Reverse Catch

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Having a career that moved my wife, Pam, and I around the US several times, we have friends around the US that we keep in touch with and occasionally visit. On one trip in particular, I stopped by some friends of ours in Phoenix to see them at the end of a 10 day trip that had me in Phoenix for the weekend.

As friends tend to do, they invited me to spend the nights at their home for the weekend as they had plenty of space with a full bed suite that included a full bathroom, TV, sitting area. It was actually better than some of the hotel rooms that I typically end up staying in. Given that my meeting wasn’t until Monday, Our friends, Kat and Sam, asked me to stay there Friday through Monday so we could catch up, have plenty to drink and generally have a good time. Since they were insistent that I stay, the sell did not need to be that hard for me to agree.

As with many homes in Phoenix, they had a nice swimming pool with an outdoor living area that included a bar, grill, large screen TV, and eating area. All the comforts to really have no need to go out for entertainment. So, we planned to stay around the entertainment area all weekend.

Although it had been a few years since we lived in the area as well as seen my friends, time had been kind to us all. As empty nesters, we all shifted our focus from kids to activities that helped keep our minds and bodies fit. Kat and Sam were as I remembered them the day we moved away, both the vision of beauty and health that I remembered. I like to think that I am in the same category, but always chasing that fitness dream. However, Kat is a particularly fit woman of decent proportions having stayed toned doing pilates and tennis. While Sam stayed fit running and playing many rounds of golf. Kat is 5’6″ with a streamlined athletic build while Sam has a 6’0″ frame that is defined by good muscle tone and limited fat. A bit of an envy for most guys.

Being a warm evening, we stayed outside for Friday evening, eating a great meal and enjoying cocktails by the pool. In casual, pool side garb, we consumed a lot of alcohol and conversations started to contain sexual undertones with jokes that referenced our younger, wilder years, favored sex positions, or kinks. Nothing too revealing, just joking and light conversations. All done in good fun and jest, but definitely having their effect on my horniness as I could feel my cock working its way up to full rigidity. I think it also had their effects on Sam and Kat as Sam had a bulge in his shorts while Kat’s nipples stood protruding off her still firm, grapefruit sized breasts. Kat also wore a tight set of shorts that showed off her shapely ass which swayed in front of me each time she got more to drink. This act made me even hornier, wishing I could release my pent-up sexual tensions by fucking my wife, Pam, tonight and ravishing her in unfettered lust. Letting primal emotions take charge in our inebriated state, we could have wild, uninhibited sex that pushed into mild kink, attaining sexual bliss higher.

Since I was here without Pam, we would not be doing that. So, I figured kurtköy escort I might as well just drink away the night and have some fun. Knowing the door was already ajar on sexual references, I let the alcohol open it further since we were all feeling the effects. So, I threw out the topic of exploring favorite fantasies – in general of course. My hope was this would turn to sexual fantasies given our recent exchanges. It was a feigned innocuous plan; a little devious, and juvenile, but hey, we’re all adults. If they wanted to keep it clean, they would. I did not ask for sexual fantasies – just fantasies. Besides, we are all good friends so it would all stay here.

Kat immediately jumped in with her fantasy of going to the Caribbean to enjoy sun drenched, secluded beaches, with warm, soft waves lapping at her feet… and Sam at her side. Then she giggles and says that all this is in the nude to enjoy the warm, moist Caribbean breeze. Then Kat’s eyes turn all soft, puts on a sultry, seductive face as she sidles over to Sam and says, “then Sam and I start fucking out in the open for all to see – oh yeah – it’s secluded!! But I can pretend to have martymachlia – it’s my fantasy! And it’s not one of those gentle loving fucks, but a full out animal lust fuck with both of us shouting and moaning at the top of our lungs about how good it feels, never wanting the feelings to stop.”

At first, both Sam and I look at each other with disbelief from what just came out of her mouth, but we were also filled with incredible sexual excitement. Then we both burst out and say – “what the hell is martymachlia??? Sounds like one of your Psych terms.” Kat demurely tells us, “This is the fantasy of having sex in an open area where others can watch you. For me, it is just an open expression of your whole and true infatuation for each other in my opinion. It’s a fantasy that I have held for many years as my love for Sam grew as did my desire to fuck him as often as I could get him hard. As my love grew, I guess I just wanted to demonstrate to others just how much we love each other and how our love was unbridled in the fullest sense. I mean, people should see how well we make love. Sam’s cock is just gorgeous – or en-gorgeous. I want others to see how hard, how big and full his cock is as it slides into my waiting, sopping wet cunt. And then for everyone to hear how good it feels for both of us. But I also want them to see how Sam’s desire to please his woman goes on even after he cums. Striving to keep my orgasm and sexual pleasures going, Sam pulls out to eat my pussy as his cum seeps out, draining down my crack. You know how much I love that Sam. It just keeps me going – like one super long orgasm that I don’t want to stop.”

Sam just looks shocked and embarrassed, but I could tell he also struggled to hold back from taking his wife right then and there. It was clear his cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts, even trying to peek over the top. My cock was also straining against my shorts, throbbing to be set free of the built-up beşiktaş escort sexual tension brought on by the astonishingly open admission of Kat’s fantasy and sexual desires. I think my cock was even leaking some pre-cum in the hopes of eventually fully erupting its stockpile of cum.

Kat then stood up to walk between Sam and me. She turned her back to me to focus on Sam. As she draped her left arm around his neck, she tilted down to whisper in his ear which thrust her ass dangerously close to my face. She was horny as well as I could smell the sweet, musty aroma of her sex juices emanating from her crotch. At the same time I could see her right hand disappear out of my line of sight, but I could only guess she was rubbing his cock through his shorts (or even beneath them?) given Sam’s reaction. Although she tried to whisper, her drunkenness affected the attenuation so that I could hear her. She cooed into Sam’s ear something about wanting to fuck him silly right now and that they should go to bed to satisfy his straining cock and her pulsating pussy. As she was telling him this, her right hand was moving a little faster – perhaps a little too fast as I heard Sam moan, then gasp, then release a sigh contentment. My guess is that Kat made him cum in his shorts – overestimating her position of power in making him cum so easily. Sam was now in a predicament and needed to hide his creamy mess – so Sam abruptly excused himself and Kat saying they needed to go to bed, now, and I could find my way to my bed. “See you in the morning” is about all I could mumble as I was in complete awe of what I imagined I was witness to. Two close friends having a teasing sexual moment and perhaps even a public jerk off in front of me – not 4 feet away.

With Kat and Sam off for an undoubted fuck-fest, I meandered numbly to my room in a zombie state. My head was spinning – not so much from the alcohol, but from the mesmerizing fantasy that Kat just told us and the sexual activity that I believed had just happened in front of me. I kept replaying these scenes in my head. The vision of Sam and Kat on the beach doing those acts that Kat so vividly detailed was just so erotic and mischievous. These beach scenes intertwined with the very real sexual act of Kat jerking off Sam within a few feet from me. As I finally made it to bed, I turned down the lights and laid down on the bed. My cock had been hard for so long that it was hurting. I knew I had to release the tensions that had built up in my crotch.

With the lights low and pillows propped, I remove all my clothing to feel the air on my skin and release the constraints on my cock. I lay down on top of the sheets with my back against the headboard and pillows. Finally feeling my cock in my hand, I noticed that I was right, the tip was oozing pre-cum with my shorts even being a little damp. Taking my slick tip, I caressed my cock with the juices of desire, feeling the silky smoothness teasing more pre-cum out as I slid down my shaft. Although I had an urgency to hurry up to a cum explosion, I wanted şişli escort to lengthen the time I could feel my cock in my hand just a short time longer since it felt so good. My balls ached to relax by releasing the pent up cum, but the feeling of my sliding hand felt so good that I did not want to stop just yet …as I start to slide into an elevated state of sexual bliss, I heard a shuffle against the wall just outside my door.

Not wanting to break my trance, I opened my eyes just a bit to see. I was facing the large area mirror on the opposite side of the bed. This bounced off the glass reflections by the door to give me a sight that I thought I would never see, but given this night, it should not have surprised me…there was Kat massaging her tits through her sleeping attire with one hand and another hand rubbing herself under the bottoms. She was intently watching me; eyes fixated on each stroke of my cock; her breathing labored, balancing silence with the apparent urge to scream. Not wanting to stop the voyeuristic events I was observing as much as part of, I narrowed my eyes to thin slits that still allowed me to watch her but also show the satisfaction of jerking off that I felt.

With my hand slowly stroking my cock, I was now conflicted with watching Kat masturbate outside my room, recounting how she jerked off her husband next to me, or thinking about Kat’s fantasy fuck. Unable to decide, my mind involuntarily chose Kat masturbating AND imagining her jerking me off!! Pulling a bit more fervently on my shaft, I feel my balls start to roil over, pushing small driblets of cum to the surface. I lighten my touch and slow down the stroke to hold off to bring me to the edge of erupting. I let out audible moans of pleasure. Kat must have liked that as she fell hard against the wall to support herself in moments of pleasure. The noise was loud enough to hear through the house. Thinking she may stop from the surprising sound, Kat just keeps going, never stopping her rubbing. Wanting greater access to her pleasure zone, she pushed her bottoms down to her knees.

Meanwhile I am back from the edge, more ardently stroking my ever-pulsing cock. Drawing up the remaining driblets of cum onto my hand, I use this as additional lubrication to coerce the full load yet to be released. I continue jerking. Kat started to moan loud enough to hear her soft whimpers. This was too much; I stroke harder and faster. The thoughts of seeing her masturbating and imaging her hand jerking me off was accelerating my desire to cum. Kat is breathing heavy; I start moaning as well as the feeling of impending ecstasy washes over me. My cock then unleashes multiple spurts of cum onto my belly and hand in volumes that I have not seen in years. The discharge of which creates a feeling of delight, pleasure, and relief. Kat grunts, indicating that she has also cum in the darkened hallway.

Recalling the verbal picture Kat gave me of Sam eating her pussy, I lick some of my own cum off my hand. This is the first time I taste my own cum and am surprised by not only its taste, but how turned on I am. Kat must have liked it too as I hear her squeak out an “oohh!” in the hall. As I clean up the excess cum with the washcloth, I hear soft rustling in the hallway. As I look into the mirror, I see my voyeur scooting away into the darkness. My cock grows to a semi-hard state as I recollect what just transpired. A night never to forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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