet little pussy hard again.”

Pam’s body, only moments ago weak and tired from the explosive orgasms she’d had, regained some of its strength and she managed to hold herself up while he held her face buried in his crotch, his cock held in her warm, wet mouth. She rolled her tongue across the juice coated pole again and again as she sucked on it deeply.

Seconds later she felt him reaching down, felt his hand grabbing at her thigh and tugging on it.

“Get up here . . . on your knees,” he instructed her. “I wanna play with your pussy while you suck my cock.”

Struggling to keep his cock in her mouth she shifted and slid on the mattress, pushing her rear up towards his head. When she got her body at an angle to his, her ass near his face, he made her climb onto her knees and spread her legs. In this new position she had her ass sticking into the air, with her legs parted so that he could stick his hand between them.

When his fingers brushed across her swollen pussy lips her hips jerked in response. Sparks of passion ran through her body, warmed her insides and fanned the flames still smoldering within her loins.

“Mmm-mmm,” she whimpered around the flaccid cock between her lips.

Pam couldn’t believe the way her passion was still burning, couldn’t understand how she was still so aroused. Instinctively she slid her knees bakırköy escort on the sheet and spread her legs further apart. Her hips pushed her crotch into his fingers as they played at her throbbing clit. In her mouth she felt his cock twitch slightly, sensed the first indications of it regaining life and she reflexively sucked harder.

“Yea, suck it. Get me good and hard again, Bitch” he breathed happily.

His fingers played at her pussy, stroking along her slit and slipping into her opening. As two of the digits penetrated her, pushed inside and swirled against her upper wall she whimpered around his cock. Sloshing sounds reached her ears as his fingers began to pump in and out of her sex, stirring the juices there.

His cock slowly grew harder, rising from a flaccid lump of flesh to a semi-rigid pole between her lips. She swirled her tongue over it, sucked on it and slid her lips up and down. With one hand she grasped the base and squeezed it.

Her hunger building, she dropped her hips lower, spread her legs more, and pushed her cunt at his probing fingers.

“Mmm-mmm,” she whimpered weakly as they drove deeper inside of her.

He still held her hair, held it tightly within his grasp as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. More blood pumped into the member, making it stiffer with each passing second. His fingers worked harder into her sex, pushed and rubbed inside of her with growing intensity. She felt her juices flowing heavily, felt them cleaning out the seed he had deposited and the mixture of them running down the inside of her legs. Her large tits were smashed against his thigh beneath her, the hard, sensitive nipples flattened into his hairs.

“Mmm-mmm-mmmmmm,” she whimpered as he pushed a third finger into her.

Her loins grew hotter, her desires building. Her hips starting to rock into his pumping fingers. She panted through her nose as she slid her lips up and down his cock, sucking hungrily on it.

The duel actions of her pumping mouth and his driving fingers continued for several minutes with his cock growing harder and stiffer within her lips. Her own passions grew hotter from the actions too, her body responding to the things that were happening. Her hips rocked faster at his fingers, pumped themselves with growing urgency.

Suddenly one of his fingers slipped from her wet sex and pushed its way into her rectum. The action was so swift and her state of arousal so intense that her sphincter never had a chance to tighten up, to prevent or even hamper the intrusion in the slightest. His finger simply slid from within the hold of her pussy muscles to be pushed past her little brown hole and into her anus with speed and ease.

“Mmmm-mmm,” she whimpered from the sudden sensation.

Never before had Pam’s asshole been touched or probed in such a way, never had anyone even dared to come near it. And now there she was, on a motel room bed on all fours, sucking a strange man’s cock while he stuffed his finger into her rectum and rolled it around a little. Through the thin membrane that separated them she felt the one digit rubbing against the two still buried in her cunt, felt his fingers wiggling and twisting in both her holes.

“Mmm-mmm,” she whimpered as new, surprising sparks of lust raced through her to fuel the heat within her loins. “Mmmm-mmmm.”

Soon he began to pump his fingers once again, pulling back then pushing forward all three digits at once. The sensation of her two holes being simultaneously fucked like that caused Pam to moan around his now completely hard cock, caused her hips to rock and push back at the assault.

“What a sweet ass you have,” he grunted behind her, his fingers pumping at her backside. “You ever have a stiff cock in this sweet ass, Bitch?”

The question caused Pam to tense up as she realized the implications of it. She felt her asshole tighten around his pumping finger, felt her sphincter clench around the digit. The action made it difficult for him to continue his pushing and pulling actions, caused his fingers to freeze in place.

“Suck my cock, Bitch,” he ordered roughly.

The hand in her hair pushed down, stuffed her face into his crotch. She was forced to relax her throat and allow it to be penetrated by his stiff cock, to deep throat the member. This caused the rest of her body to relax, her muscles to loosen, which was the effect that he desired. With the loosening up of her asshole his finger was able to probe at her rectum with ease once more.

“Yea, suck it. Suck my hard cock, you little bitch.”

Holding her face buried in his crotch for a moment, her nose pressed into his pubic hairs, his cock stuffing her mouth and throat, he used her body’s vulnerability to slip a second finger from her cunt and into her ass. This penetration of a second digit stretched her sphincter, sending bolts of pain coursing with ones of unrecognized pleasure to her lust filled loins.

Her beşiktaş escort body tensed with the desire she was feeling. As her head pushed up at the hand holding her face down, her ass jerked in the air.

Once he had the second finger planted in her rectum he allowed her to raise her face from his crotch. She breathed in deeply with relief from the suffocating effect of having her throat blocked by his rigid cock. Locking her fingers in place around its base she gripped the member tightly to avoid another such assault.

For a few minutes her ass remained still as he pumped his fingers in and out of her different holes, now with only one in her wet cunt and the two stretching her sphincter. He pumped them slower now though, with less force and speed. Instead he seemed to slide them along with slow and deliberate ease, the two digits rolling and twisting slightly as they stretched her brown hole slightly more with each passing second.

After a few dozen strokes he slid the fingers from her ass and pushed them into her cunt once more, rolling them around and coating them with her juices before pulling them back out and pushing them into her ass again. He did this several more times while she continued to suck on his cock, sliding her lips up and down along its length, her tongue swirling over the fleshy pole. His treatment seemed to work on both her body and her mind. With each new insertion her sphincter seemed less and less resistant to the penetration and with each removal her mind seemed to more and more unhappy with the lose. Soon she was rocking her hips once again at his pumping fingers, rolling her ass in the air and humping herself at the fingers fucking her rectum.

“Mmm-mmm,” she whimpered and mewed around his cock as the attentions stirred the flames of her lust higher and higher. “Mmm-mmm.”

In her mouth his cock grew to complete rigidity, its stiff flesh protruding slightly where his veins were. She slid her lips across it, clamping them tightly around its circumference as she bobbed her head above his lap. Sucking deeply she tasted his flesh and a small amount of precum.

“Yea, Bitch. I can’t wait to stuff my cock in this sweet little ass of yours,” he groaned, pushing his fingers completely into her. “This sweet, angel ass.”

This time when his words registered it wasn’t fear or trepidation that shot through Pam’s mind, but instead a surprising sense of anticipation and desire.

“Mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, releasing the base of his cock with her hand and dropping her face freely into his crotch.

The entire length disappeared past her lips as her nose became buried in his pubic hairs. She sucked on it, wrapping her throat muscles around the hard shaft and squeezing it for a moment before pulling her face back up.

A moment later he yanked her mouth off of his cock, jerking it up and away with the fingers filled with her hair. He tore her away form the hard member, pulling her lips from around it. His hand jerked at her tresses, pulling her scalp with them. As he did this he swung his body up and around with hers so that in an instant he was kneeling behind her as she remained on all fours upon the motel room bed.

The maneuverings made him remove his fingers from her holes and she whimpered from the mixture of their lose and the painful way he moved her. When she felt his free hand lining his stiff cock up with her wet pussy a second later she reflexively pushed back at it.

She was on her hands and knees, with her legs spread, her aching pussy being penetrated by his cock. Her long strawberry blond hair was tied up in a knot around his clenching fingers, her head pulled back by the tension. Her bottom lip quivered, her eyes closed from the mixture of sensations shooting through her body.

As soon as the first inches of his cock were once again enveloped within her wet snatch he released the base of it and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek, his fingers gripping the soft flesh tightly. He then propelled himself forward, driving his cock completely into her, burying the entire length in her wetness.

“God yes,” he moaned as he ground himself into her, rolling his hard cock around inside of her pussy. “That feels so good.”

Slowly he withdrew himself from her clasping muscles before driving forward again. In quick succession he then pulled himself back and rammed forward several times, pounding his cock into her pussy with jack hammer force.

Pam rocked upon the bed, ramming herself back at his hard charging cock and slamming her sex along its length with each filling penetration. Her passions were flaming inside of her, another orgasm beginning to emerge deep within her loins as he pounded his cock in and out of her aching pussy.

“Like it hard, don’t you, Bitch?” He huffed as she whimpered several times.

“Mmmoooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss,” she groaned. “Harder. Fuck me harder. Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm.”

He pulled beylikdüzü escort on her hair, tugged her head back further. His other hand filled itself with one ass cheek as his thumb slipped into her crack. While he slammed himself forward, drilling his rigid cock deep into her wet cunt his thumb found her sphincter and applied pressure. The tip of it popped past the small brown hole and into her anus.

“Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm,” she whimpered, her mouth falling open slightly further.

His thumb rolled around in her ass a few times, stretching her sphincter open. Her body rocked faster into his cock as the feel of this threw fuel onto her raging loins, caused her orgasm to move forward, closer to the brink.

“Mm-mmm-mm. Mmm-mmmm-mm.”

He pumped himself into her several more times, driving her orgasm closer and closer to the edge. Her juices flowed wet and free around his cock, coating the fleshy pole as she fucked backwards into him. Her neck was bent back, her body arching downward as his hand pulled at her hair and forced her to move in this fashion.

Suddenly he stopped pounding his cock into her, withdrew it as he leaned back away from her. The suddenness of this, the fast removal of the hard cock from her spasming cunt, caused her orgasm to freeze in place and even begin to fade back away.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm,” she whimpered.

A second later she felt the tip of his cock brushing along the crack of her ass, felt his hand spreading her one ass cheek away. As the cock tip found her sphincter and pressed at it her body suddenly tensed, her muscles clenching and her asshole squeezed itself shut.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered with a mixture of excitement and dread.

“It’s goin’ in your ass, Bitch,” he growled, his cock pushing at her tightened hole. “Just relax a little.”

The hand on her ass slid down and under her body. His fingers found her sex. One of them pressed at her clit, rubbing the hard nub, while others dipped into the wetness of her slit and stroked the walls of her opening. Bolts of excitement shot through her body from the touch, her passions being stoked. Her body relaxed slightly as she pushed her pussy into those fingers.


The tip of his cock pressed into her sphincter and pushed past the very edges, slipping into her anus with slow, deliberate pressure.

Between this and the feel of his fingers on her sex her body went into a state of confusion, unsure of what to do or how to respond. Most of it, heated and aroused by the events that had transpired, wanted to relax and allow the penetration of her rectum, wanted to feel his stiff cock filling her ass and fucking her. But the other part, the part unaccustomed to such acts and now beginning to dredge up thoughts of her husband and the betrayal she was performing, wanted him to stop and just put his cock back into her hungry cunt.

The finger on her clit rolled the sensitive little nub, stroking it and sending more bolts of electricity through her. Reflexively her body rolled beneath him, her hips jerking backward slightly. The action helped force the entire head of his cock to push into her ass, caused it to slip past her sphincter, stretching her open more.

Shots of pain and surprise ran through her then, mixing with the hunger her body was feeling.

“I’m gonna fuck this sweet little ass of yours, Bitch,” he told her with confidence. “Gonna stuff my cock deep into it.”

With the head of his cock completely inside her anus the full penetration was now only a matter of time. Still stroking her hard clit and rubbing her pussy walls he slowly applied more and more pressure, pushing the first inches of his cock into her ass. Her body tensed then relaxed only to tense back up a second later.

“Mmm-mm-mmmm,” she whimpered.

Once he had partially inserted his cock he began to withdraw it, sliding it back until only the head remained inside of her. He paused for a moment, allowing her body a small chance to get used to the feel of it. Pam felt her sphincter gripping the circumference of the fleshy pole, felt it clenching around the stiff cock assaulting it.

When he slowly pushed forward once again he applied more pressure to her clit, rolling it around under his finger. Her hips rolled back at him, her body reflexively responding to the attentions. This time he pushed a little more of his cock into her ass, pushing forward another inch or so before stopping and holding still. As he remained kneeling behind her, his cock halfway buried within her anus he rubbed and rolled her clit, his other fingers caressing her slit and opening.

“Mmm-mm-mmmm,” she whimpered, her body squirming in front of him. “Mm-mm-mmmm.”

Once more he pulled back until only the head of his cock remained then held still for a second before pushing forward again. This time as he slowly penetrated her ass with the rigid cock Pam felt the fires in her lust filled loins raging higher and hotter from the sensation. The heat caused her to push her ass back harder into him, pushing herself down onto the length of his cock. Seconds later she felt his pelvis push against her ass cheeks, felt his pubic hairs scratching the soft flesh, and knew that his entire cock was buried inside her rectum. The two of them ground into one another then, rubbing against each other.

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