Perfect Masturbation

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God I was horny and needed relief. The last period bell had yet to ring, and I was listening to the dull mono-tone of my Psychology teacher’s voice. 2:12… Dear GOD could time pass any slower? I squirmed in my seat, trying to get the fabric of my pants to touch the swollen clit that had been aching since I had to stop my activities with my boyfriend this morning in order to come to school — Leaving me very frustrated and annoyed that he hadn’t fucked me thoroughly. Finally, after what seemed to be eternity, the bell rang. I bolted out of the classroom like a bullet being shot out of a gun. Not caring what people thought, I ran all the way to the parking lot and hopped into my boyfriend’s car. It was fairly nice, with darkly tinted windows and a large back seat. Feeling devilish(ly horny), I unlocked the door and tossed my things in the front seat, locked the doors behind me, and scrambled into the back seat.

My pussy ached for attention, my nipples were tight little stubs, and my entire body just wanted to be touched in general. I knew that Aaron always stayed after for a little bit to talk to his Physics teacher on Tuesdays, so I had a little time to get started. My fingers scrambled to unbutton my jeans and down they went, revealing my clean shaven pussy underneath — I had been too busy fucking myself this morning that I forgot to wear panties… istanbul escort Oops? My blue baby-T was the next to go, revealing my small, but full, breasts. They bounced free of their imprisonment and I was naked in the back of my boyfriend’s car.

He let me keep a few things in the back of his car for when we were out and about — Lipstick, condoms, a set of pink fuzzy handcuffs, and an eight-inch dildo for when he fucked me in the ass at the bluffs overlooking the lake, or after a date, whichever. My hand fumbled around underneath the seat to find the plastic cock, feeling at least seven pairs of my panties and a few bras before finding my treasure. I rubbed the head against my sore, wet pussy lips, which made myself moan. My eyes closed as the thickness slowly penetrated me. I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from cumming too quickly. Twisting my nipples hard, I began to ram the fale penis into my swollen innards as quickly and as hard as I could, crying out every time it smashed against my cervix.

Just then, I heard carkeys jangle and a key fit into the keyhole of the driver’s side door. I didn’t slow down the pace, nor did I slow down the screaming and moaning, but I stared at the door, anticipating his entrance. “Hey, you wanna keep it down in here slut? There are people asking me avcılar escort if everything’s okay.” With that, he climbed in and shut the door, locking it immediately.

“Sorry… I was so hot, it couldn’t wait…”

He looked back at me and smiled, “I never told you how beautiful you look this morning, did I?” I shook my head and continued to masturbate. “Well, you are…” His hand reached towards me, and I slapped it.

“For this morning, you have to watch.”

He slumped and stared at me with a dumbfounded look. “You, love, I just do not understand…” His eyes watched my hand pumping the big plastic penis in and out of me repeatedly. My breasts bounced with every thrust, my mouth watered, my hips rotated — I was a bitch in heat. And I wanted it badly, but I wanted him to suffer for fucking me without satisfying me before school started. Again, he reached for me, and received another slap.

“I said no, God damn it.” My hand moved faster and faster, and I stared into his eyes, letting out a low growl. “Do you like when I fuck myself, Aaron? Hmm? Are you going to let me cum the next time you fuck me?” I moaned in between words, trying to form sentences as best as I could. “Hmm Aaron? Mmmm…”

“Yes… I will…”

“You will what, baby?” I hit the cervix again, and again, and again. Juices came pouring out şirinevler escort of my tight pussy, but I was not ready to cum yet. I wanted him to say it. “What are you going to do?”

“I will fuck you…”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear.” The dildo was pushed in all the way to it’s plastic balls. I lifted up one breast and brought it to my lips, licking the nipple. “What are you going to do for me, baby?”

“I will fuck you until you cum..”

“That’s right…” I pounded myself harder and faster, allowing myself to let go. Cum gushed from my well-used pussy and all over the back seat, my moans filled the car, along with the scent of fresh cum. I pulled out the plastic dildo with a wet “pop” and licked off my juices. Aaron moaned himself and leaned forward to lick off the access juices from the seat.

“May I..?”

I nodded slowly, taking in deep breaths. Like the good boy he was, he leaned forward and lapped at the little pool of cum that had dripped right out of my pussy. “Clean me up so I can put my pants back on.” With that, he flicked out his long, soft tongue and licked up my wet slit, causing me to moan. I pushed myself up with my hands and he licked my ass and then once more around my pussy to make sure he had gotten everything. I scooted over so that he could finish cleaning up my mess on the seat, which he immediately did as I slipped my pants and shirt back on. Once he was done, I climbed into the front seat and flashed him a wicked smile. “Good boy…” I leaned over to kiss him, tasting myself on his lips. “Now you’ll never fuck and run again, will you?”

“No,” he replied quickly.

I knew he had learned his lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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