Skanked – The Beginning Sam’s Story

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This story series depicts the awakening of repressed sexual desires in a respected professional woman at the hands of a rebellious, undisciplined Gen Z’er. It is told from the perspective of both main characters giving us each one’s perspective.

The story depicts non-consent, reluctance and humiliation as Dr. Samantha Kaplan-Donovan is shown what she really needs. If this is offensive to you, please find another story. If you read on, please enjoy and comments are always welcome.

Dr Samantha Kaplan-Donovan’s Story- The beginning:

I grew up in Plainfield Illinois, outside of Chicago. My parents were hard working children of parents from “The Greatest Generation.” They believed in the American Dream and making a better life for their children than they had. I am the youngest of three children.

My oldest brother Charlie, lives in San Diego where he settled after leaving the Navy and became a successful real estate agent, and now has his own agency with more than thirty employees.

The middle child, Mark lives in South Carolina and manages an automobile manufacturing plant.

I am 29 years old and a successful Pharmacist still living in Plainfield. Shortly after my parents passed, I Married Edmond Donovan, CEO of a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company and moved into his house in Plainfield. A 25,000+ square foot home on the lake. (The largest home on the lake.)

I got my start working for a small family pharmacy owned by Juan and Daniella Quinones, lifelong friends of my parents. I worked full time summers and part time during the school year from age 15. I mainly stocked shelves and worked the register. It was from there that I discovered my interest in pharmacological science.

Juan passed away when I was 17 and Daniella became a single parent to their only child Maria. Marie was 10 and idolized her father. She took the loss hard. She has been a bit of a problem child ever since. She worked off and on at the pharmacy, but her heart was never in it.

At 22 she lives at home. Her grades in high school were average and she flunked out of college after two semesters. Up to this point, she never even held a full-time job. Her career consisted of working as a waitress in a bar on weekends to earn money to pay for partying, tats, and piercings. That seems to be her life’s ambition.

I always felt it was a little ironic that I, as a millennial, known for being a slackers and partiers, living in their parents basement, was the opposite of the stereo type. Maria, the Gen Z’er was the slacking, partying basement dweller, when they are portrayed as more responsible and forward looking than millennials.

Daniella, worked hard to give Maria everything she needed to succeed, and Maria never appreciated anything. She only cared about herself.

My parents died in their sleep four years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning. but not before they had instilled their values and work ethic in all three of their children.

Thankfully, Daniella stayed close to me and basically became my surrogate mother. I’ve repaid her by continuing as her pharmacist even as her business has lost market share to the monster pharmacy chains, and my other employer Walmart.

The demand for Pharmacists being what it is, I make more working part time for Walmart than I do full time for Daniella, but I would never even think of leaving her. She fears if anything would happen to her, Maria would dump the store and squander the money in no time. Because of that she had asked me if I would carry on her legacy if she changed her will to leave the business to me.

I was flattered but promised her I would dedicate myself to helping Maria run the business and she should keep it in the family. I reminded her, Edmond and I had the means to buy her out and keep it going if Maria decided to sell.

I tried to have a conversation with Maria about the future on a couple occasions and it turned ugly quick. She accused me of trying brain wash her mother against her to steal the business. Her hostility was so intense, I backed off, because, somehow it all came across as condescending and me being “Holier than thou.” But after Daniella approached me, I decided to give it one more try.

I invited her lunch the week after her mother talked to me and we ate at the diner down the block from the pharmacy. Halfway through I started the conversation.

“So, how’s your job going?” I asked, breaking the ice.

“Great,” she said and took a bite of her BLT.

As I sat there, I was reminded what a pretty girl she was under all the ratty hair, scraggly clothes, tat’s and hardware. Her skin was light brown with an olive tint that looked like a perfect tan everywhere. Her eyes were dark brown with a round pretty face and cute button nose. Her skin was beautiful, her lips full and I was always envious of their color. They were a dark pink hue that looked simply perfect without lipstick. Women like me paid big bucks to get that lip color. She was short, about 5’1″, with a thick but attractive izmit escort bayan body.

The problem was that beautiful face was surrounded by a blob dark hair that was combed like an old mop. It parted on her right side, flopped over, and hung in her eyes half the time. The sides and the back were a straggly unorganized mass of spikey tendrils cut at random lengths, some curled and some straight.

She had at least six piercing in her right ear and 4 or five on the left. Her face had a nostril piercing on the left, a piercing over her right upper lip and a bacterium breeding tongue stud. I almost forgot the eyebrow stud.

Most of the time her apparel consisted of torn jeans, tank top body shirt and floppy long sleeve flannel that looked like old pajamas. When the flannel ever came off her back and arms revealed a menagerie of tat’s that looked like someone vomited blue green goo over her beautiful skin.

“Do, you think you’ll stay there permanently?” I asked.

“Ain’t nothin’ permanent, Samantha. Did mom tell you to check on me or something?” She said in her bitchiest tone.

“No, no, she doesn’t know I asked you to lunch. She just told me she’s concerned about the store and what happens if she is no longer able to run it…?”

“Is she sick or something?” Her tone turned serious.

“No, no nothing like that. I was just wondering, and so is she, what are your thoughts about taking it over some day?”

“Are you trying to take it? Marrying daddy war bucks wasn’t enough?” Maria Barked angrily starting to tear up.

“Oh, my God Maria what is with y…” I saw the tears and stopped myself.

I reached across and grabbed her hand. She started to pull it away and I held on. She relented and the tears rolled.

Maria Sweetie, you know I love you like a sister and love you mother like my own. I don’t want the store…” I stopped when it looked like she wanted to say something, but she stared at her plate, quietly sobbing.

“What’s going on Maria. Please talk to me. Your mom and I are worried about you…”

“I know. I’m sorry, it’s just that…” She shook her head and went quiet.

“Please talk to me Sweetie.” I squeezed her hand.

“I know how hard Poppy and Mama worked for the drug store, but I don’t think I have it in me. What if I ruin everything?” She looked at me with desperate eyes.

“Maria, I promise I will work with you and help you till the end…”

“I know you stay with her out of loyalty, but you can make triple somewhere else. I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Don’t ask. I’m staying, till you kick me out.” I squeezed her hand for assurance.

“What about Edmond, what if he wants to move you to Beverly Hills or Parris or Monti Carlo.” She asked seriously.

“Maria, I’m not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere,” I corrected myself. “We’re both from here and we’re both staying here.”

“What about vacations and travel. Where am I ever gonna find a pharmacist?”

“Same as today, I have always found a replacement for her. I’ll do the same for you. Well, the good news is, clearly, you’ve thought about it. So, do you think you wanna try?”

She nodded but looked unsure. “I think so. I’m just afraid to fuck it up.”

I thought to myself, ‘The tough part is gonna be polishing this old lump of coal into a diamond that can keep the business going.’

“We won’t let that happen. Will you talk to your mom at dinner tonight about coming back to the store? We can learn the business together.”

She nodded and smiled.

“I’m so glad. Tonight, right?” I released her hand and took a bite looking at her seriously.

“Yes, and you better lighten up Sammie. You’re gonna work for me some day.” She joked.

“Got it, but don’t ever call me Sammie.” She knew I didn’t like it at all.

We both left the lunch feeling good about the future of the store. When I returned, I told Daniella, that I thought she might get some good news that night.

She did, and Maria started working at the store full time the following Monday. She seemed to have a new energy and for the first time was taking an interest in the store. The next step was to get her to stop dressing like a crack whore and her transformation would be complete. I did notice she at least wore jeans that didn’t look like they went through a shredder before she put them on. She even buttoned the flannel all the way up.

The best part of it all was seeing the new energy from Daniella. Having the center of her universe back in the fold put a spring in her step for the first time in a long while. Daniella noticed me watching her watching Maria with a look of great pride. She smiled and came to me.

“I don’t know how you did it but thank you so much. I’m so happy she’s back. She even told me she wants to learn the inventory system and order processing so she can start helping me out.

Then she said, once I feel comfortable with her doing that, she would like to learn to do the books and payroll. I had no idea she even knew what the izmit eve gelen escort word payroll even meant. You’ve been so good to me; I don’t think I could ever repay you.”

She gave me a hug and when I looked up, Maria was watching and looked away.

Later that afternoon Daniella had to go run some errands, and for the first time in a while I had no pending refills for the day. I took the opportunity to talk about her appearance. She was stocking shelves and during a lull, so I wondered over. Her jeans were so tight she could barely squat down to reach the bottom shelf.

“It’s so good to see you back in the store. Your mom is so happy.” I said, thinking of how to lead the discussion to her appearance.

“Thank you for helping make it happen. I had such a fear of not living up to Mama’s expectations, I sabotaged our relationship before it could happen. I really need to break that pattern of behavior.” She said honestly.

“I understand, it can be a lot of pressure trying to live up to parental expectations. We both were born to remarkable parents.”

“I’m so sorry about your parents. They were so encouraging after Poppy died. I can’t imagine losing both parents. Losing an aunt and uncle was hard enough. They were always closer to me than my bio aunts and uncles.”

I teared up. “God, I miss them.”

Maria stood up and gave me a hug. It suddenly reminded me our height difference. I’m 5′ 9″ and she is 5′ 1. As she consoled me, it occurred to me, part of the reason I sometimes treated her more like a child than an adopted sister was her size. I told myself I would work on correcting that. It was no wonder she sometimes resented me.

“Me too,” she said sniffling softly. “OK, enough sniveling, I need to get back to work.

“You know, now that you’re management, you might want to refamiliarize yourself with the dress code your mom and Poppy put in place.”

“OMG, are you trying to turn me into you. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a porn bimbo, super model body, perfect tit’s and Scarlett Johansson ass.” She said getting agitated.

“Hold on minute. Where did that come from? I’m just saying. Other employees are required to wear Kakis or a skirt. If you’re gonna run this place, it’s probably good to lead by example.”

“Kind of hard to follow your example, I don’t have a 10K a month closing allowance.” She barked.

I thought, My entire outfit cost less than $500. I was just about to snap back when it hit me. $500 used to cover my entire wardrobe. Now it was just one of my work outfits and I had a lot of work outfits. Her attitude was completely understandable.

“I’m sorry, Maria, I forget how lucky I am. It was not my intent to flaunt my position. I was just trying to help.” Then it hit me, I really had spent $10K in a month on clothes more than once, since marrying Edmond.

“Do you even know how condescending that sounds?”

“Luck, really? Marrying someone twenty years older for money, so you can live in the biggest house on the lake, wear the best clothes and drive the best fucking car in the fucking parking lot. Is that luck or is that prostitution?” She stomped her way back behind the counter just as a customer came in.

I was stunned and took a moment to collect myself before stepping behind the pharmacy counter. I decide to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the day. Rage was building up inside me and I could see nothing good coming from unleashing on her. Thank goodness the customer came in before I could blow up and make it worse.

At closing time, I pulled down the counter gate and locked it, while wrapping up for the day. A few moments later, Maria came up to the counter.

“I am such a fucking bitch, I’m so sorry. That was completely uncalled for. I’m just jealous and lashing out. You’ve done so much for Mama and me. Anybody else would have moved on years ago. Can you please, please forgive me Sam?”

I looked at her and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry too. Sometimes I don’t think before I talk. I was not trying… I’m gonna leave it at that. Of course, I forgive you. See you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’m opening tomorrow. See you bright and early.” She replied cheerily.

“So do you really think, I’ve got a Scarlett Johansson ass,” I rubbed it and looked down at, trying to lighten the mood and defuse some of my own anger.

“Scarlet wishes she had your ass, Samantha.” She smiled.

I began to fume again as I thought about it on the drive home. It was 7:00PM when I got there. Of course, Edmond was still at work. Mrs. Thompson had dinner ready at 7:30 when the phone rang. He was on the company jet to New York for a board meeting in the morning. After reminding him he had not told me about the trip I let him know I was not happy to be eating alone.

As I sat, alone, in our elegant dining room with seating for 15 for the 16th night in the last month, in the biggest fucking house on the lake, I replayed Maria’s words. Had I really prostituted myself for this? I izmit otele gelen escort surely didn’t feel lucky setting alone yet again. For good measure, Edmond did not call for the rest of the trip.

Even as I stewed over our little spat, I convinced myself, I really was lucky. He didn’t get to be CEO by hanging out at home. He got there by hard work and doing whatever it takes to close the next deal. He made that clear before we married. In fact, when he was home, I could not complain. He treated Daniella as if she were my real mother. He even called her mom. We had her to dinner at least twice a month. And to top it all off, he made sure any medicines she bought from his family of companies were at cost.

Much to my surprise, the next day, I arrived to see Maria at the front desk dressed in kakis, a navy polo and even the grey company smock. Daniella was almost dancing around the store she was so excited.

“Somebody’s in a good mood today,” I said to Daniella.

She followed me to the back and whispered. “I’m so proud of her. I wish Poppy could see this. She came in today in uniform all on her own, I’d given up asking. I didn’t want her to leave again.”

“I think she’s really serious about carrying on your Legacy. She was just afraid she’d let you down.” I said smiling at Daniella’s happiness.

Later, I made a point of catching Maria alone. “You know your mom is so proud of you.”

She grinned. “Yeah, she told me.”

“Me to you know. You look so professional today.”

She gripped the flaps of the smock and looked at her reflection in the window. “I do make this look pretty fucking good.”

“Language!” I said as I turned and headed to the back, aware that 80+ grandmother of eight had just walked in for her monthly refills.

“Oh Shit! sorry.” She replied. “Not in the bar anymore. Don’t worry, I quit that job today;”

That was when I believed she really was serious about the drug store.

And so, it went for several months. She remained in uniform, cut out the foul mouth and continued to learn the business. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get her to fix the old mop on her head or get rid of the hardware. The tats were there to stay but I had hopes for the others. All in all, I was quite happy with the new Maria.

She and I were getting along like sisters again. Some days I loved her and some days I wanted to scratch her eyes out. Then came the day I wish I could take back.

It was the 35th anniversary of the store and Maria and I had been planning a little celebration at the store. That was being followed by a party on Saturday at my house for friends and family and some of our loyal customers.

I say Maria and I, but it seemed like a whole lot more “I” than “we” doing the work. It was the day before the store party, and I was trying to talk to her about the remaining items to check off before end of business. The store was opening in ten minutes and there were already two customers waiting for the doors to open.

I edged her toward the back of the store, so we were out of line of sight. Nothing more frustrating than waiting for the doors to open and the workers are ignoring you. In that situation, I always felt the employees were more worried about possibly having to work one extra minute, than they were helping the customer.

I started down the list of things we needed to do, while unlocking the pharmacy cage. When I turned around, she was tapping away on her cell phone screen, oblivious to anything I was saying. Then I just kind of lost it.

I whacked the back of her head with my fingertips. Something my mother had done a few times when I was a child and not paying attention.

She looked up from the phone, in semi shock.

“I need you to pull your face from the God dammed cell phone and act like you give a shit about your Mama’s big day. Can you do that for two minutes so we can service the customers that are waiting patiently to spend their hard-earned money…”

She held the phone to my face, and it was a to do list of all the items I was giving her. I stopped and stood there stunned. Before I could apologies, I watched her face go flush like an old-time cartoon character. The tirade that ensued was epic.

“You need me to… ” her jaw tightened, and she shook her head looking at the floor.

You need, to pull your perfect little head out of your perfect little ass and stop thinking you’re the fucking center of the fucking universe and we all revolve around you.

You need, to get out of your fucking fairyland world where you think your asshole smells like roses and your neglected little cunt smells like lilacs.

You need to understand I’ve been working my ass off and I don’t appreciate your spoiled rich ass acting like you’re so much better than everybody else. Just because you married someone old enough to be your fucking dad for his fucking money!”

I had been trying to apologies but after that rant, I jumped right off the deep edge with her.

“Don’t you dare act like I had life handed to me on a silver platter Maria. My parents worked as hard as yours and had even less to show for it. You know what, I’ve worked my ass off my whole God damned life. I gave a shit about school. I’ve worked at this God damned store for 15 fucking years and never quit your family.

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