Payment for Tutoring Kathy’s Kid

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Here is my third story. Another memorable experience from my days as an undergraduate, trying to make a few bucks to pay the bills.

I’m fortunate. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in the northeast US. My dad worked and my mom stayed at home. We didn’t have anything fancy, and there was nothing we went without. And when it came time for college, I didn’t have much to worry about. My parents took care of tuition and room and board and the rest was on me. Many of my classmates had $50k or more in debt after school. Not me, but I still needed some money for going out on dates and to enjoy life beyond my studies.

So throughout college, I had a few part time jobs. I worked fast food a few hours a week. Subway. Wendy’s. I met some interesting characters along the way and met some great people and learned a lot about life and leadership in ways that you can’t in any college course.

During my junior year, one of my managers invited me to join them and their family at religious services and I did. Something different and a chance to meet some new people. One of them was Kathy.

Kathy was nice and made a great first impression for a variety of reasons. Kathy had a teenage daughter who was struggling with math and she asked if I did any tutoring. I didn’t, at least not actively, and I wasn’t getting paid for it. But I told Kathy that yes, I did some tutoring and I would be happy to discuss how I might be able to help.

So let me tell you about Kathy and why I was so quick to say yes and agree to a conversation. She was divorced. Extremely attractive. Very tan. Fit. Short. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Very exotic looking. And a set of fake tits to compliment her looks.

Kathy and I exchanged phone numbers. A few days later she called me to talk about challenges with her daughter at school. Math. An area where I could indeed help as I was taking graduate level calculus as an elective towards my engineering degree. We decided that we would have our first meeting at a Starbuck’s, all three of us together to talk about specific challenges, come up with a plan and a reasonable hourly rate.

The following week we all met and talked and I gathered enough information to make a plan. Weekly sessions. 90 minutes. $30 cash. Kathy agreed. And it gave me a chance to see Kathy in more casual clothes than what I had observed at religious services the previous week. She was even more attractive than I recalled and wasn’t shy about showing off her chest.

And maybe it was me, but it looked like she was trying to make sure I noticed. At one point she caught me staring and when we made eye contact again, she winked at me. I can only imagine how many sarıyer escort shades of red I turned. Me, a 20-year-old undergrad. Her, a MILF in her mid 30’s who could probably still get most any man she wanted.

What was she thinking? What was I thinking? This was just business. A chance for me to make a few bucks on the side through someone I met at services. Or was there more going on?

The next weekend, I went to their home. Kathy’s daughter and I sat at the kitchen table while Kathy did stuff around the house. It was a good session. I think it was helpful and we all agreed to do it again the next weekend. Same time, same place. Kathy asked if I wanted a glass of wine before I left, and I politely declined. I wanted to get home and shower as I had a date that night.

She went to her purse to pay me and realized that she didn’t have any cash. She asked if she could pay me next weekend and promised that she would have it. I agreed. I didn’t need the money for my date, and in my mind, everyone makes honest mistakes. There is no way she would forget the following weekend. And so off I went to enjoy my evening.

And so the next weekend came, and I went to their house for another session. Her daughter told me about how the work we did the previous weekend helped with her quiz and that she hoped we would do more of the same. It was good to hear that my tutoring was helpful. Some kids are rebellious and some just want some one on one attention. That’s all she needed, and I was glad to help and make a few bucks.

After the session, Kathy asked if I could stay and have a glass of wine. I didn’t have any plans, so I agreed. As we sat down, her daughter went to a friend’s house for dinner and a sleep over. I was now alone with Kathy and a bit curious where this was going.

We sat on the couch. She opened a bottle of red and poured glasses for us. We sat and talked. I told her about where I grew up and why I chose the local university and my plans for the future. She told me how she grew up in this town, met her former husband in high school and how they got married and got pregnant at 20. I quickly did the math and realized that she was 34. And boy did she look good for 34. At that moment she had on shorts and a blouse and no bra. I could see the sides of her tits through the openings between the buttons.

We finished the bottle of wine and flirted a bit. She knew I was staring at her chest throughout the conversation. At one point she just said, “36D and they are not real.” I just said “wow” and we both laughed.

I felt it best to excuse myself and leave so I told Kathy esenyurt escort I had to get going and could she pay me for both sessions. She got up and went for her purse and reached inside, but before pulling anything out, she asked if I would be open to another form of payment. I wasn’t sure what she meant. Drugs? Pot? We never talked about it as we got to know each other so I wasn’t sure what she meant. I simply said, “I’m listening.”

She put her purse down, came back to the couch, and sat back down and slowly started to unbutton her blouse. One button. Next button. And the next button and there they were. A perfectly tan set of 36D tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“I know you’ve had your eyes on these since we met at the library. How would you like to get more comfortable with them?” She held them in her hands, touched her nipples and then looked me in the eyes.

I wanted to but wasn’t sure what to do. Should I lean over and kiss her and then feel them? Should I just reach for them and start sucking on them? Should I wait for her for make the next move? I sat there and stared for what seemed like minutes. Her eyes. Her smile. Her tits. Those fucking amazing tan tits.

After a few moments she made me an offer. She was a hair stylist. Uneducated. Didn’t get much in the divorce and didn’t have the money to pay me $30 a week for the tutoring sessions. She offered me a blowjob every other week until the end of the school year. Without hesitation I said, “You can do better than that.”

“A blowjob and I’ll let you lick my pussy. I really need to cum too.” She said without hesitation as if she was prepared to negotiate.

“Keep going.” I said. “I know you can do even better.”

I was getting bolder as I knew she wanted my help for her daughter, and I sensed she needed some release as she wasn’t dating anyone.

“I’ll let you feel my tits anytime and I’ll fuck you if my daughter gets an A in math.” She said this as she completely removed her blouse and pushed her tits forward urging me to take some action.

Her daughter was on the verge of failing, maybe a D without my help. I knew an A wasn’t a reality.

“Let me fuck your tits anytime and let me fuck your pussy if she gets a B.”

Without hesitation, she reached between my legs to undo my pants and take them off. Her full lips were quickly around my cock. Her left hand fondling my huge heavy balls. I couldn’t wait to see if she would let me fill her mouth or pull out and cum all over those tits.

“Wow!” She said. “Nice cock. I bet your girlfriend loves getting fucked by this.” She pumped my cock a few times before wrapping her avrupa yakası escort full red lips around it again. The sight was amazing.

I was able to feel her tits while she was sucking me off. Nice. Firm. They felt great even though they were fake. I hoped that next week I would be sliding my cock between them and cumming all over her beautiful neck and face.

She continued to suck my cock and play with my balls. Her soft hands cupping and massaging my nuts. And then taking one at a time in her hand and gently rolling it around. I was hoping she would put them in her mouth. I wasn’t going to ask.

After a few minutes she stopped, stood up removed her shorts reveling a neatly trimmed pussy right in front of my face. She sat down, put a pillow behind her head and spread her legs for me. I quickly got between those tan, sexy legs and started to lick her. Eating her pussy and looking at those fantastic tits was getting me harder and harder. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would be happening tonight and that this would be my weekly payment for the next several weeks.

She moaned as I felt her huge juggs as I licked her cunt. And soon she came while my tongue was licking her clit.

I stood up with her lying there recovering from her orgasm and started to stroke my cock.

“Cum for me. Empty those big balls all over my tits.” She said. Hearing her talk like this was pushing me over the edge.

She cupped her tits and played with her nipples as I stroked. Occasionally she would reach and hold my swinging balls as I pumped harder and harder. And soon, I came all over her hand, arm, and tits. Her hand still holding my nut sack until I finished.

As we both recovered, I asked “How about a shower together?”

“Another time.” She said. “Help my daughter get good grades and I will show my appreciation.”

That was good enough for me. And I still remember our first encounter more than any other weekly activity apart from when I did finally get to fuck her.

These were our activities for most of the next 10 weeks. Sometimes her daughter wasn’t going out, so we had to connect other times. One time I even bailed on my girlfriend to have some fun with Kathy. She was great at sucking cock and those were some amazing tits. For me, she was the definition of a hot, sexy MILF.

Her daughter got a B in math. It took a few weeks, but she made good on her promise. I spent the night and we fucked until I couldn’t cum anymore. She couldn’t remember the last time she came so many times in one night. And then we showered together. Washing and holding those tits under the warm water was a memory burned into my brain.

I saw Kathy occasionally at services. We connected for dinner at her place, some drinks, and some fun a few times until I finished school and moved away. I never heard from her and never tried to find her again. I hope she is well and happy, and I will always remember my tutoring sessions and payments for services.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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