Passionate Singles Party

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Tonight is the night, I can feel it in the air. I am getting dressed up for a singles party tonight, so I put on my sleek and silky red outfit. While I look in the mirror, I admire the curves of my body and plentiful bosoms that lift very nicely in this perfect dress that I will use to get the attention of a certain gentleman caller. I choose to forgo the crotchless panties as to not waste any more time then I have to. Leaving and hailing a ride from the local transportation company, I give the driver the directions to the private five-star club. Arrival comes quickly as I daydream of how this evening will start and end. Paying the nice driver, I step out into the cool evening wearing a long, dark coat, thigh highs and pumps. I think to myself “Universe, do your glorious magic tonight.”

Entering the club, I remove my coat, displaying my sexy shoulders layered with my hair, and scan the room. It looks like all my favorite friends are here, so I begin to mingle. Saying hello to everybody, I make my way to the bar to grab a glass of Chardonnay and stare into the crowd. I begin to feel an electricity in the air that I know all too well and turn istanbul escort around. That is when I see him walking in alone, how much more perfect can this be. I will play it cool and let him come to me. Just then he is behind me, standing very close, one hand on my hip and the other rubbing my ass. He whispers, “Very nice, I have missed you”. As I turn around, I give him a sheepish smile and bow my head to admire his body. He is so damn sexy, and I can’t wait any more as I take him by the hand and walk him to the nearest room.

We take a look around and everybody is busy hugging and chatting. He takes control this time and leads me into a room that is meant to be used for private matters. We enter the room and he leads me to stand in front of a big comfy wingback chair. He places his hands at the back of my neck and begins to kiss me passionately and deeply. The feeling of this man’s tongue entangling with mine is delicious and warm. As we continue to kiss his hands explore the curves of my body down to my hips. He slowly and sensually lifts the dress over my hips avcılar escort and motions me to sit on the edge of the chair. As I sit on the edge of the seat, he spreads my legs open and places my legs over the arms of the chair to gain full access and a full view of what I have to offer and begins to tease me with his fingers. Placing his fingers in me I begin to moan as he moves them in and out in a slow style to provide full desire.

While he is touching me on the inside, he uses his thumb to rub my most sensitive part bringing me to a full organism. Taking his other hand, he removes my breasts from the material that has been holding them and places them in his mouth. The talent of this man is extraordinary and all I can do is place my hands on the top part of the chair and hold on for the ride. He wastes no time and takes his hands off me and removes his pants. He is standing at full erection, and I lean forward to please him and he says no. He places my legs back over the chair arms again and enters me. The slow pounding brings me to another level of a climax and then the pounding increases as I let şirinevler escort out screams of enjoyment. He smiles an even bigger grin and removes his cock from me.

Placing my hands in his he leads me to stand and he sits in the chair. As I wait for him to settle in the seat, I take this opportunity to remove my dress. He looks at me with those sexy eyes that make me think again that it is my turn to suck him, but I was wrong. He motions me to straddle the chair arms with my legs and face him. Sitting in this position I am hovering over him and he lifts his hips to enter me. I don’t have to do any work as his pumps me full of his large dick while pounding me from underneath. The feel of this position is overpowering and sensual. I try to hold in all my juices but that is not easy as this feels like the best position I have ever entertained. He places his hands on my hips so that he can thrust me down as he thrusts up. I scream as I cum all over and lose my breath in this workout. Fuck he is talented and is as dirty as I am. As we come to the end of this ever lasting fuck he removes himself before he explodes and now I know that is my cue. Climbing off the chair, sore as hell, he holds his cock in hand and I get down on my knees and to help him finish it off. Not long after I place him in my mouth, he explodes and his juices flow down my throat. Exhausted and satisfied, we both collapse on the floor and lie there for a few minutes as we gather our thoughts after what just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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