Ryan’s Story Pt. 21

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I slowly awoke, the sun pouring into the room. My ass was sore, my throat was sore and my head really had a pounding headache. I rolled over and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It said nine fifty. With effort, I sat up and slowly crawled out of bed. With wobbly legs, I went down the hall to the bathroom. Using the facilities, I was not surprised at how much she cum came out of me. No wonder my ass was sore. I stepped into the large shower and turned on the water, hot. I stuck my head under the water and it felt good but after a few minutes, with my head still under the water, I reached up and turned it to cold. I squealed and endured it for a few minutes before turning it back to warm. I kept my head under the water and soon turned it to cold again. I did this quite a few times. And it helped. Soon my head was feeling better. Slowly I stood just as Iris, naked, stepped into the shower.

“Your head feeling better?” she asked, “I know it probably felt like crap this morning.”

“Yeah,” I answered, looking over her naked athletic-looking body. Nice firm C cup breasts with large nipples, flat stomach, and a large cock and balls, the cock was half hard.

“What was in the punch?” I asked.

Noticing me checking her out, she chuckled and said, “A formula one of the school’s science professors developed years ago. For boys like you, it makes them much easier to have fun with. We serve it at all of our parties.”

“Well that explains it,” I said, “Why I felt so light-headed and horny.”

Laughing, Iris said, “And you sure were a lot of fun. You were really into it.”

I just gave her a weak smile and washed her with soapy hands. I could see her cock start to get harder as she watched me, and sure enough my little cock was betraying me and also getting harder.

Smiling at me and reaching out and putting her hand on my shoulder, Iris said, “Gina asked me to make sure you got home okay. I have a car we can use.”

Letting her pull me closer, my little cock now hard, I looked into her eyes and just said thanks.

“Of course, since I am doing something for you,” Iris smiled, “You can do something for me.”

She took my hand and placed it on her now hard cock. I wrapped my fingers around the hard member. Then she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I let her push me down until I was kneeling in front of her.

“Just relax and open,” Iris said, looking down at me, “I do enjoy being in charge.”

Obediently I opened my mouth, staring at the large hard she-cock in front of me. Holding my head in both hands, Iris leaned forward and pushed her hard cock into my mouth and not stopping, right down into my throat. Holding my head against herself, she moaned and said, “Your throat feels so good.”

After a short time, she pulled her cock back and pushed it back into my throat. With each thrust, I gasped a quick breath, holding my mouth sucking against her cock as she used my throat for her fun. Soon she was into a nice rhythm, fucking my mouth with her large hard cock. My hands were on her thighs, steadying myself. Moaning and shoving all the way into me, her cock spasmed and shot a large load of she cum right into my gut. I let her hold me against herself as she came down off of her high and got her breath back. Then she slowly pulled her spent cock from my mouth and I rose.

Smiling at me, she said, “Let’s get dried off and head for the car.”

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel and dried off. Iris had already dried and pulled on a pair of sweats and shirt. I followed her naked down the stairs to the main room. Looking around the room, I found the shorts I had worn last night and my sandals but my shirt was nowhere to be found. Just then Mary, the futa from the night before walked in.

Iris asked Mary, “Let me use your car so I can take Gina’s slut home.”

“Cool,” Mary said, “I’ll ride along. He can thank me while you drive.” Tossing the keys to Iris, we walked out to Mary’s car, an old four-door Ford.

Grabbing my hand and pulling me into the backseat, Mary told me, “You can thank me for the ride while Iris drives.” With that, she lifted her hips and pushed her shorts down, revealing a hard eleven-inch cut cock. As we pulled out, Mary grabbed eryaman rus escort my hair and pulled my face down to her cock. I opened my mouth and took it in. I started to bob up and down on her cock, sucking. I took her large ball sack into one hand and gently massaged as I sucked.

“Drive around for a while,” Mary told Iris who was driving, “Give me some time to enjoy this.”

Iris drove around the campus, using side streets. There were many stop signs and traffic lights. Anyone standing on the sidewalk or another car alongside could easily see my head bobbing up and down on Mary’s cock in the backseat. I was sure many saw us.

Finally, with a grunt, Mary shot a large load of cum into my mouth which I swallowed. I kept my mouth on her cock until she recovered and pushed me away, pulling her shorts back up. I gave Iris final directions to my house, second on the right.

“Hey,” Iris said as we pulled up in front of the house, “You live next door to Gladys.”

“Yes,” I said, “How do you know her?”

Both girls laughed. “She is a former member of Futa House when she was a student.” Iris said, “She is now a big donor and also drops boys off after she is done using them. A real star for us.”

Mary added, “Yes. Just yesterday she had Joan drop off a boy after they had used him the night before. He was a fun toy for some of the girls before we let him go.”

As I climbed out of the car, Mary got into the front seat. “See you around cutie,” she said to me as they drove off. I walked up to the house and inside. Mother was sitting in the living room and I joined her. I sat sideways on the sofa, legs drawn up under me. Mother looked me over and said, “Well, how was your date?”

I looked at the far wall. “Well, kind of good,” I said, not looking at her, “It was kind of surreal, hazy like.”

Mother reached over and placed her hand on my knee. My eyes went to hers. She said, “That is what parties at Futa House are like honey. I assume you had some of the punch.”

“Yes, I had a few glasses of the punch,” I replied.

“You and the other boys,” mother said, a smirk on her face, “But not the girls. They drank other things, correct?”

“Yes, it looked like the boys were drinking punch and the girls had other things to drink,” I said, starting to understand.

“And after a few glasses, all of the boys became very horny and wanted sex, a lot of sex, no matter what?” mother said.

A light bulb went off in my head. “Yes, yes. I was overcome with the need for a lot of sex. The punch was spiked, wasn’t it?”

Giving a bit of a chuckle, mother said, “Yes baby. They developed a special formula years ago and the girls use it on boys during the parties to get them to submit to a lot of sex. I’m sorry Ryan, I probably should have warned you.”

I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder and said, “That’s okay mom. At least I was with Gina and if she was into it, that makes it okay for me too I guess.”

Smiling and looking into my eyes, mother said, “You really do like Gina a lot, don’t you baby?”

“Oh yes mother, yes,” I smiled at her, “I really think this is love that I feel. It just feels so wonderful.”

Just then my phone rang. Looking at the screen, I saw it was Gina. Jumping up, I told mother I’d be back in a minute and walked into the kitchen.

“Hi.” I answered the phone. Excited to be talking to Gina.

“Hey baby,” she answered, “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Me too,” I smiled into the phone, “Sorry I missed you this morning.”

“You were sleeping so good,” Gina said, “I didn’t want to wake you. Did Iris get you home okay?”

“Yes she did,” I said, “She and Mary drove me home. When can I see you again?”

“Why I called,” Gina said, “I really want to see you, we need to talk about a few things. Can I stop by after I get off work?”

“That would be great,” I excitedly said, “About what time?”

“I get off at seven,” she said, “I’ll be right over then.”

“Great,” I said, “What I said last night I really mean it. I love you, Gina.”

“Me too baby,” Gina said, “I love you too. I’ll see you in a bit.”

We hung up. I walked back into the living room, mother watching me, with a huge smile ankara etimesgut escort bayan on my face.

“Gina is going to stop by after work, around seven,” I told her.

“Okay,” mother said as she stood, “I’m going out for dinner, guess I’ll fix something for you before I go.”

I walked over and gave her a big hug, looking into her eyes, “I love you, mom.”

Soon it was seven o’clock. Mom had fixed me a nice dinner, then changed and went out with Gladys next door for their dinner. Knowing them, they’d also be on the lookout for any boy out on his own and looking for something to do.

I was excited and ready for Gina to visit. I had showered and put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee-shirt, my usual clothes for hanging around the house.

I jumped up and almost ran to the door when I heard her knock. Opening the door with a big smile, I looked into her eyes and just said, “Hi.” I was tongue-tied but so excited to see her.

She pushed me against the wall and pressed herself against me. My arms went around her and her lips pressed against mine. My mouth opened to eagerly let her tongue in and dance around inside my mouth. Her hands caressed my neck, shoulders, sides.

After a long and passionate kiss, she pulled back just slightly, and said, “Hi. I can’t stop thinking about you.” And leaned in for another kiss.

I could feel the hard bulge in her jeans pressing against me as we kissed. Pulling my head back slightly and looking into her eyes, I said, “Nobody will be home for a while.”

The lustful look in her eyes and the large bulge in her pants told me all I needed to know. I took her by the hand and led her through the living room and up the stairs. Pulling her into my bedroom, we were once again in each other’s arms, passionately kissing, as we hurriedly pulled off each other’s clothes. Quickly we were both naked and I pushed her over onto the bed.

Looking down at her naked body, I was overcome. I pushed her legs apart and crawled between them. Leaning over, I kissed my way up the inside of her thighs. She had her head raised, watching me. I ran my tongue over her large full ballsack, causing her to moan. With my hands on her thighs, I ran my tongue up the underside of her rock-hard cock. At the tip, I stared into her eyes as I ran my tongue over the slit, tasting her precum. Then after giving it a quick kiss, I took the large head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. Again she moaned and put her hand on my head, watching her cock disappear into my mouth. Slowly I lowered my mouth, letting her cock slide in, feeling it pressing against my throat. Pausing and staring at her, lust in my eyes, I then took it all, feeling it push into my throat. With my mouth pressed against her, I again paused, letting her feel my throat muscles pulsing against her cock. Then I started up and down, sucking on her swollen cock. After a few minutes, with Gina squirming under me, I pulled my mouth off of her and climbed up, straddling her, leaning over, and kissing her deeply. As we kissed, I felt her cock rubbing against my ass, looking for its target. I reached behind myself, grabbing her cock and aiming it at my eager hole. Slowly, I lowered myself, feeling it pushing into me. Pulling my lips from hers, I whispered, “I love you, Gina,” my eyes locked on hers.

“Oh yes baby,” she moaned at me, “Give it to me, ride me, baby.” I continued to lower myself until I had all eleven inches of her hard cock in me. Again pausing, I gave her another passionate kiss. Then I slowly rocked my hips, letting my ass slide over her cock, leaning over and placing my hands on her firm breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She was now moaning and squirming under me as I continued to ride her cock.

Suddenly she shoved me over and off of her. Rolling over onto my back, eyes wide, I stared at her. With a smirk on her face, she jumped between my legs, grabbing and lifting them. Soon she had them trapped by her arms as she leaned over me and drove her cock back into my eager hole. Staring into my eyes, she said, “I love you too baby.” And she started slamming into me, hard and fast. I cried out and shot my load onto my belly, my ass muscles spasmed around her driving gölbaşı rus escort bayan cock. After a short time, she drove deep into me and I felt her warm cum flooding my insides. I pulled her down onto me, holding her, kissing her neck and shoulders, enjoying the feeling of her in me. After a deep passionate kiss, she slowly pulled out of me and rolling over onto her side, pulled me over against her, holding me. We lie there, contented, holding each other, enjoying the feeling of skin against skin.

Hands idly running over bare skin, lips lightly kissing from time to time, we talked about various things, enjoying being together

Then a flashing light outside my window got our attention. Sitting up, we looked over and saw mother and Gladys standing in front of her window, a naked young man between them. Gladys turned him around, showing us his very red ass contrasting with his pearl white skin. Both mother and Gladys were smiling broadly and waving.

“Wow,” Gina said, staring, “His ass is really red. I guess they’ve had some nice fun with him.”

Looking into her eyes, I said to Gina smiling, “You can make my ass red anytime you want.”

Gina’s eyes got big and smiling at me, she said, “So babe, you like being spanked too?” and squeezing my ass cheek.

“Yes, baby,” I said to her, leaning over and lightly kissing her, “I do. Anything you want.”

Gina and I waved and smiled at mother and Gladys. Then Gina got up and pushed me over onto my belly.

As soon as I was lying on my belly, I felt her hand slap each of my cheeks, hard. I squealed.

“So you enjoy being spanked,” Gina said, giving me two more swats on each cheek, “We are going to have so much fun.”

After giving me another four hard swats on each cheek, watching me squirm and squeal, she reached under me and grabbed my little cock, which was rock hard.

“Wow,” she said, “You really do like it.” Then climbing onto the bed, she pinned me down by my shoulders and pushed her cock, now also hard, into me. I screamed but pushed back to meet her. Soon she was pounding hard and deep into me, her body slamming against my sore cheeks. With every thrust, I let out a little cry. She held me by my shoulders and kept pounding into me. Soon I yelled out and shot another load onto my sheets. Gina followed soon, holding her cock deep in me while she gave me a second load.

Collapsing and lying on top of me, panting, she whispered into my ear, “I love you, Ryan, love you so much.” And kissed the back of my neck.

I lay there, spent and very content. I loved the feeling of Gina lying on me, with her spent cock still in me. Finally, she slowly pulled out of me, rolled over onto her back, and pulled me to her. I raised up enough to put my lips on hers and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Then looking into her eyes, I said, “And I love you too Gina, very very much.” And lay my head on her shoulder.

Gina said to me, “I’m sorry about the party last night. I should not have made you go.”

Rising up to look into her face, I said, “It is no big deal baby. Being with you was great. The rest of the night is like a fog, I really can’t say too much of what happened.”

“Well, I don’t want to do that with you again,” she said, “It made me feel really bad seeing all of them using you like that.”

Giving a little chuckle, I said, “Okay. By the way, how many girls fucked me last night? I lost count and kind of blacked out after four.”

“Eight,” Gina said, “But we will not do that again. I promise.”

I hugged her tight, and lightly kissed her. “Anything for you baby,” I said, “Anything.” And snuggled against her.

“I have to go home and visit my mother during the term break,” she said. “I will be leaving in the morning, back in four or five days.”

“I’ll miss you every day,” I said, “We are going to a family reunion on Monday, will be back probably on Thursday.”

Giving me a little kiss, she said, “It’s going to be a long week without you.”

“I’ll make it up to you next weekend,” I said leaning over and giving her a deep passionate kiss.

“I’d better get going,” she said, “I do need to get up early in the morning and it is getting late.”

“Okay, I understand,” I replied and got up. I pulled on a pair of shorts while Gina dressed and we walked together back downstairs.

We held each other at the door and exchanged another passionate kiss.

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” she said opening the door.

“Okay,” I said, “I love you, Gina.” And watched her walk to her car.

(To be continued)

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