Peggy Sanford and Friends Ch. 03

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In the previous chapter Peggy had contacted Henrik, the masseur, got an appointment and went over. Peggy had been very nervous before having the massage. Peggy was a slut and was never nervous with other people, especially not with men, even if she was nude, but this time she was. It was as if she knew that something special was about to happen. Something Bonnie had told her made her believe that maybe this massage could open her mind to again experience TUO, The Ultimate Orgasm. Last time she had it was when she was 44. Fucking 6 years ago. It was something that could change her life. Would it be for the better or..?. Kathryn or Kat had promised to be there for her when she returned from the massage session with Henrik. As we resume our story Peggy is on her way back. We only know that she enjoyed the encounter, but also that she was deeply shaken by the past two hours of massage. In this chapter we hear her telling her story to Kat.

Peggy, Kathryn and Annette, all active members of Literotica have approved that I can use their characters in the series. They have all also read this chapter and approved its submission. From what they have told me of their life, I have tried to make the characters true to their owners.

Big thanks to my Editor Translucent Girl. You made my story better. Then I hope that the readers like it.


Peggy tell Kat and Annette about the massage

Dear Friends

I am sitting in my car again.

Two hours ago I went into Henrik’s massage room.

My life changed. At least I think it changed. I am not sure what happened but it was wonderful.

It took me some minutes to get ready to start the car. Now I am moving towards home to meet up with Kathryn, an old friend of mine and one of my new female lovers. She has the most wonderful body, her nipples are so sensitive and her pussy is so beautiful and wet. She smells so nice. She has this wild red hair and the most amazing blue eyes. I think I fell in love with her when we made love a few days ago. She is so soft and feminine. But I also sensed a very powerful sexuality. She loves sex, a lot of sex. She makes me tingle with pleasure, and I know I made her orgasm very strongly several times. She is a hot woman. I understand why she is so popular with men and women. She gives so much. Life is good having her in it.

When I came home there was another car in my driveway. It looked brand new.. I wondered who that could be.

Entering home I was met by Kathryn and another one of my old time friends Annette Bishop.

The girls could tell that something special had happened.

Annette had arrived shortly after I left for my massage, so Kat had plenty of time to tell Annette that I had gone to a special massage. She stayed to support me with Kat.

It is nice to have good friends. They might be sluts, but I love them dearly.

Annette, like Kat, is a highly sexual woman, so even if she intended to stay shortly, she chose to stay and hear what this was all about. As I found out later, she even cancelled a business appointment.

Kat had made coffee, but I told her I needed something stronger, so quickly a nice bottle of Pinot Griggio was on the table. I love this tasty, Italian wine.

Kat asked me to tell them about the massage.

The many impressions I had were swirling sarıyer escort around in my head, so I had difficulty as where I should start and I told them so.

“Why don’t tell us from the start,” Annette suggested.

“It was wonderful. The whole time, from the moment I entered until I came to myself in the arms of Henrik. He is the most loving person I have ever met. I am so emotional now. I have never felt like this before. Happy, at peace and in love. Isn’t that a joke. Peggy “super slut” Sanford in love. I am supposed to love all men and their glorious cocks. I did not even see Henrik’s cock, but I am in love with him,” I said and started sobbing.

The girls immediately were at my side and held me. God, I love my girls.

After calming down, I started telling the girls about my massage.

“I entered Henrik’s place. There was this little bell at the door, so it chimed when I opened the door. Henrik quickly came out to greet me. He is a tall man with broad shoulders. Short grey hair, well trimmed body, but not overly muscular. He looked like a man who is training his body. He had these beautiful blue eyes. We had eye contact immediately, he felt nice and relaxed. He asked me if I was nervous and I told him that I was. I told him what Bonnie had informed me that his massage was different from anything else she had experienced, and that it had been overwhelming in a wonderful way. He responded that some of his client were very receptive to the combined tantra/yoni massage. He explained that the primary goal was to relieve stress, to relax the mind and body, to find peace in the fast and ever changing world with high demands on all. We kept talking for some 15 minutes and he answered all my questions in a way that I felt at ease with him massaging my body.

He has these very big hands – oh I love his hands. They knew my body.

He showed me into his massage room. There was this sitting Buddha and the walls were decorated with beautiful pictures from some exotic country. There was a soft light. The massage table was like a queen sized bed covered with fresh white linen. Towels were placed at one end. Different shaped pillows and wedges were there as well, all covered in white linen. I guessed they were to be used to support my body during the massage. The room was nice and cosy. Henrik asked me to undress. I could keep my underwear on or be totally nude. He then stepped outside. Bonnie told me that she had been nude and that Henrik had been very “professional,” so I decided to go nude as well.

You know me girls, I love to be nude.

I placed myself on the table, face down, and covered my butt with a towel.

Henrik came in and then started the best ever experience of my life.”

I had to stop to take a sip of wine. Kat and Annette looked at me. They hadn’t said a world since I started telling my story. Both leaned forward with big eyes. They looked mesmerized and their mouths were both slightly opened.

“Did you have the Big One” both Annette and Kat asked.

“No” I said, “but something much better – out of this world. We will come to that later, if I ever understand what happened.”

I went on. “Henrik poured some nice warm oil over my back. Lots of it, and then he started massaging me. I always thought that massage esenyurt escort was about finding sore spots and making them go away by pushing hard. What he did was finding them and then gently making them spread out and by magic they disappeared. The massage was soft and nice and not the least erotic. His wonderful, big, strong hands caressed my body. Again and again. It was hypnotic and I drifted into a state of bliss, I had never experienced before.

After some time, I don’t know how long, he asked me if it was ok to remove the towel from my butt. He said he had felt some muscle tensing through the towel. I hadn’t even felt him massaging me through the towel. Of course I answer yes and shortly after that I moved into the world of bliss again. It was like my body soared over the couch. All tension left my back. It was so wonderful. Girls, it is so difficult to put into words. I felt happy, oh, so happy. Probably more than ever before.

Later he managed to turn me around and his hands were everywhere. Slowly, like in a slow dance, his hands moved over my body. I know he spent a lot of time at my head. forehead, ears, chins, lips, even my eyeballs were massaged. He pressed long at certain points. It was like he took my soul and worshiped it. I know that it was just my face, but there was this strange connection to this place, that I did not know about, but is was wonderful. I know I have used this word so much, but that is what it was. Just wonderful.

Then he moved to my feet, calves and thighs. He hands just found all my tensions and removed them like magic. I was very alert about what was happening, but it was more like I sensed it than I actually knew it. It just came to me in waves. It was like I understood a secret new world. A world of happiness. Telling you this now, I can understand that you will find it strange, but it was really very real to me.”

I had to take a break from my story. Had I continued I felt that I would move into this world of love and tenderness, and without Henrik to guide me I would be lost.

My glass of white wine was almost still full. I was glad that Pinot Griggio can be enjoyed at room temperature, because I must have been talking for a long time so it was not cold anymore. I saw the the same was the case with girls’ wine, they had forgotten about the wine. They both were very quiet. I saw tears in their eyes. Somehow I must have been able to make them feel what I felt. I do love them. They were with me the whole way.

“Should I continue?” I asked. They nodded.

“He had not touched me in a sexual way at all. Massaging my butt normally turns me on in a big way. Even my thighs, at least close to my crotch, but it was just a massage. At least that is what I felt it was.

When he started massaging my breasts I moved again into this special place. Well maybe I never left it. But my feeling of joy increased. I know that being happy has so many levels now after massage. I was climbing this ladder I did not know existed. My nipples were rock hard, but it was not sexually hard. I could feel the blood pumping into my sensitive nips, but I was not aroused. I felt happy. Even more happy. My mind was at ease. I just accepted that this was the way a nipple massage should be. In my other life I would have orgasmed or started moaning, but now it was just wonderful. avrupa yakası escort I know, same word again. Sorry girls, but that was just how it was. He massaged my stomach. I could feel he reached my bladder and ovaries. A sensation I never had felt before, but I just knew that it was just that.

He moved to my pussy and started the best massage I ever had. He made love to my pussy with his hands. The YONI massage. I almost started crying just thinking about it. Sorry girls – it was wonderful. He massaged my outer lips. For me they have always been the gateway to my inner lips and my clit, but I know now that they are protecting my center. They have a soul and if anybody will be able to make me happy they should never forget about the outer lips. That was news to me. Jesus – I have been fucking men and women for more than 30 years and I learned something new about my body. Henrik is magical. I looked at him and he was just doing his job with a small smile on his face. It was like he was in a place similar to mine. Maybe it was the same place. A place of love and peace.

He moved his finger to my inner lips. My inner lips are rather big, so he spent a lot of time massaging between two fingers on both side, pulling and applying pressure. I did not know I had tensions there, but apparently I did and he made them disappear.

He moved his long fingers of one hand into my pussy. The other remained outside, but when he massaged my front wall it felt like the two hands made contact. He never touched my g-spot. He found so many many places in my vaginal wall that needed relief. He made everything go away.

With both hands he massaged the back wall. In one particular place he needed to massage from both sides, so he slipped a finger into my ass and by magic my tensions were relieved.

I was lying on the table alone. Probably he left me to wash his hands. He returned and continued with the massage of my vagina. I was in heaven. I did not give a thought about the world. I was just there with Henrik, feeling so wonderfully relaxed.

Then he put a finger at my g-spot and my world exploded. It was not an orgasm, it was so much more. It was like my body fell apart and reunited in a better way.

When I reappeared with the outer world, Henrik was holding me close. I kissed his lips and told him that I loved him. TUO was nothing compared to this. I did not know that love made such a big difference from just plain fucking. I felt cleansed and happy, like I had just been born again.

He smiled at me and said that he had never had any woman responding so strongly to his massage. He told me that I had made him very happy. I could always return to him and it would his pleasure to massage me again without any payment for his services. He told me that I made him happy. My love for this man just exploded.

Do you know what that means to me. He wants to do this to me again and again. Not for my pleasure, but for his. I so hope that he will make love to me. I want to feel him inside me. I want to make him cum like he has never cum before.”

Kat and Annette look at me with big smiles. Annette said “You fucking bitch just had the best experience of your life. I could feel it in my body. When you told me about how he made you cum I did too. Give me his number – please”

I could not help laughing. Then Kat said “I also came. You beautiful woman made me cum, just by your words. Never ever did I expect that. I love you baby.” Then I first kissed Kat and then Annette. We spend the night cuddling. No sex, but a lot of kissing. I really love my girls. I missed having Bonnie around. She started it all. I better call her tomorrow.

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